Qin Family

秦傲风 Qin Aofeng
main character
famous for being the good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master of Qin City
alias: Zhui Yun
秦傲天 Qin Aotian
older brother of Qin Aofeng
located at the imperial capital
秦傲洛 Qin Aoluo
Qin Aofeng’s cousin
jealous of Qin Aotian, bully of Qin Aofeng
秦奎 Qin Kui
cadet branch member
bully of Qin Aofeng
秦非 Qin Fei
Aofeng’s neighbor, protective of her
秦九 Qin Jiu
Aofeng’s neighbor, protective of her
秦傲辛 Qin Aoxin
a part of Qin Aoluo’s group that beat up Aofeng
秦武 Qin Wu
father of Qin Aoluo, third son of Qin Ding
秦鼎 Qin Ding
family head, Qin Aofeng’s grandfather
秦廉 Qin Lian
enforcer of the Qin Family
comes from the main Qin Family at the imperial capital
秦润 Qin Run
uncle of Qin Aofeng
younger brother to Qin Shu, son of the Qin family head

Other People

君落羽 Jun Luoyu
Holy Emperor of the Radiance Magus Church
裘髯 Qiu Ran
vice captain of the Wolf Pack Mercenary Company
巴图克 Ba Tuke
captain of the Flying Aspara Mercenary Company
蓝修 Lan Xiu
Aofeng’s teacher, teaches at the Imperial School

Kaya Imperial Family and Court

罗思 Roth
Court Protector-Warrior of the Kaya Empire
墨灵 Mo Ling
member of the Imperial Family, has a Mountain Civet as a magus beast, Mo Zhu’s younger sister
墨竹 Mo Zhu
member of the Imperial Family, has a Marked Panther as a magus beast, Mo Ling’s older brother
苏雅 Su Ya
Empress of the Kaya Empire, mother of Mo Zhu and Mo Ling
苏剑 Su Jian
Roth’s student

Crimson Forge

融洛 Rong Luo
son of the Crimson Forge Company leader
希坦 Thetan
captain in Crimson Forge
维诺 Vino
member of Crimson Forge


光芒大陆 Radiance Continent
the continent where the story starts
卡亚帝国 Kaya Empire
the country where Aofeng resides
秦城 Qin City
a small rural town in the south of the continent in the Kaya Empire, where Aofeng starts the story at
卡罗尔 Karroll
the capital city of the Kaya Empire
湘南森林 Xiangnan Forest
located by Qin City
日不落大森林 Great Forest of Neversetting Sun
a forest that bisects the continent
the home for many high ranking magic beasts
Death Ridge and Soul Breaking Cliff are landmarks in this forest

Aofeng’s Magus Beasts

赤血 Chi Xue
lifebond covenant to Qin Aofeng
his name means “Crimson Blood”, magus beast
Xiao Bing
ice mouse
Liao Ya
green-winged grey wolf

Power Rankings


Rank Levels
Earth Magister, Senior Magister, Spirit Magister
Celestial Celestial Magister, Magus Scholar


Rank Levels
Earth Swordsman, Senior Swordsman, Sacred Swordsman
Celestial Sword Master, Venerable Swordsman


Normal magus beast
Spirit Beast
Sacred Beast
Divine Beast
Super-Divine Beast


General Glossary:

(courtesy of Smash10101)

Kaya Empire – The most powerful country in the Luska Radiance continent, mostly in the North, but does extend into the South a bit

Gem Coin – 100 gold coins = 1 gem coin

Obsidian – 100 gem coins = 1 obsidian

Magus Divinity Spell – Cultivation spell/cheat code used by Aofeng. Goes with the Magus Divinity Power Source. Can tame magus beasts and improve their level

Magus Divinity Power Source – Source of power held by Aofeng. Can only be held by a female and is something the Black Magus Church is hiding from the Radiance Magus Church

Black Magus Church – Powerful faction based in the Endless Desert. Mortal enemies with Radiance Magus Church.

Tisse Republic – Powerful country in the North

Kingdom of Padoric – Powerful country in the North

Kingdom of Hezekistan – Powerful country in the North

Hyde Corporation – Powerful corporation in Kaya Empire

Fire Dragon Fruit – Magic fruit that increases the power of magisters and senior magisters. Only ripens once a year in the Forest of the Neversetting Sun.

Maneating Vine – Exactly what it says on the tin. Attracts butterflies and fireflies to help draw people in.

Ferrotungsten – Probably an alloy of iron and tungsten. High end crafting material.

Moonlight Footwork – Aofeng’s footwork skill

Soul Breaking Clif – Area in Forest of the Neversetting Sun, near Death Ridge, location of the Fire Dragon Fruit.

Death Ridge – Area in Forest of the Neversetting Sun, contains the most dangerous beasts.

Magus Beast Technique – Special move belonging to a magus beast, can be used by magisters or or very rarely magic beasts

Partial Armorization – Used by spirit magisters and above, transforms a magus beast into a piece of armor with special abilities dependent on the beast.

Full-body Armorization – Used by spirit magisters and above, transforms a magus beast into a set of armor, effect is always the same, though strength depends on level of beast

Central Cloud City – Mysterious city with a very powerful background, has divine ranked expert. On par with Radiance Magus Church and Black Magus Church. Su Ya is from there.

Crimson Blood Hegemon Spear – Chi’s Magus Beast Technique. A double-ended spear made of Heaven Fire.

World’s End Sword Spell – Tian Ya’s sword spell. He teaches it to Aofeng. Moves include Ten Thousand Sword Extermination, Celestial Sword Extermination, Divine Sword Extinction

Inexhaustible Life Ring – Magic medium storage ring that can store living beings. Given to Aofeng for her service in the siege of Neversetting Sun

Celestial Fire Crafter – Crafter with the power of a celestial flame

Nine Palace Eight Trigram Steps – Another of Aofeng’s footwork skills, flash step moves include Straight Step, Horizontal Step, Slant Step, Short Step, Spin Step

Heaven Inferno Armor – Chi’s full body armorization. Includes wings, overpowers the magic medium that hides Aofeng’s gender.

Heaven’s Inferno – Magus beast technique from Chi

Freedom Alliance – Company of adventurers and mercenaries formed by Lei Yufeng in Neversetting Sun near Death Ridge to work together to hunt beasts. Becomes something more with Aofeng’s leadership.

Death Corridor – Central area of Death Ridge, most dangerous area

Celestial Magic Technique – Magus beast technique usable only by celestial magisters

Nightmare Demon Light – Meng Yan’s celestial magic technique

Seven Great Commanders – Super-divine beasts who control Death Ridge under the leadership of Oslin.

Skyhigh Giant Sword – Aofeng’s sword move, comprehended while trying to kill Aokong

Battle Hall – Powerful group of geniuses in the Imperial School

Valtz – Super powerful (and expensive) resource for powering up, diluted it’s toxic, but useful to make a training field. 1 pure drop is 1 billion obsidian