微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Six “Tagalong Wei Wei”

Chapter Six Up (bit obvious) but I didn’t think I could get it up today.
Wei Wei and Nai He in their own world~

[1] 跟班: means attendant or footman. Tag-along sounds better as a title.
[2] The author described this as 很神仙很眷侣, so very fantasy like and very “perfect couple”.
[3] Sao Zi: referring to Wei Wei, without the san in front. Still meaning sister-in-law.
[4] 软饭: literally “soft rice”. Used to refer to those who rely heavily on the wife, a boy toy, a deadbeat etc.
[5] 夫人: “wifey”, mistress, married partner. Way of referring to your significant other in a very formal way which less commonly used nowadays.
[6] 魔道誓血: can be translated as the devil/demon’s oath in blood.
[7] 囧 (jiong): meaning embarrassment, shame, wanting to laugh/cry at the same time etc.

Chapter Six Tag-along Wei Wei [1]

Even though they had become husband and wife, Wei Wei regarded the relationship between Nai He and her in this way.

Da Shen and the attendant. = =

Of course, Nai He was the Da Shen and she was the attendant. When fighting, she was the first, when there was an errand, she was also the first .. .. and as to why Wei Wei was doing so, it was for those pieces of equipment.

Wei Wei was embarrassed by taking other’s people stuff without paying >o<, so she decided to pay it back by working it off!

The days after the wedding were not that much different. The majority of the time Wei Wei still spent with Yu Gong and the others on quests and levelling up. But there were occasional times when she and Nai He left the team to live a two-person world.

And the so-called two-person world? It was in reality doing couple quests.

In 《Dreams of Jianghu》, after the wedding, there will be three additional techniques for husband and wife. If both partners were in battle at the same time, the three techniques would have a rate of automatic attack, and the levelling up of those attacks depended primarily on the intimacy level between the couple. So other than the speechless bridal nights, the fastest way of increasing intimacy levels were couple quests.

When players reached level 30, they could already get married, so for the “late marriage” team of Wei Wei and Yi Xiao Nai He, the earlier quests were simple, like how lettuce was simple. So for all the fights, Nai He did not need to even step on the battlefield, Wei Wei could do it all by herself.

So a very frequent scene that occurred was this: a red-clothed female xia at the front cutting and slicing, and a white-clothed musician sitting under a willow or near a stream, idly playing the qin.

… …

Nevertheless, the scene on the surface still looked very fantastically romantic. [2]

This day, Wei Wei and Nai He were together doing a quest once again, Yu Gong Pa Shan and Hou Zi Jiu were also free and bored so they forcefully decided to attach themselves. As a result, they saw Wei Wei engage in all the battles. This was in contrast to Nai He strolling along and looking at scenery before occasionally healing Wei Wei. The two couldn’t help but feel resentment on behalf of Wei Wei and accused Nai He: “You are too shameless, to hide behind sao zi’s back.” [3]

Nai He didn’t have a hint of shame and sent a sighing face, replying: “When one has eaten much soft rice [4], one gets gradually used to it.” After he finished, he added, for fear of not expressing himself fully, “You guys, who have no furen [5] to protect you, cannot understand.”

Yu Gong Pa Shang and Hou Zi Jiu were provoked and furiously teamed up to PK together against Nai He as a result. Sadly, the two of them still lost two-on-one. They decided to lie on the ground playing dead rather than accept their defeat. Wei Wei finished killing monsters and returned to Nai He’s side, absentmindedly walking over their “corpses” - -

Yu Gong Pa Shan immediately started wailing: “Saozi not feeling grateful is one thing, but to step on us. We have died in vain.”

Hou Zi Jiu: “Naturally, the husband and wife are of one heart. It’s true that others should not involve themselves in family affairs.”

Wei Wei hexian. Those two have obviously been bullied by Nai He. Knowing that they could not win against him they tease her instead. When these people started mocking, there was no end. Since the quest for the day had been completed, Wei Wei hurriedly said: “I’m going to pick herbs.”

She abandoned Nai He and left in a flash.

In the game, picking herbs was very boring, it was simply just clicking at specified spots and standing around like an idiot waiting for the computer to finish. Wei Wei started gathering and took out another Level Six mock exam. Some of the people in the dorm took the test last year, but at the time Wei Wei had no confidence in getting distinction, so she didn’t take it then.

After a while, her friends list started flashing. When she clicked, it was Nai He’s message, “Come to the west side of the Lake at TianShan mountains.”

Wei Wei rapidly ran over.

The Lake at Tian Shan Mountains was one of the hardest landscapes at the moment. The monsters were very strong there so not many players were there. Wei Wei found Yi Xiao Nai He standing beside the lake. Next to him, there was another male player, but on his body, there were green sparks which usually implied a “Full Body Paralysis Curse”.

A Full Body Paralysis Curse was a very high level and difficult curse. If a person was hit, escape was not possible, and the player had to stand there taking hits until the time had passed. Nai He’s pet had the technique and when she walked over, Nai He expectedly said: “I’m using my pet to keep him still, you can slowly chop him.”

Wei Wei was slightly confused. Chopping she understood, but “Slowly?”

“Uh-huh, change for your worst weapon, chop slowly bit by bit.”

Bit by bit … … did Da Shen have some issue with this person? Wei Wei looked at the player’s id. “Mo Dao Shi Xue [6]” It seemed a bit familiar.

By this time, Mo Dao Shi Xue started swearing: “Kao, Yi Xiao Nai He, didn’t I just call you picking up leftovers. If you have balls, just kill me, what sort of man are you calling your woman to play me.”

Jiong! [7]

Wei Wei finally remembered why this person’s ID was so familiar. He was the person who had been mocking Yi Xiao Nai He on the wedding day in the World Channel for picking up Zhen Shui Wu Xian’s leftovers. At the time, she had noted down his ID, to cut him up each time they met, but she had been playing too happily recently and forgotten.

She didn’t think … …

Wei Wei looked at Yi Xiao Nai He. He was standing elegantly in his white attire like a being out of the world. She had thought that he wouldn’t have noticed, but he didn’t just notice, but remembered it this deeply. And before this, he hadn’t even mentioned it to her, as though it hadn’t occurred … …

Wei Wei increased her conviction to never get on Da Shen’s bad side. She started to flip through her bag as she thought about it.

Mo Dao Shi Xue saw that Wei Wei hadn’t moved for a long time and couldn’t help but sprout the hope that as a woman, she was soft-hearted and wouldn’t do much to him. However, a while later, a sentence sprouted abover her head: Haha, found it. So lucky I didn’t throw out my beginner’s weapons!”

Mo Dao Shi Xue was so angry he could faint and watched helplessly as the female xia equipped a knife and started chopping. On top of his head, a bright red spiral of damage points rose —“1”.

One point!

With his several thousand points of health, he was going to get chopped a few thousand times.

Wei Wei pressed automatic and watched happily as in the game, the red-clothed female xia started chopping right, chopping left, chopping up and chopping down. Mo Dao Shi Xue was relentlessly swearing but the general gist was for Yi Xiao Nai He to give him a quick and painless death.

“My mouth is terrible so if you kill me once, I’ll admit it. But give it to me fast!”

Yi Xiao Nai He slowly replied: “Don’t worry, you won’t die. When your health is running out, I’ll help heal you.”

Wei Wei thought it was a bit strange. Since Mo Dao wanted to die so much, then he could just go offline. In battle, when players went offline, the system would judge according to the situation to decide whether to escape or die. Mo Dao wasn’t afraid of death, so why would he stay to let them chop him?

Wei Wei messaged Nai He: “Did he go dumb from the anger? Why doesn’t he go offline?”

Very quickly, Nai He sent a message over: “He’s doing a serial quest.”

Wei Wei was completely consumed in laughter.

Da Shen you are really, really scary! Too cunning and treacherous.

Serial quests were the most difficult and sadistic type of quest in 《Dreams of Jianghu.》 The torturous nature came from the fact that, no matter how many parts of the quest you have completed, as long as you have not finished the last part, no experience would be given. If you completed the whole series, the experience and rewards were very very good. But, at the beginning, it was almost impossible to reach the end. The response from the players were so fierce, the system changed it so that, according to the difficulty, players could die during the quest one to three times. Even with the changes, they still could not go offline, and had to complete the quest in one go.

Wei Wei had done many serial quests before and thought back for a moment. At the Lakes of TianShan, there was only the most difficult serial quest of them all, 99 different parts to be finished in one epically long session. If she didn’t remember it incorrectly, the Lakes were the very last part … …

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  1. I finished all 6 chapters in one sitting! I love this story! It’s quite different from Come and Eat, Shan Shan. I love the wuxia element to the story. Wuxia is really my first love. Though I like xian xia, the translated stories I have read so far concentrate more on romance rather than on fighting and competition for wulin/world domination. So far, this novel is giving me that wuxia feel, but in a lighthearted and comedic way. I almost prefer Gu Man to change this to a solely wuxia story rather than just making the game part of the story set during wulin times.

    Great job! I will be lurking around for more updates! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you for reading!

      Gu Man did write a “wuxia” story inside of this one that will be come in ~10 chapters. It forced me to tears translating. It’s a very famous part of this novel.

      Hm, the modern vs game/wulin time and place. I think whatever Gu Man writes is good and there are lots of jokes and interweaving in the story. But at her speed, it’s like she writes 10 characters a day and none on holidays. That’s how slow Turtle-Man is. But in this story, it’s sometimes a bit subtle and then Gu Man hits you over the head. Wei Wei’s “game” life and her “real” life, according to her, are two completely separate things. She tries her best to keep it so. Gu Man sort of shines a light on Wei Wei’s contrary actions as she faced almost the exact same situation in both the game and in her 3D life later in the story. Gu Man used the real vs game life as a character development device.

  2. Just finished all six chapters and as someone who used to play a lot of MMORPGs, I am loving the setup of this story.

    Thanks for the translation!

    1. Thank you for reading! Please tell me if I make any mistakes translating the gaming terms into English. Of all internet addictions, the only one that I don’t know is MMOPRG.

    1. Happy New Year. I’m going to be updating constantly, at least for the next week or so. The schedule might change a bit after that.

  3. Love this chapter. Couldn’t help but laugh at the “first weapon”… Thanks again for the hard work..

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  5. I just started reading this novel & am already up to chapter 6. Can’t stop reading it. It’s definitely different than silent separation & Shan shan lai chi, but it’s quite an interesting story. I have never played online games so sometimes it’s hard to understand the terms but I’ll definitely continue on reading it.

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