微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Seven “The Xiao Yu Family”

Wei Wei is getting to know her Da Shen now.

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[1] 面子: literally face. Meaning self-respect, honor, reputation as perceived by others.
[2] 小雨 (Little Rain)青青 (Green)
[3] 小雨(Little Rain)霏霏 (Snow)
[4] 小雨(Little Rain) 绵绵 (Continuing)
[5] 大姐: big sister

Chapter Seven The Xiao Yu Family

Remembering the tragedy that had been her own experience with this serial quest, Wei Wei started to feel a hint of sympathy for him. But sympathy is just sympathy, this person was really annoying. She’ll chop him for a while first. Since it was automatic, her hand won’t even get sore.

So Wei Wei started to drink some tea and talked idly with Nai He. Nai He seemed to be doing other things as his replies were not very quick. Wei Wei decided to start doing questions again.

After another paragraph of reading comprehension was finished, she raised her head and saw that three other female players had appeared beside the lake. The ID showed that they were Xiao Yu Qing Qing[2] , Xiao Yu Fei Fei[3] and Xiao Yu Mian Mian[4].

The Xiao Yu Family?

What were they doing here?

Xiao Yu Qing Qing was speaking: “Hey, why aren’t you paying attention?”
Wei Wei frowned and opened the record of the previous chat (In the game, the chat record would record down the conversation of all players in the immediate vicinity.):

In Front [Xiao Yu Qing Qing]: Wow, Yi Xiao Nai He.

In Front [ Xiao Yu Mian Main[: The woman’s there too. Too mean, bullying lower levels.

In Front [ Xiao Yu Fei Fei]: Yeah, and she’s purposefully tormenting him, killing him point by point.

In Front [ Xiao Yu Mian Mian]: Ah, it’s Mo Dao Shi Xue.

In Front [ Xiao Yu Qing Qing]: You know him?

In Front [ Xiao Yu Mian Mian]: He’s the one that gave me the tracking slippers and helped me on some quests.

In Front [ Xiao Yu Qing Qing]: Should we go help?

In Front [ Xiao Yu Fei Fei]: Can we win against them?

In Front [ Xiao Yu Qing Qing]: We’ll reason it.

In Front [ Xiao Yu Qing Qing]: Hey, Yi Xiao Nai He,(smiley face) you are a high level player, high high level (smiling emoticon), Bullying lower levels. What kind of chivalrous hero are you?

In Front [ Xiao Yu Mian Mian]: Yeah, and two against one.

In Front [ Xiao Yu Qing Qing]: Hey (angry emoticon), why aren’t you replying?

All the messages were directed to Yi Xiao Nai He was idly on one side and dismissed Wei Wei, who was still chopping. Nai He seemed to not want to pay attention and didn’t reply. Wei Wei thought their “help” was a bit strange, but still replied: “We are solving personal issues. Bystanders, please continue onwards.”

Xiao Yu Mian Main: “What personal issues require tormenting somebody, it’s just a game.”

Wei Wei started getting irritated and wanted to reword strongly. Nai He said: “Too nosy, if you don’t want to die, disappear immediately.”

At the same time, Wei Wei received a personal message from him: “I left earlier, you keep going, I’ll solve this.”

… …

Wei Wei jiong.

Da Shen, are you sure you are solving the issue and not making it worse? = =

As expected, Xiao Yu Qing Qing and the others exploded. In reality, even though the excuse they used was that they couldn’t see injustice done in front of them, for Yi Xiao Nai He, they had admiration and fantasies about him. But Yi Xiao Nai He’s words suddenly destroyed the admiration and the fantasies.

Xiao Yu Qing Qing: “Hey, you guys are going overboard!”

Xiao Yu Mian Mian: “Yeah! What’s so special about being number one on the server? Talking so inelegantly to females shows no politeness.

Che, Wei Wei felt distain. They used “that woman” to call others. Did that show any politeness or elegance? Wei Wei cheerfully retorted: “It’s just a game, don’t be angry.”

Xiao Yu Fei Fei: “Does a game mean somebody can swear at others? Does a game mean high level players can bully lower levels? I’m angry now!”

Wei Wei speechlessly stared at the sky. The classical double standard. Talking with these kind of people, for somebody who had a decent grasp of rationality and studied science, was a type of torture.

The thing Wei Wei was most afraid of was getting in a fight with those kinds of egotistical people who thought they had reason on their side. She simply said: “Jianghu rules. Let’s PK. You four against us two. If you win, you can take him and we won’t seek him out afterwards.”

Yi Xiao Nai He said: “You rest, I can take this.”

The white-clothed musician stepped forward and elegantly stood in front of the red-robed xia. Wei Wei thought about Da Shen’s usual fantastical fighting, sent a smiley face and said: “Okay, I’ll watch ^_^”

The Xiao Yu Family three didn’t accept battle. When Lu Wei Wei Wei had challenged them, they still had a bit of confidence to try, but Yi Xiao Na He’s dismissive estimation of them and his sheer confidence made them hesitate.

A musician, no matter how strong, could really beat four of them by himself?
Their avatars didn’t move, using private messaging to communicate. Mo Dao Shi Xue, who had been steadily silent, had several lines of text pop up over his head: “What PK, what’s going on? Dajie,[5] why aren’t you chopping anymore? Continue, kao, I went for a shower and you still haven’t finished.”

Xiao Yu Mian Mian: “Shi Xue, it’s me.”

Mo Dao Shi Xue: “Mian Mian, why are you here?”

Xiao Yu Mian Mian: “I’m helping you.”

Mo Dao Shi Xue flipped back the chat record and could help but get irritated. This Xiao Yu Mian Mian he was familiar with, they had teamed up many times before, but he had never seen her fight any injustice before when she saw it. What was special about him?

If several strong players had come, then settling differences would be easy, but this woman couldn’t do anything and was from the Xiao Yu Family. Mo Dao Shi Xue couldn’t help but remember Xiao Yu Yao Yao. Even though she wasn’t here, anybody who thinks about the Xiao Yu Family will connect it with Xiao Yu Yao Yao first. Supposedly, Xiao Yu Yao Yao had dumped Yi Xiao Nai He, and then stolen Lu Wei Wei Wei’s husband … …

Kao! He still wanted to play the game, not accidentally get involved in the most highly gossiped about romantic affair of the server. Also, Yi Xiao and Lu Wei was a pair of revengeful lovers who were both malicious and have long memories. They were not okay to get in a conflict with; nothing good would come out of offending them, especially Yi Xiao Nai He. At noon, he had seen him. At the time, Yi Xiao Nai He had acted as though he didn’t see him, and then at nighttime, he was waiting at the lake … …

Did he know that he was doing a serial quest, so he purposefully waited at the last part?

That’s not possible, he couldn’t have known.

The more Mo Dao Shi Xue thought, the more cold sweat ran down his back. His first priority was finishing the quest. For this, he had been online continuously for eight or nine hours already. He couldn’t make any mistakes. Dying once was no problem since he hadn’t died before. With the thought in mind, he hurriedly said: “That’s okay, some problems should be solved. Beauties shouldn’t have to fight. Hahahaha, you should have to fight, I won’t have any honor left” [1]

The women who had been filled with righteous indignation couldn’t believe that the “victim” wasn’t even on their side. For a moment, they were speechless before Xiao Yu Qing Qing snorted and the three left furiously.

Mo Dao Shi Xue said: “Dajie, you keep on chopping, there’s still two hundred points left. I’m going to do laundry. You’ll probably finish by then.”

Wei Wei couldn’t help but laugh. So in reality all three of them had been multitasking. This person was detestable, but at least had a good sense of humour. It was just that his mouth was too dirty. Wei Wei sheathed the knife, “Whatever, I’m done.”

Wei Wei: “Wasting money on electricity and internet, better off gathering herbs >o<”

Yi Xiao Nai He: “En, let’s go.”

In an instant, the two people got on the horse and left. Mo Dao Shi Xue was left alone with nobody chopping him but still shimmered with green light remaining where he was standing … …

In full paralysis … …

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25 thoughts on “微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Seven “The Xiao Yu Family””

    1. I think Mo Dao Shi Xue was a very smart person. At least in this chapter. He just wasn’t smart enough to not offend Da Shen in the first place.

  1. Ahh! Victoria beat me to the first posting! Oh, well. 🙂

    Thanks for the speedy update, wwyxhqc! I love this chapter! I am really getting into this wuxia thing in the story, even though I have never played a computer game in my life other than Bejeweled. :p

    First, I want to say Yi Xiao Nai He is cool beyond belief. He’s the type of wuxia leading male I like – one that walks a fine line between good and evil. I don’t like outright heroic types like Guo Jing and much prefer shadier male leads with an I-don’t-care-what-the-world-thinks-about-me-as-long-as-I-get-what-I-what attitude. I like male leads who are not afraid about getting rid of people if they mess with him and yet are fiercely loyal and protective of their loved ones. Yi Xiao sounds exactly like my type of guy. 😀

    I don’t have a good grasp of Wei Wei’s online character yet. So far, she seems a bit starry-eyed when she’s around her online husband.

    Surprisingly, I like Mo Dao Shi Xue. This guy sounds quite funny. If I were the author of the wulin part of the story, I would either make him a strong contender for Lu Wei Wei Wei’s heart, or kill him off in the next chapter, using his death as a plot device to frame Lu Wei and Yi Xiao for the murder. Of course, the real murderer will be someone else, but for sure, with the Xiao Yu sisters witnessing the prior conflict between Mo Dao, Lu Wei, and Yi Xiao, the entire jiang hu will blame the #1 fighter for Mo Dao’s death.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. You’ll see more about Wei Wei once she gets past her “honeymoon” phrase with Nai He. She, as her own player, is quite influential, which is the reason that so many people were there watching her.
      In the server, it’s like Yi Xia Nai He (of course) >Xiao Yu Yao Yao >Lu Wei Wei Wei=Zhen Shui Wu Xiang in terms of popularity.
      Mo Dao Shi Xue… I felt pretty bad for him. Everybody forgot him, though I wouldn’t put it past Nai He to keep the curse going for a ~bit~ longer. The thing is, technically, he insulted Nai He more since he was the one “picking” the trash but Nai He took Wei Wei along to get revenge for getting called the “trash.”

      Ah, framing somebody. I can actually see the Xiao Yu Family blame Wei Wei rather than Nai He. Nobody believes anything bad of the “pure, chivalrous, handsome and strong” #1 Da Shen. Wei Wei has the more tainted reputation, what with being a battle maniac, having got dumped and thought to be really a male.

      1. Haha! I forgot about the part that people think Lu Wei Wei Wei is actually a guy playing that character! So…does Xiao Nai think so, too? Does he get blown away when he realizes that his online wife is actually not a guy like he thought but a beautiful woman?

        Some parts of the online game still make me laugh, especially the parts when players log on and just let their characters stand idle while they go off and multitask, and meanwhile, other online players are making the most ridiculous assumptions.

        By the way, what is PK?

      2. Oh, I forgot to ask… Do we get introduced to the real people playing the Xiao Yu sisters? I especially want to know if they are as annoying in real life as they are in the game.

      3. Any why is Xiao Yu Yao Yao so popular? Because she flashed a few pics of her “real life” self? If Wei Wei is so beautiful, how come she did not win the beauty contest? Did she even participate?

      4. Yes, Xiao Yu Yao Yao is popular because she put photos up online of herself. Wei Wei didn’t participate so nobody knows what she looks like.

        The other three members of the Xiao Yu Family are annoying. The “family” is basically based around Xiao Yu Yao Yao. It’s not an official thing of the game, like how players can be elfs or orcs in other MMPORGs. Some players banded together and just called themselves the “Xiao Yu” family with Xiao Yu Yao Yao as the focal point.

        PK is one of those terms that really didn’t translate well, either from Chinese or from games. In Dreams and this novel, PK is just a battle between two sides which is a PvP or Player vs Player. PK is just another name for PvP. However, PK stands for Player Kill and usually results in one side’s death. That’s not what happens in Dreams. Duels are what PK’s are in other games, where the losing side loses a life.

        Nai He Da Shen … … he has his own thing going on there.

      5. Is Xiao Yu Yao Yao herself annoying? Will she be making an appearance later in the online game part of the story, or will she be only mentioned by name?

        So when is this couples tournament? Is it coming up soon?

        And why in the world do people think Wei Wei is actually a guy? Just because she ranks highly on the PK charts? So you can’t be an accomplished “nu xia” unless you are really guy behind the computer controls?

      6. Hmm, Xiao Yu Yao Yao was feature prominently in some chapters later so you will see for yourself. 🙂 You will never know her real name. Gu Man does not mention it.

        Not sure when the couples tournament is off the top of my head. I translated all the chapter titles but I can’t remember the numbers associated. It’s a bit less than halfway into the story in terms of length. Gu Man is really inconsistent with chapter lengths. They gradually get longer as the story progresses.

        I think Lei Shen Ni Ni’s explanation of why Wei Wei is a renyao is good. She’s high on the PK charts, she doesn’t really ask Zhen Shui for help, she has the most “masculine” avatar of all the female ones, she uses a large knife (it’s like a cleaver) and she doesn’t focus on romance in her marriage. Since Wei Wei only communicates through typing (you can do voice chat), people think she has things to hide. It is very stereotypical. She’s the only ranking female in the Top 10. Some guys are *insecure*. (*Cough* Zhen Shui Wu Xiang)

      7. Whoa, do you think Zhen Shui divorced poor Lu Wei Wei Wei because he suspected he was “married” to a man? Will Zhen Shui ever find out that he willingly divorced a beauty? 😛

        Hmm, so in order to be considered a female, you have to play the damsel in distress card, like ask the male characters for help and simply be a poor fighter?

        At this point in the story, does Xiao Nai know who the real person behind the Lu Wei Wei Wei character is? And is it ever mentioned what sex he thinks the real person playing Lu Wei Wei Wei is?

      8. Wait and read to find out~~~

        Haha, I just think it was the combination of what Wei Wei acted like in the game and the sharp contrast to Xiao Yu Yao Yao in the same server. Gu Man did a bit of hand-waving here. In “real life” of the novel (and maybe on some MMPORGs), it’s not a big deal to put pictures up. Wei Wei, being such a skilled player (and female) should be justifiably proud of herself. So people think it’s suspicious that she doesn’t really do anything.

        Zhen Shui has his own problems. There’s no real “second lead” in this story. Wei Wei has no romantic feelings for him and he doesn’t have any for her.

        Nai He “married” Wei Wei at their first meeting. The excuse he uses is true, as in he does have a better chance with Wei Wei to win, but it’s not his motivation. I don’t want to spoil anything though, for people who don’t know the story. Wei Wei, if she wasn’t such a lucky person, can be pitied.

    2. Ah! I don’t have any prior knowledge of this story at all, and you’re teasing me with such juicy spoilers! 😀 I don’t think I can stand it.

  2. Mo Dao Shi Xue was quite annoying at first but comeback better with humor after a shower xD kihkihkih.. its funny how they left him just like that.. in that full paralyze state.. too much.. too much… hahaha

  3. thanks—-!
    rather amusing! the guy’s showering while waiting to die, ahaha! but then, all three were doing other things, and he was left there hanging….lol!

  4. In full paralysis …

    And he still have to do the laundry anyways!!

  5. Hello! I just started reading this novel and I felt very touched by how honest you are with your readers when you translated it. There is no perfect way to translate something so a translator has the job to find the ideal equivalent taking in consideration many factors. You did very well but I thought I should tell you of a little typing mistake (typing because I’m pretty sure you know the correct word) instead of distain is actually disdain, it’s ‘d’ not ‘t’. As for other difficulties you met and told to your readers, if I can find something to help you I’ll tell you. Happy Easter!

    1. Also well done saying ‘egotistical people’, especially using the term ‘egotistical’ and not selfish.

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