微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Eight An Encounter on the Road

[1] 宅式美女: 宅 in slang refers to people who prefer to spend time at home, usually on the internet but the literal term is house/home. 美女 means beauty or beautiful female. “宅式霉女” is a homonym of宅式美女 but 霉 means molding/spoiling.
[2] 天香居: meaning sky-fragrant –restaurant

Chapter Eight An Encounter on the Road

After returning to the herb patch, Wei Wei quickly threw the encounter with the Xiao Yu Family to the back of her mind. But there was one thing that bugged to her. As she worked, she asked Nai He: “How did you know he was doing a serial quest?”

“In the afternoon, I went online once. Saw him on the World Channel shouting he wanted seven types of feathers.”

Nai He simply explained and so Wei Wei finally knew. Originally, Nai He went online in the afternnon and saw Mo Dao Shi Xue buying seven different types of feathers to pass a quest, and so Nai He knew he was doing a quest.

Wei Wei was a bit confused. Why did gathering seven feathers mean a serial quest?

“There’s several quests that require gathering feathers.”

Nai He: “En, but the NPC used for each quest are different. Gathering feathers is the 36th part of the serial quest. I went to the NPC for the 36th part and waited a while. He showed up pretty quickly.”

Other than respect, Wei Wei had no other thought. He-he-he could actually remember which part it was! Even which NPC correlating to which part! This type of memory was inhuman! When Wei Wei thought that up until now, she had only memorized her English vocab to words starting with “p”, she couldn’t help but cry inside. She complimented him with a hint of envy: “You memory is too good.”

Then she suddenly remembered, Da Shen saw Mo Dao Shi Xue in the afternoon and didn’t confront him immediately. Instead he calculated the correct time at night and waited at the lake … …

This ability to calculate and plot was too astounding … … too brutal >_< The amount of time Wei Wei spent in 《Dreams of Jianghu》unknowingly increased. Before, Wei Wei had a very interesting nickname called “The beautiful girl in the House” but now her friends changed it to “The moldy girl in the house.”[1]Before, Wei Wei would frequently go out to shop and buy clothes but she had no interest in that now. Other than studying, there was only the game. On this evening, her dorm mates wanted to go shopping and tried to get her to come as well. Si Si said: “Wei Wei, just think of it as exercise. Sitting in front of the computer all day isn’t good for the body.” Wei Wei wanted to faint: “You have the nerve to say exercise. I don’t know who is it that needs me every morning to go get breakfast for them everyday? Or who forgets every day to get water and needs me to go get it for them?” Si Si choked and Xiao Ling had to take over: “Wei Wei, you’re wearing last year’s clothes. It’s time to buy new ones.” Wei Wei carelessly waved her hand: “It’s enough that I have something to wear.” Xiao Ling pointed at her, hand shaking, “You, such a beautiful girl, saying this is too embarrassing! The way you are going, you’re going to get kicked out of the University beauty rankings.” It would have been better if she didn’t say that. Whenever Wei Wei thought about that stupid ranking list, she felt depressed. Ranking-schamking. They had actually done ranking level of danger, and did a popular vote. And she was also very high on the danger level! The most likely to cheat! Wei Wei shook her head to indicate her distain: “Getting kicked off is good. I’m an introvert.” Er Xi finally got angry: “Bei Wei Wei! If you don’t go, who is going to bargain! If you don’t go, tonight, we’re starting a torture regimen tonight!” Wei Wei: “… …” This was their actual aim: her invincible ability to bargain … … In the end, Wei Wei surrendered under the physical strength of Er Xi and was dragged onto the street. Shopping was really just browsing the few shops near the university. There wasn’t a lot of physical exercise. In a short while, Wei Wei had her hand full of large and small bags. It wasn’t that she was forced to be the physical laborer, but they kept on trying on clothes and it was difficult to keep everything together. So as the one who wasn’t buying anything, Wei Wei decided to take everything. After going into another store, Xiao Ling tried on more clothes and coincidentally heard Wei Wei musing to her self: “It’s it my destiny to be a servant?” In the game, it was like this. Nai He Da Shen was getting more and more used to ordering her … … but that she sort of asked for it >o<

At the side, Xiao Ling couldn’t help but laugh. This person was still expressing her reluctance, a face full of unwillingness. Was a game really that fun? She walked over to comfort her: “Okay, don’t be angry anymore. On the basis of the fact you saved me money, I, the rich person, will pay for your dinner at Tian Xiang Ju.[2] Does their red wine chicken wings satisfy you?”

Tian Xiang Hu was a very tasty restaurant right beside the campus. But becaue it was very expensive, not a lot of students ate there. It was only Xiao Ling who had the money that could go frequently. So the moment her words came out, everyone welcomed it with cheers.

Wei Wei said: “I did the most, I want half of the wings.”

Si Si remarked bad-temperedly: “Who’s competing, I still want to lose weight.”

Wei Wei smugly replied: “You’re just jealous I can’t get fat from eating hahahaha.”

Her smugness was in great need of a beatdown. Si Si, who was actually thin but always remarked she would get fat from drinking water, gritted her teeth: “Xiao Ling, shut the door. Release Er Xi, bite her!”

They were already very hungry. The rest of the shops didn’t hold any more interest. They left in a group of cheer towards Tian Xiang Ju. Between the laughter and the talking, Tian Xiang Ju wasn’t very far. Si Si had been happily gossiping on the males in the department. Suddenly she stopped in her steps and looked at the doorway of Tian Xiang Ju. She excitedly grabbed Wei Wei’s hand. “Look, isn’t that Xiao Nai!”

On the opposite side of the road in front of the entrance of Tian Xiang Ju, a group of people in formal wear were just coming out. At first glance, Wei Wei found Xiao Nai in the midst of a group of middle-aged men. Under the bright lights, the young and upright Xiao Nai seemed especially bright and eye-catching. Unlike the previous times Wei Wei had seen Xiao Nai, today he was wearing a formal suit. On his face was a faint smile. The same clear elegant yet delicate features still carried aspects of cool pride but there was another aspect of sophisticated and steady worldliness.

“Ah, quick, cross the road.”

Even though they wouldn’t dare go up and greet them, getting closer was still good. Si Si excitedly dragged Wei Wei across the road but it was still too late. The crowd of men had already gotten in a business car. Xiao Nai had opened the door of another car. It might have been that their movements attracted too much attention. Before Xiao Nai got in the car, he seemed to sense them and turned in their direction.

Unlike the smile that had been under the lights, at the moment, Xiao Nai’s brow were full of indifference. His eyes glanced past them. He shut the door and the car left.

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      2. Not a spoiler really. I can’t remember exactly what point this was in the story anymore, but I don’t post spoilers. I do sometimes post speculation as certainty though, which can be a bit embarrassing when I’m wrong 😉

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  3. Happy New Year! Thanks so much for sharing your speedy updates with us. This story is so addicting, and it brings back memories of when my friends and I used to literally spy on this guy who truly had the whole package: smart (went to Stanford), cute, athletic, musically talented, charismatic. Thinking back, I can’t believe how crazy we were! I hope we get to see their relationship develop pass the idolizing stage in this story.

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