微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Nine “The Duel”

We see more of Nai He and Wei Wei interacting. And the game is very detailed and very evil.

[1] 牛: in means a cow. A male cow therefore is a bull. But the word can also refer to being awesome, talented, proud in slang. A rhinoceros is a 犀牛. However, 犀 is also a homonym for 稀 which means rare. So a rhinoceros is also a “rare bull”.
[2] 雨落水心涟漪香:雨 (rain)落 (falling)水 (water)心 (heart)涟漪 (ripples)香 (fragrance). The beginning and end takes taking the yu(雨) of Xiao Yu Yao Yao and then the Xiang (香) from Zhen Shui Wu Xiang. It is actually very poetic in Chinese.
[3] 鲁猥猥猥: has the exact same pinyin and sound as Lu Wei Wei Wei (芦苇苇苇). However, 鲁 means crass, stupid or rude while 猥 is rustic, simple, implying dumbness.

Chapter Nine The Duel

During the meal, Si Si still was furious that they hadn’t came out earlier. Otherwise they might have been even able to eat at the same table as Xiao Nai.

Er Xi poured down a dose of reality on her: “Don’t dream, the people with Xiao shixiong were definitely societal figures. Those people were talking business and other matters, definitely in private rooms.”

Xiao Ling was speechless for a while and said: “I heard that Xiao shixiong’s company might be having problems.”

“No way!” Si Si exclaimed in shock.

Wei Wei and Er Xi had expressions disbelief on their faces too. For the younger students in the CompSci Faculty, Xiao Nai was akin to God. He just did not have problems he couldn’t solve.

“I heard Da Zhong say that. Da Zhong has a few friends from the basketball team who are in the company, they were eating with Da Zhong a few days ago, got drunk and slipped some things. It seemed like something was wrong with the funding from the investors, it was just a few days ago.”

Si Si said: “I still can’t believe it, it’s Xiao Nai!”

Wei Wei was chewing her wings and couldn’t speak. She furiously nodded her head to indicate her agreement. It was Xiao Nai! If a very talented and strong person could be called a bull [1], then Xiao Nai was definitely a rhinoceros. A rhinoceros, which was a rare bull, very strong bull … … he had things he couldn’t accomplish?

But thinking back to the expression on Xiao Nai’s face, the facade presented to others in the form of a smile but changing instantly to indifference, Wei Wei wasn’t very sure.

Er Xi asked thoughtfully: “Investor? They’re have problems finding money?”

“Dunno.” Xiao Ling emphasized, “Accuracy is not guaranteed, but even if it’s fake, don’t spread it.”

“En en en.” Wei Wei kept chewing on her wing and unclearly mumbled while nodding, “Definitely not saying anything. It will be digested with today’s chicken wings.”

The world of geniuses was too far away. The girls discussed it for a while and very quickly moved onto other topics. After dinner and back to the dorm. Wei Wei immediately went onto 《Dreams of Jianghu》, but strangely, none of her friends were on. Wei Wei was terribly bored before remembering that she was going to participate in Couple’s Tournament. She went to the game forums.

In the past, Wei Wei very rarely read the discussions in the forums. She never studied any strategies or walkthroughs or the solutions other players had found. She thought that the fun in games came from exploring while not knowing anything. If everything was known, there will be no fun. But after marrying Nai He, and taking up some responsibility for the well-being of Da Shen in addition to herself, Wei Wei started to frequent the forums, studying the techniques couples could use and such. For a while, she had looked into having a baby. However when she saw that to get pregnant, they had to stay in the bridal chamber for an entire our, and then afterwards the strength of the female partner would decrease and if she was in too much fighting there was a risk of miscarriage … …

Wei Wei immediately destroyed the idea of having kids.

This game was too sadistic!

After browsing the forums for a while, Wei Wei didn’t find any new news of the PK tournament. She did find a post started by Zhen Shui Wu Xiang. It was very popular and had been boosted to the front page. The topic was “(Video) Contest: Our Story – The rain falling on the waters of the heart to create fragrance.” [2]

Wei Wei knew about the contest “Our Story” that the gaming company was holding. It was one of the most popular activities at the moment. The contest required players to use the recording function of the game to produce a love story set in 《Dreams of Jianghu》. The length didn’t matter and the prizes were very good. The winners were determined by popular voting from the players. Basically it was just using the recording function of 《Dreams of Jianghu》to make a mini-movie. It wasn’t difficult to do and so a lot of players had participated.

It looked like Zhen Shui Wu Xiang also was competing?

Wei Wei curiously clicked to see the post. Posted was a video and a section of words. Wei Wei played the video for a few minutes. It seemed to be a story of a hero rescuing a damsel in distress and then a hero courting the damsel. The main actors were Xiao Yu Yao Yao and Zhen Shui Wu Xiang. Members of the Xiao Yu Family also appeared in there.

After watching for a few minutes, Wei Wei gradually realized that there was something strange going on. Why was a player called (鲁猥猥猥) Lu Wei Wei Wei appearing as a female character in the video? [3]

And this Lu Wei Wei Wei was also a blade-carrying red-clothed female xia. She appeared in the story between Zhen Shui and Xiao Yu. In the video, she was portrayed as an ugly and rabid fangirl. The lines she sprouted were both rude and narcissistic, in dramatic contrast to Xiao Yu Yao Yao’s well-read and occasionally poetic lines.

At the end of the video, the true person behind Xiao Yu Yao Yao appeared on screen and said a few words. The general gist of it was she hoped that people would support this video. Under the video were words from Zhen Shui, who used flowery and romantic words described his feelings for Xiao Yu Yao Yao, hoping that others would support them and that even though the prize wasn’t important, he still hoped to get that only set of seven-colored couples clothing. Why? Because his wife like it very much?

The more Wei Wei read, the angrier she got. What was this? IF you want to portray real feelings, that’s fine but there was no need to make fun of other people. Closing the post and logging in onto the video, Wei Wei had no place to aim her flames as Zhen Shui Wu Xiang wasn’t online. She furiously typed over a message.

“This kind of parody and mocking other people is very funny? I didn’t think you were this kind of person!”

The message was sent off. Even though she still was angry, good child Wei Wei couldn’t think of other nastier things to say. Wei Wei became even more irritated so she logged off to go sleep.

On the second day, Wei Wei had a whole day of classes and only went online at nine at night. Immediately after logging in, her friends list bounced furiously. She opened it. It was Zhen Shui Wu Xiang’s message.

“Okay, not as strong as other people. I accept my loss. I will delete the video and record a new one with Xiao Yu. But even so, I would like to explain. That Lu Wei Wei Wei wasn’t Xiao Yu and my idea. We didn’t notice at first and thought somebody was messing with us and didn’t relate it to you. You should be able to see that whatever that character said had nothing to do with the plot. It was only after recording that we knew it was some members of the Xiao Yu family pranking us. At the time, the recording was done and redoing it was too time-consuming so we didn’t redo. I apologize for this point. Now that I’ve dropped in levels, I’ve repaid you. We don’t owe each other anything now.”

Wei Wei stared blankly and replied back: “What accept losses, what is dropping levels?”

Zhen Shui Wu Xiang was online but he didn’t reply.

Wei Wei looked at her friends list, Nai He Da Shen’s name was sparkling in light. Wei Wei typed over: “Da Shen, you didn’t kill Zhen Shui, right?”

Nai He: “Verdant Mountain, come over, boss.”
Wei Wei hurried to Verdant Mountain, Yu Gong Pa Shan saw her and yelled: “Saozi, get an attack in.”

Wei Wei embarrassedly sliced once at the boss. The boss, who only had a very tiny amount of blood, fell to the ground. Wei Wei gained a large chunk of experience for free.

The boss drop gave out a lot of stuff. After distributing the drop, Wei Wei asked Nai He: “Did you really kill Zhen Shui Wu Xiang?”

Nai He: “En.”

Uh, Wei Wei didn’t know what to say. It seemed like she had once again troubled Da Shen to solve problems. Even though they were married, she thought that her relationship with Da Shen was a cooperative one. Her problems should be solved by herself.

Wei Wei: “Sorry to bother you >o<” Nai he: “Not really, I wanted to kill him for a very long time now.” Wei Wei: “… … why?” Da Shen and Zhen Shui had never met. Why would they have any conflict? Nai He: “Not pleasing to look at.” Wei Wei: “ . . . . . . “ A very classical Da Shen response. Yu Gong Pa Shan interrupted: “Saozi, you know the video too?” Wei Wei: “En, yesterday when you guys didn’t come, I was bored and browsed the forums.” Mo Zha Ta: “We thought we could keep you in the dark.” Wei Wei: “>o<”

Wei Wei: “Right, why would Zhen Shui Wu Xiang drop levels? PK won’t drop levels.”

PK was in the realm of practice and sparring. Even if it was a lost, there was no drop in levels.

Hou Zi Jiu: “Not PK, it was a duel.”

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  1. I like ‘Da Shen’… So cool. collected.. Strong… Doesn’t take crap from anyone. The revenge lovers..hehehe. Thanks for the awesome work..

    1. I like that about him too. The thing is, he has the abilities to back up what he wants to do. Some people, like Zhen Shui Wu Xiang, just have to suffer and accept their losses.

    2. My hope. When DaShen and Wei Wei win and has a make an appearance. OMG.. the look on everyone’s face… Priceless….

  2. How many chapters are there? Not that it matter, you picked a really good and fun book to translate.

  3. This game sounds awesome! xD I’ve never heard of or played a game where you can drop levels if you lose a duel. Do you know if Dreams of Jianghu is modeled after a real Chinese MMORPG or is it completely fictional?

    Either way, Wei Wei’s right – this game is too sadistic.

    Thanks for another awesome translation!

    1. I’m not sure. I’ve never played a Chinese MMOPRG or any MMOPRG. The duel is seems more like a betting game with a penalty (lose level) if you lose. From Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Player_versus_player) they do mention a loss of experience but that’s for the person that killed.

      I think I’m going to assume it’s just one facet of Dreams being just evil. It’s pretty par for the course (miscarriage if fighting too much) and other examples that would be spoilers at this point. But there will be lots more examples of how the game tortures its players.

      1. I was a big time Everquest player at one point. When I played on a PK server, you definitely lost experience for deaths and duels also. I love the feel of this story, because the author has really captured the essence of playing in a good (well, incredibly good!!) MMORPG.

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