微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Twenty Four “The Farewell Match”

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After fifteen chapters since it was mentioned (and a disappointment), Wei Wei finally gets to see Xiao Nai play basketball.

[1] Ink paintings are usually black on a white sheet of paper, noted for their simplicity and minimal use of color. Oil paintings usually cover the entire canvas in color and use many more colors than just black or shades of gray.

[2] 文武全才: used before in historical China to describe people who excelled in both a civil and military position in the government. Most government officials at the time belonged either to the 文 (civil) side of government or the 武 (side.) Conflicts between the civil and the military sides at court and before the emperor were very common. To advance to be an official, what was important was your placement during the exams and whose teacher you had. After becoming an official, people advanced based on how well they performed in their government positions. To advance on the military side, it required winning battles and wars. When applied to Xiao Nai, the 文 describes his education, and the 武 his physical abilities.

Chapter Twenty Four The Farewell Match

Wei Wei had said this because her mood had been light and she couldn’t resist making a joke. She didn’t expect that they would believe her. Who knew that Er Xi would come up with this line, which threw Wei Wei for a loop.

“Unanimous? What does that mean?”

Er Xi said: “One of the more popular gossip posts on the university forum, pairing up the famous singles. You and Xiao Nair are recognized to be the least incompatible.”

Wei Wei was a bit taken back and sorrowfully said: “They have this kind of post, our university’s people are really bored.”

Nobody answered her and the topic was dropped. Xiao Ling and Er Xi moved onto a new topic. Wei Wei pulled Er Xi back: “Why are we incompatible?”

Er Xi thought that Wei Wei today was a bit strange, focusing so much on this question. She didn’t think any deeper and straightforwardly said: “It was the posters, appearance, profession. Uh, let me remember what they said. It was pretty good.”

She reminisced: “It was something like, one is as elegant and clear as an ink painting, one is as colourful and vibrant as an oil painting. One is a supernatural not of the mortal world, the other is a vibrant mortal flower … … Whoa, your expression!”

Er Xi, who had getting more enthusiastic, became irritated.

Wei Wei said expressionlessly: “My goosebumps came up. Also, I am not oily.”

Er Xi; “… … Your jokes aren’t funny.”

Wei Wei was still unhappy thinking about it; “How is our professions not compatible? We both do Computer Science. The two warriors of IT… …”

Er Xi snorted at her; “Can you think of an even worse title? In the same profession, there can’t be any feelings of admiration. Also, computers are only one of Xiao Nai’s many talents.”

Wei Wei had nothing left to say and sank into a depression. She suddenly thought of an important question, “Then who did they say is most compatible with Xiao Nai?”

“Nobody. Everybody couldn’t agree.”

Very good! Wei Wei was satisfied.

The air in the stadium suddenly started to boil. Wei Wei looked to the center. As expected, it was Xiao Nai coming out clad in white.

He already was handsome. Changing into his jersey made him seem more upright and alive. Receiving a basketball pass from a teammate, his calmly dribbled two times, and sped up suddenly as his teammate tried to block him. Everybody assumed he was trying to break through. Suddenly stopping, he didn’t aim and threw. The ball drew out a beautiful curve in the air, the space around it stopping. Wei Wei looked at his flowing black hair and stopped breathing.


The ball accurately fell through the hoop.

Three point throw.

The bleachers erupted in cheers after a few seconds. On the court, Xiao Nai didn’t react one bit to the praise and focus on talking with his teammates. He started basic warm up exercises. At the moment, all his focus was on the court and blocked out everything else.

Er Xi sighed in admiration: “This is a real idol.”

Si Si: “They say that Xiao Nai’s swimming is much better than his basketball. I wonder what his races would look like.”

Wei Wei followed her train of thought. Swimming races, Da Shen wearing a swimsuit … …

Her face flushed with red.

Si Si looked at her face and asked: “Wei Wei, are you too hot?”

Wei Wei lectured her righteously: “You are too perverted!”

Si Si: “… …”

t_t She was so innocent.

After ten minutes, the match officially started. Xiao Nai was on the starting line.

Basketball was a very fascinating sport to watch. Compared to the long stretches of time of soccer that only had seconds of excitement, basketball was constantly attracting view’s attention.

On the court, Xiao Nai was certainly the most eye-catching. This wasn’t just because of his outstanding appearance and fame but due to his conspicuous performance.

Wei Wei seemed to see the Yi Xiao Nai He that existed in the game.

She didn’t really understand basketball. But that calmness displayed in his exact passes, that sharp calculation shown in his sidesteps, that overpowering force when breaking past. All of that reminded her of the game’s strongest player.

At times, the Xiao Nai on the court could be described as graceful and elegant. But when he erupted, his presence was fierce and overpowering. Between his movements, there was the most primitive speed and power.

And then Wei Wei knew.

That there was actually this kind of thing in this world, where it only took one instant, for somebody’s affection for another to reach the highest peak possible.

Wei Wei was nervous watching this match, and so were Er Shi and the others. After the first quarter, Xiao Ling excited said: “Xiao Nai’s change in midair was so cool! I’m going to get Da Zhong to practice it!”

Si Si said; “That seems to be pretty difficult for the body.”

Xiao Ling: “I dunno. Ugh, Xiao Nai is a genius in both the civil and the military.”

Not just in the physical and the scholarly pursuits. Wei Wei looked at the handsome figure resting at the side and remembered the video he made. This person was a bit too perfect. If she really was going to be together with him, she needed to put in more effort to do keep up.

A short rest later, the match went into an even more tense second period.

Xiao Nai’s total points were not the highest on the court. At time, he preferred to pass the ball to teammates. But he was the one in control of the underlying beat. Under his command, the Computer Science team performed very smoothly. The team was leading the Engineering faculty by almost twenty points at the end of the second period.

Xiao Ling said: “Xiao Nai’s probably coming off. Da Zhong said he was only playing half a game at maximum.”

Si Si was disappointed: “Why?”

Wei Wei also looked towards Xiao Ling.

Xiao Ling explaned: “Ah, it’s a farewell match. The graduating substitutes also will play. And don’t you still remember? Xiao Nai shixiong was just in a car accident. Too much exercise is probably not good.”

Wei Wei couldn’t help but think more. When she had initially heard that some of the graduating year four shixiongs had been in a car accident, she didn’t think much of it. Who knew that … …

Life worked in mysterious ways.

Ten minutes later, the third quarter began. Xiao Nai did not go on. A wave of disappointed discussion rose among the spectators. Wei Wei wasn’t that disappointed, and focused only on the match. That is, she spent more time looking at Xiao Nai at the edge of the court.

Noticed how he was talking to his teammates, watching what was happen on court and discussing the match.

Noticed how he raised his head to drink, his black hair sparkling.

Notice how he … …

… …

… …

Put down his water, and suddenly started walking towards the bleachers!

Wei Wei froze on her seat.

The entire stadium’s focus started to shift off the court and onto him.

But Xiao Nai was still seemed indifferent to it all, as though those stares didn’t exist. He walked unnaturally naturally steps up the stairs, passing by one row and another, until he was in front of Wei Wei.

Wei Wei was sitting in the aisle set, so he very casually stood by her side, one hand dangling around the back of her seat. Crouching down, a burning stare.

“After, everybody’s going out to celebrate. I might not be able to go online.”

Wei Wei nodded.

“What are you planning tomorrow?”

Wei Wei said: “Studying.”

Wei Wei’s expression was very calm, but if somebody listened closely to her world, they would find, that contrary to being calm, it was better to say … …

Xiao Nai said: “En, I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

Wei Wei said: “Oh, I’ll reserve a seat for you.”

… …

She had already reverted into a state of pure instinct … …

Xiao Nai raised his eyes and asked Si Si, who was sitting away the furthest: “There’s an empty seat next, could you move over one?”

Si Si looked at her side. Unknowingly, the person next to her had left sometime earlier. Si Si moved over, Er Xi and Xiao Ling automatically following. Wei Wei stood and moved into Xiao Ling’s original seat.


Xiao Nai politely said, and then very impolitely sat down beside Wei Wei. His gaze focused on the game, just like any other spectator watching.

With him as the center, in a ten meter radius circle, there was complete silence. It was the exact opposite of the loudness of the struggle on the court.

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