微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Thirty Three “A Narrow Road”

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Chapter Thirty Three A Narrow Road

After the incident, Wei Wei thought her lines were very over the top. But going up to confront somebody alone, she needed to have a strong presence. What really happened was, Wei Wei used an excuse of being busy, and asked Cao Guang to give the little boy a lesson in basic English.

There hadn’t been a need to explain anything afterwards. Everything was innocent and white.

Because this type of thing could easily get distorted if talked about, Wei Wei hadn’t told her dormmates before. The incident had been so long ago that Wei Wei herself had forgotten. She explained the general bits to her friends. Xiao Ling sighed: “So dramatic, does Cao Guang have some leanings towards you, why didn’t you guys develop a bit?

“Intuition.” Wei Wei thought deeply. “Ah, was it that I knew there was something much better in the future?”

The people fell to the floor.

Si Si asked: “Then why would Liang Qing Ying help you speak?”

Wei Wei wasn’t very sure: “This person, does she have a very narrow chin, a bit shorter than me, curly hair to the waist?”

Wei Wei described using the fragments of her memory.

Si Si nodded: “That’s right, that’s her.”

Wei Wei said an “oh”, her face full of awkwardness.

Er Xi shook her: “Don’t keep us in suspense. Confess, how do you know her?”

Wei Wei said; “I … … think I helped her barter.”

Er Xi and the others seemed to choke.

“A while back I went to the electronics store to buy USBs. She was also buying something there at the same time. That owner saw she wasn’t an expert and tried to use second-hand merchandise to fool her. The gloss on the product was so dull it was easy to see it was second hand. It was also 50 above the market price. I thought I saw her before on campus and knew she was a student. Obviously, I couldn’t let her be tricked.”

“… …So you just in passing saw injustice and decided to help?”

Wei Wei nodded and smugly said; “At the end, we both brought at cost.”

Si Si was shocked: “You chopped it down that far?”

“Hehe, I implied to the owner I was going to complain … …”

Xiao Ling understood: “I know why she said you have chivalry. It’s not the chivalry of a knight, it’s the honor of a robber.”

Wei Wei thought that these rumours would have evaporated by themselves after two or three days. But it seemed like they were burning bright and brighter. She couldn’t help but get frustrated.

There was an exam on Monday afternoon. Wei Wei went studying for a bit afterwards. Returning to the dorm, she saw Er Xi had a strange expression. Wei Wei’s response was: “There isn’t a new post on the forum, is there?”

Er Xi laughed: “Hehe, no, no. Just now Xiao Da Shen called over to find you, he’s back.”

Ah, he returned early?

Wei Wei’s eyes lit up. She opened her bag, trying to find her telephone card to make a call. Er Xi stopped her and hesitantly said: “Wei Wei, when I was talking with Xiao Da Shen, I accidentally said what I had hid deep in my heart.”

Wei Wei stopped moving, suddenly having a bad feeling: “… …what did you say?”

Er Xi swallowed: “I asked him, why he hadn’t taken us to eat yet.”

“You, you, you … …”

Wei Wei was speechless.

“You’re too shameless!” Xiao Ling mocked from the side.

Er Xi was abashed and said: “What if there’s still even more shameless after that?”

Wei Wei inhaled and raised her defenses up another notch: “… … say it.”

“I also said, since we are all here today, why don’t we do it. Tomorrow, there’s no exams, so tomorrow is good.”

Wei Wei looked at her and couldn’t speak: “… … Er Xi, aren’t you afraid of getting diarrhoea again?”

The same moment, the dorm door was pushed open and Si Si came running in. She waved the bag in her hands, “Just as ordered, I brought it!”

Xiao Ling happily took over the bag: “The one from last time?”

“Not that one, but I think this one is even better-looking!”

Xiao Ling quickly unpacked the bag. Shaking it open, she looked up and down before nodding in satisfaction, “Good, good, the style’s a bit more conservative, the pure and innocent will like it.”

Turning towards Wei Wei, “Right?”

Wei Wei looked the red dress in her hands, then at their expressions. She felt strangely unsafe, “This can’t be … …”

“Yup!” Xiao Ling admitted, “It’s for you. We aren’t eating for free. Da Shen’s taking us to dinner, we will repay him by giving you a dress.”

Si Si followed: “Last time, when Xiao Ling’s Da Zhong took us to dinner, we gave them couples pajamas.”

“Do you need to bring up such an embarrassing thing?” Xiao Ling stared at her for an instant and then said to Wei Wei, “It’s term end, the landowners don’t have any food left. This is the money we saved by eating pickled vegetables, so you have to wear it!”

Wei Wei speechlessly looked at them in a circle. She took out her telephone card from her bag, and dialled. The phone only ringed once before picking up.

“Wei Wei.”

She didn’t know where he was receiving the call. She could heard sounds in the background and Xiao Nai’s voice was a bit blurry, “I was just going to call you. There’s a lot of traffic. I’ll be late more than half an hour to campus.

He was still on the car?

“….. …what time did you return at?”

“Three thirty.”

Three thirty? That was, Da Shen had called her immediately after landing and had been captured by Er Xi to request dinner?

Wei Wei paused for a moment: “Then tonight … …”

“Wei Wei, this kind of things you should remind me earlier.’ Xiao Nai interrupted, his voice seemed to actually be full of blame. At the other end, somebody seemed to be talking to him. After pausing for an instant, Xiao Nai said: “Okay, we’ll talk later. I have to hang up.”

She seemed … … to have been blamed? He was blaming her for not telling him to take her friends to dinner earlier?

Wei Wei sat there with the phone in a daze. When she turned her head, she saw her friends staring earnestly at her, their faces saying “I want to eat dinner, I want to eat dinner, I want to eat dinner.” She looked again at that dress and sighed. She reached up.

“Give me the dress.”

The new dress was better than the last one. The color was better, contrasting against Wei Wei’s skin so it looked like white jade but with a certain flair. That type of stunning beauty and the attitude together was attractive enough to move somebody’s heart.

Wei Wei did like the dress, but she still struggled before leaving. Why did she always have to wear new clothes to meet him … … but these struggles, when she walked out the Western Doors, and saw the elegant figure talking with a few others, were tossed behind her.

Wei Wei uncontrollably quickened her steps, but after speeding up, she slowed down.

Because that person suddenly broke from conversation and turned to look towards her. That gaze seemed to turn from calm to flamingly hot in an instant, the intensity of the stare almost causing her to retreat.

After looking for a few seconds, he finally removed his gaze and said a few words to the surrounding people. Those people nodded and left with their luggage.

When Wei Wei and the others had walked near, Xiao Nai was already normal. The intensity that Wei Wei had seen seemed to be an illusion. It had disappeared.

Even so, Wei Wei was a bit unfocused on the road until she heard Er Xi said they were going to a specific restaurant and concentrated.

“What type of place is that?”

“Hehe, a French restaurant. It’s opening today.”

Wei Wei suspiciously looked at her. French cuisine. Wei Wei did not like it from the very bottom of her heart. She remembered it was the same with her friends. Why were they going to eat that?

“No, I don’t want to go.”

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Er Xi was unexpected stubborn.

Si Si helped her: “We can change our taste occasionally.”

“But .. …” Wei Wei still opposed it.

Xiao Nai had been listening without speaking. At this time, he laughed and said: “Wei Wei, we should care about our guests’ preferences.”

Care about our guests’ … …

Wei Wei was killed instantly >o<

Five and six o’clock in B City was the most busy. They travelled a whole hour before reaching the restaurant Er Xi had mentioned. Because there were no parking spaces nearby, Xiao Nai let them off at the entrance and left along to find a parking spot.

Getting off, Er Xi started searching everywhere. Then her gaze stopped at a certain stop and shouted: “Whoa, they actually came.”

Xiao Ling was also happy: “Oh, it’s true. We didn’t waste our money.”

Wei Wei suspiciously look at them. Er Xi pulled on Wei Wei’s hand and said in a low voice: “Wei Wei, look inside the restaurant, table beside the window on the west side.”

Wei Wei looked to where she had told her and unexpectedly saw a few people that seemed familiar. It seemed to be Meng Yi Ran? She was sitting together with a few other pretty girls in impeccable makeup.

Er Xi whispered: “The girl beside Meng Yi Ran is Ai Xiang Nai Er.”

Wei Wei looked in astonishment at that girl. The people at the window had also noticed this side and were looking at here. The expressions were somewhat unidentifiable.

Wei Wei looked at Er Xi and the others. Everything was clear now.

No wonder they wanted her to look her best.

No wonder they wanted only this restaurant.

It was because of this.

Wei Wei said tightly: “How did you know they would be eating here?”

Er Xi laughed and said: “I wasn’t really sure. Before her blog was hacked, I used to read it. She mentioned that this restaurant was opening today, I didn’t know if she would really be coming, so we just wanted to try”

Wei Wei said: “What did you want?’

“We don’t have to do anything and we already won!” Er Xi very smugly looked across the road, her face showing a smirk.

Wei Wei sensed something and turned her head. Across the road, Xiao Nai was moving towards them. The streetlights were shining down on his body, highlighting him in the night.

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