微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Thirty Six “Have A Good Trip”

[1] 发 (fa)簪(zan) meaning hairpin. HairWei could have sounded very weird.

[2] 结发与微: 结发 was to take locks of the couple’s hair and braid it together. It is something that is performed on the wedding night. The hair can also be given as a sign of betrothal from one side to the other. But 结发 usually implies the first and original wife. If the wife dies and the husband married again, traditionally, the new spouse wouldn’t be termed 结发with the other.

[3]良辰美景 花前月下: the two are idioms.良辰美景 means beautiful scenery and implies everything is lovely and perfect. 花前月下 is flowers under the moonlight, which also stands for a honeymoon and a romantic courtship.

[4] In Chinese, to wish a good trip, one says一路顺风, with literally means go the entire road with the tail wind.

Chapter Thirty Six Have a Good Trip

It was silent on Sunset Mountain.

The musician, whose actions were usually precisely controlled to milliseconds, this time paused for a few seconds before pressing “Accept”

Type: Hairpin

Name: Fa Wei (named by the maker, can be changed)

Level: Mortal level equipment objet d’art

Level Requirement: 90

Attributes: Musical Ability +15%, Neili Recovery Speed +12%, Agility +38, Life +1000

Durability: 500/500

Compatible Professions: Musician

Maker: Lu Wei Wei Wei

“Actually, last time, other than getting from Feng Teng the four pets, I also asked for two types of rare materials, Tian Shan White Jade and the Fire of the Ninth Level of Heaven.Your original hairpin was already one of the best, I just wanted to see if I could make something better.”

The result? She had been very lucky and made something that ranked as “objet d’art.”

In 《Dreams of Jianghu》, the top equipment produced by the system were called immortal equipment, and the things made by the players themselves were called mortal equipment. It didn’t mean that mortal equipment weren’t as good as immortal equipment, just like this hairpin that Wei Wei made. Its attributes were better than most normal immortal equipment. But for a player to produce an “objet d’art”, the difficulty was very high. Other than expensive materials and a high level, there were still probabilities to be dealt with.

“^_^, my luck was pretty good.”

Wei Wei nervously typed, becoming unusually chatty. It seems as though if she said an extra word, that awkwardness to disappear a bit. But even if it was awkward, if she had to do it over, she would still try her utmost to say that to him.

The musician said: “It’s my luck that’s good.”

Wei Wei’s face was boiling. She didn’t know if she had a neurosis, but she always felt that even his most casual sentence seemed to hold endless depths of meaning.

“… … uh, then we both are lucky.” What was she saying … …

Xiao Nai smiled slightly, as though he could feel her embarrassment at the other side of the computer, “What’s the meaning of Fa Wei?”

“It’s Hairpin by Wei Wei [1].” Wei Wei had no romantic cells and felt that this was very easy to understand, “If you don’t like it, you could change it. I have no artistic cells … …”

“It doesn’t need to be changed, I like it very much.”

To bind one’s hair with Wei. [2]

How could he not like it?


This time Wei Wei didn’t feel any kind of “hidden meaning”. She wanted to escape, “Um, I’m going off now. Today, I played too much, I’m a bit tired. Going to sleep early.”

The musician didn’t stop her. “Okay, thank you, furen, for your labors.”

“. . . . . .”

This person … … forever seemed to be speaking in double-speak. She didn’t if he was saying it had been labors due to playing today or labors for making the hairpin. Wei Wei left behind a string of dots and quickly “dropped off.”

The red shadow left on top of the peak. Time passed by second by second. Many minutes after, on the laptop, a narrow and long finger gently pressed the right side of the mouse, adding on the new hairpin.

The jade hairpin was filled with light, pinned in the middle of black hair. It was both translucent and sparkling, like a stream of light in the dark. Xiao Nai fell into a trance.

He suddenly wanted to see her.

Right now, her eyebrows would be lightly raised, eyes brighter than normal. She would clearly be embarrassed but she would always try to pretend to be nonchalant, and there would be a hint of childishness. It was sure to be unrivalled in its beauty.

The dorm door slammed open under a forceful kick, breaking the atmosphere in the room. Immediately after, Yu Gong’s large voice sounded shocked: “No way, laosan, with such beautiful scenery in flowers under the moonlight, the lover as beautiful as a flower, you returned earlier than we did!” [3]

“You actually weren’t wasting time reading that idiom dictionary.” The fingers moved away from the laptop. Glancing one last time at the game scenery, Xiao Nai closed his laptop and threw it onto the bed. “Mah-jong?”


Yu Gong gave out a strange scream, quickly taking the box out from under the bed, “What did you do, now you want to play mah-jong?”

“Nothing,” Xiao Nai casually said, “In a good mood, want to vent a bit.”

“Ho ho. Saying it now, I’ve been having very lucky hands recently. Really great draws. When you lose, don’t default and not pay.” Yu Gong poured out the tiles in a cacophony of sound.

Xiao Nai sat down neutrally.

… …

… …

One hour later.

Xiao Nai pushed over the tiles in front of him: “One color dragon, don’t default.”

Yu Gong was crying.

Hou Zi Jiu sympathetically patted him: “Accept your fate, didn’t think that it was laosan sending out the invitation, but in the end, you’re paying for all of it.”

“Who’s saying I’m paying. The night is still long.” Yu Gong slapped the table, “Again! I’m going to flip!”

The night was very long.

This night, the squatting year fours spent their very last night in school. The lower years had just been released from exams. The school seemed restless but cheerful. Many dorms remained lit up the entire night.

But the night finally lightened, the dawn coming on time. Yu Gong, at the end, still didn’t manage to flip over, painfully shouldering a debt of hundreds as he stepped into society.

And Wei Wei, was going to, on this evening, leave B City to go home for the summer.

“Wei Wei, your ticket is so early.”

Xiao Ling and Er Xi combined their strength to carry Wei Wei’s luggage and accompany her downstairs.


Wei Wei absently-mindedly responded, looking down from the window of the staircase. Under the greenery, Xiao Nai’s car was already waiting downstairs.

Xiao Ling also poked out her head and laughed: “Having a boyfriend whose parents are professors is very advantageous. The can drive cars inside the campus. Otherwise, you still need to ride the bus to the campus entrance, so much more inconvenient.”

“Otherwise, we can’t call it Multi-Purpose Da Shen. But Wei Wei,” Er Xi said, “You’re leaving this early, your Da Shen isn’t angry?”

Angry … … probably not?

Sitting in the car, Wei Wei furtively tried to decipher Xiao Nai’s expression. Whichever way of looking, Da Shen was just focused on driving the car. The handsome profile did not show any sort of emotion, but it just definitely wasn’t happiness.

Wei Wei abashedly raised a small bag that she had been holding the entire time. Inside was a very small cactus, “This is for you.”

Xiao Nai took a glance. “New dowry?”

= =

Da Shen expectedly did not let go of the word “dowry”. It was most likely that he didn’t have the time yesterday.

“It’s a cactus that I’ve been raising.. I can’t care for it during the summer, so I’m putting it in your care.”

“Oh.” Xiao Nai faintly replied, “and conveniently let it remind me of you?”

Hey, you don’t get to be like this!

She knew that telling him during lunch that she had to leave at night was a bit sudden. But this wasn’t her fault.

Wei Wei muttered: “I didn’t purposefully order it for this early. When the university was doing mass ordering, I didn’t know you yet.”

In front of the truth, Xiao Nai couldn’t say anything.

At the train station, Xiao Nai went to buy a platform ticket. Wei Wei followed. When Xiao Nai was taking the ticket and the change from the booth, Wei Wei suddenly moved forward to ask the ticketmaster: “Are there any more tickets to W city in the next few days?”

The ticketmaster didn’t even check and said: “No, there’s no more tickets for the next five days.”

An expected answer, but because of Da Shen’s surprised glance over, it made the disappointment more sharp.

There finally was a smile around Xiao Nai’s lips. Pulling her quickly out of the line, he took out his phone and started to flip for numbers.

“How about tomorrow’s airplane?”

Wei Wei stared a bit before understanding what he meant and tried to stop him: “It’s not necessary.”

Staying behind a few days still means leaving at the end. Asking earlier had been an impulse. After calming down, she realized how unreliable it was.

Wei Wei dropped her head and said: “I said to my dad I’m going to home tomorrow morning.”

The air was a bit heavy. Seeing him put the phone back in his pocket, Wei Wei’s heart was heavy.

And then … …

“Never mind.”

Sighing, he held her hand and started walking to the waiting area. Xiao Nai compromised, “After getting home, call me immediately.”

Her heart relaxed and Wei Wei nodded.

“Buy a phone as soon as possible.”

Continuing to nod, she promised: “Immediately after getting home.”

Wei Wei was reminded of the midnight chat in her dorm last night. Er Xi had asked why didn’t Da Shen buy a phone for her? She had responded like ––Da Shen wouldn’t do this kind of thing after meeting for a few days, it made it too awkward.

Her heart felt joy at being so in tune with each other.

He stayed and walked her all the way onto the train. Xiao Nai had just packed away the luggage when the train attendant came by to announce that the train was going to leave soon.

“You should go now.” Wei Wei didn’t know what to say at the moment, just reminded him, “Remember to take good care of the cactus.”

In reality, if the cactus was left alone with water for a few months, it probably wouldn’t have a problem. But when she had been packing last night, the first thought in her mind was to give it to Da Shen. One reason was that she had noticed that Da Shen’s office didn’t have a cactus to absorb radiation. But the deeper reason, which she hadn’t examined, was probably what Da Shen had already said.

To let it remind him of her … …

Summer vacation, it was two months.

“After you get back, place it beside the computer in the office.”

It was best to see it everyday.

Xiao Nai raised an eyebrow.

So, before she left, she was going to just going to keep talking about her cactus? If he let her leave like this, he would be too much of a failure.

A gentle kiss.

The next second, a restrained and appropriate but with limitless emotions behind it, landed on her eyes.

He willingly retreated, Xiao Nai stared into her eyes.

“Wei Wei, have a good trip.”

Wei Wei’s trip home was, as expected, very “with the tail wind.”

Because, she floated back >o<. [4]

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