微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Thirty Nine “I’m Embarrassed”

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Chapter Thirty Nine I’m Embarrassed

He adjusted his clothing and left.

The door closed. Wei Wei didn’t have the strength to move to the sofa. She slid down against the door to slump on the floor, holding her knees to her chest. She was blushing with her ears hot. Then she became unfocused and then dazed and then she was furious and struggling with herself … …

Cycling rapidly through the different moods, by the time Wei Wei was released from the situation of not having energy and her brain needing oxygen, a long time had passed.

Wei Wei jumped up. She would not actually squat here to wait for him, that was being too obedient! No way! It was better to escape quickly.

But when she reached the entrance, she stopped again.

What would it mean to escaping like this. This thing, this type of thing was actually very normal. She had thought about it before … … it was just that it happened too surprisingly and she hadn’t prepared, so she reacted like an idiot = =

If she ran away like this, would it imply that she was overreacting and seem more like an idiot … …

Wei Wei stood at the entrance and thought. Leaving wasn’t a good choice, staying wasn’t a good choice. She didn’t know what to do.

In the midst of deciding between escaping and returning, a meal of beef and rice rescued her.

The elevator doors opened with a “ding.” A young person wearing a duck bill hat came out with a plastic bag, looked around and finally stopped in front of Wei Wei.

“You are Miss Bei?”

Wei Wei froze for a second before nodding.

“Hi, this is the rice and beef that you ordered, I’m your delivery person. Thanks for using us, fifteen dollars please.” The duck bill gave the bag to her.

Rice and beef… …

She didn’t even need to think to know who ordered it. So he had heard. Wei Wei took over the bag, the situation of her face and ears red while she didn’t have any strength left returned.

The duck bill hat young person waited for her to pay. Wei Wei reached into her pockets and dug out a hundred-yuan bill for him.

The duck hat didn’t take it and said embarrassedly: “Do you have change?”

Wei Wei shook her head. She had used all her change up on the bus.

“Um, can you borrow from somebody else? I don’t have enough change for you.”

Borrow from somebody else … … from Da Shen? The moment the idea popped out, Wei Wei immediately destroyed it. But an idea flashed through her head. Wei Wei’s eyes shined and looking at the duck bill, she very passionately said: “This, hm, I’ll go with you to the store to pay.”

“That … … would bother you too much.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Wei Wei kept talking and thought it was a good idea the more she thought. She lugged her suitcase as she walked to the elevator. After a few steps, she turned her head.

“Just wait here, I’m going to write a note.”

She took her luggage back into the offices.

The duck bill hat looked at her back, opened his mouth and swallowed that line of “Actually, leaving it on the tab works.”

When Xiao Nai returned to his office, there was nobody inside. The computer screen had an extra post-it.

Xiao Nai took it off.

Thanks for ordering the rice and noodles. I didn’t have change though and they wouldn’t let me put it on the tab so I’m going with them to the store to pay.

At the end there was a very big smiley face drawn.

The corner of Xiao Nai’s mouth rose a small bit.

Fleeing was fleeing. The excuse she found was this insincere. He put the note into his folder and took up the telephone beside him. He dialled the number that he had very recently just bocame familiar with. Once the other side picked up, Xiao Nai straightforwardly asked: “Where are you?”

Wei Wei was cleaning.

Bei Wei Wei’s style did not have the notion of not preparing when going to war. Before coming, she had planned out everything. The first priority was to find a place to sleep at. Before vacation started, Wei Wei hadn’t put in a request to stay in the dorms so she couldn’t live on campus. Thankfully the rich child Xiao Ling had an apartment near the school that she could borrow to live in. The key had been sent to her by express a few days earlier.

Xiao Ling’s apartment was the reward her parents had given her that year for getting into UA. Xiao Ling found it too boring to stay there along so she rarely went over. Therefore, the interior was covered in dust everywhere and it was chokingly hard to clean.

When she had received Xiao Nai’s call, Wei Wei had a face full of dust.

The phone cheerfully sang the national anthem

Wei Wei looked at it for a few secondly before pressing accept. Her heart was beating hard. Her speech was the same as usual: “I’m cleaning at Xiao Ling’s home. I can’t stay in the dorm, I’m borrowing her empty apartment to live in for a while.


“Um, you want to come? Let’s talk about it a bit later, I’m cleaning. It’s pretty dirty at the moment.”

“I’ll come help.”

“Uh, no, it’s fine, you’re too expensive, I can’t afford you … …” Wei Wei kept refusing. She just didn’t want him to come over right now.

Xiao Nai went silent, leaning on the office table. He stretched his long legs and his tone was casual and light as he said: “Wei Wei, is it that you are embarrassed?”

Wei Wei: “… …”


After finishing in one breath, Wei Wei quickly hung up.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Wei Wei ran over to open the door and didn’t give the person at the door any time to speak. She quickly went on tiptoes, put a just folded paper hat on top of his head and then pushed him into the kitchen, shoving a rag into his hands.

“You clean the kitchen. If you can’t finish, then don’t come out.”

And then she ran into the bedroom to wipe glass.

Xiao Nai, with rag in hand, looked around the kitchen. He shook his head with a smile and started to clean.

He seemed to have stepped on her tail. Should he coax her out of it or not, or should he step on it a bit more? This mood that she was in like she was angry to the point her fur was standing up was very amusing.

A certain person’s brain, worth more than its weight in gold, started to concentrate and dissect this whimsical and useless topic.

It took all the way until five before the rooms were clean to the point somebody could live in them. Wei Wei looked at the light streaming into the room and felt satisfaction and accomplishment.

At this time, Xiao Nai was taking the garbage bag out of the guest bedroom. After he had finished in the kitchen earlier, he had been ordered to clean the guestroom by Wei Wei. Through the process of cleaning two room, even a person as elegant as Xiao Nai had a few streaks of dust on his face. The paper hat that Wei Wei had folded was tilted to the side. It was difficult to accomplish but his presence was still very dignified~~~

Wei Wei looked at him and couldn’t resist laughing out loud. The tiny bit of temper remaining in her heart disappeared with her laughter.

Wei Wei pushed him into the washroom: “You wash up first, I’ll treat you to roasted duck later.”

Near Xiao Ling’s home there was a Gui Ji Duck restaurant. It was famous for its beautiful price. Twenty something for roasted duck three ways. Half a duck, duck skin one way, duck meat with vegetables one way, duck bones in soup one way. Adding in another two vegetables and a plate of fruit, there was more than enough for two.

Wei Wei was tired from cleaning and she was very hungry. She boldly swept over the table and ate until her stomach was popping out before leaving. Just as they walked to the entrance, the clouds started to rumble as lightning flashed. Very quickly, it started to rain as a thunderstorm came.

They could only wait in the restaurant until the rain stopped before returning.

The thunderstorm wasn’t very long. It stopped after ten or so minutes but it managed to wash away the heat of the entire day. Walking on the road, Wei Wei felt relaxed all over. The air became extra clear and familiar to her.

Xiao Nai looked at the sky and suddenly smiled.

Wei Wei was aware that she had done many embarrassing things today and was suspicious that he was laughing at her. She shook his hand once: “What are you laughing at?”

Xiao Nai turned to look at him, the laughter in his eyes deepening: “Nothing, I just felt that once you came back, the air at this place is much better too.”


Do not be so romantic, okay!

Wei Wei blushed and stared at him. But the waters in her eyes seemed to ripple with her emotions. It didn’t look like she was glaring. It clearly was seducing. Xiao Nai didn’t resist and lower his hair to brush a kiss over her lips.

Wei Wei immediately felt that the thunder that had just left returned. This, this was on the street. What if somebody saw? Just thinking about the problems of “the voyeurs”, Wei Wei felt that somebody was looking at her.

She instinctively turned her head and saw two identical little girls around the ages of four or five, with two pigtails apiece. They were biting their fingers, with large eyes revealing curiosity, unblinkingly looking at them.

God! Wei Wei silently swore and pulled at Xiao Nai to run off together.

Xiao Nai had never in his entire live been pulled into running like this without any grace or posture. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Wei Wei.”

“Quicker, I’m embarrassed.”

After sprinting for a while Wei Wei couldn’t run any further. But she didn’t let go of Xiao Nai’s hand and still pulled him like an exhausted old cow. When they reached a clean area of grass that hadn’t been drenched in rain, Wei Wei let go of his hand and landed on the grass, unmoving.

Xiao Nai walked over to her side and sat down.

For a while the two of them didn’t say anything.

After the thunderstorm, the night wind carried the faint fragrance of the flora and fauna, the air clear enough to make people drunk. But maybe, it came more from the person by her side. Wei Wei sat next to him and found that she had the impulse to move even closer to him. She quickly turned her head to fiddle with the grass by her side.

After a while, she thought to ask him: “Why aren’t you asking why I came over so suddenly?”

Did that need asking? Xiao Nai used his gaze to show doubt.

You don’t have to be so narcissistic, ask! Wei Wei used her gaze to force him.

Xiao Nai smoothly asked: “Okay, Wei Wei, why did you suddenly come over?”

Wei Wei replied, gratified: “I came over to find an internship. I couldn’t find an appropriate one near my family. Your company takes interns, right?”

Xiao Nai solemnly said: “The standards of our company are very high.”

“… …I’m going to be an intern, I don’t need you to pay me.”

“En, you have to be even more careful with free labor.”

Wei Wei threw grass at him: “… … What do you really want?”

Xiao Nai considered: “Bribe me?”

You can’t be this shameless!

But under another’s roof, Wei Wei had to lower her head: “Then I’ll take you to eat a midnight snack later.”

Xiao Nai refused in a very virtuous tone: “No thank you. Except for furen’s charms, I do not accept any other bribes.”

Wei Wei: “… …”

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