微微一笑很倾城 Chapter Forty Two “The Swimsuit”

6 chapters left! We meet somebody familiar this chapter.

Thanks for all the recommendations you guys put in. I’m going to read them first. Keep them coming in, I don’t really have a criteria besides a happy ending.

Chapter Forty Two The Swimsuit

The afternoon sunlight streamed through the window, falling on the two people sitting underneath it on the floorboards.

“I feel that you could add something else to the social system, especially in interactions between families.”

Wei Wei said at she sat next to Xiao Nai. She bent her head down to doodle and scribble on her little notebook. Wei Wei had just recently brought the little green notebook. She was recording all her thoughts about Dreams 2.

As an experienced player, Wei Wei’s ideas were actually plausible but Xiao Nai didn’t pay attention.

“How’s this song?”

Wei Wei was irritated: “Xiao zong, are you listening?”

“En,” Xiao zong said, “Expand on it and write a report for me.”

“… …”

Wei Wei lowered her head and hatefully bit at his wrist.

The music didn’t stop.

Xiao Nai was playing a piece of background music from Dreams 2. It was one of the pieces of music that a certain Supervisor Fang’s music studio had brought over.

Finishing the piece, Xiao Nai fell into thought and made a few notes on the score. He set down the pen, reached out with his long arm and grabbed a certain somebody around the waist. In one smooth motion, he pressed her down on the floor and went the way of the the Babylonians, an eye for an eye, a bite for a bite.

“You … …”

Wei Wei didn’t manage to say anything before her mouth was sealed.

Even though Wei Wei had already been taken in his embrace and kissed and sat on his legs and kissed, but pressed against the floor and kissed was a new experience. Wei Wei’s little heart almost couldn’t take it.

On a narrow road, the brave one always wins. A certain person had superior strength and was very cunning, Wei Wei’s resistances were never successful and so she could only let him do as he pleased.

A long while later, Xiao Nai finally let her go but didn’t sit up, his warm breath landing on her neck. Wei Wei gasped for air, her eyes unfocused. It took her a long time to recover and she couldn’t help but be suspicious: “It’s really your first time … … um, in a relationship?”

It did not seem like it even a little bit! Everytime she would lose to him … …and she didn’t have any resistance.

“En.” Xiao Nai’s voice was a bit smug and lazy.

“Then you are too well-practiced = =”

“When I see you, I learn naturally,” Xiao Nai bit gently at her ear, “also, I’ve practice many times in my head.”

After practicing a few more times, lunch break was over. Xiao Nai finished buttoning his shirtand got ready to leave. Wei Wei ran into the washroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

Teary eyes … … she could just be sleepy.

Red cheeks … … she could have gotten sunburnt.

But her lips!

Did she have to say it was from eating chilli or bitten by a mosquito?!

That crowd of very busy people who always had the idle time to tease her would not give up this change, especially with Yu Gong there!

Wei Wei dejectedly walked out of the washroom. Xiao Nai had already finished and was in the process of putting on his shoes. He asked lightly: “Are you coming this afternoon?”

Today was Sunday but due to the new goal that had been set, lots of people were working overtime. Xiao Nai naturally had to be there, but it wasn’t that important for Wei Wei as an intern. So Wei Wei shook her head: “Nope!”

“Interns don’t get paid, I want my rest!”

Xiao Nai courteously did not expose her lie but still called her over to the doorway and kissed her forehead: “Then you watch our home, don’t go over to Xiao Ling’s.”

“Oh.” Wei Wei looked at the enthusiastic sun outside and didn’t want to go out anyway. But after Xiao Nai left, she could resist adding, “… … here isn’t my home.”

The apartment that Wei Wei was located in at the moment wasn’t Xiao Ling’s but one that Xiao Nai had outside. Xiao Nai was very against doing anything romantic at another person’s place. Wei Wei was too afraid to go to his parent’s place so this apartment, which he never used very much before, was now very much in use. Most of the time during the day, Wei Wei would be here with Xiao Nai and he would drive her home at night.

Since Xiao Nai left, Wei Wei had nothing to do and went online.

It was a bit boring not being at work. Wei Wei browsed around online, remembered that the she hadn’t fed the little tiger for a few days and opened 《Dreams of Jianghu》.

Under Wei Wei’s patient care, the weak baby tiger’s attributes had started to rise. Wei Wei fed him some more lingdan, saw that there weren’t any more in her inventory and went to Chang’an Marketplace to buy some.

Unexpectedly, she actually saw the long-missing Die Meng Wei Xing at the Chang’an Marketplace. She had a stall open. Wei Wei was a bit surprised and sent a message over: “Is it you, Die Meng?”

She probably hadn’t sold the account.

Very quickly Die Meng returned: “Yes.”

Wei Wei: “Haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Die Men: “Haha, work was too busy.”

Wei Wei had always assumed that Die Meng had completely left the game and she was happy that Die Meng had come back. She wanted to ask about Die Meng’s situation but was afraid it would be seen as being nosy so she didn’t ask. The two casually chatted for a while. Die Meng took down her store and suggested they go together to kill a boss.

Along with them was also Lei Shen Ni Ni. The three of them went to a relatively easy dungeon. Originally, it should have been very easy to take down the entire dungeon but because of Die Meng’s continual missteps, they nearly all died.

Die Meng smiled bitterly: “Didn’t come for two months, I can’t even fight a boss anymore.”

Die Meng’s mood didn’t seem to be very good. Wei Wei was thinking as she saw Lei Shen Ni Ni sent a message over: “Sect Leader Die Meng’s been in a bad mood lately.”

“What happened?”

“She’s probably not used to the sect after coming back. In these two months, a lot of the older people had left and lots of new players came in. They all worship Xiao Yu Yao Yao and most don’t recognize Sect Leader Die Meng.”

“Zhan Tian Xia didn’t give the position back to her?”

“No, and now Sect Leader Die Meng’s level and equipment is not as high as Zhan Tian Xia.”


“Xiao Yu Qing Qing is still in the sect. This woman is really hateful. If it wasn’t fact that I can’t bear to part with the sect, I would have already left.”

Now Wei Wei realized there was a problem: “Die Meng and Zhan Tian Xia… …”

Lei Shen Ni Ni said: “Back together, I asked Sect Leader Die Meng. She said she got sick a while back and Zhan Tian Xia was taking care of her, so she decided to forgive him.”

In the middle of speaking, Lei Shen Ni Ni suddenly disappeared. She reappeared a few minutes later yelling: “*faint* It’s not good at home, using China Telecom to go online, the server either lags or disconnects. Wei Wei, how’s your speed, are you using China Telecom too?”

“No, I’m back in B City, it’s Netcom.”

“Oh oh? Why did you return so early to B City?”

“Summer interning.”

“*falls down*… …don’t mention interning, I still don’t have one.”

This conversation took place in the team channel, so Die Men could also see. She had been remaining silent but she now asked: “Wei Wei, you are in B City now?”

“En ^_^”

Die Meng didn’t say anything else. After they finished the dungeon, she suddenly said: “Wei Wei, do you have time right now? Why don’t we meet up for tea?”

Wei Wei was surprised at this invitation. She never was very fond of meeting online friends. But right now, Die Meng wasn’t very happy. If she refused, it seemed to akin to adding frost to a wound.

She started to hesitate. Lei Shen Ni Ni sent a private message over: “Wei Wei, just met Die Meng for a bit. Because of Zhan Tian Xia and the stuff in the sect, she hasn’t been very happy lately. Try to comfort her.”

Thinking about Die Meng and Zhan Tian Xia’s problemss, Wei Wei, who had been sitting in the middle of her own little piece of happy paradise, couldn’t help but be soft-hearted and agreed without thinking more.

Chatting with Die Meng and Ni Ni, a window suddenly jumped onto the computer screen. Wei Wei jumped in fright.

“Wei Wei.”

In the window there floated two characters.

Wei Wei hesitantly typed: “Da Shen?”


“… … Can’t you use a normal tool to chat?”

“This is convenient.”

“… …”But it scares people.

“Suddenly remembered, my relative’s house is empty.”


“His house has a swimming pool.”


“Do you want to go swimming?”

“Yes!” Wei Wei quickly replied.

“You can swim?”

“No!” Wei Wei unashamedly said, “But I want to watch!”

Watch Da Shen swim. That had been a wish of hers that had been around ever since she saw him play basketball!

Distracted by Da Shen’s antics, she didn’t manage to pay attention to the game. Lu Wei Wei Wei’s avatar stood there not moving. Lei Shen Ni Ni yelled a few times.

“Wei Wei.”

“Wei Wei?”

“WeiWeiWeiWeiWei… …”

… …

… …

Wei Wei quickly talked, stopping her from spamming: “Here, just had something for a minute there.”

“Oh, I thought you were lagging too.”

Die Meng asked: “Wei Wei are you in District xx?”

District xx was a place where most of B City’s universities were located. Wei Wei replied: “Yes.”

“Then the Pizza Hut at xx Road okay with you?”

Wei Wei thought a bit. XX road wasn’t far from UA so she agreed: “Okay^_^”

After finalizing the time and exchanging numbers, Wei Wei opened Da Shen’s window again.

“I’m going to meet Die Meng Wei Xing later.”

Xiao Nai took a while to reply: “En.”

He didn’t say anything, but Wei Wei detected that he didn’t like her meeting online friends. She explained: “At that Pizza Hut at xx Road. It’s only an afternoon tea, it won’t be for very long.”

Xiao Nai said: “When it’s time, I’ll take you swimming right after. Don’t forget to bring my swimsuit.”

A male swimsuit, it’s really swimming trunks … …

Da Shen’s swim suit … … this type of magical existence. Even thinking about it, Wei Wei’s face and ears were red, to say nothing of rummaging through the drawers. Wei Wei opened the drawer that Xiao Nai had told her and didn’t even look and quickly took out something that should be a pair of trunks based on the black and silky nature of the fabric. She quickly shoved it into her bag and left out the door to see Die Meng.

Half an hour later, Wei Wei got to Pizza Hut.

In Die Meng’s text, she said she had curly maroon-colored hair and was wearing a dark green dress … … Wei Wei searched through the interior of Pizza Hut and found her sitting beside the window in the furthest table.

Wei Wei walked towards her.

Die Meng had been staring at the scenery outside the window. She gradually heard footsteps and from the corner of her eye, there seemed to be a flash of attractive color nearing her. She reflexively turned her head and gazed into a pair of shining and beautiful eyes.

The owner of those clear eyes saw her and gradually displayed a smile at her. The smile was like a slowly blooming flower, the teeth slightly showing, letting people feel as though a light was shining through and couldn’t be blocked.

A guess slowly formed in Die Meng’s mind but she thought it wasn’t possible. But that girl did stop right in front of her. Die Meng accidentally lost focus and stared for a long while before asking: “… …You are Lu Wei Wei Wei?”

Wei Wei nodded, and sat down opposite her. She smiled and said: “Nice to meet you, Die Meng.”

Wei Wei and Die Meng sat in the Pizza Hut until almost five before having to leave.

The majority of the time, it was Die Meng complaining and Wei Wei listening, but Wei Wei understood. Die Meng wasn’t feeling great and only needed her to listen.

At the end, Die Meng invited Wei Wei to dinner. Wei Wei embarrassedly refused: “I’m going swimming tonight, it’s not good to eat before swimming.”

Die Meng understood: “With your boyfriend?”

Wei Wei nodded. Thinking about Xiao Nai, her eyes unconsciously became full of light.

“You’re this beautiful, your boyfriend is definitely faithful to you.” Die Meng looked at her, her eyes having a hint of envy.

Wei Wei paused. She wanted to say something but felt that nothing she could say would be right so she smiled and lowered her head to drink tea.

After parting ways with Die Meng, Wei Wei called Xiao Nai.

“I’m done over here.”

“En, I’m going over now.” In reality, Xiao Nai had finished his work already, but the way that he had been raised, he wouldn’t do something like call to hurry her up.

Wei Wei told him the location and was about to hang up when Xiao Nai suddenly asked: “Did you buy your swimsuit?”

“… …”

“Wait for me to go buy together?” Xiao Nai said as he started walking with his car keys.

“No thanks! I’m going myself!”

There was a supermarket beside the Pizza Hut. Wei Wei went in and brought a swimsuit. It was, of course, the most conservative style. There was even a skirt on the bottom half.

Paying and coming out of the supermarket, Wei Wei saw that Xiao Nai’s car had already parked at the side of the road.

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