微微一笑很倾城 Outtake “Cong Cong Raising His Brother” (Parts One & Two)

This is the last adventures of Cong Cong and Yue Yue (unless Gu Man writes even more outtakes). This is in celebration of a milestone in my new translation, which isn’t finished. The new translation is a novel set in a pseudo-historical/alternate-universe world. It is three times the length of WWYXHQC which is why it hasn’t been finished yet.

Thanks for all your comments, follows and suggestions for translations. I read many of the suggested novels and if you want to know what I thought about those I read, just ask :D.

Cong Cong raising his brother (Part One)

This day, Wei Wei and Xiao Nai took the two babies together to their grandmother who announced some good news –– she had accepted an offer for Cong Cong to star in an ad!

Even if it was just a favour for a relative and it was just photographs, not anything on TV, but Wei Wei was still quite worried and conflicted on the entire way home.

“Cong Cong is still little, is it wise for him to be in an ad?”

Xiao Nai wasn’t too bothered by his son publicising himself. He was a boy, there wasn’t that much to worry about.

“No problem, let him go play.” Xiao Nai said as he drove, “He should start earning milk money to support himself.”

Wei Wei: “… …”

Wei Wei looked at the two babies in the back. Their ages added together was only six. She could only move her head to the other side.

Even though Xiao Nai agreed, Wei Wei still wasn’t very comforted. Her son had always been very smart and she had always treated him like a miniature adult: “Cong Cong, do you want to participated in an ad?”

“What’s an ad?”

“It’s some taking photos and then letting lots of people see them.”

Cong Cong’s brows furrowed, looking as though he was making a difficult choice. At last, he looked at his happily sleeping brother and seemed to make a final decision: “Cong Cong will do it.”

The day of the photo shoot was a very unlucky day. Everybody else was busy so Wei Wei had to take Yue Yue to the shoot as well. It was comforting that Cong Cong was very obedient and didn’t require much attention. He walked on his pudgy legs beside Wei Wei and carried his brother’s bottle of his own initiative.

When they got on site, the cute babies became the center of attention. Wei Wei scanned the surroundings. It looked very proper and the workers were professional. The photographer was also easy-going and assured Wei Wei that it wouldn’t hurt the children’s eyes, relieve Wei Wei of her fears.

During the shoot, Wei Wei left once for the washroom, asking the workers to look over for a few minutes. There were some female workers who were very attracted by the cute children and came over to play once they saw the mother had left.

“How old is Cong Cong?”

Cong Cong said in a childish voice: “Cong Cong is four, brother is one and a half.”

“Can Cong Cong give the bottle to Auntie? Auntie can help you feed your brother.”

Cong Cong hugged the bottle, expressing refusal.

“So cute.”

The eyes of the females seemed to sparkle, “Does Cong Cong like photo shoots?”

Cong Cong moved his head: “No.”

The workers exchanged looks: “Then why is Cong Cong here?”

Cong Cong, under their gazes, became a bit depressed and so he hugged his brother’s bottle, tugged on the carrier and lowered his head before saying: “Cong Cong needs to earn milk money to support myself and my brother.”

When Wei Wei came back from the washroom, she found that everybody was giving her strange looks. Why did it seem like they were looking at the stepmother?

Wei Wei was very confused. Why was it that after her washroom break, the world became strange … …

Cong Cong raising his brother (Part Two)

Mo Zha Ta really really liked children, but obviously he couldn’t give birth, so he frequently took KO’s desserts to Wei Wei’s home to try to tempt Cong Cong into eloping with him.

On this day, he once again came with KO’s special peanut cookies to Wei Wei’s home and started his temptation.

“Why don’t Cong Cong come over to ge ge’s home to play? Ge ge will teach you to play games, Uncle KO will make lots of desserts.” A certain shameless somebody, on account of their babyface, always referred to himself as ge ge. But he could only do it when nobody else was around as the last time that “Uncle” KO had heard it, when he had returned home, a round of not-so-innocent “education” about “Uncle” had occurred.

Mo Zha Ta continued his shameless tactics: “Cong Cong, come to ge ge’s home. Your mother and father will have the time to have a little sister. Cong Cong, do you want a little sister?”

“No sister.” Cong Cong chomped on the cookie and shook his head in emphasis.

“Why not?” Mo Zha Ta was curious. Last time, he had clearly said he wanted a little sister.

Cong Cong said in frustration: “Because Cong Cong’s milk money is only enough to support one little brother.”

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      1. Thanks! Gu Man’s weibo doesn’t seem to have sent anything out yet. *sighs* Hopefully they won’t drag it out.

    1. heard from peanuts about yangyang as xiaonai (abit disappointed that wuyifan didn’t get the role, but yangyang is not bad, i like him too) but i dont know about the female lead. thanks for the link 😀

      1. regardless of the casting news, I’m SO HAPPY this novel is being made into a drama 🙂 We’ll have to wait for the official confirmations from the author or production for the casting 🙂

    1. You’re welcome. It’s not that Wei Wei isn’t smart, it’s just some others that skew the curve. (My headcanon is also that Xiao Nai is jealous of the children taking up Wei Wei’s time).

  1. Wei Wei should be thankful that the people at the shoot are not calling child services for making her children ‘work’ hahahahahaha! Earning milk money indeed! XN is so evil! Hahahahahaha!

  2. Awesome! Cong cong is so funny….he is so similar to xiao nai…. 😀
    Thanks for the excerpt…I am going to miss this funny story.
    Good luck on your next translation project! 🙂

  3. thank you waiting for your next translation project what is the title of ur next trans?

    1. I’m keeping it a secret for now :). And I don’t think this novel has been mentioned on an English site yet.

  4. Oh my gosh, Cong Cong is so cute…. So this is it for this novel? I really love this novel. One of my favorite novels. I love Bei Wei Wei’s character so much. I heard about the news that Yang Yang & Zheng Shuang will be playing Xiao Niao & Wei Wei. I’m dreading this drama already. So far, any drama adaptation from novel that I have watched really sucks!! While I’m ok with Yang Yang is playing Xiao Nai, I’m not sure if Zheng Shuang can play Wei Wei’s character. So disappointed….

    Thank you for this last translation about this novel. I’m so glad I decided to check on your blog today!

  5. Thanks for the update. Cong cong is so cute. Can’t wait to read your next translation project.

  6. Just found this and read it in one go. It was really, really good!

    Btw, about Mo Zha Ta story, is it just have one part (the previous chapter) or still have its continuation?

    Thanks for such wonderful translation!

    1. Thanks for reading! There’s some more but I haven’t found the time to translate it. I’m waiting to finish my new translation before reediting all of WWYXHQC.

  7. Thank you! Really, this novel is the best!
    It has everything I wanted, a strong heroine, ruthless yet romantic male lead and a dash of BL, especially the BL! I didn’t even know how an author could incorporate all these yummy goodness in a book but this one did it!

    I read this in one night, with me ending up with only 3 hrs of sleep.
    It was worth it!
    I’m kinda sad that I only found this yesterday but happy at the same time that I found this done hehe, I can’t imagine the wait.

    So really, thank you for taking the time to translate this wonderful novel.
    Thank you, again~

    1. Thanks for reading! A lot of people commented that Gu Man was the person that led them into BL or rather Dan Mei (DM) as it’s known in Chinese.

      I hope you’re okay after only three hours of sleep. I’ve only ever done one night of not sleeping and my brain was pretty much mush at the end.

      1. I can see that haha~
        Ko and Mei is sweet and funny enough to lead them astray~~ ooh now, I’m remembering what led me astray lol

        I’m still hyper even with little sleep. Just remembering this novel is enough to make my day~ XD

  8. Haha Cong Cong will forever be taunt with earning milk money for him and his little brother.
    Such a heavy burden caused by Xiao Nai

  9. I really enjoyed the story! =D I also recently found out that there are additional epilogues that Xiao Nai, Wei Wei, and Cong Cong appears in. You can find it at Fanatical’s blog under Come & Eat Shan Shan which is another Gu Man book but focused on the romance of Feng Teng Co’s boss ^^. Cong Cong is sooo cute and very very responsible @@

      1. At least he still have wei wei to be his mother!!
        It’s good that Wei wei still have some common sense in her. LoL

  10. Thank you for translating the novel 😀
    I actually read “To be a Virtuous Wife” first and then moved on to this novel. This outtake was at the bottom of the Table of Contents, so here I am 🙂
    Such a sweet story about the parents and the children are adorable, including the side characters. I can finally go read the part with Feng Teng and Mr. Xiao xD
    Thank you so much, again. It was really a great read during the midst of studying for exams and life ~

  11. I’m soooooooft and upset at the same time! Da Shen had to be more mindful abt his words around children! Poor Cong Cong~ had to think like that at such early age. ㅠㅠ (Da Shen and Wei Wei really did hv two sons in the end, huh? Also, wth did Mei try to do taking Cong Cong home with him–) I LOVE ITTT!! Thank you for your hard work!

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