微微一笑很倾城 Mei Ren’s Smile Is Also Alluring “2 The Things with Da Shen and Wei Wei” & “3 The Thing with the Supermarket”

More Mo Zha Ta and KO! Hopefully you guys will start to see my new translation soon. It’s unedited but I’m super excited so that will be motivation for me. Enjoy Mo Zha Ta in the meantime.He and KO are as funny or even more so than Wei Wei and Xiao Nai.

I find that the one person Gu Man really neglected was Hou Zi Jiu. Yu Gong gets a few chapters, Mo Zha Ta gets his own ministory and Hou Zi Jiu is brushed off into university to do his masters.

2 The things with Da Shen and Wei Wei.

Time: Right after initial cohabitation, when there was no body contact.

A certain day, Mo Zha Ta secretively said to Wei Wei: “Shimei, I finally found out how much KO’s salary is.”

Wei Wei was really interested and asked: “How much?”

Mo Zha Ta complained furiously: “—-, more than me.”

Wei Wei silently stared at him. She thought on the inside, wasn’t that normal?

Mo Zha Ta felt humiliated: “Don’t look at me like that!”

Wei Wei coughed: “Ha ha, nothing. Right, shixiong, how do you know what his salary is ?”

Mo Zha Ta was smug: “He needs to pay me rent. Oh, I already said he didn’t need to, Mei ge isn’t that cheap of a person. But he really wanted to pay and also for the food so he just gave over his bank card, hahaha.”

A certain somebody smugly looked at Wei Wei and said: “Shi mei, your internship salary is still in lao san’s hands, right?”

“… …” Wei Wei turned her head: “Shi xiong~~A man taking control of another man’s bank card, is it really something to be proud of?”

Mo Zha Ta froze.

Wei Wei sashayed away.

Time: Not long after cohabitation

Zhi Yi Company was a weird place. That is, it had no front desk. There had been one originally, but people kept on taking over the poor secretary’s spot, so it gradually became the administrative spot slash the front desk.

Who were the invaders? It was the programming members of Zhi Yi. The terrible practice had started with Mo Zha Ta. Everytime he couldn’t code and got stuck, he would go to the front desk and pose to find inspiration. Eventually, others had been infected as well. When the collective department got stuck, Zhi Yi’s front desk would be occupied with many handsome guys … … a very strange sight.

This day, Wei Wei had come to find Xiao Nai. When she saw Mo Zha Ta at the front desk, she exclaimed in shock: “Shi xiong, you’ve gotten fat!”

“… …” Mo Zha Ta turned his head in pain: “This is the result of being a kept man”

Ah? Wei Wei gawped: “Shi xiong, didn’t you just move to a new apartment. How is that being kept?”

Mo Zha Ta said despairingly: “I’m being kept in my own home.”

Wei Wei said in admiration: “Shi xiong, you can achieve something this difficult, you’re incredible!”

Mo Zha Ta pondered deeply: “Speaking of it, that’s pretty much what it is. Food and drink is provided, and he also gave me the bank card, en.”

Ruminating for a while, Wei Wei said uncertainly: “Shi xiong, since I gave my salary to Da Shen, then does it mean that Da Shen is being kept by me?”

Time: After KxMo has gotten into bed many times

A certain day, Mo Zha Ta complained to Wei Wei: “Lao san is a tyrant, go talk to him. Don’t give KO that much to do. Kao, he almost has no time to cook my dinner.”

Wei Wei: “Ah? Oh.”
So when Wei Wei was on her date with Xiao Nai, she successfully communicated Mo Zha Ta’s thoughts. After she finished, she felt it was a bit strange: “Ee, how strange. Why wouldn’t KO talk to you and get Meiren shi xiong to talk to me instead?”

Xiao Nai calmly answered: “It’s very normal. This is the supposed diplomacy between wives.”

Wei Wei: “… …”

3 The thing with the supermarket

This day, Mo Zha Ta and KO went to the supermarket. A curvaceous beauty walked, leaving behind a trail of perfume. Mo Zha Ta’s eyes followed. The beauty actually smiled at him.

Mo Zha Ta couldn’t help but get stuck on the moment and kept looking. KO said expressionlessly: “Stop looking, I’m better than her.”

Mo Zha Ta looked in disdain: “Where are you better than her? Look at her body!”

“I’m better.”

Kao, you aren’t better anywhere.”

KO used a normal tone of voice: “Yesterday night you said I was too big.”

Mo Zha Ta was suspecting that he had heart it wrong. When he understood, he exploded: “Screw you, lao zi never said that.”

KO stared at him.

Uh … …ok, he had said it, but … … Mo Zha Ta said angrily: “That wasn’t complimenting your body.”

“It’s a crucial part of the body.”

“… … !!!” Mo Zha Ta had nothing to say in response and could only deny, “Lao zi never said it.”

“You didn’t say it, you screamed it.”

“… … you you you, if lao zi said it didn’t happen, it didn’t!”

“Oh, let’s repeat it tonight.”

Mo Zha Ta’s ears were red enough to secrete blood. He pretended to be calm and looked around. Seeing another beautiful woman walk past, he purposefully stared to provoke a certain somebody. His mouth opened to compliment to keep the act going.

“Nice nice, you can tell she’s a smart one. Physical beauty is the most shallow. The most important is still the inside.”

KO also looked over and shared his assessment: “The vegetables she brought are too old, she doesn’t know how to cook.”

“Nails are too long, doesn’t use the computer often, won’t play computer games with you, won’t help you hack into the computers of the female stars you like for personal photos.”

Did I ask you to hack, did I? I only said they were pretty and then you hacked on your own initiative. And they were all photos without make up or photoshop. It was enough to extinguish any fantasies … …

“Waist too thin, body too light, no strength to scrub your back and carry rice.”

Waist! Mo Zha Ta erupted in anger: “Watch where your eyes are looking! Who let you look that closely! Take your eyes back!”

KO: “… …”

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  1. Thanks! I’m curious as to what the new project will be. Do you need an editor for the new project? I would be interested in helping out if you do.

    1. Thanks. My new project is a psuedo-historical romance. I’m not looking for an editor for that at the exact moment because I haven’t even started editing it myself. Actually, there’s a heap of stuff before it’s ready for anyone to see.

      However, are you interested in editing WWYXHQC? I’m doing revisions on the translation for typos and smoothness of writing before I update it on the site.

      1. Sure, I’d be interested in that. Email me and we can talk details. My email os my screen name at gmail.

  2. Thank you for posting! I really needed a laugh! I don’t think I was more sorry to see a book end than this one. I love the characters and the humor and yea for the side stories! Thanks again!😍

    1. I feel the same. This was such a short book among Chinese novels/webnovels. I actually feel this is more of a “short story” relative to others. Gu Man did use many “stereotypes” but her characters came out unique and charismatic. I’ve seen some authors who try carry off the same plot of RPG, university life, friends and romance but they really are just shadows in comparison.

  3. Lol they are so funny together!

    Their banter (and possessiveness) are really cute and hilarious XD

    Is this the last chapter? This novel is done?

  4. Wow…mo zha ta is really funny and double standard. …so he can look but not KO? :p
    It is really the end! So sad….
    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

    1. It’s because Mo got chubby after eating all the food KO makes so he didn’t like the comment about the “thin waist” on the woman

  5. Thank you for all the tidbits, really love Mo Zha Ta and Ko’s interaction. They are so hilarious

  6. Thank you for translating the novel and MoZhaTa/KO’s side story. You do a great job with the way you translate . . . you have a way with words. Any plans on translating the last chapter about KO and MoZhaTa? I’ve read another translations of the last chapter, but I hope to see it on your site, as well, since you do the translations so beautifully. Thanks for sharing your work!

  7. Thank you very much for translating this novel! It’s quite fluffy I think, and cute~ Uuuu…. I really want more, but it can’t be helped that the story is already over. Anyway, it’s a good story and I like it very much! Thank you desu~

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