修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight “Changes”

We get a look at whose behind the pink paper cranes. Also, Zuo Mo is just the cultivation equivalent of a poor destitute manual laborer, slightly better off because he’s better at growing things. The world of cultivation is a cruel one (No social welfare here.)

Chapter Eight Changes

Thin and pale jade-like hands gently pinched a pink paper.

“Haha, so he did pay. No wonder he’s in such a bad temper. I just wanted to scare you. Who told you to be a smart-aleck and try to resist?”

The oval face was as smooth as resin, azure eyes like a sapphire held a hint of mischief. A high nose, a small red mouth. Silvery white top and shorts made from Silver Moon Wool. It made her look furry and cute. A daringly exposed stomach and legs were full of youth. It was like the most perfect work from a master of ivory. There were no flaws. A bright red string tied up her hair, adding a hint of allure. There were a pair of sky-blue bracelets on her wrist, many bells tied to them. When she moved, it would leave behind a stream of clear bell rings.

“But, really such an interesting person.”

“A person you find interesting, then they must be really interesting.” Behind her came a respectful voice.

A xiuzhe, skin bronze, a sandalwood coronet on his head, looking about forty years old. If anyone saw this person, they would be shocked. The famous Chi Ye zhenren would be so respectful to a little girl.

She already knew that someone had come behind her and wasn’t shocked. She giggled: “Yes, such an interesting person. Cannot be over zhuji middle level in cultivation, but could make it through Xian’er [Heart Demon Curse] at twenty percent power. Very strong.”

“Oh.” Che Ye zhenren’s face changed: “Really full of potential.” He then muttered: “How about taking him into the sect … …”

Xian’er turned her face towards the window, her eyes deep and distant: “On the road of cultivation, other than innate talent, chance is even more important. Of the disciples in the sect, there’s thousands who have innate talent. Not saying the absolute power, but coming jindan, how many people are there?”

She suddenly stuck out her tongue, naughtily stating: “Rather than that, he should be left to relieve Xian’er’s boredom.”

Chi Ye zhenren chuckled, and with a few hints of indulgement: “Whatever you want! Since you are so interested in him, why don’t we stay a few days longer here?”

Xian’er tilted her head, her blue eyes blinking. She mused and then shook her hand: “The task is important. We’ve stayed here long enough. Haha, Xian’er left an imprint on his body. He can’t escape Xian’er palm!”

Chi Ye zhenren saw Xian’er’s adorable manner and couldn’t help roaring in laughter.

Zuo Mo slowly woke up, his body sore. He couldn’t help but groan.

Thinking about yesterday, it was like he just had a dream. But the wounds on his entire body constantly reminded him that that furious battle wasn’t a dream. Even now, he couldn’t quite believe it, that he defeated that icy energy. He knew there was a length of time when he was dizzy. And it was at that time that he won.

But what happened at that time?

He had no idea.

After searching his mind and thinking for a while, he didn’t have any idea and threw the question aside. As to whether the other will take revenge, Zuo Mo was too lazy to think about it.

Ge is very busy!

He counted it out on his fingers and knew that he had many things to do today. Not just making rain for the medicine fields, he still had to make rain for one of the shixiong. That was a complete one hundred mu of ling fields. The ling herbs in the medicine fields, he didn’t need to care how good their state was. But that one hundred mu that he had to make rain for, that was a contract signed long ago, and he couldn’t get out of it.

Gritting his teeth and climbing up, Zuo Mo felt that his skeleton would fall apart anytime.

At turtle speed, he moved to Cold Mist Valley. Looking at the medicine felts over the valley, he cursed the “adulterous couple” of Hao Min and Luo Li countless times.

Cursing was cursing, but he still had to do it.

Just like normal, he started [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], but the following events made Zuo Mo dumbstruck.

The white mist crazily flowed towards him. In the blink of an eye, it formed into a ball of clouds. Before the dazed Zuo Mo could react, the cloud quickly expanded and in a short amount of time, completely smothered the entire valley.

In the middle of the white could, Zuo Mo dazedly reached out. Stands of cold flew through his hands, it was like a dream.

He suddenly shook and woke up. This definitely wasn’t the third level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]!

His expression became serious.

What had happened? He suddenly had a suspicion that the icy energy yesterday had seemed to changed many things. He calmed his mind, closed his eyes, and spread out his arms in the middle of the cloud.

Very quickly, he detected the peculiarity. The cloud ball made of countless streams of moisture was exceptionally lively. They were like a crowd of little creatures that had been woken up.

The cloud this time had an additional and special energy. It was like the green grass that just sprouted, but also like sunlight. Zuo Mo found it difficult to describe. He liked this energy very much because it was very comfortable.

He couldn’t help but cheer up.

He had planted ling grain for two years. Even though he didn’t know what this lively energy was, but it definitely would be helpful for the growth of the ling grains.

His mind moved and the cloud started to rain. Among the rain drops that were like silver threads, the lively energy contained was even thicker than the moisture in the cloud.

He didn’t know if it was just his delusion but he saw some of the leaves of ling herbs spread out as though they were very happy.


Everything that happened yesterday seemed like a dream. What was happening today was even more like a dream.

Was this the fourth level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]? He wasn’t sure. The jade stick he had brought about [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] only described the third level. It had many parts that he had never thought about. He admired the disciples of the larger sects. No matter what spell, after it reached a certain level, it required self-comprehension. But if they could learn from the experiences of those people before them, it would greatly decrease the side roads that they had to take.

He had no one to ask. Not just the head and all the elders, but even the inner sect shixiong, it wasn’t easy to ask them to help. And he was very suspicious that there weren’t any shixiong in the inner sect that would put energy and time on the kind of low-level, non-combat art like [Little Art of Cloud and Rain].

Wu Kong Sword Sect was a sect that cultivated the sword. It was primarily made of sword xiu. If it wasn’t that they needed ling grains, they wouldn’t accept outer sect disciples like him. In all the xiuzhe, sword xiu were renowned for their attack power. They only cultivated sword scriptures. What they paid attention to was one sword defeats everything.

The five elements naturally made up their own system. It was heard to learn them well. Most of the people who cultivated it were roaming xiu. So among the roaming xiu, there were the most ling plant farmers.

After making rain, he went to the shixiong who he agreed early on to make rain.

After making two rainstorms, Zuo Mo, who was seriously injured, wavered, frightening that shixiong to rush him back to rest.

After finishing all he needed for the day, Zuo Mo, tired in mind and body, still persisted in mediation after returning to the yard. The bitter experience yesterday made him deeply understand a reality. In the eyes of the strong xiuzhe, low level xiuzhe were like grass.

He didn’t know if it was that his body needed recovery but the time in mediation was two times what it usually was.

His body was like a starving animal, furiously sucking up the ling energy in the surroundings. The little section of ling vein under the mat played a crucial role, continuously providing ling energy. The ling energy that Zuo Mo absorbed wasn’t stored in his channels like usual but permeated everywhere into his body.

It had to be said here that Zuo Mo’s innate talents were very exceptional. [Ten Principle Scripture] wasn’t a high-level scripture. But he deeply knew the importance of “calm and right” so the effect of his cultivation was pretty good.

After revolving six circuits, Zuo Mo achieved the record of the most circuits in one sitting from when he started.

When he came out of mediation, he found in amazement the wounds on his body had recovered greatly.

He inspected his cultivation. It did increase but not too greatly. It still steadily stayed at the eighth level of lianqi. For some reason, he wasn’t disappointed but took a sigh of relieve. If something was strange, then it would be considered the devil at work. There were too many strange things these two days. It seriously taxed his psychological state.

Thinking about yesterday, his mind moved and he released [Art of Aged Gold].

And then, it was the devil.

The aged gold energy happily revolved around his finger, like a golden sand twister, flashing in front of his eyes. The faint gold of the energy was now a true gold, carrying the special lustre that belonged to the metal gold. The gold light flashed entrancingly.

Numerous information poured into his head. He had never thought of it. It was information he had never met. But as the aged gold energy turned around his fingers, the information completed itself in his mind.

[Art of Aged Gold] was truly a kind of offensive art.

If Zuo Mo only hypothesized it before, he was extremely certain now.

The specialty of [Art of Aged Gold] revealed itself at the second level. Through the jade stick, he was certain that he achieved the second level of [Art of Aged Gold].

In one night, [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] went to the fourth level, [Art of Aged Gold] increased to the second level and made him, a daring person, feel his heart beat frantically. He felt it wasn’t steady.

The increase in power seemed to be an illusion but the high it came with was real. However, he didn’t hope for it to happen again. Even if he was very stubborn and left behind the words yesterday.

Safety first!

After his body recovered, his life quickly recovered. The evil pink Little Thousand Crane didn’t appear again. Zuo Mo was very comforted.

On the table, there were all types of material, the dark red of the flame metal, an ingot of bronze, about seven foot of pine wood… …

This was the complete set of materials he had brought from Fei Yun to forge [Ling Exciting Hoe].

Forging was one of the major categories that every xuizhe had to learn. Everyone would know a little bit. It was the class that was most welcomed by the outer sect disciples. For outer sect disciples, a xiuzhe that was good at forging could easily find a steady job.

But for inner sect disciples, especially sword sects, there were only a few that were good at forging.

Sword xiu habitually used their sword to conquer the world, to use the sword to receive what they wanted, or needed.

Like his sect. There was only the line of Master Xin Yan who was talented in forging. Xu Yi shixiong was Xin Yan’s best disciple. But for Master Xin Yan among his generation, or Xu Yi shixiong in the second generation, their status wasn’t very high.

But that didn’t have anything to do with Zuo Mo.

At this time, he was excited. The first forging of his life was going to begin.


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