修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Twenty Three “Apparition”

Something astounding happens (not to Zuo Mo).

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Chapter Twenty Three Apparition

Zuo Mo looked in shock at Wei Sheng Shixiong.

The clothing on Wei Sheng shixiong’s body was ripped to shreds, his entire person an unsheathed sword, exuding a heavy presence. This felt strange to Zuo Mo. Suddenly the term appeared in his mind –– sword essence!

Zuo Mo suddenly realized: “Congratulations Shixiong!”

Hearing this, Wei Sheng smiled. The sword essence surrounding his body seemed to have been pushed by an invisible hand, suddenly vibrating. The small pebbles on the ground were all thrown up in the air, dust rising. In just a few seconds, the ground underneath his feet was cut into a shallow hole by the invisible sword essence.

“My apologizies, Shidi. My cultivation is limited and cannot control it.”

Shixiong needs the fire dragon grass?” Zuo Mo waved his hand, indicating that he didn’t mind. This was the first time he saw someone preparing to zhuji and he was extremely curious.

“Thanks for the trouble, Shidi.” Wei Sheng helplessly moved his feet. The dirt hole under his feet was almost up to his knees.

Understanding that Wei Sheng was at a crucial time, Zuo Mo didn’t waste words: “Shixiong, please come with me.” Finishing, he started to sprint in the direction of Cold Mist Valley.

Behind him came the continuous sound of cracking. Anywhere that Wei Sheng Shixiong passed, there were criss-crosses of fine cuts on the ground, little pebbles sent flying away.

The two very quickly ran to Cold Mist Valley. Zuo Mo threw out: “Shixiong, please wait a moment.” He then entered the mist and in a short while came back out holding the bright red fire dragon grass. He carefully put the grass on the ground and then quickly jumped to one side.

The fine and scattered sword essences creating a shroud around Shixiong were extremely damaging. His heart had trembled on the way here.

Wei Sheng bent down to grab the fire dragon grass. He saw the fire dragon grass was like a ball of fire, the color even brighter than before.

Joy appeared on Wei Sheng’s face. His expression solemn, he bowed to Zuo Mo: “Many thanks Shidi!”

Finishing, Wei Sheng Shixiong quickly left.

Zuo Mo stared dazedly at Wei Sheng Shixiong’s back. This was the first time he saw a person’s state right before they were going to zhuji. It was completely different from what he had imagined. So when Li Ying Feng Shijie was entering zhuji, was it something like this as well?

Zhuji, it was called the first barrier for xiuzhe. As expected, it really was extraordinary!

His mind was slightly distracted all day. The scene of Wei Sheng’s sword essence flying around gave him a tremendous shock. And he still hadn’t heard the voice that had announced last time when Li Ying Feng Shijie had successfully zhuji.

Would it have failed? His heart was full of worry. On its own, fire dragon grass was like a violent poison. Just the slightest misstep and the ling energy would collapse. Even more, what Wei Sheng Shixiong had taken was a third-grade fire dragon grass!

He had only met Wei Sheng Shixiong twice but this steel-hearted, indomitable Shixiong made him admire. Before this, he had always felt that he was a very hardworking person, but compared to Shixiong, he wasn’t even worth a mention.

At midnight, Zuo Mo sat on the roof, absent-mindedly listening to the sound of the sound tablet’s broadcast, the worry inside even greater.

Just at this time, an extremely blinding light suddenly ascended from a certain location in the mountain, thrusting up at the sky.


Like a treasure sword being unsheathed, iron and stone striking, resonating in Wu Kong Mountains!

With such a large commotion, the other disciples were all startled awake, each one running out, their faces full of awe as they looked at the sword-like light that seemed to have pierced the heavens.

On the rooftop, Zuo Mo’s expression was also dumbstruck. Inside, he was both happy and surprised. Happy because this presence was Wei Sheng Shixiong! What made him surprised was that this sword-like light gave him tremendous pressure!

He couldn’t help but think of the snow white sword essence that had wounded his sea of consciousness. The two were extremely alike, but while this one wasn’t as vast and icy as the snow white sword essence, Shixiong’s sword essence had a honest and concentrated flavour.

Zuo Mo’s understanding of the sword was pitiful, but in that instant, he was certain that it was Shixiong’s sword essence. He dazedly stared at this sword tip that was thrusting into the clouds, both happy and envious.

There wasn’t much of a sound when Li Ying Feng Shijie had zhuji. The fact that Shixiong’s zhuji had influenced the sky, he was really awesome!

Such an apparition, not just Wu Kong Mountain was alerted, but the sects in the surroundings were all alarmed. He could see countless swords flying like meteors over.

No one noticed that at some unknown time, the sect leader and the other shishu were already waiting in the sky.

“Our sect will rise!” The third shishu Yan Le’s voice was slightly trembling. There wasn’t a hint of the smile that was usually hanging on his face. Just the reverse, there were tears.

The sect leader Pei Yuan Ran also couldn’t bear it. Right there in the sky, he suddenly knelt down, facing the east, his voice choked as he kowtowed three times: “This unworthy disciple thanks our sect’s ancestors for your protection! Protecting our sect’s passage to continue!”

Raising his head, tears streamed down his face.

Yan Le and Xin Yan also knelt down, knowtowing three times towards the east.

The three stood, each of them smiling from ear to ear, like they were drunk. Even Xin Yan, the one most stern usually, had a slight blush on his face.

“Such a pity fourth Shimei is still travelling and hasn’t returned. Otherwise, if she saw this scene, it’s unknown how gratified she would be.” Pei Yuan Ran’s expression recovered as he sighed ruefully.

Yan Lei felt the same: “To be able to see this, I have no regrets left in this life.”

Pei Yuan Ran berated: “Shidi, don’t speak nonsense. Our sect is going to rise. We need to put in all our effort and nurture Wei Sheng, so that we will not disappoint the expectations our previous teachers have.”

Yan Le nodded: “Shixiong is right.” He suddenly turned his face, brows furrowing and said, slightly displeased: “There’s a lot of guests today!”

A cold light flashed through Pei Yuan Yan’s eyes, his voice calm as he ordered: “But tonight isn’t the time to receive them. Second Shidi, do not let them disturb Wei Sheng.”

“Yes!” Xin Yan, who had calmed down, was as stern and grave as iron and stone. Just the one word was full of ice.

No matter if it was the xiuzhe that were flying towards Wu Kong Mountains or the outer sect disciples raising their heads to look, they all felt a snow white light flash across their eyes! Before they could react, a terrifying sword essence, vast and filled with an apocalyptic presence, spread over their heads!

Everyone stilled in shock, uncontrollably retreating.

A gigantic snow white dragon, taking over half of the sky, moved its nimble body as it flew in the night sky. That pair of eyes like ice crystals were full of arrogance. From very far away, a cold and fierce presence could be felt.

Only at this time did the people remember, Wu Kong Mountains had four xiuzhe that were jindan!

“Is it [Ice Dragon Sword]?” An ancient sounding voice came from far away.

Xin Yan raised his eyelids, desire for battle flickering through his eyes, as he responded frigidly: “This one is Xin Yan.”

On Wu Kong Mountains, all the outer sect disciples, with raised faces, sighed in shock. Xin Yan shishu, who usually had a stone face, actually had such a big reputation.

The person from far away didn’t speak.

“It is too late today, and coincidentally, it is the time that this young disciple is zhuji. We really cannot receive everyone and have to disturb you. Please forgive us. Why don’t everyone find another day to come. This sect will prepare for your arrival.” Pei Yuan Yan’s authoritative voice could be heard near and far.

“Didn’t think my Dong Fu would have someone as skilled as [Ice Dragon Sword]. Sorry for the discourtesy! Wu Kong Sword Sect will soon prosper, this poor cultivator Tian Song Zi first congratulates you. Today is inconvenient, then I will disturb at some other day!” The voice echoed until it couldn’t be heard any longer.

The cultivators in the surroundings were greatly surprised. They hadn’t thought the person who came was Tian Song Zi. Tian Song Zi was renowned in the entire Dong Fu. He was the descendant of Dong Fu xianren, and the true ruler of Dong Fu.

Even Pei Yuan Ra was surprised. He hadn’t thought that the disturbance here would startle Tian Song Zi. Tian Song Zi’s reputation was extremely high in Dong Fu, his rumoured cultivation was also astounding.

But he truly was a leader of a sect. He held his composure and shouted: “Take care, elder!”

The xiuzhe that had wanted to explore saw the situation and tactfully scattered away. Someone that even Tian Song Zi would treat respectfully, they wouldn’t dare be rash. Smart people recognized that Wu Kong Sword Sect’s position would rise in Dong Fu.

Most of them knew that Wu Kong Sword Sect had four jindan xiuzhe. However, normally Wu Kong Mountain rarely conversed with outsiders. The four, other than Yan Le who was mainly in charge of the operations, the other three basically didn’t step outside the doors to the mountain.

Intelligent people decided to go find out more about [Ice Dragon Sword]. Such a strong person, yet silently living in a little mountain, it was really puzzling.

Zuo Mo didn’t hear a word of the conversation between the sect leader and Tian Song Zi. He stared, dumbstruck, at the snow white dragon that was swimming in the night sky.

Just like he could conclude that the sword energy that was piercing the sky was due to Wei Sheng Shixiong, he recognized that snow white dragon that was twisting in the sky. It was that sword essence that was in his sea of consciousness. On the outside appearance, the two were greatly different, but for some reason, he was abnormally certain that this dragon and the white sword essence that he had only seen two times weren’t inherently different.

He blanked. So that night, it had been shishu!

This conclusion made his heart leap.

He suddenly remembered the main culprit was still in his consciousness! This thought instantly made his heart madly shake.

If the sect leader and the others knew that Pu was in his consciousness……

He couldn’t help but shudder, his teeth chattering.

He looked again at the snow dragon in the sky, coldness creeping up his heart. He always had the feeling that this snow dragon could discover Pu Yao at any time and then would unhesitatingly swoop down and tear him to pieces!

This feeling became stronger and stronger. He even felt that the gigantic dragon was always staring at him.

His soul leaping, he couldn’t do anything except frantically escaping down the rooftop and shrinking back into his rooms.

When he returned to the seclusion room, he finally recovered.

After a few seconds, his heartbeat calming, his tongue was dry.

The damned Pu Yao! Zuo Mo couldn’t help but curse again inside.

He suddenly remembered that Pu Yao could come out on his own. This thought made him instantly panicked. Pu Yao, that crazy maniac, don’t create a disturbance now!

He quickly sat, forcing his heart to calm and entered his consciousness.

His sea of consciousness seemed to have a violent wind blowing, the dark red flames furiously dancing, like a crowd of beautiful naga twisting their heart-stopping waists. Pu wasn’t sitting on the gravestone like he normally did, but was standing in front of the grave stone like a spear. The smooth satin-like black clothing flapping in the wind, the black hair flying in front of his forehead but still covering his left eye.

His blood-red right eye was deep as he gazed at the gravestone.

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