修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Twenty Eight “The Doorway”

Zuo Mo has his first fight against another person. I don’t know if I should just call this a skirmish instead since both of them, relatively speaking, are very weak.

Chapter Twenty Eight The Doorway

Zuo Mo finally found the doorway!

This sword essence appeared to look like snow, but he managed to faintly see countless smaller sword essences. These tiny icicle-like sword essences were enormous in number, and were densely packed together, moving in layers. Each tiny sword essence was like a drop of water. And countless drops of water created the ocean, the movements the tide.

Xin Yan Shishu’s sword essence was like a little tide, a little icicle tide!

For the first time, he forgot the pain from his injured mind.

The scene he had just seen was extremely short but what he had seen was enough for him to think for a long time. Dazzling tiny sword essences like ice crystals, moving like the tide. In the vastness and danger was a certain kind of beauty. Even if it was someone like him that didn’t understand the sword, he couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

He suddenly realized that the snow dragon that Xin Yan Shishu had released wasn’t a real one. It was also constructed out of countless snow white thin sword essences.

Dazedly standing in the yard, mind enthralled until deep into the night.

Early morning on the second day, Zuo Mo ran over to Cold Mist Valley. Changing from temporary worker to official worker, and adding on a zhuji dan, for the money-grubbing zombie, it hit the key points and he put more care in.

He was clear on the goal that he wanted to find answers but he deeply understood the matter had to be done step by step, especially when it came to the kind of outer sect disciples like him that had nothing.

Compared to before, his workload was much greater now. Fourth Shigu had given him a jade stick. Inside were all the points that needed to be attended to for all kinds of ling herbs. About ninety percent of it were things that he had never known before. For him, it was a completely new challenge.

But luckily he could slowly explore. The ling herbs in the medicine fields looked to be in great condition at the moment.

In the corner of the medicine fields, the fire dragon grass had already sprouted. The seed from the fire dragon grass that Wei Sheng Shixiong had given him had been planted.

Today, he needed to accompany the female disciples to Dong Fu. It was called accompaniment but truthfully, it was more like protection.

Sitting on the flying paper crane, Zuo Mo followed about thirty meters behind the female disciples.

This group of women were really chatty!

The sounds of their chatter could be heard from far away. Hearing it, Zuo Mo felt irritated.

After being fixed and improved, the flying crane was much steadier and comfortable. He thought silently that the three pieces of jingshi that he paid was really worth it. Sitting on the paper crane with nothing to do, he started to once again examine Xin Yan shishu’s sword essence.

Even though he wanted to die each time, but he knew very well how valuable this experience was. A chance to learn from Xin Yan Shishu, other than Wei Sheng Shixiong, for an outer sect disciple like him, he didn’t even need to think about it. He didn’t know why Pu Yao would keep Shishu’s sword essence, but for Zuo Mo, this sword essence was undoubtedly a treasure trove.

It wasn’t likely for him to learn all of it. But just learning a little was enough for him to reap endless benefits.

Just at this time, a clamor came from the front, startling Zuo Mo from his musings.

His heart instantly wasn’t happy.

Several unfamiliar male xiuzhe seemed to be in a tangle with his sect’s female disciples. Zuo Mo sighed. These days, it wasn’t easy to accept gifts!

Taking down the paper crane, he slowly walked forward. This was the main path to Dong Fu. Zuo Mo wasn’t afraid that the other would really do something too outrageous so he was extremely confident.

“Ha, heard that your Li Ying Feng Shijie went into zhuji? Good news, good news.” The male xiuzhe in the front said in a smooth tone.

The other male xiuzhe in the surroundings laughed.

At this time, a male xiuzhe fawningly said: “Shixiong, I wasn’t wrong, the level of these women, they are much tender then the shrews in our sect.”

“True true!” The leader smiled nefariously, warning: “But be careful, if they head what you said, you’ll have a good time.”

“Haha, of course.”

Zuo Mo lightly coughed. The female disciples instantly created a path. Since he had accepted the things, he couldn’t really just stand by.

“What is this? Eeryone? Blocking the road for looks?” Zuo Mo walked out of the crowd, stealing a look at the other, smiling coldly.

This group of people looked like the dregs at a glance, each of them with the head of a deer and the eyes of a mouse. Especially the leader. Looking at that face, Zuo Mo had the impulse to raise his fists and beat him into a bun. Compared to the others in the sect, Zuo Mo’s experience on the outside was much richer, his eyes could be said to be shrewd. This group looked just like the kind that wasn’t mainstream. To deal with this kind of people, the more polite, the more they felt that you were soft and easy to bully.

In reality, the biggest weapon that Zuo Mo relied on was the [Golden Sword Ring] on his hand. There were three sword energies stored inside. To use it to scare people was pretty good.

“So it was a change of owners.” The leader smirked, examining Zuo Mo, the disdain on his face evident: “Just lianqi eighth level and dare to try to be the hero. Really doesn’t know your own abilities. Even if Li Ying Feng is here, she wouldn’t dare talk like this.”

Did this person really have a strong background? Zuo Mo’s heart was uncertain but he didn’t show it on his face: “Such boasting. With such abilities, why don’t you go to our sect’s gate to shout? Running here to bully girls, tsk tsk, really strong, really strong!”

The female disciples in the surroundings covered their mouths and laughed.

The person’s face became ugly. He snorted: “Heard that Wu Kong Sword Sect had a genius? Is it such trash like you? Shixiong today will let you know what is manners!”

His voice landed and a flying sword suddenly appeared in front of him!

Zuo Mo instantly was stupefied. The other actually had a flying sword!

The first word in his mind was zhuji! He hadn’t thought that this mouse-like person was actually zhuji. Those with only lianqi cultivation could not imprint on flying swords. Even Wei Sheng Shixiong, before he entered zhuji, he had never had a flying sword.

Incredibly nervous as he stared at the flying sword floating in front of the other, Zuo Mo swallowed tightly.

This was the first time he saw a flying sword!

Entirely green, about three feet, body narrow, edge sharp, the light gleaming. If the blow landed, a bloody hole would certainly be a result.

The expressions of the female disciples also changed dramatically! They hadn’t thought that they would encounter a zhuji xiuzhe this time! They had originally been full of confidence for Zuo Mo but it instantly evaporated. There was a large chasm between lianqi and zhuji. To have a lianqi face a zhuji, there wasn’t any room at all for resistance.

The power of the flying sword wasn’t something that a sword energy could contend against.

Xiao Guo’s apple-like face was pale in fright, terrified as she looked at the flying sword.

The person laughed darkly: “Let’s get you to have a good taste of ye’s Green Point Sword!”

At the same time, his fingers fused together as they swept through the air. It was as though the flying sword was intelligent as it suddenly sliced toward Zuo Mo!

The instant the other’s flying sword moved, Zuo Mo calmed down. All the nervousness seemed to have disappeared. He stared straight at the flying sword just like how, in these past days, he waited for that snow white sword essence!

The flying sword moved, and his heart instantly became serene.

The green flying sword might have looked scare but this guy’s power was limited and the feeling of danger that it gave him was far below that pure sword essence from Xin Yan Shishu!

Only a beautiful surface!

The sword essence was flimsy and insubstantial. It actually wasn’t condensed into form, simply just unbearable to look at.

The ling energy in his body revolving quickly, he calmly looked at the flying sword speeding closer. In a flash, his fused fingers lifted up and pointed into space.

A gold sword energy ripped out of his hands.


A crisp sound, the sword energy accurately hitting a spot three centimeters behind the sword point. The flying sword shook slightly.

“Humph!” The other snorted. The ling energy revolved and the flying sword turned in midair, creating a half circle of light in the air, extremely beautiful.


A sound of metal crashing suddenly sounded. The flying sword suddenly stopped, the half circle of light dissolving. It was like a dancing goddess right at the climax when she suddenly sneezed. All the beauty and elegance instantly disappeared.

The other was shocked and angry!

He could see the person in front of him was relying on a talisman. However, being interrupted two times by the other, and the other was still unharmed, he felt it a blight on his reputation. Facing a lianqi disciple, and two of his moves were ineffective. If this passed into the sect, his shixiong would laugh.

The previous two moves had only been with the intentions of teaching a lesson but now, he didn’t care that much and furiously revolved his ling energy!

The worst that could happen was being punished after getting back!

Gathering the ling energy, the power of the flying sword was drastically different.

The flying sword flew on top of Zuo Mo’s head, a skin of faint sword energy appearing on the sword, emitting a whining sound like an excited animal preparing to leap at its prey.

Zuo Mo raised his head. Shining in his narrowed eyes was a hint of excitement and craziness!

Hitting the target two times in a row greatly increased his confidence. He had no experience fighting against anyone else previously. Last time with Li Ying Feng Shijie, it had only been one move. And facing Xin Yan Shishu’s sword essence in his sea of consciousness, he didn’t even have the power to resist. Not just resist, in front of the vast sword essence, he couldn’t even manage to raise a finger.

But facing the flying sword here, he had successfully blocked the other’s two attacks!

Just this kind of battle success, it was enough for him to be proud. But at this time, he was completely caught up in a kind of strange excitement and zealotry.

He suddenly had an insane idea!

Break this flying sword!

He didn’t know why he would suddenly have such a crazy idea, but this idea was extremely intense once it appeared, so intense that he didn’t go to even think if it was realistic.

The time wasn’t enough for him to think. Under the persuasions of this crazy idea, he also gathered up the ling energy in his body.

Narrowing his eyes, he closely followed the green flying sword above his head!

Scenes passed in front of his eyes.

The pure, concentrated, vast and dangerous sword essence of Xin Yan Shishu, as though it was a tide of icicles seemed to be even clearer in front of his eyes. It was like a great entity, slowly moving, and that feeling of cold didn’t lessen in the least.

Every bit of pain when his consciousness was cleaved seemed to become abnormally clear at this time. He didn’t know if it was the stimulation from the pain but his consciousness was extremely clear as though everything in the surroundings had calmed.

The ling energy in his body swelled and rushed towards the golden sword ring.

He raised his right hand, his fingers fused together as they pointed at the air!

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