修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Thirty “Schemes”

It’s not that Zuo Mo isn’t useful or strong for his age and experience. It’s just that Wei Sheng outshines everyone else. Wu Kong Sword Sect is a small sect but people are starting to know of it.

Chapter Thirty Schemes

“Greetings to both elders. We are disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect.” A sensible female disciple hurried answered. The other’s cultivation was astounding, and he had helped them out of trouble. He shouldn’t have any enmity.

Wu Kong Sword Sect!

Shi Xiang and Liang Rong’s expressions instantly became strange. They hadn’t thought that right after discussing someone else’s sect, they actually saved the disciples of that sect and it was a whole crowd.

The two’s gazes uncontrollably landed on Zuo Mo’s body.

“This little brother is?” Shi Xiang tried to make his expression seem normal. In reality, his expression was still strange. This disciple lying on the ground only had a cultivation of lianqi eighth level and naturally could not be Wei Sheng.

When did Wu Kong Sword Sect produce another genius?

Shi Xiang was full of surprise. He had personally seen the apparition when Wei Sheng entered zhuji. The picture of the sword energy rising to the heavens was deeply ingrained in his mind. Every time he thought of it, he would be in awe. Originally, he had assumed that all geniuses in the world would be so yet what he saw today shocked him deeply once again.

He had never heard of a lianqi disciple that could comprehend sword essence!

That disciple’ sword essence was not whole. With his experience, he naturally could see at first glance that this disciple had just touched the door to sword essence. His sword essence could only be called in the fledging stage. But this was enough to surprise him. Even more, this lianqi disciple’s sword essence was extremely weak but it was extremely pure.

This quality made him extremely puzzled.

When normal xiuzhe comprehended the sword essence, at the very beginning, it was always extremely heterogeneous. Over time, through the trials of time, the trials of one’s temperament, it would slowly turn to become pure.

Just touching on the sword essence, and having such pure sword essence, it was something completely unimaginable! Thinking about his hard work these years, his heart didn’t feel good.

When did sword essence become something that even lianqi disciples could play with?

Wu Kong Sword Sect!

This unknown sect suddenly became mysterious in Shi Xiang’s eyes.

A Wei Sheng who caused an apparition in zhuji, and now adding on an unknown disciple who could comprehend sword essence in the stage of lianqi!

“This is our shixiong Zuo Mo.” The female disciple said proudly: “Shixiong is the strongest in our outer sect disciples!”

The other female disciples all nodded their heads in agreement.

What had just happened totally changed their impressions of Zuo Mo. Zombie Shixiong might be a bit greedy, but he wasn’t soft in the face of danger and had a sense of responsibility! When Zuo Mo had comprehended the sword essence and released that last blow, that terrifying presence made them feel deeply intimidated.

Outer sect disciple……

A vein throbbed in Liang Luo’s forehead. A genius that could comprehend sword essence in the stage of lianqi was only an outer sect disciple……

He was very suspicious that he heard it wrong.

Shi Xiang’s expression froze as well before quickly returning to normal. The smile on his face became even warmer: “As expected, it really is heroes come from the youth. Oh, I have a Ling Restoring Dan, it’s just perfect for this. Come, I’ll help him use it.”

He took out a jade bottle from his bosom and poured out a dan about the size of a mung bean. He got off the green bull and coming to Zuo Mo’s side, he shoved the ling restoring dan in Zuo Mo’s mouth.

Liang Luo stared with wide eyes at Shixiong’s enthusiasm. Ling restoring dan wasn’t something cheap. One pill was twenty pieces of second-grade jingshi. Even they only were given a specified portion each month. Shixiong actually gave it to a stranger.

He stared dazedly at Shixiong who seemed like a completely different person feed another ling herbs and even aided him in absorbing the ling herbs.

Zuo Mo slowly woke up. When he opened his eyes, he saw a strange face. He was instantly startled and unconsciously sat up.

“Little brother, don’t be scared. We don’t have malicious aims.” The other said with a smile and flashed to the side.

The befuddled Zuo Mo stood up and suddenly found his body was warm, wisps of ling energy spreading through his body. The previous exhaustion had all been swept away. Seeing him wake up, the female disciples instantly crowded over, talking over each other as they narrated everything that had happened.

It was only now that Zuo Mo knew he had been saved by the other people. He quickly went in front of Shi Xiang and Liang Luo to bow and give thanks: “Many thanks to both elders for your rescue! This junior can’t thank you enough!”

“Little brother Zuo doesn’t have to be so courteous. I felt you familiar at first sight. Just a minor thing, don’t keep it on the mind.” Shi Xiang smiled and responded: “We are from Chi Sword Sect. Actually, Chi Sword Sect and Wu Kong Sword Sect aren’t that far away. Everyone is like one family.”

Liang Luo wanted to roll his eyes hearing that. What was called not that far away? He had never heard that there was a Wu Kong Sword Sect in the surroundings. What was with shixiong today? Why was he so strange?

Zuo Mo said gratefully: “If the two elders hadn’t lent their aid……”

Shi Xiang waved his hands, interrupting Zuo Mo’s words: “We’ll regard each other as the same generation. I’ll call you Little Brother Zuo. Haha, Little Brother Zuo has a limitless future, maybe it is us that are social climbing.”

“Elder is exaggerating.” Zuo Mo couldn’t understand the other’s meaning. This kind of praises made him puzzled: “Junior is only an outer sect disciple, there’s nothing to speak of in terms of future.”

Shi Xiang brushed away his annoyance: “Is it that Little Brother Zuo doesn’t like us two? Elder, elder, it really is irritating.”

“Uh……” Zuo Mo couldn’t help but struggle. In the world of xiuzhe, other than in the same sect, there wasn’t any distinction of age between different sects. And there was no age in cultivation, and it was hard to distinguish from the appearance. Usually, most of it was divided by the cultivation. Those stronger were elders, no matter their age.

Even though he couldn’t detect the other’s cultivation, but to be able to easily make that crowd leave, these two people were more than sufficient to be called elders by him. He was very sensible. Like that little thousand crane. If he hadn’t been certain that the other wouldn’t find him, he wouldn’t have written such a reply.

Right now, facing the others, he was naturally docile.

Just at this time, Shi Xiang smiled and informed: “You can call us da ge.[i] I am Shi Xiang, he is my shidi Liang Luo.”

Zuo Mo was incomparably obedient and bowed again: “Shi da ge, Liang da ge!”

The female disciples all looked with admiration at Zuo Mo. To have relations with strong xiuzhe, there were naturally many benefits. This elder in front of them clearly was admiring of Zuo Mo shixiong. Shixiong really hit the jackpot!

As expected, they heard Shi Xiang continue: “Since you have called me da ge, as the brother, I naturally have to have a meeting gift. This [Ice Crystal Sword], even if it is third grade, but its attributes lean towards cold and yin. I saw that Brother Zuo’s sword essence leans towards ice and this flying sword is perfect for you.”

Under a crowd of drooling gazes, Zuo Mo dazedly received this flying sword.

The sword was about two feet and seven or so inches. The body was translucent and sparkling as though it was carved from ice, and emitted cold air.

A pie fell down from heaven and hit him unconscious. The appearance of this flying sword wasn’t ordinary, Zuo Mo straightforwardly converted it to jingshi in his mind……

So many jingshi……

Shi Xiang kept giving looks at Liang Luo. Liang Luo helplessly reached into his bosom and after fishing for a while, took out a folded seal paper with some pain. He threw it at Zuo Mo, coldly informing: “Spirit Travelling Seal.”

Zuo Mo was so happy right now he almost fainted!

He wasn’t clear about the price of the flying sword but he had some knowledge of the price of the spirit travelling seal. The conditions for a person to use the spirit travelling seal was not high. It was one of the rare paper seals that a lianqi could use. Putting this seal on the legs, travel a thousand miles without being tired. It was much faster than his flying paper crane.

Carefully taking the spirit travelling seal, he took a look, and determined inside that this was a third grade Spirit Travelling Seal!


This two were so generous! However, the suspicions in his heart increased rather than decreased.

There was no such thing as uncalled for love in this word. These two items, any one of them was worth more than his entire wealth. The other had no reason to carelessly give to someone. This was what really puzzled him.

“Today, we still have other matters so farewell! After a few days, we’ll go to Wu Kong Mountain to find you and have a drink!”

Shi Xiang smiled as he bid farewell to Zuo Mo and, along with Liang Luo, rode the green bulls as they quickly disappeared.

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck. Seeing the two vanish, after a beat, he suddenly said to the female disciples: “Someone pinch me, is this a dream?”

Seven or eight hands simultaneously reached over.

A shriek echoed on the mountain path!

Shixiong, what were you doing?” Liang Luo was slightly discontent. A Spirit Travelling Seal naturally wasn’t anything big to him but he wasn’t so generous to give it to a stranger. If it wasn’t that he was extremely trusting of shixiong, he wouldn’t have even paid attention.

Sitting on the green bull, Shi Xiang was pleased: “He is an outer sect disciple.”

“What about an outer sect disciple? There are many outer sect disciples in this world.” Liang Luo said unconcernedly.

Shi Xiang glanced at Liang Luo. He asked in return: “What does Shidi feel about Zuo Mo’s talent?”

Liang Luo choked. A moment later, he squeezed out a sentence: “Not bad, better than me.”

Shidi has no need to undervalue yourself. If you train hard, you will naturally win over him.” Shi Xiang was afraid that his shidi’s confidence would suffer and comforted. He then said solemnly: “However, such talents, no matter in what sect, he should be one of the more important disciples in the sect. But he actually is only an outer sect disciple!”

Liang Luo wasn’t stupid and instantly reacted: “Does Shixiong want to recruit him into our sect?”

“Why can’t I? Such potential, that Wu Kong Sword Sect hasn’t recognized it, wouldn’t it complete us? An outer sect disciple entering another sect, if Wu Kong Sword Sect came up to our door, they wouldn’t have a foot to stand on.”

Liang Luo knew what Shixiong said was true. The turnover rate and mobility of outer sect disciples were extremely high. Those that entered another sect were countless. If they swindled Zuo Mo over, Wu Kong Sword Sect could not move based on this.

“Such potential, are his elders blind? Could it be an elder purposefully putting him in the outer sect disciples to toughen?” Liang Luo voiced a doubt.

Shi Xiang answered: “Haha, remember how he answered when I praise him for his limitless future? What he said proved that the definitely wasn’t put in the outer sect by the elders. Thinking about that, I feel there is another possibility. It is probably that he only just comprehended the sword essence and his sect elders hadn’t found out yet.”

Liang Luo’s mind jumped: “Then why didn’t we just take him with us right now? If he returns to the mountain and something else happened, wouldn’t it be ruined?”

“Don’t panic. I saw that he was very cautious of us, and there were too many people. If we try too hard now, it would be unlikely to succeed. It’s better to back off first and wait for a few days before we go find him. Move with feelings, entice with benefits, I’m confident it will work.” Shi Xiang explained confidently.

Liang Luo realized: “Shixiong is wise!”

The two smiled at each other.

[i] 大哥: eldest brother

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