修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Thirty One “Choice”

I’m not aware of many novels that have the “gold-finger” do what Pu Yao does. This chapter is fun.

Chapter Thirty One Choice

Zuo Mo had come to Dong Fu many times before and would always window-shop. However, to accompany women, especially a crowd of women to window-shop, this required a very strong endurance of the body, probably only those who cultivated the body could endure.

Seeing that they brought everything they needed, Zuo Mo sneaked away.

He first went to buy the gold ore. What Pu Yao had said last time, he remembered it. He also brought a jade stick full of basic seal formations. Even though there were teachings from the sect, but there were only just a few kinds. Seal formations were something that all xiuzhe had to learn. No matter if it was forging or making dan, it all required understanding seal formations.

Zuo Mo brought them to create ling fields in the future, even if it was far away. The jade stick didn’t cost much, the expensive one was the gold ore. Twenty pieces of second grade jingshi was enough for him to suffer in pain for a long time but he still decided to buy it.

His attitude now was different than before. Before, he only looked at jingshi. Even if he still liked jingshi, but he put more importance on the future.

After Fourth Shigu revealed it, he was clear that he couldn’t return to the past. Those simple aspirations were completely shattered. He was walking on a road that he didn’t know the destination of. What was waiting in the front for him? Breaking into pieces? Finding the answer? He didn’t know.

What had seemed fresh and exciting in the past was now dull and tasteless now.

He found a quiet place to sit down and started to think back to the last sword energy he had released. No one taught him. Even Pu Yao only made him experience it for himself. Towards Pu Yao, he only felt grateful. If there wasn’t Pu Yao, he might not even have the chance to seek answers.

Now that he had the chance, how could he not treasure it?

He hadn’t realized his own transformation. He suddenly understood some of what Wei Sheng Shixiong felt. Obsession, unrelenting obsession! Every time he thought about his appearance being changed, his mind erase, his wooden face would burn with pain like it was reminding him there was a pair of hands that wiped away his face, that were was a pair of hands that wiped away his memories. This burning that seeped in his bones made him unable to tolerate himself muddle-headedly living.

He wanted answers!

He was very clear just how low his starting point was. He didn’t want to waste even one second. He thought of all the ways, worked over his minds, used all his cunning to make himself stronger, to let himself have greater power –– he wanted answers!

In the corner of the busy street, he serenely coiled his legs and mused.

In the roaring sea of fire, Pu sat on the gravestone and lazily listened to the sound tablet.

The female disciples finally brought all they needed. Everyone’s faces were brimming with content. Zuo Mo finally released a breath. He was now in a rush to return back. Today’s encounter let him have a taste of power. He desperately and impatiently wanted to keep training.

But in consideration of the safety of these female disciples, he still sat on the flying paper crane and slowly followed them. But he still took grasp of each bit of time.

Returning to the little yard, the first thing Zuo Mo did was put the black gold worm and the gold ore together, dig a small hole near the ling vein and bury them.

After burial, he entered his consciousness. Facing Pu Yao, he said: “Pu, let’s continue!”

Unexpectedly, Pu lazily said: “Continue? Continue what?”

Zuo Mo blanked before quickly recovering his calm: “What conditions do you have?”

“Hee hee, it’s so convenient talking with smart people.” Pu smiled lightly and straightened: “This is correct, where in the world are there free meals? Hee hee, I want souls.”

“Souls?” Zuo Mo jumped in fear.

Pu Yao’s expression was relaxed and his voice carefree as he said: “Souls are good things. The taste fresh, full of vitality. Blood, human meat, they can’t compare.”

Just a few words and Zuo Mo became quite scared. In his mind, he couldn’t help but think of those great monsters, eating raw human meat, pulling tendons, sucking marrow, eating souls. For a xiuzhe whose dream was becoming a ling plant farmer, things like souls were enough to make him jump out of his skin.

“No way!” Zuo Mo resolutely refused. Pu Yao was truly a great monster!

Even though he wanted power, but he definitely didn’t want himself become a servant of power!

“Didn’t you want to learn the sword? Hee hee, other than the sword, I still have many other things to teach you, I have many talismans. Hee hee, as long as you have good souls, I can exchange all of it……” Pu’s crimson tongue licked his lips, voice full of enticement.

“No way!” Zuo Mo suddenly relaxed. He sat down facing Pu Yao, stating: “I’m not interested in killing people.”

“Oh?” Pu Yao raised a thin eyebrow, his eyes narrowing: “You have to think clearly. Other people’s lives, how can they be as valuable as yours? Heehee, it actually is very simple to kill another. Oh, one soul and I will let you have a good comprehension of this sword essence and can teach you many things.”

“I just knew that you didn’t have good intentions.” Zuo Mo glared fixedly at Pu, coldly stating: “Pity you have the wrong plan.”

Pu Yao continued to chuckle.

Zuo Mo suddenly felt his body tighten and couldn’t move.

“I’m wrong?” Pu Yao suddenly raise his voice.

“Hehe, so many years, no one has ever dared to say I’m wrong in front of me!”

He slowly walked in front of the unmovable Zuo Mo, his icy hands touching Zuo Mo’s neck: “Afraid? Hee hee, great! I really tried many kinds and found that terror is the best flavour in all of the souls. Did you know? Souls that died with great terror, it’s like a beautiful wine that fermented perfectly. Just eating it once, ooh, it is unforgettable.”

A cold finger swiped across the blood vessel on Zuo Mo’s neck, Pu Yao’s expression was mirthful, the crimson red eyes flashed with craziness.

Zuo Mo’s body shook. He kept telling himself not to be afraid, but terror was like a spring that couldn’t be plugged, furiously sprouting out. No matter how he tried, his body wouldn’t move.

“Struggle is useless.” Pu Yao was still smiling, his eyes cold: “Your stupidity really makes me disappointed. Didn’t you know, pets need to realize that they are pets?”

He hated this feeling!

Being manipulated, being controlled, his body not in control……

Something in Zuo Mo’s heart seemed to have lit up. Terror was swiftly taken over by anger. His blood seemed to have be burning. He couldn’t help swearing: “Go to hell!”

“Such a stubborn little thing.” Pu Yao shook his head and smiled, his right hand gently squeezing.

“Ah!” Zuo Mo gave a wail. His entire person seemed to be bound by an invisible hand into a strange shape.

The pain in his body was like countless thin needles piercing his body. His awareness started to dull.

Just at that moment, a warm stream suddenly rose up from Zuo Mo’s chest.

“Want to intefere?” Pu Yao seemed to have found a naughty thing and his mouth had a light smile. His entire body suddenly disappeared from his spot and appeared next to Zuo Mo, his right hands easily thrusting into Zuo Mo’s chest!

Easily taking his hand out of Zuo Mo’s chest, a five colored bead appeared between his fingers.

This bead was the size of a mung bean. It looked like a rainbow glass, light swirling inside.

Leisurely examining the small bead for a while, Pu muttered to himself: “So it was this thing.” Finishing, he prepared to crush the bead.

Just at this moment, his hand suddenly stopped moving.

Wisps of black smoke spread from the gravestone, slow and solid. In the blink of an eye, the sky above the sea of flames was covered by black clouds.

The dancing flames seemed to be quite afraid of these misty black clouds. They shrunk down, a rarely seen sight. The star that was in the sky was also robbed of light by the black clouds.

Pu dazedly stood, motionless. An extremely complicated emotion floated in his bloody eye, seemingly sorrowful, seemingly happy, seemingly fond, seemingly furious……

After a long time, he said lightly.

“You really want to choose such a piece of rubbish?”

The black clouds moved, the layers roiling. The roaring sea of fire seemed to be suppressed, almost extinguishing while that star in the sky had almost completely disappeared.

Pu Yao stood like a tree, seeming to not have registered it.

The black clouds became even thicker. The entire sea of consciousness was now a patch of black, nothing could be seen.

He suddenly sneered, the light flashing in his bloody right eye: “You do know that to want to persuade me, it isn’t that simple.”

The surroundings became quiet. The black clouds didn’t give a response and the two sides were deadlocked.

After an unknown length of time, the light in Pu Yao’s bloody right eyes gradually dimmed. He suddenly laughed lightly, and with the burdens of the ages, he shrugged helplessly: “It’s always like this, so boring.”

His finger flicked and the glass bead in his hands entered Zuo Mo’s body.

The black clouds instantly clear without a trace to be found.

The sea of fire that lost its suppressor started to once again burn fiercely. That star in the sky gave off light.

Pu Yao stared at the gravestone for a long time without speaking.

Zuo Mo slowly woke up. When he opened his eyes, he hurriedly inspected his body. Seeing it uninjured, he finally gave a breath of relief.

What had happened? Why did Pu Yao let go of him?

Just when he was puzzled, Pu Yao suddenly appeared.

“You really took a long time to wake up.” Pu Yao’s expression was full of mockery: “Such a fragile spirit. Originally, I had wanted to play. I hadn’t bargained for a few thousand years. It ruined my fun. But it is normal. A person that doesn’t have his features or mind, his heart naturally is also soft. I’m so pitiful.”

Zuo Mo was silent. His fists uncontrollably tightened.

“Speaking about it, there is a place that has souls and you don’t have to kill anyone. But it is very dangerous. How about it? Are you interested?” Pu Yao’s expression was leisurely.

“What place?” Zuo Mo asked in spite of himself. Just now, Pu Yao’s words pierced his heart.

“Heehee, you don’t need to know now. Don’t worry, you don’t need to kill anyone. You just have to say whether you agree or not. As to payment, when your conditions are enough, I naturally will let you be satisfied.”

“I agree.” He didn’t think about it further. Zuo Mo nodded. As long as he didn’t have to kill anyone, he wasn’t afraid of danger.

He didn’t have anything else to lose.

“Ai, finally finished this transaction. For a few souls, this really wasn’t easy. Business, not doing it for a long time, I really deteriorated.” Pu Yao ruefully said in an experienced tone.

Zuo Mo didn’t know what to say.

Pu Yao turned his face over: “Alright, let’s discuss another transaction.”

“Another transaction?” Zuo Mo was full of wariness and some puzzlement.

Jingshi, I require jingshi.” Pu Yao chucked: “Want to experience sword essence? Ten pieces of second grade jingshi each time. How about it, isn’t it cheap?”

Zuo Mo stared with a gaping mouth.

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