修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Thirty Four “Inner Sect Disciple”

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Chapter Thirty Four Inner Sect Disciple

Pei Yuan Ran looked at Zuo Mo who was stupefied and a mirth filled smirk flashed at the corner of his lips.

“All inner sect disciples must have a master. Since you received the spring sprout jade medal, you should go under your Fourth Shigu’s line. Your Fourth Shigu is skilled at making dan. No one else in the sect can compare to her knowledge of ling herbs. Even in Dong Fu, she is famous for this knowledge. What do you think of becoming her pupil?”

Zuo Mo shook and instantly reacted. Bowing his head to Shi Feng Rong he said: “This disciple greets Master!” Entering Fourth Shigu’s line, it was the best possible outcome for him. His skills laid in farming and that is very beneficial for making dan. The demands of ling herbs in making dan were very large.

“Stand.” Shi Feng Rong said lightly, her voice sounding like her usual iciness.

Zuo Mo obediently stood.

Shimei, in the future, he’ll be in your care.” Pei Yuan Ran said solemnly.

Shixiong, don’t worry. I definitely wouldn’t conceal any of my knowledge. But if he isn’t willing to put any effort in, Shixiong cannot blame me.”

Shi Feng Rong’s cold words were like a basin of ice cold water that instantly woke Zuo Mo from his joy. He suddenly had a bad feeling. The implication in Master’s words made him feel apprehensive.

Pei Yuan Ran nodded his head and spoke: “This is good,” Turning to ask Zuo Mo: “Do you have any questions?”

Zuo Mo shook his head rapidly to show he didn’t have any more questions. Originally, he had wanted to ask if he could ask Second Shishu if he had any questions about forging.

He suddenly remembered that the snow white sword essence that tortured him countless times, and made him want to die, that it originated from Xin Yan Shishu? The words that reached his mouth instantly shrunk back. He felt that he was crazy, why would he ever have such a stupid idea?

Wasn’t that walking straight into a trap?

Pu Yao was still in his consciousness.

After his fright dissipated, his brain instantly recovered its clarity. He felt that in the future, he had to be a bit more careful. He might be an inner sect disciple now, but if Pu Yao was exposed, he was certain that the first reaction of Xin Yan Shishu was to cut him up along with Pu Yao!

Subdue yao and exterminate mo!

That was too terrifying!

Even though he was not as terrified as he used to be when facing that sword essence but that was only in his consciousness. In the real world, one blow from Xin Yan Shishu’s sword was enough to tear him into countless pieces. Pu Yao might be arrogant in front of Zuo Mo, but Pu Yao estimated if he had to face Xin Yan Shishu, he would also be killed instantly.

He still remembered the scene when Xin Yan’s sword cleaved the black sea.

Pei Yuan Ran detected Zuo Mo’s nervousness but didn’t put any importance on it. Which disciple in their sect didn’t tremble when they saw the masters? The sect leader and the shishu were all very busy. Even though it was a delight that Zuo Mo became a ling plant farmer, but the Shishu wouldn’t spend too much time on this matter.

The sect leader gave a few more words of encouragement and then left with the other shishu.

Shi Feng Rong moved away gracefully and Zuo Mo hurried to catch up.

Shi Feng Rong didn’t turn her head back and said, seemingly to herself: “I have warned you, but in the end, you choose the road to walk. Since you are now my disciple, I naturally will have my demands. Your private matters, I will not interfere but what I order to be done, you have to complete it.”

Following behind, Zuo Mo’s heart almost jumped out of his chest as he answered: “Yes!”

“Go attend to your own matters. After a few days, I will send someone to find you,” Shi Feng Rong said.

Zuo Mo carefully saw his master away, his heart very depressed. It seemed that his master wasn’t easy to interact with!

Returning to his little yard, he found the outside was full of people. Almost all the outer sect disciples were waiting for him.

“Ai ya ya, Shixiong’s back!

“I had said it before, with Shixiong’s talents, wouldn’t getting an inner sect position be easy?”

Shixiong, this is a small token of Little Brother’s regard. Not enough to pay respects, shixiong, don’t look down… …”


Zuo Mo’s head swelled up. Originally, he had prepared to reject the gifts, but noticing the worried glances of these people, he accepted the various gifts. As expected, when they saw him accept the gifts, these outer sect disciples all gave expressions of joy. Knowing that they would disturb Zuo Mo, they only gave their congratulations and stayed for a short while before leaving.

The little yard finally returned to its normal silence. Releasing a breath, Zuo Mo held a large pile of various gifts as he walked into the yard and put the gifts down.

This entire day today was so fantastical.

Taking out the spring sprout jade medal, he gently caressed it, feeling the fineness and smoothness of the jade medal.

His body was very tired but his mental state was still excited. The sect leader had divided an entire mountain valley to him. Even though part of it was due to his ling plant farmer profession, but this kind of benefits was still very generous. Other than Wei Sheng Shixiong, it probably would be him that had the best benefits.

Suddenly remembering the jade box that he had buried in the ling vein of the seclusion room, he instantly became alert.

Quickly running to the seclusion room, carefully digging out the jade box, he opened it for a look. The gold ore had disappeared as expected, and the black gold worm had clearly changed. There was a new additional mark on the pure black shell similar to a coin, extremely eye-catching.

Zuo Mo ran into his sea of consciousness. Pu Yao was sitting on the gravestone, listening to the sound tablet. He didn’t even blink an eyelid. Shrouded in the black clouds, the red rhombus shaped jewel was alluring and attractive.

After last time, Pu Yao had continued to maintain this attitude. He seemed like a completely different person than before.

“Pu, has this black good worm reached fourth level?” Zuo Mo tried his best to make his tone as friendly as possible.

“Five pieces of second grade jingshi.” Pu reached out a palm.

As expected……

When did this guy become even more greedy than he was? Zuo Mo didn’t get it. Almost all of his jingshi ended up in Pu Yao’s wallet, yet he hadn’t found Pu Yao using the jingshi for anything. Pu Yao was like a bottomless hole that ate jingshi.

Supposedly yao could eat souls. However, compared to just a lianqi cultivator, yaomo was an insurmountably strong and incredibly distant entity. What function did eating souls have, only ghosts would know. In the future, he should go to the records in the sect where it was possible to find some traces. In any case, now that he was an inner sect disciple, the records in the sect were open to him.

But right now, he could only comply.

“Okay.” Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and decided to spend the money.

When his voice landed, five pieces of jingshi disappeared from his wallet. On this point, Pu Yao was much better than before. He would never take extra.

“Yes.” Pu Yao spat out a word.

Glee rose in Zuo Mo’s heart. He remembered that Pu Yao had said that fourth grade black gold worms were able to find ling veins.

“How do I get it to find ling veins?”

“Fifty pieces of second grade jingshi!” Pu Yao made an outrageous demand without even raising an eyelid.

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck. After a moment, he gave a wail: “You’re killing me!”

This was definitely premeditated. Zuo Mo only had fifty two pieces of jingshi remaining. He hadn’t thought that Pu Yao’s opening quote was his entire wealth.

Pu Yao disregarded Zuo Mo’s struggle: “I increase the amount by ten jingshi every day.”

Zuo Mo almost spat blood, but Pu Yao was at a complete advantage. Zuo Mo had no other choice. Gritting his teeth, he said fiercely: “Fine! If it’s fifty, then fifty it is!”

Clink, clink, clink. The sound of jingshi moving was extremely clear.

Pu Yao was doing it on purpose!

Zuo Mo’s teeth itched in hate but he didn’t have any solution. An enormous benefit was enticing him. If the black gold worm really could find ling veins, it would be nothing less than a long-term benefit for him. Finding ling veins, he could then create high grade ling fields. Adding on his techniques as a ling plant farmer, no matter what he planted, it was certain that there was more profit to be made.

Right now, he was an inner sect disciple. If he could find a new ling vein, other than giving up a portion to the sect, the large majority would still land in his pocket.

Jingshi was one of the factors of strength, especially when he had at his side a money-grubbing yaomo like Pu Yao!

Pu Yao threw a spell fragment at him. This spell allowed him to control ling worms, and it was very short and easy to learn. Zuo Mo easily learnt the spell in a short amount of time.

Zuo Mo treated the worm like treasure.

If his own yard had a small section of ling veins, it was possible there were more ling veins in the Wu Kong Mountains. Every section of ling veins were very valuable, even the thinnest ling vein.

Even though West Wind Valley had been assigned to him, but ling fields, especially high grade ling fields were in short supply. Just his master’s place, it needed large amounts of ling fields to support. The price of high grade materials were just way too expensive.

He had started to try to engage in business. The benefits of a ling plant farmer was pretty good, but it wasn’t as fast at earning jingshi like other kinds of xiuzhe.

The little section of ling vein in the seclusion room had disappeared already. Zuo Mo speculated that it disappeared due to the black gold worm absorbing all of the ling energy. Even though he had meditated there for a long time, the ling veins hadn’t been affected at all. It must have been that he was in lianqi, and the amount of ling energy he absorbed each time he mediated was a pitiful amount so the ling veins hadn’t been affected. In the process of the black gold worm increasing its grade, it needed too much ling energy and in the end, caused the ling vein to disappear.

However, this caused the last regret in Zuo Mo’s heart to disappear. The most valuable thing in this entire yard was this section of ling vein.

He decided to go take a look at West Wind Valley.

West Wind Valley was located between three peaks, but as none of the three peaks were high, the sunlight that streamed into the valley was plentiful. Compared to the coldness and humidity in Cold Mist Valley, this place was much warmer and welcoming.

Holding the copper medal the sect leader had given, Zuo Mo carefully avoided the jinzhi along the road. The jinzhi in this place wasn’t as strict as Cold Mist Valley but far beyond anything that a zhuji cultivator could content, much less the little lianqi cultivator that Zuo Mo was. But his spiritual power just had to be much stronger than the typical lianqi so the pressure he felt from the jinzhi was much stronger than normal xiuzhe.

Carefully passing through the jinzhi, he could see this was much more desolate than Cold Mist Valley.

The geography of the valley was very flat. There was only a patch of about twenty mu of ling fields. Based on the looks, it seemed to be third grade. Even though the weeds were growing all around, but there were still people who came to this twenty mu of ling fields at intervals to take care of it. The grade hadn’t dropped.

Twenty mu of ling fields wasn’t very much but this twenty mu of ling fields was going to become his personal property. The entire West Wind Valley was going to become his private property. In here, he could do whatever he wanted.

This benefit was very generous!

Looking at the ling energy encapsulated in the ling fields, and the enormous mountain valley that belonged to him, a feeling of satisfaction rose. The only regret Zuo Mo had was that there wasn’t a waterfall here. If there was a small waterfall, it would be perfect.

Looking at the old trees and weeds in the surroundings, his heart suddenly moved.

Taking out the black gold worm from his bosom, he casted the spell. The black god worm spread out on the ground and started to slowly crawl.

Since this place belonged to him, then if he explored it, it should be very reasonable!

Honk honk honk!

Zuo Mo’s strange gong-like laugh echoed through West Wind Valley.

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