修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Forty “Aid”

Zuo Mo is taking a rest this chapter and catching up with other people. It would be nice in real life if wages grew this quickly.

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Chapter Forty  Aid

On top of the mat inside the stone room, Zuo Mo serenely mediated, motionless.

Through the twenty fourth point of the governing, the seventeenth point of the conception and the first point of the kidney vessels, thick ling energy entered his body. It especially entered from the governing vessel point. When the ling energy entered, it had a slightly cool feeling, extremely pleasant. After Zuo Mo had completed one breath, his breathing through the mouth and nose was much less important. Right now, he had only opened three points. If he could reach ten breaths, not only just all three hundred and sixty one points would be opened, all the pores in his body would be unblocked and he would breathe with the world.

Of course, for him at the moment, that was very far away. His consciousness had increased, but up until now, he hadn’t found any uses for spiritual power. What he needed now was ling energy, continuous accumulating ling energy in hopes of entering zhuji soon.

When he woke up from the mediation, Zuo Mo’s  breath shot out  like an arrow.

How was Shixiong doing in the Sword Cave, the thought popped suddenly into Zuo Mo’s mind.

In reality, he was very envious about the road that Shixiong had picked. It only needed to pay attention to one matter. However, he was clear enough to realize that Shixiong’s road wasn’t suited for him. So he might be envious, but he would keep doing what he needed to do. He always felt that he didn’t have too much talent in the area of the sword. If it wasn’t for Pu Yao’s existence, not just getting a sword essence, but it was impossible to do what Shixiong was doing.

His talents laid in the five elements.

Other than [Art of Aged Gold] which had been helped by Pu Yao, he had learned the other four spells on his own. So he was more enthusiastic about five elements spells. Sometimes he would think, had he once been a roaming xiu before?

Only roaming xiu liked five elements spells.

However, even if he had been a roaming xiu, he must have been a silent and unknown xiu living in the lowest classes.

But if that was the case, why was his appearance changed and mind erased? He unconsciously tightened his fist.

Carefully retreating out of the stone cavern, he walked to the opening. The sunlight outside made his eyes squint. The warm sunlight made Zuo Mo’s mood unintentionally better. Walking to the ling fields and seeing the vigorous ling herbs, his mood became even better. A ling plant farmer was the profession that was the easiest at showing the relationship between work and result. When you paid in effort and worked hard, the joy at the bountiful harvest made life seem full of hope. Even Old Black, who had a harsh life, smiled when it was harvest time .

Zuo Mo calculated the time in his mind. The new cycle of ling grains should be starting soon. His previous yard had been yielded to Old Black. Old Black had been yearning for that five mu of ling fields for a long time. If it hadn’t been for Old Black, he wouldn’t have been introduced to Wei Sheng Shixiong. With that connection there, his friendship with Old Black was naturally different.

With nothing to do, Zuo Mo thought to go see him. However, he didn’t find anyone at the yard. Zuo Mo guess that Old Black had gone to the ling fields and headed to the fields. As expected, he found Old Black in the fields. Also there was Guo Lu. However, the former Guo Lu Shixiong was now the present Guo Lu Shidi. That made him slightly unaccustomed. No matter the age or cultivation, outer sect disciples had to call inner sect disciples shixiong or shijie. This was the same in every sect.

Old Black saw Zuo Mo and made a happy expression: “Little Mo Ge.”

It seemed that Guo Lu’s illness had healed. He wasn’t familiar with Zuo Mo and reservedly gave a bow: “Zuo Shixiong.”

Zuo Mo felt extremely awkward being called shixiong by two people whose ages far surpassed him. Thankfully, his face was frozen and nothing could be detected.

“Old Black’s ling grains are really well grown.” Zuo Mo scanned the ling fields and couldn’t resist praising it. He calmly started a spell, instantly a ball of clouds floated over and the silver strands poured down continuously. Old Black instantly revealed a happy expression. Admiration appeared on Guo Lu’s face. The fourth level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], people rarely reached it.

Guo Lu had been recovering on the sickbed in the previous months but the big events that happened in the sect, he had heard them from Old Black.

In one year, three outer sect disciples became inner sect disciples. The sect had never been so flourishing. All the outer sect disciples were greatly encouraged and many of them became even more hard working.

Guo Lu attentively examined this young shixiong. Little Zuo Mo Shixiong was the inner sect disciple with the lowest cultivation in the sect, a lianqi disciple that hadn’t entered zhuji! But the genius of the little shixiong had passed on. To be able to receive a spring sprout jade medal in lianqi, Guo Lu had never heard of it.

His best was [Art of Aged Gold]. He had work hard these years but never could breakthrough to the third level. Looking at the little shixiong who had already become a ling plant farmer, his heart couldn’t help moving.

Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but be envious of Old Black. No matter if it was Wei Sheng Shixiong, or Zuo Mo shixiong, they all had good relationships with Old Black. The waters rose and the boat became high, Old Black was now extremely popular in the outer sect disciples. But Old Black was very down to earth and still planted his ling grains. Because Guo Lu had been wounded last time when he had helped Old Black, and Old Black had taken care of him in the recovery, the two had a great relationship.

“This is two mud turning earthworms. It doesn’t have a great use, but it is useful in plowing fields.” Zuo Mo handed both of them each a small bamboo tube. Sealed inside each tube was a mud turning earthworm. He hadn’t thought that Guo Lu would be present but he had enough mud turning earthworms.

The two hurriedly gave their thanks.

Guo Lu saw Zuo Mo moving to leave and after struggling and hesitating for a second, he couldn’t resist speaking and at the very end: “Little Shixiong, my [Art of Aged Gold] has been stuck at the second level. Please, shixiong, give some advise. Guo Luo would be deeply grateful.”

Zuo Mo was astounded but still stopped in his footsteps. He was respectful of this old farmer-like shixiong who had stood up last time. Right now, his income didn’t depend on things like making rain so the two naturally didn’t have any conflicts in interest. Quite the opposite. If Guo Lu could break into the third level of [Art of Aged Gold], he could take on much of the pest problems in the sect for him.

Thinking through all the possibilities, he decided to help Guo Lu: “Killing worms is still killing. Gold’s main purpose is to kill. This [Art of Aged Gold] belongs to the path of killing. How to kill? There are countless ways in this area. Adding on aged gold energy can transform in many ways, if other methods of killing could be added in, the matter is half solved already.”

Guo Lu listened attentively, afraid of losing even a word. When Zuo Mo finished, he was pinned to his spot, face deep in thought.

Seeing the situation, Zuo Mo floated away.

Leaving behind the ling fields, he headed for the Eastern Peak. The recent changes made him felt that it was a different lifetime. The female disciples of the Eastern Peak had meant to rely on him, but who would have thought he would become an inner sect disciple. Usually, he wouldn’t be able to care for them anymore. But since he received benefits from them, that the black gold worm had been their present, Zuo Mo decided to help them.

When Xiao Guo saw Zuo Mo, a surprised expression came onto her round apple face. She timidly said: “Shixiong!”

The gold horned copper cow was still leisurely eating ling grass, not paying any attention to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo felt slightly helpless towards this little girl, especially the always timid expression on her face.

Last time when he had fainted, the little girl had been afraid but still persisted in protecting him. When he had heard of this from the others, he was very moved and felt that he owed her a favour.

“What? Unhappy to see me?” Zuo Mo decided to tease the little girl. His face didn’t have any expression in the first place. Adding on a slightly stern tone, it was quite frightening.

Xiao Guo instantly was frightened, her small head furiously shaking, mist rising in her large yes, her mouth hurriedly explaining: “No, no……”

Zuo Mo instantly realized if he continued, she would really cry. He instantly regretted his action.

Wasn’t this making trouble for himself?

He hurriedly relaxed his tone: “Alright. Coming this time, there’s something to give to you.”

The mist in Xiao Guo’s eyes instantly stopped. She looked in puzzlement at Zuo Mo and asked timidly: “What thing? Shixiong.”

“This is some sword scriptures, you take it and practise and can pass it on to your other shijie and shimei.” He handed two jade sticks over to the little girl. One of the sticks stored some basic sword moves that he had picked out from the jade stick that Wei Sheng shixiong had given him. At the same time, he took off the gold sword ring from his hand and handed that as well to her: “This is gold sword ring. It can store three sword energies. But you first need to learn a gold spell. En, one of the jade sticks has five elements spells inside. After practising the [Art of Aged Gold] for a while, you can use this talisman.”

After explaining all this, Zuo Mo released a breath. This muddle headed little girl always made his head hurt.

The gold sword ring was not of great use to him now. And he had decided that before zhuji, he definitely wouldn’t leave the mountain. After zhuji, if Master didn’t give a flying sword, he could use Ice Crystal Sword. The power would be much greater than gold sword ring. And that jade stick that contained the five elements spells wasn’t useful for him anymore. He hadn’t thought of given Xiao Guo that jade stick at first, but if she didn’t cultivate a gold attributed spell, it wasn’t possible to use the gold sword ring. As though the simple sword moves in Wei Sheng shixiong’s jade stick. They were simple but useful. For lianqi disciples, they were a pretty good method of protection.

Female disciples, especially weaker outer sect female disciples, their circumstances would be harder than male disciples.

Zuo Mo could not spare the attention to take care of them like before, and decided to pass these things onto them. In this case, if they met some xiuzhe who wasn’t too powerful, it wasn’t as though they couldn’t even counterattack. If they met a strong one, he had no solution neither.

Luckily, the Dong Qi Sword Sect disciple from last time had been expelled from Dong Fu. He didn’t need to worry about encountering that guy nearby.

After handing over everything, Zuo Mo flipped up and landed onto the grey beaked goose’s back, he waved his hand at Xiao Guo without turning his head back and floated off.

Looking at the disappearing Zuo Mo, Xiao Guo’s hands as they held the gold sword ring and the jade sticks unconsciously tightened.

Finishing all this, Zuo Mo felt that his body was much more relaxed and headed straight for Fragrant Ginger Yard. He still needed to present five fasting pills at the end of the month. He didn’t dare to offend his cold-faced master. If he didn’t complete it, he would certain receive punishment.

Entering the dan room, he didn’t start moving immediately. The materials were limited. If he really ruined all of the materials, in his penniless state, there was no place for him to buy more.

In theory, with his present cultivation, making fasting pills shouldn’t be hard. It really was the most basic dan.

Thinking for a long time, he felt that last time it was that he hadn’t controlled the input of ling energy properly and wasted a lot of ling energy, causing his ling energy to not be enough.

After thinking for a long time repeatedly and entering mediation, he let the ling energy recover to the best state.

Then he started his second try.

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      If he didn’t complete it, he would certain receive punishment. Should be certainly.

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  3. Looking at the disappearing Xiao Guo, Xiao Guo’s hands as they held the gold sword ring and the jade sticks unconsciously tightened.

    I think this is suppose to say, Zuo Mo.

  4. I hope he succeeds on the 2nd try – his master will be shocked if he manages to make 9 fasting pills (or, maybe he’ll give her 5 and just sell the rest!)

    Funny how he didn’t give the jade stick to Guo Lu who asked his help in improving Art of Aged Gold, and ended up gifting it to Xiao Guo who will be starting from the basics for Gold (and probably other elements, its not mentioned if she knows any of them). Well, considering level 3 is the highest that stick can help with, maybe its not as useful to Guo Lu who can break thru any time.

    I hope the girls have learnt the importance of those spells by watching Zuo Mo help them earlier, and diligently practice them – or atleast Xiao Guo does, maybe she will only share the sword techniques with the others?

    1. It’s still a matter of familiarity, and Guo Long barely knew him, I believe. Xiao Guo however, protected him, and a bias is inevitabl.

    2. It’s still a matter of familiarity, and Guo Long barely knew him, I believe. Xiao Guo however, protected him, and a bias is inevitable .

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    1. I really think I’ve cut down compared to the other translations. Which ones do you think I should not use?

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      3. Jie is actually all of the above. It is it’s own plane/pocket dimension which is connected by pathways to other worlds, and politically a province under the jurisdiction of large sects.

      4. It was quite irksome when I started out, especially the numerous words starting with shi, and the gender differentiation.

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