修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Forty Six “Zhuji”

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There has been two big terminology changes. I still don’t understand how I didn’t translate “jade sticks” properly and it didn’t click for this long. It is now “jade scroll” which is better and easier to understand. Also, Tian Yue Jie is now Sky Moon Jie. I might slip up sometimes but that’s the general gist of it.

I think I’ll update the glossary every 20 chapters or so. There’s no many terms now in the future chapters.

Chapter Forty Six Zhuji

The peak of daytime, the sky was blue and clear, yet what raised people’s hairs was that the blue sky was filled with blazing stars!

“Stars in daytime… …” Pei Yuan Ran muttered to himself. The other three’s expressions all changed.

Shixiong.” Shi Feng Rong’s voice was slightly trembling: “What is happening here?”

“I don’t know.” Pei Yuan Ran’s expression was heavy as he shook his head: “The apparition of stars appearing in daytime, it happens once every few thousand years. I’ve only seen it in some records. But it doesn’t seem to be a good omen.”

Even though the four were all jindan, looking at the strange scene in front of them, their hearts couldn’t help but feel cold.

In Dong Fu, Yu Bai stared with wide eyes at the stars dotting the sky and that proud sun hanging high up in the sky. Fear rose up from the deepest part of his heart and spread through his body.

Tian Song Zi muttered: “Stars in daytime… …”

The Plum Peak of Dong Qi, light erupted from Zuo Mei Tian’s eyes as he murmured: “Stars in daytime… …”

In the entire Sky Moon Jie, countless strong people were all alarmed. Looking up at the sky over the thirteen primary towns of Sky Moon Jie, it was completely filled with cultivators. In the wilderness, on the mountaintops, no matter what the xiuzhe were doing, they all stopped their hands and floated in midair. All of the cultivator’s gazes, they were completely focuses on this sky that they were so familiar with.

No matter their cultivation, shock was on everyone’s face.

In Cold Mist Valley, Pu Yao’s pupils shrunk. He gazed at the pond before him. In his blood red vision, he could clearly see a pillar of light that glittered as it came down from the sky and entered the pond. If one used a normal vision, where could they even see a pillar? No ling energy, no vibrations. Only through his blood eye could this intangible pillar of light be seen.

“Do you think you had wagered correctly?” Pu Yao said coldly, murderous intent in his right blood eye.

When the sound landed, the clear pond suddenly became as dark as ink. The sound of the waterfall disappeared without a trace. The waterfall was like a broken mustang, docilely flowing into the pond without a splash.

The valley fell into a strange silence.

Looking at the black water pond, Pu Yao wasn’t afraid. He took a strong stride forward, pressing: “For this trash, you decide to fight me?”

The black water pond was silent and motionless as though it was dead.

A yao, a pond. They confronted each other like this.

Time slipped away.

Pu Yao suddenly took back the leg he had stepped with, his expression returning to normal. A kind of disdain was at the corner of his mouth: “Stars in daylight, hei hei, do you really think this is still three thousand years ago? You made it too big.” He was somewhat rejoicing at the calamity.

The black water pond wasn’t affected.

Pu Yao shrugged: “So what if its stars in daylight? Can it extinguish Sky Yao Fire? The sky yao fire even you can’t extinguish?”

The black water pond suddenly started to flip as though it was boiling. Explosive sounds came out of the inky black water.

Pu Yao raised his head to look at the sky and lightly said a sentence that instantly made the pond water quite.

“Oh, it seems everyone wants to see.”

In the blink of an eye, the pond regained its clarity. The obedient waterfall resumed its ferocity and roared, the water splashing.

Pu Yao gave a light laugh and disappeared.

An extremely strong consciousness scanned over Cold Mist Valley.

When Zuo Mo opened his eyes, he instantly shuddered. So cold! The coldness of the water told him where he was situated. The cold pond of Cold Mist Valley. Last time, it had been here where he had broken through to one breath. He was very familiar with this situation. But after he had achieved one breath, he had never felt suffocated in the water. In the past, Zuo Mo had actually been suspicious that he might turn into a fish.


Zuo Mo bared his teeth. So painful! Any movement and a heart wrenching pain would come from all over his body. His features instantly twisted.

Thankfully, he wasn’t dead!

What he could remember up until was when that hazy voice told him to eat the fire dragon grass. What happened after, he didn’t know at all. But right now, he wasn’t willing to think, too lazy to move, his entire body was hurting and very quickly, he found he wasn’t wearing a scrap of clothing.

How would he get out?

He wanted to laugh but couldn’t. Right now, he didn’t want to think about anything. He just wanted to go to sleep. But the pond water was really too cold, so cold it reached his heart. This wasn’t a good place to sleep.

Why was it that every time, he would torment himself so much……

Forcing himself alert, he gritted his teeth and entered mediation. He wanted to know what his situation really was like.

The ling energy in his body abruptly appeared in front of him. He was first struck dumb and then was overjoyed! Zhujii! He had completed zhuji!

Internal vision, this was internal vision! In a trance, he “saw” the three dimensional diagram of the ling energy moving through his body. Each strand of ling energy was so clear for him to “see”. He felt as though he could see all objects, his mind becoming clear.

Zuo Mo didn’t know how long it was until his thoughts refocused. He hurriedly inspected his ling energy again and to his surprise, he found his ling energy was three times what it had been originally been.

No wonder the distance between the tenth level of lianqi and zhuji was a great canyon. It really was a canyon. He had just entered zhuji and his cultivation had increased three times. Think of the power disparity!

It might have been cause by excess happiness, but the pain from his body seemed to lessen greatly. Zuo Mo struggled out of the bottom of the pond and floated towards the top. When his head came out of the water, he couldn’t help sucking in a breath!

He hadn’t thought that he would really make it through the fire dragon grass.

Even now, he was still somewhat in disbelief. Fire dragon grass was something that only terrifying and abnormal people like Shixiong could endure! But he actually made it through! But he still had lingering fears. The danger involved could be deduced from the pain of his entire body.

But, he finally made it through!

He opened his mouth and wanted to laugh but found that his throat was dry and painful, unable to make a sound. His hands pushed against the side of the pond, trying to climb out. His body shuddered in great pain and almost made him faint. With no other solution, he could only use his hands to grab a rock beside the pond, his body soaking in the water.

The joy after surviving a calamity made everything seem so beautiful.

After a long time, the pain lessened slightly and his strength had slightly recovered. Struggling to climb out of the pond, he found the jade scrolls and other times scattered on the ground. He carefully picked them all up. What really made him feel pain was that third grade spirit travelling seal. It had burnt down to only a small scrap.

Did his body really combust?

He still remembered the strong feeling of burning before he became unconscious but that was all he remembered. Thankfully, most of his belongings, like talismans and jade sticks, were still undamaged. But since the spirit travelling seal was gone, and he was naked, how would he get back to West Wind Valley?

Suddenly, he had an idea. Casting [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], he saw a white ball of clouds appear in front of him.

He snickered, his hands maintaining the spell as his body sneaked into the cloud. Oh, cold, very comfortable. Very quickly, he found that the pain in his body seemed to have lessened slightly. Did [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] have healing properties? But this wasn’t the time to study it. He should think of a way to get back.

Old Black had finished his work in the fields and was preparing to return home.

Walking on the road, he couldn’t help but ponder what he had just seen. Thinking about it now, he felt his heart tremble. Stars appearing during daytime. There were many strange things in the world, natural abnormalities. Was this a bad omen?

He couldn’t help but raise his head. In the blue sky, other than the sun, there was nothing else.

Old Black exhaled. Normal was good, normal was good. Normality was the best. Please don’t have any change. As he thought aimlessly, he walked back towards his residence. Where he was living now was the big yard that Zuo Mo had lived in previously.

Detecting that someone was coming opposite him, he raised his head. At a glance, he was pinned to the ground, his expression dumbstruck.

After a pause, he recovered and stammered: “Little Mo ge, you, you are… …”

Zuo Mo was completely shrouded in a white cloud. Only his head was left sticking out. Looking down, Old Black could barely make out a pair of bare feet.

Old Black felt this white cloud seemed familiar. He suddenly realized, wasn’t this the cloud from [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]?

Was he taking a bath?

Thinking about the rain of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], Old Black felt that this creativity was pretty good.

But… … he didn’t need to bathe on the mountain road… … and wash as he kept on walking……

Zuo Mo was extremely embarrassed and wanted to find a crack in the ground to hide himself. But due to his zombie face, there wasn’t any bashfulness, no embarrassment. He seemed very at ease. His entire body was in pain. Any movement, and the pain would pierce his heart. He could only laboriously move his feet step by step.

Old Black decided to give a compliment. He reached out with his thumb: “Little Mo ge, this trick is great!”

Zuo Mo felt that there weren’t any words that could describe his feelings right now. He could only nod his head solemnly in acknowledgement and then slowly walk down the path!

Looking at the back of the white ball slowly moving, even Old Black couldn’t help but feel that Little Mo ge’s bearing had really improved.

What made Zuo Mo feel hopeless was that he had encountered quite a few outer sect disciples as he made his way. Their strange gazes made Zuo Mo’s hair stand up. When he reached West Wind Valley, he almost wept tears of joy. But when he appeared at the gates of his own little yard, the gray beaked goose at the rooftop was suddenly alarmed and quickly used its wings to cover its eyes. Zuo Mo’s heart instantly shattered into countless pieces, landing on the ground.

So this grey bird was female……

What made Zuo Mo feel depressed was that this female bird sneakily created a small opening through her wings and peeped through from behind. And what made his teeth itch even more was that this female bird’s gaze turned from curious to disdainful!

Damned bird!

Humiliated, Zuo Mo angrily sent out a sword energy.


The grey beaked goose shouted in alarm and nimbly dodged. It flew into the air and then suddenly extended its neck, full of disdain as it spat at the ground.

Zuo Mo almost fainted in anger. He throughout hatefully, you are a dead bird, just wait!

What he was thankful for was that he hadn’t encountered an elder on his way. If Master saw his state, she would beat him halfway to death and throw him down the mountain to feed the dogs.

Laboriously moving into the room, he collapsed on the bed. He didn’t want to move, he didn’t want to think, didn’t want to move a fingertip. He was exhausted. Very quickly, he slipped into a deep sleep.

Before sleeping, he lightly muttered: “Zhuji!”

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