修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Forty Seven “Shixiong Xu Yi”

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Chapter Forty Seven Shixiong Xu Yi

Waking up, Zuo Mo almost couldn’t open his eyes in the bright sunlight.

He gave a comfortable groan. The soreness made his entire body feel relaxed. He wanted to keep sleeping. After struggling for a moment, he still decided to get up. In zhuji, there really wasn’t any need for sleep. But other than to recover strength, sleep’s most important purpose was to let the mind rest.

In the sunlight, he stretched out his spine, his entire skeleton cracking like popcorn. Zuo Mo instantly was frightened and quickly inspected his body. Not finding any problems, his heart was then reassured.

He always felt that he muddled through all his breakthroughs. He never had the knowledge of what happened. Like [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] going to the fourth level, [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] breaking into One Breath, it was all like this. This time wasn’t an exception. Other than these crisp sounds, and the increase in cultivation, he had not found any other benefits that zhuji had brought.

He was too greedy. Zuo Mo laughed at himself. Just in the increase in cultivation was enough for him to receive countless benefits.

Walking out of the room, Zuo Mo, after the calamity, felt that the warm sunlight was all the more precious. Even the damn bird on the rooftop wasn’t as terrible in his eyes as yesterday.

Suddenly stopping, he took a deep breath. The slightly spread ten fingers suddenly moved, creating an afterimage. His gaze was focus, his ten fingers coming alive, darting quickly. The complicated transformations would dazzle a person’s eyes. After learning [Art of Flora], a spell that prioritized finger movements, this almost became one of his most practiced spells.

There wasn’t too many spells to practice in lianqi involving manipulation of ling energy. Like [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], Zuo Mo had almost practiced it to the limits of what a lianqi cultivator could do. And how to use spiritual power, he didn’t have one word of instruction, and couldn’t even touch the doorway. The only thing that time could be spent upon, and that he felt useful, were finger movements. Therefore, [Art of Flora] that used finger movements was his only choice.

The increase in cultivation didn’t cause an evident increase in the finger movements. This point raised Zuo Mo’s attention. Zhuji was only the first stage in the journey of cultivation. The dangers of the road ahead, only trying it personally could lead to understanding.

His goal, from a long time ago, it wasn’t earning jingshi or just living anymore.

To search for the answer, then what was required was sufficient strength. Even Master, a jindan, was cautious when speaking of the guy that had changed his features and erased his mind. How powerful the other’s power must be! In other words, at the least, he needed power that surpassed his master.

Master was a jindan……

Zuo Mo took a deep breath, raised his expressionless face, and the hands that had been at his side silently turned to fists.

It was very far, far enough to make him feel it was impossible. There were countless cultivators, how many would become jindan? To say of nothing else, but in the second generation of the entire sect, the only one that had hopes of becoming jindan was Wei Sheng Shixiong. Himself? A guy that only had some talent in the area of five elements… …

If it was becoming a strong ling plant farmer, Zuo Mo didn’t have any doubts of whether he could achieve it. But achieving jindan, his most optimistic prediction was only just a hope of one in ten thousand.

After he learned of his changed features and erased mind, he had continuously asked himself, was it really worth it to pursue after such an illusory and distance goal? Right now, as a ling plant farmer, his life would become better and better. If he formed a relationship with someone, his own descendants would have a pretty good life. But this, gambling his living, his life, to pursue that goal that had almost no chance of winning, was it worth it?

Whenever he started to sway, he would always think of that dream that frequently appeared, that kept on repeating “Even in death, you must not forget.” Every time he would ask himself, what was it that he could not forget even if he died?

He didn’t know.

He was a cowardly person. In order to live, he could flatter, could bow his spine, but … …

He wanted to know.

The change in his frame of mind caused the change in his attitude to his cultivation to change completely. He worked more, worked harder. He knew just how low his starting point was. He also knew that his own innate talents were not good. But he also knew he had his own advantages.

Pu, even though he had cursed this damned perverse renyao countless times, but Zuo Mo still needed to thank him. Without Pu Yao, he couldn’t even see a hint of sunlight. For this sliver of light, even if he had to pay some things, he was still willing.

This time, zhuji had been a painful odeal for him. But for some reason, his mental state became calmer, his thoughts clearer. Being a ling plant farmer could dramatically increase his position in the sect, but clearly, a ling plant farmer could not help him complete his goal. What he could rely on in this area was still sword scriptures. Ling plant farming, in the future, it was an important technique to earn jingshi but not his main path of development.

There were many paths to increase attack power but of the many types of cultivation, the one with strongest attack power were sword cultivators. Even more, he was situated in a sword sect and naturally wouldn’t abandon what was near to reach for the far. He might not have much talent with the sword but he just needed to work harder.

Thinking about sword cultivation, he remembered that after zhuji, he could imprint a flying sword. Very quickly, he ran into difficulties. He didn’t have a scripture for imprinting a flying sword.

In Fragrant Ginger Yard, Shi Feng Rong was shocked when she saw Zuo Mo but instantly recovered: “Even with zhuji, you cannot be lazy. Go to the records room. You will be able to read some of the jade sticks. Coming out next time, I will personally test you. If you were lazy, there will be a heavy punishment.” The last few words were extremely threatening.

Zuo Mo cowered under Master’s scolding, and could only murmur in affirmation. Inside, he wailed at his misfortune. It seemed he had hit Master’s sore point somehow and couldn’t help but wonder who had irritated Master.

Only when Master’s anger had decreased some did he cautiously open: “Master, this disciple wants to request a scripture for impressing a flying sword.”

“Impressing a flying sword?” Shi Feng Rong couldn’t help but frown and said with some dissatisfaction: “Your priority should be ling farming and dan-making. Don’t be greedy. Too greedy and you cannot digest It all. Don’t you understand that?”

Zuo Mo heard this and grimaced. He just knew he wouldn’t receive a good scripture. His mouth went: “This disciple understands. But our Wu Kong Sect is a sword sect. If this disciple doesn’t know how to even impress a flying sword. Walking out, wouldn’t it shame the sect?”

“That’s true.” Hearing this, Shi Feng Rong thought it was reasonable: “You can go see your shixiong Xu Yi and find a scripture to practice. Do not spend too much effort.”

“Yes.” Zuo Mo agreed docilely.

“Go.” Shi Feng Rong discourteously sent him away. The stars in daytime that had appeared yesterday caused his mood to be bad to the extreme. She had heard some of the rumors about stars in daytime. There were all kinds of strange ones but one point was unusually unanimous. That was, it wasn’t a good thing. If this kind of incident had happened in one of the other jie, she could go spectate but since it happened in Tian Yue jie, her mood became bad. Especially when she saw the worry in her sect leader shixiong’s eyes, her mood became worse.

She knew Sect Leader Shixiong very well. Sect Leader Shixiong never was panicked. Since even he was worried this time, the situation probably was worse than she had imagined!

If this lady knew who was the one behind all this, humph humph! Murderous intent flashed through her eyes, causing Xu Qing at the side to jump in fright.

Even as he left Fragrant Ginger Yard, Zuo Mo felt that his chest was heavy. He knew that Master was looking out for him but he could not tell his reasons to Master. It seemed that he had thought too simply. Zuo Mo grimaced inside. Originally, he had assumed that if his contribution to the sect was large, the sect would naturally increase his benefits and he wouldn’t have to worry about things like scriptures. Now he knew that he had expected too much. His benefits would naturally increase but benefits were also sorted into areas. Things like spells were the very core of a sect. Would they easily give it to others?

Right now, he could only hope for Wei Sheng Shixiong to come out of the Sword Cave and teach him some moves.

He still decided to take a trip to Xu Yi Shixiong’s place. He might not get a good spell but he could seek a substitute. He’ll take an average one. He had nothing in terms of sword scriptures. He was a page of white. Learning something would help his fundamentals.

Humph, if the sect won’t give, then he’ll just buy it.

If the jingshi that he threw out was numerous enough, he would naturally be able to buy a pretty good sword scripture.

Ge is a ling plant farmer, am I someone that would lack for jingshi? He completely forgot that his last piece of jingshi had been extracted by Pu Yao.

In the sea of consciousness, the sea of fire roared. If Zuo Mo came in, he would certainly be in for a fright. The dancing deep red flames had grown a section higher. The temperature of the ice river seemed to have decreased. And the biggest change was the star in the sky.

Bright as a diamond, magnificent and dazzling.

On the gravestone shrouded in the black clouds, Pu Yao lazily used his hand to support his perfect and flawless chin, the other hand rubbing a pile of powder, muttering to himself: “Used up all the jingshi , ah. This guy is really a piece of trash, even getting a jingshi requires almost killing himself.”

He said to the air: “If I knew earlier, I’d have gone myself. Now it’s great, you made the incident big, so many powerful guys have arrived from outside. Even dead, you’re still making trouble for me. It really is inflexible to the death.”

The white powder dribbled from the cracks in his hands.

A lonely yao sat on the gravestone and said ruefully: “The landlord doesn’t have any surplus either!”

In the Hall of Hearing Principles, Xu Yi was slightly shocked when he saw Zuo Mo but quickly recovered his composure. He smiled opening: “It’s a rare occasion for Shidi to come. Come come come, sit.”

Zuo Mo looked at Xu Yi Shixiong. The other was a person that he had admired very much when he had been an outer sect disciple. He had never thought that he could sit on equal ground with him now. The affairs of the world, it really was fickle. He couldn’t help but sigh.

“Zuo Mo has to thank Shixiong for guidance in the past.” He sincerely gave a bow.

Xu Yi blanked and then hurried to help Zuo Mo up: “Shidi doesn’t have to be so courteous. That was just my duty.”

After this exchange of words, both felt that they were much closer to each other.

“It’s rare for Shidi to come, have a taste of my tea.” Xu Yi’s hands twisted a set of tea equipment appeared in front of him. A yellow bamboo tea tray carved with two clouds. Simple and humble. On top was a purple clay teapot. The light flashed across the purple clay teapot, formations clearly were carved on it. Seven small cups like the seven stars of the Northern Dipper.

Xu Yi took out a square jade box. When it was opened, Zuo Mo felt a fragrance spread towards him. The box was half full with ling tea. The ling tea was as green and bright as jade, it was a branch with three leaves clustered at the end, tender and glistening.

“This is Fragrance Tea.” Xu Yi introduced: “Produced by the Ivy Aromatic Shop. It took a lot of effort to buy this.” Then he gave a smile: “I don’t have any other indulgences, just this one.”

Xu Yi Shixiong’s eyes were focused as his hands skillfully started to wash the pot and cups. When had Zuo Mo ever seen such things? His eyes widened, unblinking.

He saw Xu Yi Shixiong first take out a small amount of tea leaves to put into the purple clay pot, pour in cold spring water and then the thumb and index finger of the right hand gently pinched. A red flame floated in front of him. The movements of Shixiong’s long and white fingers were extremely gentle as he gently placed this red flame inside the purple clay pot.

Hiss splat, hiss splat!

Inside the purple clay pot, countless water droplets exploded. The spring water inside the pot became a ball of green mist yet not a drop spilled. Xu Yi Shixiong quickly lifted the teapot and a rush of green tea poured into the teacup.

Inside the teacup, the tea soup was green and enticing. A fragrance completely different than the one before wafted out.

“Drink quickly, the effect wouldn’t be as good if it’s cold.” Xu Yi Shixiong’s expression was solemn. He directly held up a cup and put it to his mouth.

Copying Shixiong, Zuo Mo also picked up a cup. Mimicking Shixiong whose expression was intoxicated as he sipped, he also took a drink!


It was impossible to describe the feeling that occurred the instant the tea soup touched the tongue. It was as though countless flavors had gathered and exploded at once inside the mouth. At the same time, Zuo Mo’s tears and snot streamed out.

Seeing Zuo Mo’s sorry state, Xu Yi almost choked on a sip of tea and then grinned widely.

Zuo Mo couldn’t care about Shixiong’s laughter. All of his attention was on pondering this strange feeling. A rush of coolness spread through his limbs, his body unspeakably light. All the pores seemed to have opened, so comfortable he could groan.

“This tea soup has dense ling energy. You just entered zhuji, this is good to stabilize your level.” Xu Yi reminded.

Hearing this, Zuo Mo hurriedly swallowed the remaining tea soup, got into lotus position and entered meditation.

Looking at Zuo Mo’s gulps, Xu Yi Shixiong only shook his head, seemingly dissatisfied with Zuo Mo wasting such a good thing. With a small mouthful after another, a face full of pleasure, he slowly drank.

When Zuo Mo woke up from mediation, he felt his body refreshed and unspeakably comfortable. He didn’t waste words and raised his hands to Xu Yi Shixiong: “Many thanks, Shixiong.”

Xu Yi Waved his hand: “Just invited Shidi to drink tea. Coming this time, Shidi must have a matter.”

Zuo Mo narrated how he had requested a spell for impressing a flying sword from his master. Hearing this, Xu Yi nodded: “I understand. I hadn’t thought that since Shidi had received the jade medal, you still want to cultivate the sword.”

“I’m just playing around.” Zuo Mo hurriedly replied. After being cracked down by Master, he felt it was better not to say anything.

“Haha, a man wanting to improve the sword, it isn’t something embarrassing. Wielding a sword in the world, kill yao and exterminate mo, it is amazing! He he, Shixiong had been like this before, but later, found that my talents were average and hard to achieve anything so turned to learning forging.” Xu Yi first laughed at himself and then said seriously: “Since Shidi is interested in the sword, Shixiong has spent some more time in the sect so knows a bit more, and can chat about it with Shidi.”

When Zuo Mo heard “Kill yao and exterminate mo”, he couldn’t help but grimace bitterly inside. Thinking about the perverse renyao, he felt it was more likely that he would be killed and exterminated.

But he still said solemnly: “Thank you Shixiong.

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