修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Forty Nine “Purchase Order”

Zuo Mo can never have relaxing days.

Chapter Forty Nine Purchase Order

Spending ten contribution points but not a spell to show for it, Zuo Mo felt like a fool.

Enraged, Zuo Mo raised his head to look at the decrepit building before marching away without a second glance. Humph, when ye has contribution points, ye will lie down on the first floor, lie down on the second, sleep every day here! Zuo Mo didn’t feel good but was helpless. Very quickly, his brain turned to how to earn jingshi.

The contribution points of inner sect disciples were not easy to earn. Previously, when he had been an outer sect disciple, he had never been troubled by contribution points. But then he turned around his thinking. The contribution points of inner sect disciples were much more valuable than outer sect disciples. Before, no matter which jade scroll from the second level, he would treat it like a treasure. When would he be so picky?

There were many ways to earn contribution points. Just the ling grasses and herbs that Zuo Mo planted, and then if the sect sold them, they all would have contribution points. However, rules like the records room, Zuo Mo guessed, were common and there would be other places that would need to use contribution points. This question was very important and he needed to be clear.

He ran to the Hall of Hearing Principles and found Xu Yi Shixiong.

After hearing Zuo Mo’s words, Xu Yi Shixiong explained: “Shidi thought correctly. Contribution points are more useful than jingshi in the sect. Other than [Void Sword Scripture], all the other spells in the sect, including Master’s [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture], and the other fourth grade sword scriptures can all be exchanged using contribution points. Of course, the amount of contribution points needed is astonishing. Other than spells, some high quality items, like flying swords and talismans, can also be exchanged using contribution points. You can even use your contribution points to get my Master to teach you the sword or forging. I can also pay using contribution points to let Shi Shigu teach me dan-making. Basically, contribution points are omnipotent in the sect.

“Then how does Shixiong earn contribution points?” Zuo Mo asked.

“He he, I usually make some talismans for the sect for Yan Le Shishu to sell. Or I forge talismans for the other shidi in exchange for some contribution points. If Shidi needs some talisman in the future, come find me. My price is much lower than the sect.” Xu Yi didn’t give up a change to promote his own talismans and continued: “Like shidi, if you become skilled at ­dan-making in the future, it would be very fast to earn contribution points. For other people, Luo Li Shidi might only be zhuji but he has achieved [Empty Sword] and his attack power can compare to a cultivator in the initial stages of ningmai. Most of his time is spent in the mines guarding the xiu slaves. Underground is dark and uncomfortable, extremely dull. Other than Luo Li Shidi, no one is willing to go so the contribution point that the sect gives him is extremely high.”

When Xu Yi Shixiong mentioned Luo Li, Zuo Mo remembered something: “In the second floor of the records room, I didn’t see [Empty Sword Scripture] and [Shapeless Sword Scripture].”

“He he, Shidi is in too much of a rush. These two sword scriptures, while they are third grade, but they are the finest among the third grade. It is also possible to find the shadow of [Void Sword Scripture] from those two. The sect naturally is very cautious. When Shidi has spent more time in the sect, naturally you will be able to exchange for it.”

Zuo Mo understood.

Leaving Xu Yi Shixiong’s place, Zuo Mo had a general idea of what he needed to do. It wasn’t easy receiving contribution points in the sect. It seemed that his only realistic method right now was relying on planting ling plants.

When he got to the entrance to the valley, he saw Li Ying Feng Shijie. He hurriedly greeted: “Why hasn’t Shijie gone in?”

“The jinzhi on Shidi’s valley is very heavy. Shijie doesn’t want to be too presumptuous.” Li Ying Feng joked.

Zuo Mo’s heart jumped. Due to the fact that there was a ling vein beneath the rock room, he was very cautious and had set down layers of jinzhi at the mouth of the valley. Looking at it now, it seemed very risky as it caught people’s attention.

He forced himself to calm, responding: “There are many ling grasses growing inside the valley. I’m afraid that some animals like rabbits and foxes would get it and damage the grasses. Then this little brother won’t even have the time to cry.”

“That’s true.” Li Ying Feng nodded: “If ling grasses are ruined by those little animals, they wouldn’t be worth anything. I actually have a jade scroll right now about jinzhi. I’ll sent it over to Shidi since you can use it.”

Zuo Mo was overjoyed and gave a deep bow: “Many thanks, Shijie!”

Shidi is too polite.” She replied: “You and I both came up from the outer sect. It’s rational for us to give mutual support.”

“Of course.” Zuo Mo agreed. Both of them were clever people. This conversation quickly set down their relationship as allies.

It might appear that everyone was good to him on the surface but inner sect disciples that came from outer sect disciples usually would be pushed aside by the other inner sect disciples. Not just Wu Kong Sword Sect, almost all sects were like this. There weren’t many second generation disciples in Wu Kong Sword Sect and most of them were outside. Other than Luo Li and Hao Min, Eldest Shixiong Qin Cheng, Eldest Shijie Gong Sun Qing and Third Shijie Xu Yi Xia were all not in the sect.

The battle over Eldest Shixiong between Wei Sheng and Qin Cheng was undoubtedly the focal point.

If nothing unexpected happened, it was almost set in stone that Wei Sheng would supplant Qin Cheng as Eldest Shixiong. But Qin Cheng was also a disciple of the sect leader, and after being Eldest Shixiong for this many years, he was well loved by the other second generation disciples.

Eldest Shijie Gong Sun Qing supposedly was engaged to a disciple in a certain large sect. She wouldn’t be spending too much time in the sect but her influence in the sect was the greatest among all second generation disciples. She could even influence the sect leader. This was probably due to her fiancé.

Third Shijie Xu Yi Xia was deeply loved by all the shishu. Yan Le Shishu had meant for her to take over his work. However, her personality was lively and carefree, uninterested in business.

Zuo Mo sighed ruefully. No place was spared from conflict. Many times, it wasn’t a question of whether you fought or not. He and Li Ying Feng weren’t unfamiliar with these matters. The outer sect disciples fought even more viciously, the little groups as plentiful as trees in a forest. Both of them were experienced. Zuo Mo had went from being bullied by all at the beginning to the end where everyone flattered him. From an outsider perspective, his experiences went deep. And Li Ying Feng, to become the top dog of the Eastern Peak female disciples, there were no doubts to her abilities.

Zuo Mo saw it very clearly. Wei Sheng Shixiong might be the leader of the three of them but on these matters, Shixiong wouldn’t pay attention. Other than the sword, Shixiong was indifferent and unconcerned with other matters. Zuo Mo was certain that Shixiong would be happy not to be Eldest Shixiong. That way, he could concentrate on cultivation.

Shixiong might not have to consider these things, but he couldn’t not consider. Shixiong’s talents and power was displayed there. Even Qin Cheng would treat Shixiong with the utmost respect. But Li Ying Feng and his circumstances would be much trickier. There was a large difference between good and bad.

Li Ying Feng was also very satisfied with the tacit understanding between the two of them and thought inside, this Zuo Mo Shidi’s appearance might be frightening, but he had a clever heart. A clever companion was much better than a stupid one.

Some things only need to be touched upon. She changed the topic: “Coming this time, it’s to deliver jingshi to Shidi.”

This was undoubtedly the words that Zuo Mo liked to hear the most. He instantly became alert: “Oh, how much?”

“This is seventy six second grade jingshi. That’s after taking away the down payment.” Li Ying Feng handed Zuo Mo a jade scroll: “This has the detailed accounts. Shidi can take it back for a look.”

Zuo Mo took the jade scroll, his happiness unrivalled. The profit this time far surpassed his expectations.

Suddenly remembering a matter, Li Ying Feng asked: “Does Shidi still have some of the Great Strength Pill?”

Great Strength Pill…….

If LI Ying Feng hadn’t mentioned it, Zuo Mo had almost forgotten that lingdan.

“Last time, a cultivator had brought it. Two days ago, he came asking if there was any more. He wants to by another ten. Each one twenty pieces of second grade jingshi.” Li Ying Feng said.

Ten pills! Each one twenty pieces of second grade jingshi. In total, two hundred pieces of second grade jingshi . That was, two third grade jingshi !

Zuo Mo seemed to see countless jingshi flying towards him. This was the biggest order he had received up until now. Two pieces of third grade jingshi! The raw materials for Great Strength Pill were only three pieces of second grade jingshi. With twenty pieces of second grade jingshi as the sale price, the profit from one pellet reached seventeen pieces of second grade jingshi. No wonder his heart was beating so frantically.

His only worry right now was the success rate. He had accidentally made Great Strength Pill. He wasn’t certain that he could successfully make it.

“I’ll try first.” He was still very cautious.

“En, okay. If Shidi gets results, tell me anytime.” Finishing, Li Ying Feng left.

Seeing Shijie leave, Zuo Mo instantly rushed into the valley, flipped onto the grey beaked goose to rush for Fragrant Ginger Yard. One pill was twenty pieces of second grade jingshi! This was almost half of his income every year in the past.

Entering Fragrant Ginger Yard, he brought a pile of materials to make the Great Strength Pill from Xu Qing Shijie, and then burrowed into the dan room.

Nothing would make him more enthusiastic than jingshi.

He didn’t start the process immediately but sat down first and thought back to every action that occurred last time. When his emotions had calmed down, he then folded his legs to enter meditation and started [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].

Four hours later, he woke up from meditation. The face was frozen like it was dead, but the eyes were clear and serene.

Zuo Mo’s mind was peaceful, completely absent of the glee he had before. His consciousness, mind and ling energy were all at their best. Putting the raw materials for Great Strength Pill into the cauldron, Zuo Mo’s hands touched the eight trigrams plate and his consciousness silently spread out.

Adding in ling energy, the li fire seal formation on the dan-making cauldron suddenly started, the ling energy inside the cauldron twisting and turning.

In the middle of the process, Zuo Mo’s spell changed and [Art of Crimson Flame] was cast at full force.

A gold line dropped into his hands from the sky. Then its direction was deflected and it entered the cauldron.

Up until now, nothing was different compared to last time. Zuo Mo’s heart relaxed slightly. Just before, when he had thought back to every action in great detail but last time, it had basically been an accident that had created this strange lingdan. He was muddled about many places and didn’t remember clearly.

Suddenly, his heart jumped and he cried misfortune. The ling energy inside the cauldron was vibrating abnormally.

As expected, a sharp and burnt smell spread through the dan room.

Zuo Mo had made enough mental preparations. It wasn’t too difficult to accidentally make a new kind of lingdan. What that needed was luck. But to actually grasp the method for making the ling dan, that was knowledge. Anything that required study, it had to be built from the ground up, there were no tricks.

He knew the general idea, the basic steps, and the raw materials. There was also enough profit. Was there anything other than this that was more appropriate for a greenhorn like Zuo Mo?

As to the difficulties involved, Zuo Mo wasn’t afraid.

In this world, was there something good that would earn jingshi without any difficulty?

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