何为贤妻 To Be A Virtuous Wife Chapter Fifty Nine “The Grace of The Emperor”

Jing guifei is just amazing.

Chapter Fifty Nine The Grace of the Emperor

Putting up her hair, Qu Qing Ju came out again to see He Heng was sitting on a recliner reading a book. She unhesitatingly sat down next to him: “Wang ye, an assassination attempt is a serious matter. Shouldn’t we tell mu fei and let her know you are not seriously wounded to stop her from worrying.”

He Heng nodded: “You are the most considerate,” Finishing, he called for Qian Chang Xin and gave out his waist plate for him to enter the palace to see Jing guifei. He was to clearly tell the process and the important point was that his wound wasn’t serious.

Qian Chang Xin hurriedly left the manor. Even though it was late now, even if the palace was already locked, he had to think of a way to pass the message into the palace.

The guards at the city gate recognized Qian Chang Xin as Duan Wang’s personal taijian. They didn’t ask any questions before allowing him to pass. By this time, the news that Duan Wang had been attacked by assassins had spread through Jing City. They saw the rush that Qian Chang Xin was in, who would dare to block him?

Entering the palace gate, Qian Chang Xin scurried as he travelled to Zhong Jing Palace. Before he could state his intentions, he was ushered in by the servants of Zhong Jing Palace. When he enter the room, he didn’t dare to see the expression on Jing guifei’s face, submissively kneeling on the ground, announcing: “Guifei niangniang, His Highness has sent nucai to come give a morning greeting to niangniang.”

“How is wang ye’s condition?” Jing guifei’s voice was heavier than usual but she still didn’t lose her composure. Ding mama, the person standing by her side, was the only one that found that the hand niangniang had was tightly grasping on the arm of the chair, the fingers almost white. It was clear how worried niangniang was.

“The Dean of the Imperial Hospital has already seen to it. His Highness isn’t seriously injured, it just grazed the flesh. Wang ye and wang fei were afraid you would become worried listening to the inaccurate rumors and sent nucai to personally tell.” Finishing, he obediently recited the string of events, not emphasizing or distorting any part.

After Jing guifei heard the course of events, she was much calmer. She thought for a while with half-lidded eyes before she raised her head to inform Qian Chang Xin; “You go and tell His Highness to recover for the next few days in the manor. Sent more people to the manor to protect your wang ye and wang fei.” Finishing, she stood and rubbed her cheeks. She raised her head slightly as she announced: “Ben gong is going to Tian Qi Palace to beg to see the Emperor.”

It wasn’t only Shu guifei that could use the trick of injuring oneself to gain another’s sympathy. She, Wei Chan Yi, also could use it, and she would use it better, and without a trace.

Reaching up to take out a few hairpins from her hair to let the finely crafted hairstyle become loose, Jing guifei took out a handkerchief to wipe the corners of her eyes. Suddenly, her foot tripped and she stumbled as she walked towards the outer room, wailing tragically: “Your Majesty, our child … …” As she ran, a few locks of hair fell loose, framing her face and making her look even more sorrowful.

Ding mama quickly wiped the corners of her eyes with force, choking as she followed, “Niangniang, niangniang, be careful of where you step.” As the words landed, the person had already disappeared from the room.

Qian Chang Xin’s face was full of reverence as he looked at the empty door. A beat later, he climbed up from the ground. When he walked out of the inner room, he saw the palace maids and taijian, each covering their faces, sobbing or looking fretful. In this instant, he felt he had a very large room for improvement.

In the end, no one knew that Jing guifei said when she went to Tian Qi Palace. But that night, Qing De Emperor sent out many Imperial Decrees. The Junior Minister of Justice, the Minster of Justice, the Commander of the Imperial Guards all received a decree. The meaning was they could sacrifice everything in order to find the mastermind. It showed just how furious the emperor was about the matter.

Other than that, Qing De Emperor bestowed many different kinds of rare herbs, gold, silver, jewellery and outstanding martial arts guards, taiyi skilled in treating all kinds of injuries. This night, the gate of Jing City seemed to open and close, close and open as an endless stream of gifts were delivered from the palace by horse courier to the Fu Lang Manor where Duan Wang was recovering.

A low ranked soldier that guarded the gate looked at the fast horses as they disappeared into the night. He said with some awe: “The Emperor treats His Highness Duan Wang so well.”

A senior soldier snorted at the side: “Other than Rui Wang, Duan Wang is the most favoured by the Emperor. Did you see the Emperor this worried when Cheng Wang was attacked last time?” If they didn’t already know, they would have thought that Duan Wang and Cheng Wang’s injuries were reversed.

It could be seen that a person just didn’t have to choose a father when he reincarnated, but also the mother. Otherwise, why was it that they were all imperial sons, but the care was so drastically different?

“Are you suicidal, are you allowed to discuss the matters of the wang ye?” Commander Sun passed by on his horse. Hearing the conversation, he said with a heavy face, “Shut the gates!”

The expression of the two changed with fright. Along with the others, they obediently close the city gate. The result was that not long after, they saw a few more people speeding on horses, a gold token held up in one hand. They instantly understood, oh, this was also from the palace heading to Fu Lang Manor.

On the backs of the horses were several boxes wrapped in bright yellow cloth. The gatesmen didn’t know what was inside but their expression was wooden. How many horses have already passed by?

Qu Qing Ju disguised a yawn and looked at the piles of gifts in front of her. She turned to look at the lazily sitting He Heng. Smiling as she commented: “The Emperor has such care for wang ye, how many rounds of gifts have already come?”

With an expression like a smile yet not a smile, He Heng glanced at Qu Qing Ju before flipping a page of his book, “It will be better tomorrow. By that time, we would have had a good sleep. Regardless, I’m not going to court any time soon. I can accompany you now.”

This disdainful tone might be a bit too hurtful. Qu Qing Ju blinked her eyes: “Doesn’t wang ye have to rest to recover?”

Ben wang was frightened and needs to see the mountains and water to comfort the soul,” He Heng smiled as he closed the book. He looked at Qu Qing Ju as he commanded: “Qing Ju has to keep me company. Otherwise, I would be frightened if I was alone.”

Qu Qing Ju raised the corner of her mouth to make her smile brighter, “Don’t be afraid, wang ye, I will keep you in good company.”

He Heng smiled broadly: “Qing Ju is so kind.”

Standing in the corner, Ming He and the others buried their heads. The tactics of wang ye and wang fei as they teased and flirted were better and better. As the servants, they had to pretend to not hear, and control their expressions. It was very hard.

“Imperial Decree has arrived!”

The two exchanged a look and calmly patted at the non-existent dust on their bodies before they knelt in the center of the room. After the taiyi recited the decree and the gifts, Qu Qing Ju, as the uninjured party, took over the imperial decree and bowed to give thanks. She watched as the taijian present the items and then as the taijian quickly left.

Randomly opening a box, Qu Qing Ju’s eyes narrowed. Hundred year old blood ginseng, very rare stuff. She tilted her head to look at He Heng and found that the other didn’t even look at the items in the box.

Closing the box, Qu Qing Ju asked: “Why don’t wang ye sleep first, it’s alright if I stand guard.”

“Just a minor injury, don’t worry like this,” He Heng smiled helplessly, knowing that the other was worried about his wound. He assured, “It’s passed eleven now, there shouldn’t be any more.” Finishing, he used the right hand which wasn’t injured to pull the person to sit beside him.

Qu Qing Ju followed and sat. She sighed, saying: “If they find the mastermind, they must punish him strictly.”

“Don’t worry. In the end, someone will be punished,” He Heng clasped her hand as he said, “After a few days, Cheng Wang might be coming to the manor. You need to get someone to prepare a residence.”

Si shu?” Qu Qing Ju stilled before smiling as she mused, “That’s true, soaking in the hot springs would be good for si shu’s body.”

“En,” He Heng kissed her cheek, “My Qing Ju is so smart.”

Qu Qing Ju raised an eyebrow: “Is wang ye comforting a little child?”

He Heng laughed lightly. The result was he was bitten firmly on the shoulder by Qu Qing Ju which ended up with him laughing even more joyously.

Qu Qing Ju pushed her head onto the other’s chest, gave a yawn, rubbed a few times before she closed her eyes.

Seeing the person in his embrace sleeping like this, He Heng smiled helplessly. Just before, she had said for him to go sleep first, how did it turn out to be her falling asleep first?

Thinking of how the person he was hugging had looked as she ran in with her flowing hair, He Heng’s heart felt ticklish. Even though she had not been wearing makeup, her hair a tangle, but in his eyes, she was the most beautiful at that instant.

Gently touching a finger to the slightly moist lips, He Heng’s lips curled. Even his eyes were full of mirth.

On the second morning, the court had turned into a mess due to the fact Duan Wang had been attacked. The incident with the envoys hadn’t been cleared yet, and now Duan Wang was also attacked by assassins. It was lucky that the Imperial Guards had patrolled in that area. If Commander Sun hadn’t went to that location, who knew how bad the situation would have been.

Qing De Emperor was in a rage, ordering the Imperial Guards, Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court to cooperate at the highest level and find the criminal. He even said at court, if they couldn’t make clear of the matter of Duan Wang being attacked, then the three top officials of these three places would not stay there.

The only imperial son left at court, He Qi, thought suspiciously, did lao san really do this?

Commander Sun felt fortunate at this time. Thankfully he heard been hearing about robbery occurring at a certain place outside the city these past days. It was why he decided to patrol there yesterday. Who knew he would coincidentally save Duan Wang, this was a boon from the gods.

But who was that person that reported to him that robberies were occurring at a spot outside the city? He remembered that low ranked soldier’s appearance was very normal. He couldn’t remember what he looked like. He was the commander, but there were several thousand people in the Imperial Guards. Was he to know all of them?

Really unable to remember about the person, Commander Sun gave up. It was just a coincidence, the heavens helping him. Otherwise, if Duan Wang had died due to an assassination when he was the Commander of the Imperial Guards, he might not have been able to keep the hat on top of his head, but his head would have dropped along with the hat.

In Cheng Wang Fu, He Ming finished listening to the servant report on the matter of er ge being attacked by assassins. He thought for a beat before ordering: “Prepare the gifts for Duan Wang. Ben wang might be going to Fu Lan Manor in a few days to accompany er ge in his recovery.

As expected, in the afternoon, the Fu Lang Manor sent someone to Cheng Wang Fu. They said that Fu Lang Manor was beautiful and clean and the taiyi there were skilled at treating injuries. They hoped that His Highness Cheng Wang would stay for a few days at Fu Lang Manor to soak in the hot springs and let this taiyi look at his wounds again.

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