何为贤妻 To Be A Virtuous Wife Chapter Sixty Four “Disparity”

These chapters should be called “why an imperial wife needs good relatives”.

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Chapter Sixty Four Disparity

“Before placing a stone, one has to look at the front, back, left and right. You have to break the other person’s path and also leave a retreat path for yourself. The worst tactic is to damage the enemy one thousand but lose eight hundred yourself,” He Heng played with the stones in his hand. Seeing Qu Qing Ju hesitating on where to land, he pointed to a corner, “This place will block my retreat and eat two of my stones. If I play and block your retreat, you could play here and don’t have to worry.”

Qu Qing Ju looked at the black and white stones. She couldn’t see any back paths or forward paths so she messily put down a stone where He Heng indicated earlier. She smiled and commented, “Today’s weather is so good. It’s such a pleasure to soak in the sun whilst playing weiqi.” And the person sitting in front of her seemed to be in a good mood.

“I think you are just lazy,” He Heng wanted to go easy on her so he didn’t bother blocking those visible holes. Before he continued speaking, he noticed Ming He guiding a black-robed Wang Chang Ming over to his table in a rush. Apparently, some major event had occurred.

Qu Qing Ju also saw He Heng’s subordinate’s arrival and prepared to stand and leave. Who knew He Heng would put down another stone on the board? That implied he wished for her to stay and continue playing.

“Greetings to wang ye, wang fei,” Wang Chang Ming bowed to the two and said with a lowered head, “wang ye, His Highness Ning Wang is currently being imprisoned in Bright Moon Tower and the Emperor has fallen sick in anger.”

Ning Wang had overplayed his hand? Qu Qing Ju’s hand that held her stone stilled, her face showing surprise, “Why is da be imprisoned? What crime did he commit?”

“From the investigation conducted by the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice and the  Imperial Guards, His Highness Ning Wang was implicated with the case of attempted assassination of the imperial envoy as well as the case of attempted assassination on wang ye.” Wang Chang Ming didn’t expect wang fei to speak but seeing that wang ye didn’t seem to mind, he answered her truthfully, “The palace has already sent down the decree freeing His Highness Rui Wang from his house arrest. This one heard that Rui Wang has already entered the palace to give his thanks.”

Da ge was just locked up and the sick lao san released. This old emperor was in too much of a rush. Wasn’t the head of the Supreme Court her jiujiu? Did this matter have something to do with him?

She turned her head to give He Heng a look of “how is this possible, I don’t believe it”, followed by a doubtful expression, “Da be wouldn’t do such a thing. Maybe there is a misunderstanding?”

“The Associate Justice Tian da ren has already thoroughly investigated the matter. The proof is indisputable,” Wang Chang Ming hadn’t lifted his head the entire time, “This one’s status is low and unclear about many matters. However, this one heard that this matter has already been settled and has no suspicious aspects. The three da ren who were responsible for this case have all confirmed that they have no doubts.”

Did no one ever suspect that this was He lao er’s tactic of injuring himself to gain confidence? Qu Qing Ju peeked at He Heng before randomly putting down a stone and exclaiming: “We’re all the same family. Why should it come to this?”

He Heng pushed the stones in front of him, looking agitated: “How could it be like this? Da ge is honest and straightforward. Why did he try to harm si di and I?”

Qu Qing Ju looked at the servants hovering nearby and worriedly grasped his hand: “Wang ye, your wounds hasn’t healed. Don’t get angry. Fuhuang is ill, and he would be waiting for you to visit him.”

He Heng turned to stare raptly at Qu Qing Ju. He then stood and announced: “Wang fei is right, you and I will return to the city and enter the palace right now.” He turned to Ming He, “Ming He, invite Cheng Wang to enter the palace with me.”

“Yes,” Ming He quickly left.

Wang Chang Ming saw this scene and stated: “Wang ye, please take care of your body. This one bids farewell.” He bent as he left. He hadn’t even given a single glance at Qu Qing Ju.

Qu Qing Ju watched this Wang Chang Ming leave. This person had excellent self-control and took great care in his speech and mannerisms. When he was answering her questions, he always maintained the respect for He Heng. Even then, this person didn’t put her on a lesser position. She turned her head to look at He Heng. It looked like the subordinates he supported were just like him. On the surface, none of them had flaws. In reality, only they knew what they really looked like inside.

“What, da ge is locked up?” He Ming asked in surprise, after hearing the words of er ge’s taijian, “Fuhuang fainted from anger, what is going on?” His face was suspicious but he walked outside with the servant, expressing how much he completely trusted He Heng.

Ming He slightly bent his body as he narrated the series of events in a small voice behind him. When the procession arrived at the main gate, they saw that the carriages had already been prepared. He Heng and Qu Qing Ju were waiting for them beside the carriages.

“It’s didi’s fault for making er ge and er sao wait,” He Ming lengthened his stride, and raised his hands in a fist to the couple, “Please,”

“We just came out as well,” He Heng’s expression was grave, “You should know the cause now. We’re going into the palace to see fuhuang right now. Anything else will wait until after that.”

The procession quickly got on the carriage. At this time, they didn’t care about being in recovery. He Heng sat back-straight in the carriage, his face increasingly pale yet his spine did not bend one bit.

Qu Qing Ju saw his appearance was getting worse, and guessed that this was what he wanted Qing De Emperor to see. So she said, “Wang ye, since fuhuang has already woken up, it must not be very serious. You have to take care of your own body.”

“I know, but just thinking about fuhuang lying ill on the bed, I feel so restless,” He Heng sighing as he patted her hand.

Husband and wife gazed at each other, both showing an expression of “I’m very worried, I’m very sad”.

This was most likely the  supposed two hearts linked as one … … right.

Once the carriage had reached the main door of the Imperial Palace, it couldn’t continue inward. The three came down the carriage to walk to Tian Qi Palace and saw a matron kneeling in front of the main hall. Qu Qing Ju recognized that the woman was Ning Wang’s birth mother, Wen guipin.

As she passed by Wen guipin, she couldn’t resist glancing at this woman. She saw that she only had a green jade hairpin in her hair and a bent neck.

After waiting momentarily at the door, a taijian ushered them in. Qu Qing Ju reached out to clasp He Heng’s hand, and dropped half a step to walk at He Heng’s right.

Qing De Emperor was leaning on the dragon bed. Seeing the couple of He Heng come in with He Ming, a sliver of guilt and regret appeared on his face. Before they completed their greeting, he’d already bestowed their seats.

“Just now, when we heard fuhuang had fainted, us two brothers rushed to the palace. When we got to the door, we finally remembered that we didn’t bring along anything. Fuhuang, forgive us for our impulsiveness.” He Heng stood and said with some embarrassment, “And the game we’d originally planned to give to fuhuang was also left behind.”

“This is your filial love, zhen wouldn’t criticize you for it,” Seeing that his son had become worried enough to forget protocol, Qing De Emperor examined his second son in a good mood. He found that his face looked pasty-white. Furrowing his brow, he said, “Sit down, you haven’t recovered and yet you rushed to the palace, how can the wounds bear it?”

“Just a small wound, sorry to make fuhuang worry,” He Heng gave a carefree smile, “si di’s wounds are much more serious than er chen.”

Qing De Emperor glanced at He Ming sitting at the side: “Lao da that animal, zhen hadn’t thought he would conduct himself as an animal. Zhen has let you be wronged.” He sighed, his spirits low, “Is it because zhen isn’t a good fuhuang that he would do such a thing?”

“This has nothing to do with fuhuang,” He Heng violently rose, his feet tripping. He was quickly held up by Qu Qing Ju. He said urgently, “Fuhuang is a humane ruler. Da ge usually is honest, this matter sounds fishy.”

Zhen knows that you’ve always cared for your brothers, but this matter has been investigated thoroughly. Zhen doesn’t want to believe that he sent people to assassinate the two of you either. And to purposefully frame lao san. This son has such malicious desires, he doesn’t deserve to be zhen’s son.” Qing De Emperor was so angry that he heavily punched the bed and instantly started coughing again.

The palace maid on duty hurriedly came up to rub his back. Qing De Emperor made her retreat in irritation. He forced down a mouthful of water, suppressing the itch in his throat, “You don’t have to beg for mercy for him. Zhen has already made the decision.”

Qu Qing Ju watched this scene of paternal and filial love. In her mind, she silently thought, Emperor, don’t worry, your son really didn’t come to ask for mercy. Whatever way you wish to sentence lao da, he wouldn’t object.

Qing De Emperor looked at the erxi who hadn’t spoken at all but was attentive and protective of his second son. He beckoned with his hand for her to walk in front of him: “Zhen has picked a good wang fei for you, treat her well.” A woman, no matter the time and place, should always remember to protect her husband. This woman certainly was a good one.

Fuhuang, er chen understands,” He Heng gave a smile. He reached out to grasp the slightly wrinkled hand of Qing De Emperor, his eyes reddening, “You’ve become thinner recently.”

“Such a child,” Qing De Emperor looked at the red around his son’s eyes. The heart that had been turned cold by lao da warmed again. He reached out to pat a shoulder, “You are still wounded, return early and get some rest. These next few days, rest well in the wang fu. After this period, continue to handle affairs for zhen.”

Er chen will definitely recover quickly,” He Heng assured, “fuhaung, please don’t worry.”

Qu Qing Ju listened to the conversation. For some reason, she thought of Shu guifei. Wasn’t that the type Qing De Emperor liked so did he use the same standard to judge his erxifu? After thinking about it, she lost the joy from his compliment.

Was it really okay to have a double standard like this?

As she watched father and son earnestly say many more words before reluctantly parting, Qu Qing Ju inwardly thought, both father and son must be very satisfied with this warm act. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so immersed in their roles.

He Ming was still in his invisible role. Until the three of them had left, He Ming only said some lines at the beginning and at the end. Qu Qing Ju saw his calm expression and knew that he was used to this situation.

Coming out of the door, Qu Qing Ju saw Wen guipin was still kneeling outside the door. She couldn’t bear to look any longer. How many mothers would stand by and watch as her child beared hardship? Even the most careful and timid person like Wen guipin will gather the courage to beg at Tian Qi Palace. Wasn’t all this just for her child?

“Your Highness Duan Wang!” Wen guipin, whether it was because she had no other choice or her mind was unclear from kneeling so long, she grabbed a corner of He Heng’s robe, begging: “Your Highness Duan Wang, say a few words for Ning Wang. Qi’er wouldn’t try to assassinate you, help him.”

He Heng took a step back. Seeing that Wen guipin had a solid grip, he replied, “Wen guipin niangniang, I have already asked for mercy for da ge. This matter, fuhuang has made his decision.”

“Try again, just ask again for Ning Wang,” Wen guipin wept, “I’m begging you, say a few more good words for Ning Wang.” She saw He Heng didn’t make a noise in response and turned to beg Qu Qing Ju, “Please, I’m begging you.”

Qu Qing Mu moved away her eyes, not wanting to look into Wen guipin’s teary eyes. She wasn’t a soft-hearted person, but she couldn’t look at such a scene.

“What is this? Who dares to make such a ruckus in front of fuhuang’s front door?”

Qu Qing Ju furrowed her brows. He Yuan wanted to invite death just after being freed?

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