修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Fifty Five “Going To Get Rich?”

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Chapter Fifty Five – Going To Get Rich?

Li Ying Feng was slightly drowsy as she opened the store door. After Master had rushed back to Wu Kong Mountain a few days ago, he still hadn’t returned. These two days, because Master wasn’t here, she had kept the store closed. In any case, the recent inventory had pretty much all been sold. The next batch of ling dan from Fourth Shigu still hadn’t left the cauldron and there wasn’t much else to sell in the store.

Wu Kong Sword Sect was only a small sect and didn’t have much produce. In Dong Fu, they only had this small store. Most of what they sold were the lingdan that Fourth Shigu made and the talismans that Second Shishu forged. If nothing was happening, she would sleep. After entering zhuji, there wasn’t much need for sleep. However,  for women sleep wasn’t just a requirement, it was a form of relaxation. On this point, Li Ying Feng wasn’t an exception. She frequently slept until her eyes rolled and became muddle-headed. It was completely different from her usual cleverness and generosity.


Muddle-headed, Li Ying Feng seemed to see that there were many people outside the door. She suddenly became alert, her drowsiness completely vanished. Looking at the dense field of people, her entire body became numb.

So many people… … what had happened……

“It’s open!”

“Finally open!”

“Hey, boss, I want to buy……”



Pushing open the store door was like the spark that lit the fire. The originally quiet situation suddenly became noisy and messy. Looking at the sea of heads outside, Li Ying Feng was like a statue, pinned to the door entrance.

In the West Wind Valley, Zuo Mo felt that his entire body was numb, not one place wasn’t sore.

Barely controlling the ling energy in his body, the ice crystal sword was wobbling in mid air. His eyes glared furiously as he tried to control the last remaining bit of ling energy in his body.


The voice was rough and dissonant.

The wobbling ice crystal sword turned to a flash of white light, leaving behind a faint cold mist in the air.


The white light hit the wooden target ten feet away. There was a figure drawn on the target. It was the person who Zuo Mo cursed countless times everyday, Luo Li.

The wooden target instantly shattered. Each fragment was coated with a thin layer of ice.

“Fighting with ge! Kill you!”



Opening his eyes, Zuo Mo couldn’t resist groaning. So painful! As he was struggling up, when he saw where he was, he finally remembered that he had fainted when practicing [Li Water Sword Scripture] as his ling energy ran out. First seeing that he was covered in mud. Then thinking about how in his dream, he had demolished the wooden target that had Luo Li drawn on it, he couldn’t help laughing. That was really absurd!

One thousand and six!

That was the number of attacks he remembered before fainting. The ling energy in his body was at a dangerously low level. Before fainting, he had used up the ling energy too much. He decided to go to the rock room to recover his ling energy. The soreness over his body meant that each step was extremely painful. Like a turtle, he moved slowly towards the opening, his mouth giving groans along the way.

Shidi, Shidi!”

Zuo Mo suddenly heard someone yelling from outside the valley. It was somewhat familiar. He stopped walking. He was secretly grateful that he hadn’t entered the stone room.

He saw Xu Yi Shixiong fly in. When he saw Zuo Mo’s sorry state, he first blanked and then smiled, “How did Shidi get like this?”

Zuo Mo grimaced, “I wasn’t careful when practicing the sword and tripped.”

Shidi really is hard working!” Xu Yi praised, and then sighed, “The matter between Shidi and Luo Li Shixiong, I can’t really do anything. I heard that Shidi was lacking in jingshi, I still have some and can relieve Shidi’s need.” Finishing, he took out two pieces of third grade jingshi.

Zuo Mo blanked. He had a good impression of Xu Yi but didn’t have a deep relationship. He had never thought that Xu Yi Shixiong would stand on his side on this matter. The other coming of his own initiative to shove jingshi at him, it was too strange.

And Zuo Mo was even more surprised by Xu Yi Shixiong’s next move.

He saw Xu Yi Shixiong take out a silver bracelet and hand it to Zuo Mo, “This is the Star Silver Vambrace. It is a defensive talisman I forged. Second grade, able to block three attacks from a ningmai cultivator.” Finishing his explanation, he shoved it into Zuo Mo’s chest.

Zuo Mo was confused, and he completely did not understand the situation.

“Right, does Shidi still have any more of the great strength pill?” Xu Yi asked warmly.

“Great Strength Pill?” He didn’t know how Xu Yi Shixiong knew about the great strength pill. Looking at the two pieces of third grade jingshi and the shining vambrace on his hands, Zuo Mo was almost knocked unconscious by the meat pie from the sky. He replied instinctively, “Nothing left.”

“Then I want to order one hundred from Shidi, each one fifty pieces of second grade jingshi, how about it?” Xu Yi stared at Zuo Mo as he asked.

Fifty second grade jingshi each one, one hundred……

Was he dreaming? He still hasn’t woken up? He looked dumbly at a place not far away –– there wasn’t the wooden target that Luo Li was drawn on!

Wasn’t dreaming……

“One hundred pills…… each one fifty pieces of second grade jingshi……” He muttered to himself.

“Right, what does Shidi think?” Xu Yi was slightly nervous.

Had the world gone crazy?

Zuo Mo looked at Xu Yi Shixiong staring at him and thought dumbly.

“Does Shidi have some problems?” Xu Yi saw that Zuo Mo hadn’t reacted for a long time and couldn’t resist asking.

“No problem,” Zuo Mo’s voice was slightly weak. For some reason, he didn’t feel any joy. It might be that it felt too unrealistic!

“Amazing! I just knew that Shidi would definitely help,” Xu Yi grinned. He took out five pieces of third grade jingshi and shoved it onto Zuo Mo’s hand, “These five pieces of third grade jingshi can be the down payment. Shidi’s body is the first priority, don’t tire yourself. Shidi doesn’t have to send all one hundred pills at the same time. Oh, after the sect assessment, don’t rush.”

Zuo Mo dumbly agreed.

Seeing Xu Yi Shixiong contentedly leave, he still held a dumb expression. He hadn’t managed to absorb what just happened.

Who could tell him what was going on?

Maybe it was really a dream, Zuo Mo thought inside. Maybe in the next instant, he would wake up. And the things on his hands would disappear in a blink.

“Is Shizhi here?”

Yan Le Shishu’s voice sounded from outside the valley. Before Zuo Mo could reply, Yan Le Shibo flew in.

When Yan Le saw Zuo Mo’s state, he first stilled and then smiled, “Oh, Shizi really is hardworking! It really seemed that there was great hope for this year’s sect assessment.”

Shibo!” Zuo Mo didn’t dare offend him. Even if his entire body was sore, he still bowed.

Yan Le Shibo saw the things in Zuo Mo’s arms and then thought of Xu Yi who he encountered outside the valley. He couldn’t help but curse inside. Xu Yi might be collected and calm usually but his feet were really quick.

“Just now, I encountered your Xu Yi Shixiong. He should have already ordered great strength pill from you.” Yan Le said smilingly.

“Huh, how does Shibo know?” In the elders, Zuo Mo felt the most harmonious was Yan Le Shibo.

“Haha, how many did he order?” Yan Le asked in response.

“One hundred pills.”

As expected, the same as Second Shixiong, a single move was this vicious! Yan Le swore inside but the smile on his face became even more harmonious, “Shibo has come this time for great strength pill as well.”

Zuo Mo, whose thoughts had just returned, suddenly stilled.

“Does Shizhi’s great strength pill contain sun essence?” Yan Le stared at Zuo Mo as he asked.

“Yes.” Zuo Mo woodenly nodded.

Yan Le clapped his hands and praised, “As expected!” Zuo Mo was frightened. With a head full of confusion, Zuo Mo finally couldn’t bear it and asked, “Even now, this disciple doesn’t understand. Shibo, what is going on?”

“He he, Shizhi don’t rush, I will tell you all.” Only now did Yan Le tell the result of the appraisal of great strength pill to Zuo Mo.

Fire source?

Zuo Mo had seen it before on the records. No matter if it was forging or dan-making, as long as it was using the fire method, a fire source was something necessary. The more rare and precious high quality the fire source was, the greater its aid in the process. Especially for those experts in dan and forging, fire source was especially important.

Zuo Mo finally understood.

What Golden Crow Fire exactly was, Zuo Mo wasn’t clear, but if it really was a fine one among the fourth grade fire source like Yan Le Shibo said… He instantly understood the value of the dan he made. Golden Crow Fire was the object of the dreams of the dan and forging cultivators!

Yan Le was secretly observing Zuo Mo’s eyes. It was a pity that Zuo Mo had a zombie face and nothing could be observed.

“The sect leader hopes that only we could receive the selling rights of the great strength pill from Shizhi. As to the price, don’t worry, Shizhi, we will use the market price.” Yan Le stared at Zuo Mo as he slowly explained.

Only selling rights?

Zuo Mo unhesitatingly nodded, “That isn’t a problem.” For him, it was the same whoever he sold it to but his roots were in the sect. If he gave the only selling rights to the sect, the sect naturally had to give him an equivalent repayment. The sect leader had always been fair. Zuo Mo was very confident on this point.

Yan Le was very satisfied with Zuo Mo’s answer. He thought inside, Zuo Mo’s identity and past might not be clear but he was very loyal to the sect.

His expression became even more harmonious, “Good, don’t worry, we won’t treat you unfairly. Other than the market price, the contribution point for each great strength pill will be double. If you are interested in cultivating the sword, in the future, the sect’s [Shapeless Sword Scripture], [Empty Sword Scripture], and the other fourth grade sword scriptures can all be passed to you. Don’t fail the hopes that the sect has in you. Right, the name great strength pill is too unpleasant, in the future, it will be changed to Golden Crow Pill.”

Finishing, he took out a blue vest to hand to Zuo Mo, “This is a second grade Immortal Water Ling Armor. It’s a piece of Shibo’s good will. If you wear it, it will add a bit more protection.”

Zuo Mo hurried to thank him.

Shizhi needs to make some soon.” Yan Le gave a troubled expression, “Right now, your Shijie is being surrounded by people and can’t get out. Only selling some dan can calm them down.”

He couldn’t help but admire Sect Leader Shixiong’s eyes. If they really didn’t sell, it was likely that the sect’s little store in Dong Fu would have been torn down. Wu Kong Sword Sect would have become known to everyone. At that time, it was hard to say if they could still keep Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo was stunned. He hadn’t thought that the matter would be like that. He instantly said, “Don’t worry, Shibo, this disciple will immediately make a batch.” To say nothing of anything else, if Li Ying Feng Shijie was in trouble he could not ignore it.

Yan Le nodded contentedly and after exhorting Zuo Mo again, he finally left.

Zuo Mo finally reacted, his eyes large as he became excited!

Curiously examining the immortal water ling armor in his hand, this was the first time he had seen ling armor. In curiosity, he added in ling energy. The immortal water ling armor suddenly turned into a ball of blue water and climbed up his arm, quickly covering his body. He could clearly feel the connection between this ling armor and him.

Was he really going to get rich?

He stared dumbly at the immortal water ling armor on his body. There were still hints of disbelief in his eyes.

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