修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Sixty Two “Lin Qian”

Zuo Mo is really not a good looking person and he never will be one. He does improve from looking like a zombie but let’s not have high expectations.

Chapter Sixty Two Lin Qian

Luo Li was both proud and regretful as he shook his head: “This isn’t the real Void Sword Scripture. Reconstructing Void Sword Scipture, how can it be this easy?”

Qin Cheng quickly recovered and sighed: “So strong even when it is incomplete. How strong would the complete [Void Sword Scripture] be?” He couldn’t help but look at the place where the lightning had disappeared. That crack and the lightning had both disappeared without a trace.

“The founder was mysterious and strong.” Even one as proud as Luo Li was in awe of the sect’s founder.

Shidi shouldn’t underestimate yourself. Just three months, for Shidi to accomplish so much, Shixiong really hadn’t got the wrong person.” Qin Cheng’s eyes were full of satisfaction: “Really makes one want to see! If Shidi has to face Wei Sheng, how much is the chance of winning?”

Luo Li’s hands unconsciously tightened into fists, flames barely perceptible burning in his cold eyes: “Just a sword servant that wants to climb on top of my head. He doesn’t know what he’s getting into!”

“Ha ha, after another few days, it would be the sect assessment. Shidi, get justice for Shimei. I saw that Shimei’s mood these days hasn’t been good.” Qin Cheng said: “Pity that Wei Sheng can’t catch the sect assessment. Otherwise, it would be spectacular.”

Luo Li had never paid attention to Zuo Mo. His goal was Wei Sheng. He said frigidly: “In the end, he has to come out.”

Qin Cheng contentedly left Luo Li’s place. When he was returning to his own residence, he saw many outer sect disciples with different expressions. When those outer sect disciples saw Qin Cheng, they hurriedly stopped and bowed: “Eldest Shixiong!”

“What matter has you all so busy?” Qin Cheng asked.

The outer sect disciples exchanged looks. A moment later, one person said: “Zuo Mo Shixiong was practicing in the river and accidentally was swept away by the water. The sect leader ordered us to search along the river.”

Hearing this, Qin Cheng laughed. He waved his hand: “En, do what you need to do.”

It was as though these outer sect disciples had been pardoned from execution as they hurriedly left. They weren’t dumb. They didn’t want to get involved in the battle between the inner sect disciples.

Qin Cheng leisurely walked along, finding it increasingly humorous. To get swept away by the water when practicing in the river, such a humorous thing. He had never heard something like that before. This Zuo Mo was really amusing! He unconcernedly threw the incident to the back of his mind. Zuo Mo didn’t have any position in his mind. In his mind, ling plant farmers might be important but in this era of sword cultivators dominating, only those without ambition would go farm.

The person he was truly concerned with was Wei Sheng! Only this person would affect his position!

Before Wei Sheng had appeared, his position was rock steady. From a long time ago, he had thought himself the next sect leader of Wu Kong Sword Sect. But he would have never thought that along the way, a Wei Sheng would appear out of nowhere and be so strong as to easily threaten his position.

He was extremely cunning and experienced. He knew that there would be someone other than him that would not like Wei Sheng to prosper even more. That was Luo Li. For someone as proud as Luo Li Shidi, how could he tolerate someone who had previously been his sword servant suddenly climb on top of his head? That was even more uncomfortable than killing him.

A cold smile floated on top of Qin Cheng’s face. He wasn’t one person. These inner sect disciples that had climbed up from the outer sect directly affected the privileges of the original inner sect disciples. It wasn’t just him that had an opinion.

Even the sect leader had to take their opinions into account.

Zuo Mo walked along the major road. His upper half was bare, a pant was the only thing left on his lower half, his foot also bare. When the people on the road saw him, they all had strange expressions. But seeing the ice crystal sword he held in his hand, no one dared to laugh.

Zuo Mo didn’t know where this place was. Only after he asked someone did he know that there was about five hundred miles from here to Dong Fu. Zuo Mo grimaced inside. He hadn’t thought that he would be swept five hundred miles by the river water. Thankfully, five hundred miles wasn’t that far for him. Now that his cultivation had increased, the speed he travelled at had increased as well.

He decided that, when he reached the fifth level of zhuji, he would go learn a flying spell. If he met similar circumstances in the future, he wouldn’t have to rely on his two legs.

But he wasn’t in a rush. He had asked a few people and all of them said as long as he followed the road forward, he would reach Dong Fu. When he reached Dong Fu, then it wouldn’t be far from Wu Kong Mountain.

As he walked, he thought about what he had learned these days. He didn’t feel tired. He had just made a breakthrough. It was still indistinct in many places There were many things that he needed to get used to. Even though he travelled along, Zuo Mo didn’t find it dull.

“This brother, sorry to disturb. May I ask what is in this direction?”

Zuo Mo, deep in his thoughts, was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice. He was slightly discontent as he raised his head.

When he raised his head, he instantly was dumbstruck.

How in this damned world is there a man more handsome than ge?

This thought came out instinctively.

Handsome, too handsome!

This male was of similar height to him, a strong brow and sharp eyes, extremely masculine. Clad in white, he seemed ethereal and casual. If Pu Yao’s handsomeness was androgynous, than this male’s handsomeness was overwhelmingly male. This was the first time that Zuo Mo saw someone who could compare to Pu Yao in the area of beauty.

He looked at himself. A skeletal body, ripped pants, zombie face.

Zuo Mo was uncomfortable, very uncomfortable!

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Zuo Mo dragged out his voice, glancing at the other out of the corner of his eye as though this place was his backyard.

The other raised his hands in a fist, bowing: “This little brother is Lin Qian. Having sightseen to this place but doesn’t know the location. Please, brother, tell me.”

Lin Qian? Definitely a fake gentleman! Zuo Mo slandered inside.

“Sightseeing?” Zuo Mo examined the other and then reached out with his right hand, rubbing his thumb and middle finger. That eternally unchanging zombie face actually had a “you understand” expression.”

Lin Qian paused. Looking at Zuo Mo’s fingers, he asked in puzzlement: “What’s wrong with brother’s hand?”

Zuo Mo almost spat blood. He said irritably: “Even the guiding flaming birds need jingshi, asking for directions is a paid service, understand?”

“Oh.” Lin Qian made a sound and then obediently took out a piece of jingshi to hand to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s eyes widened and, lightning fast, took the jingshi.

Oh ooh! Third grade jingshi! What this guy took out was  a piece of third grade jingshi!

Rich person! Fat sheep!

Zuo Mo instantly labeled Lin Qian. Taking out a third grade jingshi to ask for directions, only those rich young masters who don’t understand the world would do such a stupid thing. The thoughts inside his head moved rapidly. Zuo Mo’s voice quickly became very warm: “Oh, oh! Helping others is the duty of my generation. Brother Lin, don’t worry, I’m very familiar with this area.”

“Oh.” Lin Qian seemed to understand as he nodded his head, his face showing a relieved expression.

“Here, walking forward, it’s Dong Fu.” Zuo Mo displayed everything he knew, and then pretended to ask mysteriously: “Does Brother Lin know what place Dong Fu is?”

“Don’t know.” Lin Qian asked with an interested expression.

Truly a young master! Zuo Mo was both jealous and disdainful. These days, other than those rich young masters, who had the leisure to sightsee everywhere?

Slandering inside, his mouth went: “This Dong Fu, it is one of our Sky Moon Jie’s primary towns. There is … …” Suddenly realizing that this young master probably came from a larger place, and these things wouldn’t arouse the other’s interest, his direction changed: “Speaking of Dong Fu, it was Dong Fu xianren who cleaved Dong Fu with one sword blow and used the bottom half of the mountain to build the town.”

“Impressive, impressive!” Lin Qian praised, his expression focused.

He seemed like a useless young master!

Zuo Mo’s heart relaxed slightly and he continued: “If Brother Lin wants to sightsee, there is a few places to go to in Dong Fu.”

“Please, Brother, guide me.”

Zuo Mo pieced together what he had heard usually randomly and said: “If for views, the best views are from the Plum Peak in Dong Qi Sword Sect. If it’s water, Sky Shaking River is a good place, the river is fast and the scene on both sides is very inspiring……”

He spoke nonsense but Lin Qian listened extremely carefully.

“Dong Fu might be a bit out of the way, but there are some strong people. A few days ago, I saw a thousand wing ship. Tsk tsk, really frightening!”

“Thousand wing ship?” Lin Qian suddenly asked.

“Yes, Chi Ye zhenren’s travelling palace.”

Since they were going in the same direction, the two travelled together. Earning a piece of third grade jingshi, Zuo Mo was satisfied. This Lin Qian’s cultivation wasn’t high, just slightly above Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo wasn’t afraid he would do anything.

For cultivators, day and night were not very different. Even as the night came, the two didn’t stop. Even if he couldn’t ruminate on sword scripture, it wasn’t boring having someone to talk to. That little bit of ink in Zuo Mo’s stomach was quickly all used up and it switched to Lin Qian to talk.

Only now did Zuo Mo find that this young master that seemed like a fat sheep was extremely knowledgeable. As he listened, admiration rose. It was the first time he met someone who had such broad knowledge. Around him, if it wasn’t those that cultivated the sword, it was being busy with common jobs. He had never seen someone like Lin Qian that knew something about everything under the sky.

It might have been that Lin Qian finally encountered someone that was willing to listen to him, but Lin Qian interestedly talked and drew Zuo Mo in.

The two didn’t travel slowly and quickly neared Dong Fu.

“Zuo Shixiong! Zuo Shixiong!”

Zuo Mo heard someone yelling at him and raised his head. He saw a few outer sect disciples. These outer sect disciples also released a breath: “Finally found Shixiong! The sect leader was very worried about Shixiong and especially ordered us to search for Shixiong!”

Finishing, their expressions became slightly strange. In front of them, Zuo Mo and Lin Qian made for a strong comparison. Beside an extremely handsome man, there stood a half-naked skeleton with a sword. This picture, it really was……

Zuo Mo didn’t pay attention to the looks of these outer sect disciples. He turned around, his hand presenting the third grade jingshi in front of Lin Qian, his voice serious as he said: “Brother Lin’s knowledge is deep like the sea. Zuo Mo admires very much. This jingshi, this one doesn’t dare to accept. This day and night, this little brother has learned much, it’s more than enough for acting as a guide. But it’s a pity that this little brother has a sect assessment immediately and has no time to sightsee with Brother Lin. Brother Lin, have a good trip!”

Finishing, he shoved the third grade jingshi into Lin Qian’s hand

At the side, the outer sect disciples stared with wide eyes dumbly at the third grade jingshi.

Waving his hand at Lin Qian, Zuo Mo started running in the direction of Wu Kong Mountain. The outer sect disciples returned to their bodies and hurriedly followed.

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