修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Sixty Four “Caught It!”

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Zuo Mo isn’t going to have a good time this chapter. We get to see what the elders think of everything that’s happened.

Chapter Sixty Four – Caught it!

[Seven Whirlpools]!

The outer sect disciples simultaneously sighed in shock. Those that had been spectating instantly became alert. Zuo Mo Shixiong really had concealed himself deeply!

Yan Le was slightly surprised as he looked at the plaza: “Little Mo has something like this?” he had just returned and didn’t know what had happened with Zuo Mo. Seeing Zuo Mo releasing such an exquisite attack, he was very shocked.

Pei Yuan Ran said: “Don’t rush. There might be even bigger surprises later.”

The situation suddenly changed. Zuo Mo, who had been thought as destined to lose, suddenly revealed a very strong sword move and also raised everyone’s interest.

Trapped between seven sword energy whirlpools, Luo Li’s face was still indifferent. He didn’t seem to make a motion, but the seven roaring sword energy whirlpools suddenly paused, the strands of sword energy flailing chaotically but not one sword energy could enter the area five paces from Luo Li.

“Luo Li didn’t slack off either.” Pei Yuan Ran had a satisfied expression. Turning, he asked Xin Yan: “This move [Extinguish], what level?”

“The fifth.” Xin Yan said.

“En. Luo Li’s talent isn’t bad, but it’s a pity he met Wei Sheng.” Yan Le said aimlessly.

The others all had a slightly discomforted expression. Wei Sheng’s talents was much greater than Luo Li. Based on the perspective of the sect, the unequal treatment was natural. But the time that Luo Li spent with them was much longer than Wei Sheng, and much closer in terms of feelings.

Pei Yuan Ran said: “This isn’t something that can be dealt with. We, as sword xiu, uphold the rule of the strong and weak. Ambition is good, but what is needed is to understand one’s own abilities.”

“Qin Cheng asked for [Shapeless Sword Scripture] from me.” Xin Yan said.

“Must be for Luo Li.” Yan Le was extremely intelligent and said with a smile: “[Shapeless Sword Scripture] and [Empty Sword Scripture] come from the same origin. Qin Cheng’s conduct, it’s very interesting.”

Shi Feng Rong’s brows furrowed as she said: “Isn’t that making the situation worse?”

Pei Yuan Ran said: “Shimei, don’t worry. Competition is a good thing. They are still very young. We can look over them and slowly polish away. Maybe one or two of them will become accomplished and we will not fail our masters.”

Hearing this, the other three nodded their heads in agreement.

The fight between Zuo Mo and Luo Li intensified.

Luo Li was very shocked inside. Three months to reach this level of skill, his talent wasn’t weaker than his own. Thinking about it, his heart felt like it was bursting, as though a fire had been lit. In the last decade, he was the most favoured, most talented disciple in Wu Kong Sword Sect! But there suddenly was a Wei Sheng who had an apparition at zhuji. To nurture him, the sect elders had actually opened the sword cave.

That was a benefit that he didn’t even dare to think about.

One Wei Sheng came out, and now there was a Zuo Mo!

He had never heard that the sect had such a fine water sword scripture. Did the Shishu pass on a new sword scripture? Once the thought formed, his heart felt like it was bit by a snake, his eyes dark!

Zuo Mo couldn’t attend to Luo Li’s mood. All of his attention was on controlling the sword.

[Li Water Sword Scripture]’s first six sword moves, he had practiced numerous times. The person who had created this sword scripture might not be as familiar as he was. After he comprehended the sword essence, he had done some minor adjustments to the sword moves again. The method he used for adjustment was extremely simple. Wherever the sword essence would pause, he would fearlessly change it, change it until the sword essence would move as he wished without any blockage.

This sword scripture, it had been transformed a long time ago!

If it had been someone else, would they have dared to adjust like so? But Zuo Mo didn’t have any restraints. In the area of the sword, he had no fundamentals, and naturally wouldn’t be restained. When he had been learning the five element spells of a ling plant farmer, due to the fact that much of the contents in the jade stick had not been detailed, it had required him to speculate on his own. Over time, he was used to making adjustments to spells and had his own method.

To use the sword essence as the model to change sword moves. If Xin Yan knew of the idea, he would certainly have praised it.

He had seen Luo Li kill people in the jade scroll. It was mysterious and hard to detect. Up until now, he basically hadn’t seen Luo Li Shixiong’s flying sword.

[Empty Sword Scripture] was truly amazing!

Xu Yi Shixiong had once said that [Empty Sword Scripture] was the finest in the third grade sword scriptures. From what he had seen today, it really was powerful!

Couldn’t see the flying sword, couldn’t see the sword energy, you never knew where the other’s attack would come from. Couldn’t defend, couldn’t see, couldn’t guess, that kind of things were the ones that most easily created terror.

Zuo Mo was slightly frightened.

Compared to Luo Li’s untouched and leisurely state, Zuo Mo was increasingly nervous. Zuo Mo’s battle experience was pitifully thin. After two continuous sword moves were deflected, it was a heavy blow to his confidence.

However, he didn’t want to admit defeat like this.

Gritting his teeth, he released the third move!

Countless sword energies formed a dense curtain of swords like a tide. Gleaming with the shine of water, it swayed like the waves!

The third move, [Layered Tide]!

The first move [Flowing Water] was light and clean, like sheep climbing a cliff, untraceable. The second move [Seven Whirlpools], dense and sticky with hidden danger.

And this move [Layered Tide] was continuous, becoming stronger as it continued. The layers of sword energy were like waves, layers of little waves merging together. The curtain made of swords, which had been like a drizzle of rain, suddenly became fierce and turbulent!

Luo Li seemed to be right next to the water, the giant turbulence about to swallow him.

Shocked gasps came from the surroundings. The past two moves might have surprised people but it wasn’t as intimidating as [Layered Tide]! In their eyes, a giant wave came down from the sky, unable to be dodged. Those outer sect disciples at odds with Zuo Mo paled in fright, their legs weak!

This giant wave wasn’t water, but composed of layers of countless sword energies. Once one was swallowed, then they should wait to be cut up into pieces!

It seemed that he had truly understood this sword scripture!

Luo Li’s eyes became even darker. Staring at the sword curtain as it came down, killing intent flashed through his eyes. He decided to give the zombie a blow, a blow that would completely destroy the other’s confidence!

He faced the sword curtain full of danger and turbulence and stepped forward!

Another step! A third step!


The voice rang out over the entire plaza. Everyone felt their chests compress and then shock came onto their faces.


Like a small knife cutting cloth, not dissonant but a clear sound.

The giant sword energy wave was cut in half!

Seeing the sword curtain forcefully broken in two, Zuo Mo jumped in fright. Just as he was about to change moves, he suddenly detected a hint of danger. His heart alarmed, he didn’t have time to think as his body fell down to the left.

Even though he hadn’t seen anything, but Zuo Mo could clearly feel something brush tightly next to him! He was like a frightened cat, all the hair on his body standing up!

Zuo Mo, having dropped to the floor, couldn’t care about the pain on his body, and scrambled to distance himself from Luo Li.

“Oh my, my heart almost jumped out! It seems that Zuo Mo Shixiong isn’t weak. Pity that he encountered Luo Li Shixiong.” One of the surrounding disciples couldn’t help stating.

“That’s right! Look at Luo Li Shixiong, that’s the composure of a strong person! That stride, that expression, Zuo Mo Shixiong is still a bit weak!” Someone else in the surrounding followed.

“Yes. If Wei Sheng Shixiong could come out, then it might be enough.”

“Ha ha, don’t be impatient. In any case, the battle between the two will happen.”


“Think about it, can one mountain have two tigers……”

Zuo Mo couldn’t hear any sound. He could only hear the beat of his heart. He furiously panted, his chest a heaving bellows. He stared with wide eyes at Luo Li, his mouth dry!

So risky!

Just that little bit!

Just now, Zuo Mo’s brain had even turned white for a second. This was the first time he had met such danger. The zombie face was full of dust, his entire body was muddy and formed a sorry figure.

His actions were that of a true greenhorn, emphasizing Luo Li’s strong composure.

After a long while, Zuo Mo gradually recovered his calm. Luo Li wasn’t far away, smirking as he looked at him.

Luo Li suddenly found that this way was very good. His intention had been to embarrass Zuo Mo. In front of the sect leader, he naturally couldn’t injure Zuo Mo. So let him completely humiliate Zuo Mo!

The gap between you and I, it’s much larger than you think!

Having made a decision, Luo Li smiled coldly as he looked at Zuo Mo. He wasn’t in a rush to attack. It was like a cat playing catch with a mouse.

Hao Min’s face was smug. If it wasn’t that the elders were at the side, she would have definitely been laughing. Hatred flashed across her eyes. Dare to fight with this lady, you scum, today, you’ll play until you die!

Luo Li casually walked forward.

Zuo Mo unconsciously shrunk back. That action, it was very similar to a startled bird!

Laughter roared through the surroundings. On the stage, Shi Feng Rong’s face was black.

Zuo Mo’s eyes widened as he stared unblinkingly at Luo Li. He didn’t hear the laughter from the surroundings. No one knew the feelings under that zombie face of his, just like no one knew what he was thinking. The strong terror actually made him even more focused!

Shidi isn’t attacking?” Luo Li’s voice was full of mockery as it spread. It was like a cat teasing a mouse. The scattered laughter made Luo Li feel smug. He even had the leisure to look at Hao Min.

Hao Min saw Luo Li look at her and instantly sent a flirtatious look back.

Luo Li was greatly encouraged and resolved to torment this distasteful little zombie today!

Zuo Mo didn’t speak. His eyes were wide as they stared at Luo Li.

Just having tasted the power of [Empty Sword Scripture], he didn’t dare to slip up.

“Since Shidi isn’t attacking, than I won’t be courteous.” Luo Li smiled at Hao Min and drawled.

Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly shrunk. Like a grasshopper, he suddenly leapt towards the right!


Zuo Mo felt his left arm become cold. A piece of fabric flew into the sky. A cold and intimidating sword energy passed right next to his skin!


Zuo Mo had leapt with too much power and hit the granite stoned ground. He instantly bared his teeth in pain. Not having the time to care about the pain, he rolled and climbed up. His hair was loose, his clothing dishevelled, a large hole at his shoulder.

“Where are Shidi’s sword moves?” Luo Li’s cold voice had a hint of mockery.


Zuo Mo didn’t have time to think and jumped sideways again! At the same time, the right hand sleeve floated into the sky!

Ping, pain!

Climbing up, he stared at Luo Li. The laughter from the surroundings, he didn’t hear it!

Luo Li didn’t give Zuo Mo any time to rest, the sword energies coming one after the other!

Piece by piece, cloth flew into the sky!

Zuo Mo’s clothing almost became strips of cloth. His entire body was covered in dust and dirt. Some parts of the skin were bleeding. He was like a beggar!

No one was laughing anymore. The entire plaza was unusually silent. Many outer sect disciples didn’t want to look. Xiao Guo bit her lips, unaware that her tears had fallen down. Li Ying Feng’s eyes were about to spit fire.

Half crouching on the ground, Zuo Mo panted heavily. His wide eyes were staring fixedly at Luo Li!

His ears still didn’t hear any sound. He was breathing fast, his throat dry and burning. He didn’t notice it, just like no one noticed excitement flash and then hide in his eyes.

–– Caught it!

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