修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Sixty Seven “Questions and Answers”

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Chapter Sixty Seven – Questions and Answers

Zuo Mo was like a tense string as he carefully moved in front of the door to the grass hut. Just the slightest bit of outside force and he would move.

He took a deep breath. Even though he had broken through to the second breath of [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] and didn’t need to use his nose and mouth to breathe, but when he was nervous, he still unconsciously followed the familiar pattern of breathing to calm his emotions. Letting his mind settle, he gave a deep bow to the wooden door of the grass hut, “Disciple Zuo Mo greets Shibo!”

“Come in!” Xin Yan Shibo’s icy voice came  out of the grass hut.

The wooden door opened silently. The inside of the hut was a patch of darkness. Zuo Mo’s heart couldn’t help but tense up once again. He gathered his courage and walked in.

The interior of the grass hut was extremely crude. There was only a meditation mat, other than that, there was nothing else. Xin Yan Shibo was sitting on the meditation mat, a small stream of sunlight entering the grass hut and falling onto Xin Yan Shibo’s body. Shibo’s body was under the sun but his face was shadowed by the hair in front of his forehead and couldn’t be seen clearly until he opened his eyes.

In the shadow, two dots of ice suddenly lit up. For some unknown reason, Zuo Mo felt a bone-aching cold flow from the tail of spine upwards, all the muscles in his body paralyzed.

“You are a surprise to me.” Xin Yan’s voice was like a cold mist, permeating through Zuo Mo’s skin into his heart, so cold that he almost couldn’t move.

“You don’t have any talent at the sword.” Xin Yan said calmly.

Zuo Mo’s heart suddenly tensed. He felt that he almost forgot to breathe at this instant. Terror, like the flood overcoming the dam, instantly broke through Zuo Mo’s psychological defenses. Did Shibo find out?

“You could comprehend sword essence in three months, that surprised me.” Xin Yan didn’t look at Zuo Mo. He slowly closed his eyes, the two dots of ice disappearing into the shadows, “I’m not concerned with what fortuitous encounters you had, but you have to remember, if you do anything against the sect in the future, I will kill you with my sword.”

The tone was calm, as though it was narrating a simple matter.

It was like Zuo Mo suddenly rose from hell into heaven. This joyful surprise stunned him for a moment. He had already prepared to stretch out his neck to be killed. He had assumed that Second Shibo had already seen through him, and seen that Pu Yao was in his consciousness.

The tense muscles on his body instantly relaxed. Zuo Mo felt his body was weak, the lingering fears in his heart like a flood, almost swallowing him. His feet were sore and weak.

“Yes!” Zuo Mo hurriedly answered, his mind slightly steadier.

“The [Li Water Sword Scripture] that you cultivate is unique but is limited by the knowledge of the author and it would be hard for it to improve further in the future.” Xin Yan didn’t open his eyes as he said calmly, “And your fundamentals are too weak. Several places need to be changed. However, the places that you changed yourself, they weren’t bad.”

Afterwards, Xin Yan pointed out a few spots. Zuo Mo, now having calmed down, was delighted and willing. The places that Shibo pointed out, it was exactly the places that he felt were uncomfortable and didn’t flow properly, but he hadn’t known how to change it. Hearing Shibo’s advice, he instantly understood.

After that, Xin Yan Shibo threw a jade scroll to Zuo Mo, “These  are some basic sword scriptures. Practice them more.” Pausing, he said with a hint of regret, “Your primary focus is dan-making, and you’re also a ling plant farmer. You are not suited to cultivate the sword. For sword xiu, what is important is not to be distracted by other matters, the clear heart sword. You, try to do your best.”

Bidding farewell to Shibo, when Zuo Mo passed over the mud in front of the grass hut, he didn’t feel any of the sword essence that had been there previously. Just like those sword essences knew him and hid themselves.

On the road from Sun Lookout Peak to Little West Wind Yard, Zuo Mo had been pondering Shibo’s words. Shibo’s meaning was extremely clear. If he wanted to progress another step on the road of the sword xiu, and really accomplish something, he must abandon being a ling plant farmer and dan-making, and only practice the sword. Otherwise, he would find it hard to progress further on the sword.

Shibo’s words were as clear as they could be, but Zuo Mo knew what he was worth.

If he was like Wei Sheng Shixiong, he might abandon everything and be a pure sword xiu but he wasn’t. He knew just how much talent he had. If he didn’t have Pu Yao, he basically couldn’t have been able to comprehend sword essence. He had been sliced several thousand times before he had comprehended Shibo’s tidal sword essence. If it had been Wei Sheng Shixiong, he would have needed only a few dozen before he could have comprehended it.

If he didn’t have the experience of comprehending the tidal sword essence, he certainly wouldn’t have been able to comprehend the li water sword essence in three months.

He was fated to not walk Wei Sheng Shixiong’s path!

As he walked with the wind blowing gently in his face, Zuo Mo’s mood rose. The road each person walked was different. Even more, the progress he had made was something he didn’t dare to even think of before. Yet now, he had made it.

His mood recovered quickly. After the rise and fall in his emotions today, his body felt slightly exhausted. He needed rest.

However, when he walked to the mouth of the West Wind Valley, his feet stopped and he paused on this spot.

Ai ya! Zuo Mo Shixiong, you finally came! Shixiong was so strong in the sect assessment, Shidi has come to especially give congratulations, just a humble gift… …”

“Does Shixiong still remember me? That year, if it wasn’t for your [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], I would have been homeless. This little brother still remembers it… …”

Shixiong Shixiong, this little brother cultivates the sword, but doesn’t have a master… …”

Shixiong, us sisters from the Eastern Peak… …”

Looking at the dense mass of people, Zuo Mo’s head rang.

The entrance of West Wind Valley was filled to the limit. This scene, it was even busier than the last time when Zuo Mo had been promoted to an inner sect disciple. Even the gifts they had prepared were higher quality than last time. Some outer sect disciples that had good family backgrounds had really spent a lot.

Desperately needing rest, Zuo Mo felt his head was going to explode.

“Stop the noise!” Suddenly, a voice passed over, and everyone instantly quieted.

Xu Yi had accompanied two females over. Zuo Mo saw clearly that it was Eldest Shijie Gong Sun Qing and Xu Yi Xia Shijie. The one that had spoken was Xu Yi Shixiong. Xu Yi waved his hand, “Leave.”

Seeing the situation, the outer sect disciples scattered like birds.

Xu Yi bowed to Zuo Mo and said, “Shidi, don’t blame me for overstepping. It really is too noisy with all these people here.”

Zuo Mo hurriedly returned the bow, “Many thanks, Shixiong. This little brother’s eyes are already dizzy. If Shixiong had been just a moment late, this little brother would have been dead right here.” Then he bowed towards Gong Sun Qing and Xu Yi Xia, “Eldest Shijie, Yi Xia Shijie!”

“Hee! You are actually somewhat interesting~a!” A green-clad Xu Yi Xia laughed.

Zuo Mo was deeply cautious and alert towards this innocent-looking girl. Li Ying Feng Shijie said that the jade scroll had been from Xu Yi Xia Shijie. What the intentions were at that time of giving him that jade scroll were hard to tell.

Gong Sun Qing smiled warmly, responding, “Shidi looks very tired. Why don’t we come another day?”

“What is Shijie saying, come come come. Everyone come in and have some tea.” Zuo Mo hurriedly said and then made a joke, “But I don’t have Shixiong’s ling tea. Please don’t blame me.”

Everyone started moving towards the valley. Each person made with a pondering expression as their  eyes encountered the ruined jinzhi scattered on the ground,. They had heard earlier on that Luo Li had gone to challenge Zuo Mo at the valley, the news was passed furiously through Wu Kong Sword Sect. Thinking about the match that neither of the two had won, all three of them had their own thoughts.

Zuo Mo didn’t have any expression. In fact, he couldn’t make expressions. That zombie face couldn’t hold any expressions.

Entering the West Wind Yard and seeing Zuo Mo return, the grey beaked goose on the roof made a call as though she was giving a greeting. Just having escaped death, Zuo Mo’s mood was very good and he waved his hand in greeting to the female bird.

Gong Sun Qing saw Zuo Mo’s youthful actions and couldn’t help but grin.

Xu Yi Xia only took a glance. Seeing it was only just a normal grey beaked goose, she looked away with a hint of disdain in her eyes. Her steed was a third grade golden fire pupil beast. Extremely intimidating and dominant. In her eyes, a grey beaked goose was for country bumpkins only.

The group of four sat down. Zuo Mo made a pot of tea. The three touched it with their lips before setting it down. Zuo Mo didn’t care. What he had was just normal tea. It was a bit cheap. Normally, even he didn’t drink it.

“It really shocked me that Shidi comprehended sword essence in three months. Shidi is really too mean to not have slipped any hint and make me worry.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Zuo Mo quickly answered, “It isn’t that this little brother deliberately concealed it. Even this little brother hadn’t thought it would be possible.Afraid of saying it and being embarrassed, this little brother had been practising in the river and had been swept a few hundred miles away by the water. Even the sect leader had to send someone to search.”

The other three people’s expressions instantly became slightly strange. They had already used the incident of Zuo Mo being swept away by the river as a joke. The three had mocked or disdained it. Now that Zuo Mo mentioned it in self-mockery, the three instantly didn’t feel good inside.

Zuo Mo had comprehended sword essence and was walking far in front of them. Previously mocking Zuo Mo, it clearly showed their ignorance and stupidity.

“What sword scripture is Shidi practicing?” Xu Yi Xia asked with a face of innocence.

Li Water Sword Scripture.” Zuo Mo didn’t deny it. If they wanted to know, they naturally could find out, “It is a third grade five elements sword scripture. Pity that Shibo said that it would be difficult for it to progress more.”

Hearing this Xu Yi Xia’s cunning eyes couldn’t help but reveal delight.

Zuo Mo coincidentally caught it. He couldn’t resist sneering inside. This brat definitely didn’t have a good heart!

Shidi, don’t  be discouraged.” Gong Sun Qing comforted, “Your talents are so outstanding, Shibo and Sect Leader wouldn’t waste your talents.”

Shijie is right.” Feeling the concern of the other, Zuo Mo felt goodwill for her and bowed towards Gong Sun Qing. It might have been that she would be marrying soon but she didn’t walk closely with Qin Cheng’s group. It seemed like that she didn’t want to involve herself in the battle between the two sides.

“This time, it is me that is searching for Shidi.” The Eldest Shijie smiled, her tone gentle, “These two have been taken along to keep me company. I heard that Shidi can make a kind of lingdan called Golden Crow Pill which has a probability of making Golden Crow Fire. Is that true?”

“The appraisal says so. In reality, this little brother has not tried.” Zuo Mo said cautiously.

“That’s good.” Gong Sun Qing smiled and took out a jade box, “I want to use this time to exchange with Shidi for one hundred Golden Crow Pills. Shidi, take a look.”

Finishing, her slender fingers pushed the jade box in front of Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo was slightly puzzled as he opened the jade box. The moment he opened the jade box, his pupils suddenly expanded, glee was unable to be disguised in his eyes!

Translator ramblings: Zuo Mo is on vacation but that’s not going to be for long.He’s made a decision about his “career” and really, it was unrealistic for Xin Yan to expect the money-grubbing zombie to abandon his pursuit of wealth in exchange for a promise that he might succeed.

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