修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Sixty Nine “Zuo Mo Drooling”

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Chapter Sixty Nine – Zuo Mo Drooling

At an inconspicuous residence within Dong Fu.

“Stars in Daytime is caused by the most powerful yaomo. It is used to ease their absorption of star power during the day by forcing the world to twist, and give them access to energy from the stars.” The one who spoke was the silver clad man. He continued in a grave tone, “Only when they have no choice would a yaomo do such a thing. It seems the situation of this yaomo isn’t good, it is very possible they are seriously wounded and need star power to recover, so they were forced to twist the world.”

As he spoke, his voice relaxed and the others relaxed their expressions.

“A yaomo able to create Stars in Daytime, they definitely are one of the strongest yaomo. They’ve only ever appeared in the war three thousand years ago. I hadn’t thought that there would be such a powerful yaomo hidden away here.” He sighed.

“So what if he’s powerful? Isn’t he still going to end up in our hands?” The yellow-robed Taoist said in a screeching voice, “He he, the heart of a sky yao or black mo, if it is added into the sword, my flying sword would increase quite a few levels!”

“Haha, the eyes of this yaomo is very rare. It naturally can see through anything.”

… …

The crowd instantly became excited as though they had already caught that amazing yaomo.

For xiuzhe, a high level yaomo’s body was a treasure. Almost all the body parts could be used for forging or dan-making and were all rare items. This group had gathered together for this yaomo. A powerful yao who was seriously wounded was a prey that they all coveted.

Seeing everyone’s mood, the silver-clad man cautioned, “Everyone, we shouldn’t rejoice pre-emptively. Haven’t you realized that there are many other people after it as well?”

“So what if there are others? Who dares to compete with us?” The yellow-robed cultivator said irritably in a high voice, murderous intent thick in his eyes. Viciousness flashed in the eyes of the other people.

The silver-clad man said, “Everyone should have seen that ship today. A sixth grade treasure ship, it is a rare talisman. If anyone had taken a close look at the tail of the wing boat, you should have seen their emblem.”

“Whose emblem?” The yellow-robed Taoist said suspiciously. When he saw that winged boat today, even he had been slightly shocked.

“The Master of Bright Wave Jie.” The silver-clad male said slowly. Everyone instantly became silent as terror made its way across many of their faces.

The expression of the yellow-robed Taoist also changed slightly but he quickly recovered and shrieked, “Don’t speak nonsense. The Master of Bright Wave Jie had been in seclusion for over sixty years. How could he come to a little place like Sky Moon Jie?”

“I only saw the emblem. In the past, I had spent some time in Bright Wave Jie and remember the emblem.” The silver-clad male said calmly.

Seeing the terror on everyone’s faces, he said with a smile, “Everyone, don’t worry too much. The Master of Bright Wave Jie has not involved himself in common affairs for many years. It’s unlikely that he came. Most likely it is his disciple or subordinate.”

The faces of everyone else relaxed. One of them said, “As long as it isn’t the Master of Bright Wave Jie, I’m not afraid.”

“Yes, yes!” The other people agreed.

“Why would Bright Wave Jie interfere in this matter?” The yellow robed cultivator’s brow furrowed.

“Elder, don’t forget, Sky Moon Jie is under the jurisdiction of Bright Wave Jie. This little brother knows that Stars in Daytime occurred, then it isn’t strange that they would also know.” The silver clad male said.

Suddenly the faces of the yellow robed Taoist and the silver clad male changed slightly and they yelled simultaneously, “Who!”

The two rushed outside like a sword. There was nothing outside in the yard. The yellow robed Taoist flew into the sky and scanned the surroundings before returning. He shook his head at the silver clad male. Both of them had serious and solemn expressions, nothing remained of their previous ease.

The other people all ran out to ask about the situation. By now, the two had resumed their normal expressions. The silver clad male said, “Nothing, nothing, just a false alarm.”

Hearing this, the people released a breath and conversed as they walked back into the room. The yellow robed Taoist followed last. Before re-entering, he glanced back before following.

A moment later, in a shadowed corner, a figure silently appeared. It was the white-clothed Lin Qian.

He revealed a pondering expression before disappearing.


In the Dong Fu Hall, everyone had gathered together. Tian Song Zi, as the local leader, sat at the head with Yu Bai standing by his side. Below him, six people sat and leisurely drank tea.

“This time, we are really troubling you.” The one that spoke was a beautiful matron. Clear eyes, white teeth, and extremely graceful. On her shoulder, there was a little light yellow bird that curiously examined the others.

“Yun Xia[i] xianzi[ii] is too courteous.” Tian Song Zi said with a laugh, “To have so many fellow experts come to my humble place, this one is very honoured. It is a little place. If there is something that we cannot fulfill well, everyone, please forgive us.”

“It will be fine.” Everyone raised their hands in a greeting.

Tian Song Zi’s expression was worried as he continued, “I’m not going to conceal it from everyone. Since the appearance of Stars in Daytime, my heart hasn’t felt steady. I may be inexperienced, but I do know that this isn’t any kind of a good omen. I feel much more secure now that everyone has come today.”

“You don’t need to worry.” Yun Xia xianzi comforted, “Master Yuan is skilled at detecting presences and is very sensitive to yaomo. He will definitely find where the yaomo is hiding.”

At this point, Master Yuan hurriedly said, “Yun Xia xianzi is too complimentary.”

While respectfully standing to side, Yu Bai was very shocked inside. The people sitting here all had significant cultivation. The one that attracted his attention the most was the little girl who had been sitting with a bowed head at the end. Her age appeared almost the same as his, but her cultivation was indecipherable to him. He who had always been proud of his accomplishments felt uncomfortable inside. There were too many geniuses in this world!




Pu Yao looked extremely poor.

He sat on the gravestone, his face was pale and appeared to be exhausted like a flickering lamp. Zuo Mo instantly was scared. The invincible Pu Yao, why was he suddenly in this state?

Zuo Mo carefully went closer, “Pu, what’s going on?”

Pu Yao opened his eye to look at Zuo Mo. His voice was very calm, and just as confident as usually and asked in exchange, “What what?” Zuo Mo noticed that Pu Yao’s alluring crimson blood eye was much fainter than usual, and even his voice seemed weaker.

But for some reason, when he heard Pu Yao’s confident voice, Zuo Mo felt safe.

“Is it that you don’t have enough jingshi?” Zuo Mo couldn’t help but ask in concern. He didn’t know why he was so concerned about Pu Yao. Logically, the other was a yaomo. The earlier he died the better, but seeing Pu Yao’s state, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but ask in concern.

Looking at Zuo Mo again, Pu Yao seemed to be surprised by Zuo Mo’s question.

“Want to help me?” Pu Yao’s eyebrow rose.

“Hm.” Zuo Mo muddled a response noncommittally. He had learned.

Pu Yao suddenly smiled, “I’ll take you to a place.”

Pu Yao proceeded to take out a few pieces of jingshi. On the ground, he began to make a seal formation that Zuo Mo had never seen before.

Zuo Mo might have never seen the seal formation, but this jingshi, he was familiar with, wasn’t it……

He touched his body and his expression changed. This damned renyao, he took my jingshi again! Before he could speak, light suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. He couldn’t help but close his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, he was dumbstruck.

“Pu, where is this?” He stammered his question.

It was dark and shadowy in front of him. He could feel cold granite under his feet. What was flowing in a nearby stream was fresh red blood. Was this Hell? Zuo Mo forced himself to swallow, his mind tense as he looked at the surroundings.

Pu Yao groaned in pleasure. He spread out his arms, his face intoxicated, completely void of his previous exhaustion.

“Sword cave.” Pu Yao returned to his lazy state. He stuck out his bright red tongue, his eyes bright as he licked his lips, “There are many souls here. Such delicious souls!”

“Sword cave?” Zuo Mo blanked. He had lived in Wu Kong Sword Sect for two years and he had heard of the sword cave before. Wasn’t Wei Sheng Shixiong in the sword cave?

He wasn’t afraid anymore and curiously looked at the surroundings. He asked Pu Yao worriedly, “Wei Sheng Shixiong is also in the sword cave. Would he encounter us?” If he encountered Shixiong, he couldn’t even protest his innocence.

“This sword cave has eighteen levels.” Pu Yao was full of disdain as he looked at Zuo Mo, “Your Wei Shixiong has already descended to the sixteenth level. If you had half the ability of your shixiong, would I be in this sorry state?” As he spoke, he became angry, “I, a Sky Yao, falling to such a level. So embarrassing!”

Seeing Pu Yao acting like normal, for some reason, Zuo Mo relaxed significantly. He instantly went at it with Pu Yao, sneering, “None of my business! What Sky Yao, weren’t you wounded by my Shibo? Aren’t you only able to bully the greenhorn zhuji cultivators like me.” He quickly corrected, “Wrong, ge was only lianqi at the time! And you dare to speak of it!”

Pu Yao wasn’t angry and laughed, “This place is good. There’s a lot of yin energy, and it’s so comfortable! There are even souls. Although they are incomplete souls, but it’s better than nothing.”

“How did you find this place?” Zuo Mo was very curious. This sword cave was kept secret. He had stayed here for two years but didn’t know where it was, yet Pu Yao was able to find it. He had heard that it required two jindan cooperating to open the sword cave. Pu Yao was able to easily enter. This guy still has some ability, Zuo Mo thought.

Pu Yao said disdainfully, “In just this tiny Wu Kong Sword Sect I knew after taking a single look.” He then said to Zuo Mo, “In the future, we will come visit this place occasionally.”

“Come here?” Zuo Mo’s eyes widened. He shook his head without any hesitation, “No way, do you know how much jingshi you spent today? Four pieces of third grade jingshi! Four pieces! Do you know how many golden crow pills I need to make to earn four pieces of third grade jingshi? You spent it so easily……”

Pu Yao was full of disdain, “That only shows you are trash. Earning jingshi like you’re giving birth. Meeting such a trash like you……”

Zuo Mo didn’t hesitate to interrupt, also full of disdain as he said, “If you can do it, you go earn it! Aren’t you a Sky yao? What? A Sky yao but you have to extract jingshi from me, like that’s something to be proud of!” As he spoke, it was like the accumulated anger had suddenly erupted, “Ge had worked so hard to earn the jingshi with sweat and blood. Good for you, you just swiped it all away without a sound! You’re freeloading… Ge hasn’t even asked you for rent and you charged me for each lesson. You even started to take jingshi for each experience of sword essence, aren’t you embarrassed??”

Zuo Mo righteously listed Pu Yao’s offences.

Pu Yao was dumbstruck. The reality proved it. Even the most powerful yaomo, facing the even stronger tongue, they would also become dumbfounded.

After Zuo Mo ranted for five minutes he then stopped in satisfaction. That felt good!

After a long while, Pu Yao finally recovered. He tilted his head in thought and said, “Alright then, I’ll teach you a little technique that can earn jingshi.”

Zuo Mo’s mind instantly became alert and he went over, “What technique?”

[i]云霞: Yun is cloud, xia is red cloud

[ii]仙子: immortal, goddess. Misogyny in xianxia – the titles of females are usually xianzi, while males get daoren, zhenren, etc.

Translator ramblings: Wasn’t that a good rant? Comedic relief and character progression at the same time. Also, look at how valuable the yaomo are!

We now have scene breaks (——). The ellipses are just ellipses and not scene breaks.

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