修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seventy Two “Seeing Guests”

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Chapter Seventy Two – Seeing Guests

“Fourth-grade Golden Crow fire?” Wen Tie sanren looked with disbelief at the little lingdan in Old He’s hands, “I see that there isn’t much ling energy in this lingdan. It can’t even enter second-grade. Can this really make Golden Crow fire?”

The other people also had varying levels of disbelief on their faces.

A first or second-grade lingdan that was able to create a fourth-grade Golden Crow fire sounded delusional. Fourth-grade Golden Crow fire was a rare fire seed that people dreamed of. Other than a few sects who had the methods of creating and capturing it, there basically was no other method of obtaining it. If a person could obtain fourth-grade Golden Crow fire through consuming just one kind of lingdan, even if this lingdan was fourth-grade, there would be countless people wanting to buy it.

The people present were all jindan xiu. They knew very well that the gap between lower and higher grades wasn’t something overcome through sheer numbers. This was also why the price difference between lower and higher grade items was enormous.

But now they were hearing that a lingdan that didn’t surpass second-grade lingdan, it could make Golden Crow fire. It was like hearing a joke. If the person who said it wasn’t Old He, the most skilled in dan-making among them, everyone would have thought that he was insane.

“This is a first-grade lingdan,” Old He wasn’t rushed and slowly said, “It contains a sliver of essence of the sun. This essence of the sun, after the dan was made, is warm and easy to manipulate. Theoretically, it has a possibility of forming Golden Crow fire. Of course, only theoretically.”

Only now did everyone release a breath, and they gave “it ought to be so” expressions.

“This amount, of sun essence, is too little. To form Golden Crow fire, if there wasn’t tens of thousands of pills, it probably wouldn’t happen. But even if this sun essence cannot form Golden Crow fire, but it is extremely yang and pure. It is perfect for adding into other fire seeds. Everyone here naturally doesn’t need it, but it is a very good present for the next generation,” Old He said with a smile.

Hearing this, everyone nodded. Without an exception, they were all jindan. If this could make Golden Crow fire, they would be interested. But if it was just essence of the sun, it wasn’t very attractive to them. Those seated here were not roaming xiu and they had many disciples, even if they were roaming xiu they would still have disciples. The grade of Golden Crow pill was low, but that bit of sun essence, it could be added to all kinds of fire seed and elevate the grade of those fires. It is a very useful lingdan, and would be perfect to use in rewarding disciples.

“With Old He’s words, this is pretty good. Where can we buy this Golden Crow pill?” Hearing that the lingdan contained a sliver of essence of the sun, she couldn’t help but ask. The other people also waited to hear expectantly.

“Ha ha, it’s a little sect called Wu Kong Sword Sect,” Old He turned to ask Tian Song Zi, “Are you familiar with the sect?”

Tian Song Zi was surprised to hear about Wu Kong Sword Sect. Hearing Old He’s question, he hurriedly answered, “Wu Kong Sword Sect is usually low-key. If it wasn’t for a recent incident, I wouldn’t have noticed that there is a local sect this strong.”

“How so?” Yuan Li asked curiously. As a jindan xiuzhe, Tian Song Zi’s cultivation wasn’t weaker than them. And his branch had always held power in Dong Fu. To be called a strong sect by him, the sect’s power couldn’t be underestimated.

Seeing everyone show curiosity, Tian Song Zi slowly narrated, “Speaking of Wu Kong Sword Sect, we have to mention the recent apparition. In this generation of Wu Kong Sword Sect, there is an amazing genius called Wei Sheng. This person is of low birth but is obsessed with the sword. To be able to cultivate the sword, he was willing to be a sword servant. After working and studying hard, he finally reached zhuji. In his zhuji, the sword essence flew into the heavens and rang into the surroundings. I personally saw it and went to look in the deep of the night. Only then did I discover that this Wu Kong Sword Sect merits great fame. Has anyone heard of [Ice Dragon Sword]?”

Wen Tie sanren’s expression changed, “The [Ice Dragon Sword] that shocked all of Yao Hunt in the past?”

The others also gave shocked expressions.

“Just the person,” Tian Song Zi nodded, “I’m ashamed to admit it. If it wasn’t that there had been an apparition when Wei Sheng entered zhuji, I wouldn’t have known such an able person was in our Dong Fu. The Golden Crow pill that Old He is speaking about was made by Wu Kong Sword Sect’s Shi Feng Rong. She is of jindan cultivation, and the most skilled in dan-making of Wu Kong Sword Sects four jindan .”

Yu Bai was better informed on the topic than Tian Song Zi, and he immediately followed, “Master might not know, this Golden Crow pill wasn’t made by Elder Shi, but her disciple Zuo Mo. Supposedly, it was an accident when he was just starting to learn.”

“This disciple has pretty good talent in dan-making.” Old He couldn’t help but praise.

Tian Song Zi’s expression couldn’t help but change and suddenly blurted, “This Wu Kong Sword Sect is really going to rise!”

Seeing the other people look at him, he explained, “Everyone may not know, this Zuo Mo was unknown before but he managed to achieve a spring sprout jade medal with lianqi cultivation, his talent is astounding. And in lianqi, he also managed to comprehend sword essence. This talent is exceptionally amazing. I hadn’t thought he would be so talented in dan-making. The heavens have really blessed Wu Kong Sword Sect!”

The other people also had expressions of agreement on their face. Of the three points that Tian Song Zi mentioned, just one was enough for a person to be considered exceptional, but to have all three qualities in one person? That definitely was a once-in-a-hundred-years genius. Wu Kong Sword Sect, with an accomplished master like Ice Dragon Sword and geniuses like Wei Sheng and Zuo Mo in the next generation, it was almost certain to have a hundred years of prosperity.

The people seated thought of their own sects and had different thoughts.

“Since Ice Dragon Sword is actually in Dong Fu, why don’t we pay a him  visit and order a batch of Golden Crow pills while we are at it, ha ha. What does everyone think?” Old He said. In this group of people, he had the greatest interest in Wu Kong Sword Sect.

The others all agreed. Everyone seated here was cunning. To build good relations with a sect that was going to prosper, the benefits in the future didn’t need to be stated.


Zuo Mo was seated in front of the dan cauldron with his two hands on the eight-trigrams plate. His expression was focused. A clear gold colored light came down and landed in his hand before deflecting towards the dan cauldron.

He had reached the limits of what he could do with [Art of Crimson Flame], and he reduced the li fire seal formation to the smallest it could get. Inside the cauldron, a ball of medicine was enveloped by the golden light, boiling relentlessly as it floated in the air. The li fire seal formation below released heat.

Feeling the essence of the sun slowly merge into the liquid, Zuo Mo suddenly increased his awareness. He knew that the most crucial time had come.

The speed that the sun essence merged at was extremely slow at the beginning, but after entering the liquid, it would suddenly increase. It was important to carefully control the power of [Art of Crimson Flame]. If he wasn’t careful, he would lose everything. Zuo Mo had failed many times at this crucial juncture.


A grey smoke suddenly appeared out of the boiling liquid.

Zuo Mo mentally thought it was going wrong but before he could react, the liquid turned into a ball of ash.

“Damn it!”

Zuo Mo sat dispiritedly. After continuously making dan, his ling energy was almost exhausted. His eyes were bloodshot and his expression tired. The dan room was filled with the remnants of failed dan, the smell was nasty.

Up until now, he hadn’t succeeded once.

However, it wasn’t as though he hadn’t learned anything. Today, just in this last attempt, he finally found the problem.

In the various kinds of materials for the fasting pill, there was one material that couldn’t tolerate such a high intensity of sun essence. Sun essence might look light and small, but it was much stronger than the li fire seal formation. This ling grass called Thousand Jade Grass, it couldn’t endure being processed by such a strong flame.

He needed to find a ling grass that could endure the increase in the essence of the sun, with similar attributes to Thousand Jade grass. Zuo Mo couldn’t help but have a headache. This was the problem that he was most worried about encountering. When it came to the attributes and the theory of the medicine, he was totally blind.

He gave a sigh. It seemed that his idea would have to be realized in the future, but he was still unsatisfied inside. He decided to take a good look in Master’s record room to see if he could find a ling grass similar in effect as thousand jade grass.

As he pondered, he walked out of the dan room.

Shixiong!” Xu Qing saw Zuo Mo walk out of the dan room and her eyes brightened. She hurriedly came over, “That big ship has come to our sect!”

“Big ship? What big ship?” Zuo Mo’s mind was scattered and asked instinctively.

“Doesn’t Shixiong remember? The big ship that had flew above us before!” Xu Qing reminded.

“The big ship that flew over!” Zuo Mo suddenly shook and was startled away. That extremely intimidating ship had left a big impression on him. He hurriedly asked, “What’s the ship doing here?”

“Don’t know,” Xu Qing shook her head, “They seemed to be conversing very well with the shibo, but I heard that they were here investigating the Stars in Daytime.”

“Stars in Daytime?” Zuo Mo felt his throat tighten. He suddenly thought of this term that the pink paper crane had also said to him. For some reason, he seemed to feel that this Stars in Daytime was connected to him.

“Did Shixiong forget? Oh, right, I remember! Shixiong had been in zhuji that day!” In a piteous tone, she said, “Pity that Shixiong hadn’t seen it. Stars coming out in daylight, it’s very rare!”

Zuo Mo felt that his body was slightly cold. If before, he had just felt that it was connected to him, then now he was certain that this Stars in Daytime was definitely connected to him! How could there be such a coincidence?

Just him, he definitely wouldn’t connect the apparition with himself.

He couldn’t, but Pu Yao could!

Thinking about it, he left Xu Qing and quickly went back into the dan room.

Entering the dan room, Zuo Mo entered his sea of consciousness. Pu Yao was idly listening to the sound tablet.

“Pu, that Stars in Daytime, did you cause it?” Zuo Mo felt his voice was trembling.

“Me?” Pu Yao didn’t even blink and crisply shook his head, “No!”

Zuo Mo instantly released a breath. Pu Yao might have many flaws but he never refused to admit what he did.

But Pu Yao’s following words frightened Zuo Mo half to death, “Not me, it was you!”

“Me?” Zuo Mo pointed at his own nose and asked dumbly.

“Humph, a certain dead ghost needed star energy and borrowed your body,” Pu Yao was clearly laughing at his misfortunes, “At that time, I already said, he went way over.”

Zuo Mo’s head was in the clouds. He stammered, “You mean, there’s someone else here?”

Before Pu Yao could reply, Zuo Mo heard someone knocking on the door, “Shixiong, the sect leader is requesting for you to go to Wu Kong Hall, there are guests that want to meet you!”

Translator Ramblings: People are wanting to see Zuo Mo. And Zuo Mo now knows that there is more than just Pu Yao inside his head.

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