修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seventy Five “Haze”

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Chapter Seventy Five – Haze

The atmosphere was tense and heavy in Dong Fu Hall, each person’s face black. Wounds could be seen on some people.

In front of them silently laid the corpse of Yuan Li. It was a strange gray-green color.

Yun Xia xianzi’s eyes showed extreme sorrow. She, who was usually steady, couldn’t help but feel trepidation. To search for the traces of the yaomo who could force the Stars in Daytime, they had taken turns searching in Dong Fu. Yet no one could have thought that they would encounter an ambush today.

This definitely had been an extremely well-planned ambush. The enemy’s target was Yuan Li. There were many of them, all of them masked, and with astounding cultivation. Their cooperation was also extremely tight. Yun Li was almost killed instantly. At that time, Yun Xia xianzi had been extremely close to Yun Li. If she had hesitated in throwing out the yin thunder bead that she had just forged, she would also have been affected by the other’s attack. It was only by relying on the yin thunder bead, that she had barely avoided an ordeal.

“Who were those people?” Tian Song Zi’s face was black. As the true ruler of Dong Fu, to have someone publicly attack his allies in his lands was undoubtedly a provocation to him.

Yun Xia xianzi calmed down her mind and said, with lingering fears, “I don’t know. They didn’t use flying swords. All they used was five elemental smoke. In combination with their formations, it was extremely powerful.”

“Five Element smoke?” Old He raised his head in slight shock. He hadn’t gone today. He said gravely, “Most of the people who use Five Elemental smoke are roaming xiu, and it’s not easy to collect such a thing……”

“That might not be true.” At this time, Wen Tie sanren said heavily, “It might be that  they are trying to misleading us. It might not be easy to collect Five Elemental smoke but it can occasionally be bought on the market. If someone really tried, it’s not impossible. Their target was Mister Yuan! So we have to determine their motives. Why would they target Mister Yuan!”

Everyone who sat here was a veteran and their thoughts fell along the same lines. Tian Song Zi instantly realized and followed up, “They don’t want us to keep investigating the Stars in Daytime!”

“Yes. This point needs to be pondered.” Old He opened, “If they were here to pick up some benefits, stir the waters up, and then steal it away, then they would hope that we could find that yaomo. Who wouldn’t want us to find that yaomo?”

“That yaomo?” Yun Xia xianzi suddenly became alert, “Or the associates of the yaomo!”

The others stared at one another, their faces instantly dark. The people that had attacked them had clearly been part of the same group and clearly couldn’t be that wounded yaomo. It was very likely that they were associates of the yaomo. Before, they had assumed that it was only one wounded yaomo so no one had treated it seriously. With the power of so many jindan masters, wouldn’t it have been easy to exterminate one injured yaomo?

No one could have predicted that the situation would have changed so quickly. It was basically impossible to conceal the matter of the Stars in Daytime. Large numbers of xiuzhe had hoped to hunt and kill the yaomo and had furiously gathered in Sky Moon Jie.

A wounded high-grade yaomo meant countless jingshi and countless talismans!

“There are actually xiuzhe that have allied with the yaomo!” Wen Tie sanren was furious.

Old He raised his head and said, “Why couldn’t it be a group of yaomo?”

Once the words came out, the enormous Dong Fu hall fell silent.

Yun Xia xianzi tiredly went back to her residence. Xiao Huan, seeing her mistress’ expression, said with concern and terror, “Miss, why don’t we leave? The matters here are very frightening!”

Yun Xia grimaced, “How can we leave now? If we don’t conclude this matter, we will let down the deceased Mister Yuan.”

Xiao Huan bit her lips and said resolutely, “Then I will go find yin beads for Miss! If Miss has a few more yin thunder beads, then there’s no need to fear them!”

“Silly girl!” Yun Xia patted Xiao Hun’s head and said affectionately, “Getting a bargain the first one, how can you think you will get the bargain every time?”

“In any case, I can’t help Miss otherwise!” Xiao Huan’s eyes became misty. The two might formally be master and servant, but in reality they were like sisters.

“Your Miss isn’t that weak. At the least, I’m a jindan!” Yun Xia hurriedly comforted Xiao Huan but she was unconfident inside. Old He’s words circled in her heart. She knew that the situation in Blood Sky Metropolis Jie was worsening,but didn’t know how bad it actually was. If the yaomo had really infiltrated Sky Moon Jie, then how bad was the situation in Blood Sky Metropolis Jie?

At some unknown time, a drizzle of rain had started falling outside the room. Looking at the far-away mountains enveloped in the rain, the haze in Yun Xia xianzi’s heart was just as heavy.



Zuo Mo had been correct. His tragic life had just started. Old He’s good-intentioned reminder combined with Zuo Mo’s clever fainting, it had alarmed Pei Yuan Ran and the others. Only geniuses who were alive were able to become true masters. In the eyes of Pei Yuan, Shi Feng Rong and the others, Zuo Mo didn’t lack for talent. More so, they thought that Zuo Mo still had hidden talents that were waiting to be discovered. However, his fragile body limited his development. Dying prematurely was something that was likely to befall him.

In comparison, Wei Sheng was almost too strong in this area and didn’t need their concern at all.

Pei Yuan Ran and the others, after being advised, found that their initial thoughts were incorrect. For someone as multi-talented as Zuo Mo, it wasn’t important to cultivate the sword, it was important for him to keep his life. Rather than nurture him into an average sword cultivator, it was much better to make him an extremely healthy turtle. The upper levels of Wu Kong Sword Sect sank into simultaneous reflection. Consequently, Xin Yan personally stepped forward.

From this, it was possible to see how important Wu Kong Sword Sect thought Zuo Mo was!

After the nightmarish cultivation, Zuo Mo’s body had improved. Even though it still appeared thin, but there was some more muscles on his bones. Under the double influence of intense training and the medicinal liquid, he had gradually gotten used to the body cultivation.

It was a pity that Zuo Mo didn’t understand what his Master and the other shibo were thinking. Xin Yan Shibo personally teaching him, shocked and pained him at the same time! In all the elders, Xin Yan was the strictest and the one Zuo Mo was afraid of the most.

How good would it be if it had been Yan Le Shibo? Zuo Mo couldn’t help but fantasize sometimes.

In the grass hut, Xin Yan threw a jade scroll at Zuo Mo and led him to a valley in the back of the mountain. Zuo Mo had came to this valley before. It evidently had just been flattened and there was an eye-catching seal formation at the bottom of the valley. Without a second word, he threw Zuo Mo into the seal formation.

Shibo, what… … what is this?” Zuo Mo asked, slightly panicked.

Xin Yan Shibo didn’t pay attention to him and floated away.

Zuo Mo looked in alarm at the surroundings. However, as nothing happened, his heart slowly calmed. Was this some body strengthening seal formation? Such a good thing, why didn’t they take it out earlier?

For a while, nothing happened. However, Zuo Mo didn’t dare to run out of the seal formation of his own accord. Shibo had thrown him in, if he ran out, the outcome would be bad. So he started to look at the jade scroll that Shibo gave him.

There was a body-cultivation scripture in the jade scroll. It was called [Vajra Profound Sutra]. Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. From the name, it didn’t look like one of the sect’s scriptures, but more like the scriptures of Dhyana cultivators. Where did Shibo get this? During his two years in the outer sect, he suffered through hardships trying to gather jade scrolls. Zuo mo held a special fondness for jade schools that recorded new things. This time he didn’t need to spend contribution points to get this scroll. Zuo Mo finally felt that he hadn’t suffered for nothing.

Curious, he kept on reading.

As expected, it was a Dhyana xiu scripture. The scriptures of Dhyana xiu were mostly simple and their demands on personal talent were the lowest. However, what they demanded of determination and personality was much higher. This scripture was the same. There wasn’t many complex parts but what it needed was constancy. If this would be constantly cultivated, the body would be like gold metal, and if one could comprehend, the final level would be forming the Vajrapani’s indestructible body.

Of course, Zuo Mo snorted at that. These days, no matter what jade scroll, they would always talk about how strong they were. It was the same as Pu Yao always labeling himself a Sky Yao.

However, what Zuo Mo found interesting was [Vajra Profound Sutra] mentioned that the body would not be easily wounded. No matter what the circumstances, the most important was to stay alive. If it would be somewhat mastered yaomo would be unable to approach near him, and nothing evil would be able to infiltrate. Zuo Mo suddenly found, what he was learning was more and more varied.

“This kind of second-hand item, he’s not ashamed to take it out.” Pu Yao somehow came out and said with a face full of disdain.

“Second-hand?” Zuo Mo raised the jade scroll in his hand, “Do you have it?”

“I only keep the finest!” Pu Yao said proudly.

“Like the yin bead?” Zuo Mo smirked.

Pu Yao was like a deflated balloon. The incident of the yin beads had become Zuo Mo’s most effective weapon. Pu Yao didn’t have any room to argue. But when he looked at the seal formation surrounding them, he started to snicker.

Zuo Mo’s heart started to feel unconfident and couldn’t resist asking, “What are you laughing about?”

Pu Yao’s crimson red eye held a strange laughter at Zuo Mo’s misfortunes. Zuo Mo was very familiar with this expression. He had seen this expression too many times recently. Zuo Mo couldn’t help but feel something was wrong.

“Have a good time.” Pu Yao was full of smugness as he went back into Zuo Mo’s consciousness.

Zuo Mo felt even more unconfident. Looking at the seals surrounding him, his heart trembled. Maybe this seal formation wasn’t a body strengthening seal formation?

At this time, suddenly a faint mist formed in the surroundings. Zuo Mo saw it clearly. The mist had been created by the seal formation. He instantly became nervous. Was it about to begin?

The mist quickly spread. He couldn’t see in front of him and became even more cautious.


A sword energy suddenly came out of the mist and shot at him.

Zuo Mo, already on the defense, sliced out with his hand, a sword energy leaving and accurately hitting the sword energy that was flying at him.


A light flashed and the two sword energies destroyed each other.

Before Zuo Mo could react, hiss hiss, two other sword energies came out of the mist!

Zuo Mo didn’t dare to drop his defenses and flung out two sword energies.

Hiss hiss hiss hiss!

Four sword energies came at him from different directions.

He dodged left and weaved right, an extremely sorry figure.

The sword energies increased in number at an astounding speed, so fast that Zuo Mo couldn’t react.

When the sword energy entered his body, the needling pain caused Zuo Mo to howl. Zuo Mo finally understood what this damned seal formation was!

Translator ramblings: For dhyana, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zen. For Vajrapani see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajrapani.

Somebody is dead and people are staring to look for Zuo Mo!

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