修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Seventy Eight “Making A Move”

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Chapter Seventy Eight – Making A Move

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

Wen Tie sanren had his disciple in the light purchasing the yin beads, while he himself was concealed in the darkness.

When he saw that Yun Xia xianzi had yin thunder beads, it was like he was struck by lightning.

The many uses of yin beads were known to all the sects. Many people know, but there were not many people that would know more than Wen Tie sanren. In the eyes of the world, Wen Tie sanren’s origins were very mysterious. Everyone knew that he came from a small sect called Sky Fiend Sect, but it was not known thatthe little minor sect of Sky Fiend Sect was a branch sect which had survived the collapse of the Devilings Sect.

The Devilings Sect was a famous sect three thousand years ago. There had been many disciples and many branch sects. The Devilings Sect had all died in the great battle against the yaomo three thousand years ago but many of  these branch sects had luckily survived; however, without the yin beads, the various spells they had learned from the Devilings Sect were useless. This caused some branches to decline and eventually die out. Some branches, of their own initiative, learned spells from other sects and managed to survive.

The Sky Fiend Sect that Wen Tie sanren came from was one of the surviving branch sects.

Sky Fiend Sect was a very small sect. As it passed down to his generation, only he was left. However, Wen Tie sanren was exceptionally talented. Even though the scriptures of the Sky Fiend sect weren’t anything special, he had managed to cultivate to jindan; however, he had reached a dead end in his cultivation and it would be hard to make progress relying on these scriptures.

So, it could be understood just how joyful he was when he saw the yin thunder bead in Yun Xia xianzi’s hands. He knew where his sect’s scriptures had originated from, the sect records had many spells relating to the yin beads. Those strange scriptures and spells, they were hundreds of times better than the scriptures was currently using. If he could find the method to make yin beads, he had hopes that he could breakthrough to yuanying.

For xiuzhe, the strength of cultivation directly determined their lifespan. Jindan was the first division. Before reaching jindan their lifespan wouldn’t surpass one hundred and fifty years, but once they broke into jindan they would have a lifespan of three hundred years. Yuanying xiuzhe would have a lifespan of five hundred years. The lifespan of a fanxu xiuzhe could reach seven hundred years, and the life span of a dacheng xiuzhe was a thousand years.

On the surface, Wen Tie sanren didn’t seem any different than any other middle-aged person, but he was already two hundred and thirty two years old. He didn’t have much time left. So when he learned that someone knew how to make yin beads, how could he not be excited?

He quickly found out the history of the yin thunder bead that Yun Xia xianzi had, and he had sent Xue Yun to bravely go to the free market to search for the yin beads, while he would hide in the shadows.

For the temptation of the yin beads, he was willing to not just cut ties with Yun Xia’s group, but if he had to pay with his life, he had to grab it.

When Zuo Mo had appeared, he was excited but kept his composure. He was clear that the news of the yin beads had spread out long ago. There were many people who wanted it. He was like an experienced hunter, patiently waiting. To be able to use a normal scripture to break into jindan, Wen Tie sanren wasn’t the average cultivator.

The situation quickly progressed according to his plans, everyone attacking in a melee battle.

As the heated battle reached its climax, he finally made a move!

Using his most skilled and hidden movement method, he silently appeared behind Zuo Mo. When his hand touched Zuo Mo’s shoulder, even if he was an experienced hunter, he couldn’t help but be excited!

Wen Tie sanren had fortuitous encounters before. When he had been a ningmai, he had discovered an earth based concealment method that was extremely unique. Relying on this, he had escaped life threatening situations multiple times.

He knew he had succeeded!

“Damn you!” The yellow robed Taoist was the first person to detect Wen Tie sanren and instantly yelled. He didn’t attend to his fight with the other xiuzhe and threw out a round gold shuttle. Once the round gold shuttle left his hand, it turned into a streak of gold light and hummed as it moved.

The silver clad male snorted and tossed a handful of silver sand, which shone like the stars, towards Wen Tie sanren.

The dark red rope moved like it was alive. A nimble turn and then it streaked towards Wen Tie sanren, shooting like a sharp arrow, howling through the air!

The other person also seemed rushed. The pale green flying sword brightened and with a clear hum, sliced at Wen Tie sanren!

Four jindan masters attacking at the same time, the resulting commotion was enough to make the sky turn dark.

Wen Tie sanren wasn’t panicked. A smug smile appeared at the corners of his lips. Grabbing Zuo Mo’s shoulder he was going to cast his greatest escape spell, an earth concealment spell, when his face suddenly changed. With a painful shout, he suddenly tore his body away and retreated!

On his palm, at some unknown time, a dark red flame had appeared.

The flame wasn’t large as it burned silently, but just in an instant, Wen Tie sanren’s right hand had turned to white bone.

Ah ah ah!

Sharp yells rang over Dong Fu. Wen Tie sanren’s pupils were dilated, his features horrific and twisted as he curled into a ball, continuously rolling on the ground.

This sudden change also shocked everyone else.

Zuo Mo raised his head and reached out with his right hand, a finger gently pointing into the empty air. A strand of crimson flame silently floated in front of him.

The round gold shuttle of the yellow robed Taoist, the silver sand of the silver clad male, the dark red rope, and the pale green flying sword all headed towards the dark red flame, like moths attracted to a flame.

The expressions of the four people changed drastically!

Just now, they had felt their talismans and flying sword had suddenly been affected by the pull of a very strong power and headed towards the silently burning crimson flame.

The state of Wen Tie sanren who was rolling on the ground as he wailed piteously also shocked everyone. The expression of the yellow robed Taoist changed as he rapidly cast a spell, wanting to retrieve the round gold shuttle, but the gold shuttle only wavered slightly but still flew towards the flame. The silver clad male was much smarter. Without another word, he retreated out of the battle . The mysterious master who had been using the dark red rope also had a good response. The rope, which had been like an arrow, suddenly slowed.

Only the flying sword glowing with green light increased its presence as it sped up rather than slow down. The sword essence was thick, full of the resolution to not return.

The gold shuttle and the silver sand, when they came into contact with the flame, was like mud entering the ocean, and disappeared without a sound in the fire.

The cultivator who had been controlling the dark red robe tried with all his power and finally stopped the rope from moving forward, yet. the tip of the rope still came into contact with the flame.


A string of sparks, with astounding speed, leapt on the rope and headed to the other end!

The cultivator who had been hiding in the shadows was alarmed. Abandoning his rope talisman, he released it and retreated. Turning into a streak of light, he fled away!

When the sparks lit up the other end of the rope, bang, the dark red rope turned to ash, scattering in the wind.

The green flying sword, with its murderous sword essence, accurately struck the flame in front of Zuo Mo’s chest. There wasn’t any resistance. The flying sword split the flame into two! But at the same moment, the xiuzhe who had been glaring angrily in the sky suddenly spat out a ball of fresh blood, and in alarm, turned and retreated!

The sword essence on the green flying sword had completely disappeared. The body of the sword had broken into tiny segments and turned to countless fragments!

The yellow robed Taoist finally lost his composure. Without being able to care for anything else, he fled in a panic.

The sudden change in the situation caused all the xiuzhe in the free market, visible or hidden, to gape in shock. Wen Tie sanren, who had been rolling on the ground, had turned into a pile of dust with nothing remaining. In a short encounter, five jindan masters, one dead, one wounded, three fleeing, how much power would this take?

Everyone’s eyes as they looked at Zuo Mo all changed. The people who had been tempted by the yin beads all felt relieved that they hadn’t also attacked.

The enormous free market was completely silent. There was only a crimson flame burning in front of Zuo Mo’s chest.

Zuo Mo reached out with a finger. The flame turned into a string and burrowed into his finger.

Xiao Huan’s complexion was deathly pale, her mind dazed as she stood. Her mind was completely blank. She didn’t even register Zuo Mo’s departure. Only after a long time, when her mind finally refocused, she saw Miss’ pale face, and couldn’t resist anymore but fall into Miss’ embrace and started crying.

Just at this time, two yin beads dropped to the ground.

Mistress and servant couldn’t help but be shocked.

Zuo Mo flew forward quickly. His eyes were dark, even the blade-like smile on his face seemed to have become weak. He had leapt and flew away without anyone daring to stop him. Not one person dared to pursue him… … hm, that wasn’t right… ….

He suddenly stopped.

A white-clothed Lin Qian appeared behind him. At this time, Lin Qian didn’t seem as casual and harmless as when Zuo Mo had first encountered him. All the ling energy in his body was moving. He was like an unsheathed sword, the sword essence spreading out! His expression was grave. He didn’t dare to relax as he stared fixedly at the figure that he couldn’t really make out.

Zuo Mo gave a light laugh, “Ha ha, you’re pretty brave.”

The voice was icy. Even though it was a laugh, it didn’t have a hint of emotion. If Zuo Mo was conscious, he definitely would identify it as Pu Yao’s voice. Pitiful Zuo Mo. In the near-death situation just now, Pu Yao finally couldn’t help but interfere.

Lin Qian’s position didn’t change. His expression was defensive, positioned so he could release his strongest attack at any time. In a deep voice, he asked, “Elder’s cultivation is astounding. But why would you not let others see your true face?”

Pu Yao stared at Lin Qian, the mirth on his face even thicker, “Little friend, I don’t have time to play with you today. But don’t worry, we will meet if there is a chance in the future.” Nonsensically, he threw down, “So interesting! Ha ha!”

Before the words landed, a ball of flame rose from his feet.

Lin Qian was first taken back and then shouted, “Elder, wait!”

Disdain appeared in Pu Yao’s eyes. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared in the air.

It was like Lin Qian was released from a heavy weight. He stood in his original spot. Only now did he realize, that without noticing, his back was wet with sweat. How long has it been since he had been as nervous as this?

Suddenly, his expression flickered and he disappeared in the wind.

Just after Lin Qian disappeared, a group of people arrived at the location. It was a group clothed in black wearing masks. The person at the front suddenly came to the spot that Pu Yao had been standing and touched the ground with his hand, the patch of ground didn’t seem different at all, “We’re not wrong!”

The short words were filled with joy. But then he said in irritation, “It is a pity we’re late!”

The crowd of black clothed people shifted in response but no one spoke.

“This one has always been curious. What are you searching for?”

A light voice landed in the ears of this crowd of black clothed people like lightning on a clear day. The expression of all those people changed as they turned quickly.

A white clothed Lin Qian raised his feet and, step by step, neared them, “Can you tell me, who the elder that was just here really is?”

His expression was indifferent, but between his brows, the sword essence was thick.

Translator Ramblings: How’s that for a victory? If this was Wu Kong Sword Sect’s elders… … (hee hee)

It didn’t matter if Zuo Mo gave his true identity or denied it. Even if Pu Yao hid the beads, the jindan wouldn’t have cared. They would either kill him, capture him and torture him, and along the way, damage Wu Kong Sword Sect since the outsiders come from sects way more powerful than Wu Kong Sword Sect.

It’s unlikely they would have gone “Oh, wrong person, you can go.” Rather, it would be “Oh, wrong person,” *smash*. One dead Zuo Mo.

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