修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eighty Seven “Strong Attack Vs Strong Attack”

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Chapter Eighty Seven – Strong Attack Vs Strong Attack

At the highest point of the waterfall, a flame suddenly appeared.

This flame wasn’t eye-catching, extremely faint, almost invisible as it burned silently. However, it was like the flame was dropped into oil, not water. Flames quickly spread across the top of the waterfall.

On the top half of the waterfall, a cool flame flickered its crystal clear tongues.

The waterfall was instantly lit up by the cool flame. Each water-like sword energy became shrouded in a ball of fire.

Li water was like fire as it fell down.

The first sword energy shrouded in fire quickly landed in the water.


A clear sound of explosion! A large section of the water dragon instantly was destroyed, water spraying everywhere.

Boom boom boom boom boom!

The stream of explosions were like fireworks, ringing endlessly.

Wen Fei’s expression changed. What sword move was this? Didn’t the other practice a water element sword scripture? Why would there be fire? At this moment, he didn’t have the leisure to think. In the blink of an eye, only a small half of the water dragon remained after the explosions. The other’s sword energies had increased in power due to those harmless looking clear flames.

Suppressing the uncertainty inside, the last bit of underestimation in his heart dissipated. He now saw Zuo Mo as the greatest opponent he had ever faced.

Wen Fei gritted his teeth, his ling energy flowed furiously, the Sky River Fan suddenly snapped shut and he pointed the fan gently at Zuo Mo.

[Sky River Prison]!

A spark of blue light came out of the fan and seemed to slowly fly towards Zuo Mo.

A strong feeling of danger suddenly rose in Zuo Mo. This bit of blue light, the pressure it gave him far surpassed any of the previous moves. He didn’t dare to be inattentive. His mind moved and the cold waterfall floating in the air instantly responded, leaping towards the blue light.

Balls of clear fire. Inside were sword essences each as gentle as water.

The rain of fire from the waterfall seemed to cover the blue light.

Suddenly, Wen Fei opened the sky river fan, and shouted: “Open!”

That blue light was suddenly like a large net, aimed directly at Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo wasn’t able to dodge in time and instantly was trapped.

Zuo Mo only felt the blue light suddenly grow in front of his eyes. In the blink of an eye, waves filled his vision. His surroundings were a blur!

Zuo Mo was very familiar with this kind of scenery! He had once practiced the sword in the river, and naturally was extremely familiar. Right now, he was in a air bubble. Who would have thought that the speck of blue light would contain such thick water energy? Those clear flames, when they entered the water, created explosions. However, there was too much water, and those little clear li water sword energies were ineffective and instead exploded on Zuo Mo. The pressure came in on all sides and the bubble was slowly being squeezed.

Zuo Mo took a deep breath solemnly. This was the other’s final attack!

Instantly, his fighting spirit burst forward. He might not be able to compare to Wei Sheng Shixiong, but he wasn’t putty that these wastrels could manipulate as they willed.

Zuo Mo didn’t detect that after practicing the sword, he had went from the initial fear of of battle to quickly not fearing battle and his desire for fighting was increasing.

He was like that now. He became more excited the more he fought. Right now, especially when he saw Wen Fei’s ultimate move, his fighting spirit had reached its peak!


He widened his eyes, shouting soundlessly inside!

The waterfall which had been raging fire disappeared. The Water Drop sword turned into a streak of light and returned to Zuo Mo’s hands.

Seeming to have felt Zuo Mo’s desire to fight, the body of the Water Drop sword vibrated, like ripples in water. The clear hum it gave made Zuo Mo even more excited. He closed his eyes, caressing the sword like he was caressing a lover.

Without the support of the waterfall, the water which had been coming in at all sides didn’t have any resistance and instantly went in. The air bubble shattered and Zuo Mo was swept into the water.

Wen Fei couldn’t disguise the joy on his face! If you were in the water, weren’t you just a fish waiting for me to slice you?

He shouted: “Up!”

The ball of water containing Zuo Mo slowly flew into the sky. The ball was enormous, like a small pond.

Zuo Mo was the wild beast in the cage. No matter how he struggled, he wouldn’t be able to break free. Wen Fei was smug inside. This prison of water, it was much more secure than one made of steel.

The faces of the Wu Kong Sword Sect outer sect disciples whitened. They were terrified as they looked at the large shadow cast by the ball of water as it flew higher. Zuo Mo’s figure inside the water became more indistinct and could barely be made out.

To say nothing else, just being smashed from such a height, it would definitely lead to internal injury!

Determination suddenly appeared on Xiao Guo’s pale face. She suddenly rushed out of the crowd, heading for Wen Fei.

“Little girl, what do you think you are doing?” A graceful figure blocked Xiao Guo’s path. Tao Zhu Er’s face was cheerful as she looked at Xiao Guo.

“Move aside!” Xiao Guo was angry and panicked. However, her anger was like a little kitten baring its teeth and scratching, extremely adorable.

“Hm” Ming Dao’s tense heart relaxed. Seeing Xiao Guo’s innocence, his eyes instantly lit up: “This girl isn’t bad. What are you called?”

“Move aside!” Xiao Guo was almost crying.

Hints of cruelty flashed through Wen Fei’s eyes. Looking at the ball of water in the air, he smirked smugly: “Have a good taste of my [Sky River Prison].” Finishing, he reached out with his left hand, and swiped towards the ball of water.

The ball of water in the sky transformed. In the water ball, an enormous hand headed for Zuo Mo. This guy had made him look so bad, Wen Fei didn’t want to let him off that easily. It was very interesting to play like a cat with a mouse!

The Wu Kong disciples couldn’t help but gasp in shock, not wanting to look.

Hopelessness made its way onto Xiao Guo’s face. She knew she wasn’t a match for the two, but… …

A rare determination flashed through her teary eyes.

Just at this time, inside the water cage, the sword pointed downwards, Zuo Mo suddenly opened his closed eyes.

For some reason, he thought about the day he had comprehended li water sword essence, saw the enormous hand that was about to catch him. From the corner of his eye, he could see the figures beneath. He could imagine now smug the other person was at this time, how excited.

But, my sword scripture… …

It’s [Li Water Sword Scripture]!

The light exploded in Zuo Mo’s eyes. It was like his eyes were suddenly void of all emotion, cold like the clear flames! His two hands grasping the Water Drop sword, the slanted sword unhesitatingly made an upward slash against the current!

[Li Water Burning Heavens]!

The gigantic hand shattered.

On the ground, Wen Fei’s expression changed! How was it possible! How could he still counterattack in the water cage!

He gritted his teeth and wanted to change his technique, but his face suddenly became empty of color. He discovered that he had completely lost control of the water cage!

How was it possible!

At this time, other people had detected the change in the sky and all lifted their heads!

The ball of water was rapidly collapsing into itself as if there was a deep bottomless pit inside it.

And when Zuo Mo’s body was revealed, everyone couldn’t help but inhale. In mid air, the water cage had disappeared, leaving behind Zuo Mo’s hands holding the sword.

Shock was on Ming Dao and Tao Zhu Er’s face. They looked in disbelief at the sword in Zuo Mo’s hands.

Around the three chi long sword, a ten chi long blade of blue flame slowly and silently burned. This blue flame was completely composed of water. Heavens, he had absorbed all of Wen Fei Shixiong’s Sky River Prison, and turned it into his own weapon!

This world, how could there be such a fantastical thing?

This guy, was he really only zhuji level?

Looking at Xiao Guo, Tao Zhu Er, and Ming Dao below, Zuo Mo instantly understood what had happened. A flash of anger floated in his eyes.

His two hands holding the sword, he lifted it up. The water flame on the sword was like an enormous blooming flower, soundlessly opening.


An angry bellow like thunder on a clear day.

Containing all his anger, all his fighting spirit, all his ling energy, Zuo Mo was like a flash of light as he chopped downwards!

A ruler-straight blue light suddenly appeared in midair, so bright one couldn’t look directly at it.

Below, the faces of Wen Fei and the others changed dramatically. This guy was crazy!

His sword presence, it managed to wrap all three of them inside at once!

At this time, the three couldn’t attend to anything else. They all took out their final defenses.

A water curtain appeared around Wen Fei, even thicker than last time. The Peach Blossom ling armor on Tao Zhu Er’s body glowed brightly, peach blossoms flying in the air and shielding her inside. Ming Dao angrily took out a copper bell. The bell grew as it came into the open, firmly covering Ming Dao inside.

At this time, Zuo Mo forgot everything. In his eyes, there was only the three people below. He was doing one thing only. That was, channeling ling energy, furiously, insanely pushing out ling energy!

The straight and cold light landed from the sky with a strong and fierce presence, heavily smashing the three from above .

The most commonly used sword attacks were stab and slice. Even chopping was rarely used. And people could never have thought that a sword could be used to smash. What Zuo Mo used was a smash. Like what he had raised wasn’t a flying sword but a heavy hammer!


The blue light flashed and swallowed the three people on the ground.

After the ear-shattering explosion was a deathly silence.

Zuo Mo’s legs weakened and he sat down on the ground, panting for his life.

[Li Water Burning Heavens] was too strong for him, after he completed it he basically had no offensive power left.

However… …

He gritted his teeth as he used the Water Drop sword to stand up. Looking at the deep pit over thirty feet deep, he only had one word—great!

In the large hole, Wen Fei and the others were unconscious from the explosion. Wen Fei’s clothing was in tatters. The ling armor on Tao Zhu Er’s body was almost shattered and Ming Dao’s copper bell had broken into countless pieces.

Zuo Mo sighed. The terrifying power of this [Li Water Burning Heaven] had to be credited to Wen Fei’s water cage. If there hadn’t been so much water, it definitely wouldn’t reach such a terrifying result. If countless liters of water were dropped, this was already very scary.

It was time to take his spoils. Zuo Mo instantly became excited, completely disregarding any kind of manners. He was like a cat that smelt food, limping as he skipped towards the deep hole.

Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan were so frightened dumb that they forgot to stop him.

They were really rich! Zuo Mo sighed inside. He wasn’t easy going at all.

He took a water-blue ring from Wen Fei’s hands. In reality, the best thing on his body was the Sky River Fan. However, what Zuo Mo cultivated was the flying sword. This Sky River Fan was good, but it wasn’t suited to him. This ring wasn’t normal. It definitely was the finest of the third grade. It could increase the ability to control water. However, he still needed to experiment to find the specific effects.

He took a thousand year Peach Wood hairpin from Tao Zhu Er’s head. Slurp slurp. There were three formations on it. [Evil Removing], [Nourishing], [Focus]. Good things, good things!

From Ming Dao’s body, Zuo Mo wasn’t courteous in taking off the other’s pair of boots. Third grade Wind Passing boots. Zuo Mo was very knowledgeable. There were [Wind Travel] and [Movement] formations on the boots and were very practical.

“Vicious!” Yan Ming Zi looked at the three things that Zuo Mo picked. He couldn’t help but inhale. He both hurt and admired it.

Hu Shan was like a statue. When he saw Zuo Mo’s wolf-like and greedy gaze, he couldn’t help but shudder.

At this moment, he decided he didn’t want the jade pendant anymore!

Translator Rambling: Zuo Mo is becoming rich, rich, rich.

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