修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eighty Eight “The Scalping Zombie”

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Chapter Eighty Eight – The Scalping Zombie

Everyone was dumbstruck where they stood, their minds blank.

To say nothing of victory and defeat, but what the people had expected was fierce combat, exchanging blows back and forth, a tense situation, and end with a barely achieved victory. The result was three people were defeated by a single move. This result made everyone’s jaws drop to the ground. Even the Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples who had been full of confidence in Zuo Mo had lost their ability to speak.

Xiao Guo stared dazedly at Zuo Mo.

How Shixiong looked when he had been plundering from their bodies… …

Oh, why would she have used “plundering”? No, no, Shixiong was appropriating his spoils! Xiao Guo unconsciously defended Shixiong.

“For you,” Zuo Mo threw the thousand year Peach Wood hairpin that he took from Tao Zhu Er’s head to Xiao Guo.

Xiao Guo instinctively caught it. Inhales suddenly sounded among the female disciples. Their eyes suddenly became red as they looked at the Peach Wood hairpin on Xiao Guo’s hands. They were like a herd of rabbits locked onto one single carrot.

“It’s a pity that her ling armor is shattered. Otherwise, removing it to give to you would be nice.” Zuo Mo muttered regretfully. He completely hadn’t thought about just how inappropriate it was to take off a female xiuzhe’s armor in public.

A moment later, Xiao Guo refocused. Looking at the Peach Wood hairpin on her hand, her hand shook as though it had shocked her and almost threw it away, “Shixiong, this is too valuable!”

She might not recognize how good this Peach Wood hairpin was, but holding it in her hands, she could feel the extraordinariness of it. This Peach Wood hairpin, it was too valuable!

This kind of thing, Shixiong should keep it for himself! She thought.

Zuo Mo’s eyes scanned the unconscious three people, impatiently saying, “Just take it, and stop nagging.”

What Xiao Guo was most afraid of was Zuo Mo’s impatience. She instantly became timid and afraid of speaking.

Zuo Mo strongly controlled his impulse to plunder everything from the three people that were unconscious. He turned his face to look at Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan.

“Do you guys want to fight again?” That voice, it was as warm as the wolf-grandmother.

Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan both shuddered, their heads shaking like a rattle-drum.

“Really, neither of you wants to fight?”

The two then nodded quickly like a chicken eating rice, their hands over their chests and their feet unconsciously moved back two paces. In their eyes, Zuo Mo had completely transformed into the most terrifying demon.

“Such a disappointment,” When Zuo Mo expressionlessly said this sentence, his words were full of regret. Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan’s hearts couldn’t help but jump furiously. Zuo Mo waved his hand, “Take them away. Do not bother me in the future.”

It was like they had been pardoned from death. Exchanging a look, the two hurriedly picked up the three who were unconscious and ran away. They looked like they hated that their parents didn’t give birth to them with two more legs.

After their figures disappeared, Zuo Mo couldn’t hold up any longer and crashed to the ground. Seeing the situation, Xiao Guo instantly was shocked and ran over to ask in panic, “Shixiong, are you wounded?”

Seeing the apple face full of concern, Zuo Mo’s heart warmed.

“Oh, nothing. Just a bit tired.” Zuo Mo waved his hand, pretending it was nothing. He then took out a dan from his bosom, and shoved it into his mouth. Folding his legs, he started to meditate.

Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan only stopped when they couldn’t see Wu Kong Mountain anymore. The two panted.

“Is that guy even human?” Yan Ming Zi said breathlessly, “The difference here with our information is too big.”

“Lucky that we ran fast enough.” Hu Shan’s face was relieved.

Yan Ming Zi still had lingering fears, “Exactly! Didn’t you see his eyes as he looked at us? He wanted to strip us bare!”

The two couldn’t help but think of Zuo Mo’s eyes. As though they didn’t wear clothing on a snowy day, they shivered again and said at the same time, “So scary!”

After a while, the two gradually walked out from Zuo Mo’s shadow. Yan Ming Zi pointed at the three unconscious people, “What to do with them?”

Hu Shan thought about how he would have to carry them to the sect and gritted his teeth, “Wake them up.”

After a while, three extremely tragic howls passed out.

“Zuo Mo, I will never forgive you!”

“Return my shoes… …”

“This girl will kill you!”



Zuo Mo was extremely smug. He had completely changed his attire.

His hand  held the  Water Drop sword, the Streaming Fire ling gathering pendant at his waist, a Black Blue Water ring on his finger, and on his feet were the wind travel boots. Extremely dandyish.

This new set of attire, even Xu Yi Xia, who was famous for the wealth of her family in the sect, was gaping when she saw it. She wondered inside, did Zuo Mo Shidi rob a talisman shop?

While smug, he still had to live out his days. Zuo Mo needed to spend time caring for the ling garden that he rented. Other than that, he couldn’t stop his daily cultivation. His days were very full. However, Zuo Mo was very disappointed that for the next few days, no one came up to challenge him.

These days nothing was as fast as plundering, not even ling farming or dan-making,. This was a no investment, great profit, a sleight of hand! Zuo Mo was regretful. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have beaten all of them into unconsciousness that day. A small continuous flow was the best!

He was unaware that, due to his strong performance, all of Ling Ying Sect had been shocked. Especially his demeanor when he had been “receiving” his trophies. Under the effort of Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan’s story-telling, it reached all of Ling Ying Sect.

The nickname of “the Scalping Zombie” was created.

The Scalping Zombie was undoubtedly the opponent that the wastrels didn’t want to touch the most. Wastrels usually relied on expensive talismans and countless jingshi to battle. However, if they went to provoke the Scalping Zombie, wasn’t it giving money to the other? If they took great talismans, and they lost, then it would be hard to keep possession of the talisman. According to the detailed description from the talisman expert Yan Ming Zi and the comparison to the talismans the five people had lost, it proved that the Scalping Zombie’s eyes were extremely experienced. If they lost, what they would lose was definitely the most valuable and expensive talisman they had!

But if they wore only trash to go make a challenge, the already low chance of winning would head towards zero.

The wastrels of Ling Ying Sect were all smart and perceptive. No one dared to go provoke this “Scalping Zombie.”

The elders of Wu Kong Sword Sect were all absent. Zuo Mo had an extremely enjoyable life. Especially because no one cared about him making dan.

He would make a batch of Golden Crow pills every day. This was a very steady source of income. However, he didn’t want to spend too much effort on it. Golden Crow pills might be profitable but it was still a first-grade lingdan, and the profits were limited. Zuo Mo’s eyes had been spoiled by the fine talismans on his body. If he only relied on making Golden Crow pills, he would need at least half a year to be able to buy just any of the talismans he was wearing right now.

The price of normal third-grade talismans were not expensive and Zuo Mo could afford it. However, for the fine specimens like this one, the price would reach an incredible height.

Zuo Mo once again took up his previous experiment to use the essence of the sun as the primary and the li fire seal formation as the auxiliary fire, to make a new kind of lingdan.

Taking up this eternally failing experiment wasn’t completely for jingshi.

He was going for a Golden Crow fire!

Golden Crow fire was a fourth-grade fire seed. If he had it, the low-grade lingdan he made would automatically increase a level. Also, Golden Crow fire was one of the originators of all the fires in the world. It could merge with many other fire seeds. In the future, if he encountered better fire sources, he could merge it into the other fire.

Of course, for Zuo Mo at this time, Golden Crow fire was already the best fire in the world! Even more, there was a possibility he could achieve Golden Crow fire through his own power. What would fill him more full of energy and fighting spirit other than this?

He burrowed into Master’s records room and started to research for ling grasses that could endure the essence of the sun and other dominant forces.

Just as Zuo Mo prepared to focus and enter seclusion, the pink paper crane landed from the sky.

Ye, what’s the answer from last time’s game?”

Zuo Mo hit his head, and wailed misfortune. These days, he had been enchanted in dan­-making and threw that so-called game into the back of his head. Without any other way, he could only harden his head and reply, “Apologies, I was busy these days.”

Ye doesn’t place importance on me. I’m very hurt.”,

Zuo Mo felt his head swell. Threat. This definitely was a threat.

“How about another two days?” Zuo Mo decided that in these two days, even if he had to not eat or sleep, he would definitely solve this game. He knew just how ruthless and vicious this paper crane girl was!

However, he once again underestimated the paper crane girl’s ruthlessness and viciousness.

Just as Zuo Mo warily unfolded the pink paper crane that just flew over, he felt his eyes blur and the surroundings instantly changed.

“Damned woman!” Zuo Mo swore angrily!

It wasn’t the first time that he encountered such a situation. It also wasn’t the first time the damned woman used this trick.

“Hee hee, ye don’t scold me. Who made it that you didn’t put importance on me? Ye doesn’t want to play with me, I just have to find ways to amuse myself. Hee hee, this is a maze that I learned when I was seven. It’s very fun. Ye, slowly enjoy it.”

A sweet to the bones voice came out of the air, carrying a hint of laziness and indifference.

“Damned woman!” Zuo Mo forced the words through his teeth. If the other was in front of him, he would definitely leap over and use the Water Drop sword to chop her into mulch. This damned uncaring, bored, and inane woman!

His swearing didn’t receive any reply. Zuo Mo slowly calmed down from the anger burning inside.


He scanned the surroundings. Strangely, he was slightly panicked. Under his feet was a checkerboard. Each square was one foot squared, either black or white, alternating as it spread to the edge of the horizon.

Illusion, this was an illusion! Zuo Mo told himself.

If the other said that this was a maze formation, then it was certainly an illusion.

However, all of this seemed so real. Zuo Mo could even feel the hardness of the tiles under his feet. It was completely empty. Zuo Mo seemed to be standing in the middle of nowhere, alone and without aid.

Luckily, there wasn’t anything dangerous. Zuo Mo was slightly comforted.

He started to ponder how he would walk out of this maze formation. The formations that he knew were pitifully few and the maze formation in front of him clearly wasn’t one of those. A maze formation that damned woman knew at seven years old… …

Zuo Mo started to grit his teeth again.

Suddenly, a ball of mist floated out of nowhere.

But the mist came quickly and left quickly.

However, when the mist faded, Zuo Mo was dumbstruck as he looked at the scene in front of him.

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