修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Ninety “Pu Yao’s Counterattack”

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Chapter Ninety – Pu Yao’s Counterattack

From any angle, Zuo Mo wasn’t a slow person. Of course, Pu Yao might have his own opinions about this point.

The changes in the sect allowed Zuo Mo to smell a strange flavor. Master had sternly told him to work hard and not slack off. She also said the jade scrolls in the sect, including all the scrolls in Fragrant Ginger Yard, were all open to him and he did not need to spend a single contribution point.

A benefit that Zuo Mo could have only dreamed about in the past was placed in front of him, but he wasn’t happy at all.

The sect leader and the other shibo had announced these measures immediately after coming back. This meant that something had definitely happened or was going to happen. After the experiences of these two years, he knew this very well – spells were jingshi! No matter which sect or organization, they wouldn’t freely pass spells to people. In the past, it was normal that the sect required contribution points for spells. Contribution points were effectively jingshi. But the sect leader suddenly said that spells didn’t need contribution points anymore. This clearly meant there was a problem.

Something was going to happen!

Zuo Mo felt out the situation by asking if he needed to go train his body under Xin Yan Shibo. Master’s answer once again proved his guess. He didn’t need to go. Xin Yan Shibo was going into seclusion to forge. After that, Master told him that she was going into seclusion to make dan and didn’t have time to teach him so he needed to study hard on his own.

The conversation between him and Master lasted for a whole four hours. How to study and everything else, as though she needed to make everything clear.

The bad feeling Zuo Mo felt became even heavier.

In the end, Master had hesitated and urged him to spend more time practicing the sword, it was fine if he was slowing in dan-making. If, at this time, Zuo Mo still didn’t know that there was a problem, then he was truly an idiot. Master waved her hand to send him away. When he had stepped outside the door to the dan room, the weak sigh that Master had given, Zuo Mo had heard it extremely clearly.

Returning to the West Wind Yard, Zuo Mo’s mood wasn’t good, as though he was suffocating.

This day, he didn’t cultivate.

At night, lying on the roof, his head pillowed on his arms, he looked at the stars in the sky in a daze. The sound tablet by his side quietly broadcasted all kinds of news.

“What are you worried about?” Pu Yao had come out at some unknown time.

“I feel that something is going to happen.” Zuo Mo said as he looked at the stars.

“Something is going to happen?”

“En. Two years ago when I opened my eyes, all I thought of was surviving in the sect. At that time, I didn’t have any ideas and never thought about the future. I got used to staying here, used to this mountain. After, Master was very good to me, even though her temper might not be good. And Wei Sheng Shixiong, Old Black, Li Ying Feng Shijie, Xiao Guo… …”

“Even if something is going to happen, you can’t do anything about it.” Pu Yao said unconcernedly.

“I know.” Zuo Mo’s eyes were slightly dark, “My power is so weak. If something was really going to happen, I can’t help.”

“Then isn’t that all?” Pu Yao asked strangely.

“But I don’t want… …” Gazing at the faraway stars, Zuo Mo lightly muttered.

Pu Yao became silent. He seemed to have remembered something.


The second day, early in the morning, Zuo Mo ran to the rented ling garden and did a round of maintenance. He was just preparing to leave when someone came searching for him.

Could you be Mister Zuo, Ling Plant Farmer Zuo Mo?” The person asked politely, his face intelligent.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised, “That’s me.”

“This one has long heard of your name.” A hint of joy came across the person’s face but he still showed extreme control, “This one is He Rong and has a little shop. I heard that Mister Zuo Mo has planted a lot of Fiery Red flower. This one came to ask if Mister Zuo Mo is willing to sell.”

Zuo Mo nodded, “I did plant a lot of fiery red flower. However, there’s still some time until they mature.”

He Rong smiled and said, “This one wants to reserve it first.”

“Oh. What kind of reserve?”” Zuo Mo hadn’t thought that the market had such high demand. His fiery red flowers hadn’t matured and there were actually people that were coming up to reserve them. Since he had planted this batch of fiery red flowers to sell, it was naturally better that people were finding him.

“How much has Mister Zuo Mo planted?” He Rong asked.

“Eighty mu.”

He Rong mused for a beat and then said, “Right now, the market price of fiery red flower is about two pieces of third grade jingshi per tael. How much does Mister Zuo Mo think the harvest will be?”

“About twenty catties.” Zuo Mo gave a conservative number.

“As expected of a ling plant farmer, the yield is astonishing.” He Rong praised. He then followed up, “I’m willing to first give sixty pieces of third grade jingshi as a down payment. If the market price in the future is lower than two pieces of third grade jingshi per tael, I will buy at this price and add the remainder. If it is higher than this price, then I will pay according to the market price. What does Mister Zuo think?”

This price was already very good. Zuo Mo thought for a second before nodding, “Good.”

He suddenly asked, “What’s the price of second-grade fiery red flower?” His ling fields would produce some second-grade fiery red flower but there wouldn’t be too much.

“Fifty pieces of third-grade jingshi per tael.” He Rong was slightly shocked. When he thought about the fact the other was a ling plant farmer, he then added, “If there is second-grade fiery red flower, this one is willing to take as much as there is.”


Zuo Mo then asked about the market for all kinds of herbs and medicines. He Rong was clearly experienced. He could almost unhesitatingly report the prices of all herbs. After that, the two created an agreement and exchanged imprints. The imprints, it was to leave behind one’s spiritual imprint on a blank jade scroll. This way, it was easier for the two to communicate. With imprints, the paper cranes could easily find the other for convenient communication.

Zuo Mo could not do flying sword messages. He could only use paper cranes.

Previously, other than the pink paper crane woman, Zuo Mo basically never used paper cranes. Paper cranes cost money. In the past, with his situation, he wouldn’t bear it.

Sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi, for Zuo Mo, it was a gigantic sum of money.

Maybe he should buy a suit of ling armor. The ling armor he was wearing now was the second-grade ling armor that Yan Le Shibo had given him. It really didn’t match with the fine third-grade talismans such as Water Drop sword. However, he only thought about it. It was naturally possible to buy a third-grade ling armor with sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi but what that amount could buy was normal third grade ling armor. It wasn’t enough for the finest armors.

After thinking, he decided to temporarily not spend the jingshi. He remembered his body still contained the great consumer of jingshi, Pu Yao.

As expected, when he returned to Little West Wind Yard, Pu Yao came out.

“I want the jingshi, Say, what do you want to exchange it for?” Pu Yao’s words were very proud but he then reminded Zuo Mo, “However, this little bit of jingshi, you won’t get much of a good thing in return.”

“What can I exchange it for?” Zuo Mo wasn’t dumb and tested the waters.

Even though Pu Yao’s intelligence was a bit low right now, but this person’s history was marked. He had forced through a lot of transactions.

“Hm, I hadn’t thought that you would have learnt.” Pu Yan scanned Zuo Mo a few times and then smiled cunningly, “But this is better, a fair business transaction. Just sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi, what you can exchange for is a little trick using the consciousness. How about it? Or you can first make a payment, learn a section, then pay to learn another section.”

“It’s better to pay all at the same time.” Zuo Mo understood Pu Yao’s character very well. If it was making regular payments, this guy would raise the price sky high. If he was stuck in the middle, he would definitely be in trouble.

“He he. Up to you. How about it? Do you want to learn this little trick?” Pu Yao smiled darkly, the blood eye was like it was looking at prey. Zuo Mo felt his hairs stand up.

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth, “Learn!”

He had kept on practicing [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] and his consciousness far surpassed the average person. However, he didn’t know how to use it. His only use of his consciousness was when he was monitoring the lingdan during dan-making.

“Ha ha!” Pu Yao smiled, satisfied. Ding ding dong dong. A stream of sounds from jingshi hitting each other, and made Zuo Mo’s heart ache.

Sixty pieces of third grade jingshi!

“Hm, here.” Pu yao threw a ball of light at Zuo Mo, throwing down a, “We’re clear!” Before disappearing.

Having had a previous experience, Zuo Mo took the ball of light. The moment the light ball touched his hand, it turned to countless characters that floated in his mind.

[Fragrance Knowledge]. Using the consciousness, able to remember the attributes of any female and never forget. Also, as long as the other was in a radius of five hundred li from the user, the user could detect the other’s position and find them. When the user was skilled, if they used this scripture, even if the other was thousands of miles away, the user could easily find them. Also, this scripture could detect the quality of the ling potential females had. At the very end, Zuo Mo saw a final sentence in conclusion, this scripture is the essential scripture for every pervert who wants to do paired cultivation!

Zuo Mo wanted to spit up blood.

“Pu Yao! Ye will kill you! Return ye’s jingshi… …”

In the Little West Wing Yard, a heart wrenching howl echoed!

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao sat on the gravestone, extremely smug and cunning, saying, “Ha ha ha ha, maze formation… … humph humph, in the future, if anyone discuss formations with me, I’ll discuss women with them! Ahaha… …”

Pu Yao still held a grudge against Zuo Mo’s answer from last time. He was extremely exhilarated about this counterattack!

The next few days, Zuo Mo didn’t not recover from this painful blow. Sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi exchanged for such an useless scripture, Zuo Mo wanted to tear Pu Yao to pieces and feed him to the dogs!

Deeply impacted, Zuo Mo decided to make Golden Crow pills to recover his losses.

Sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi! That was three hundred Golden Crow pills! Last time, he had made a few hundred Golden Crow pills and it almost killed him.

Carrying grief and motivation, Zuo Mo raced for Fragrant Ginger Yard, aspiring to furiously make Golden Crow pills. But quickly, he heard an unlucky news. Xu Qing told him that the ingredients in the sect for the fasting pill had been used up.

He hurried to ask Li Ying Feng Shijie and the news he received was like lightning on a clear day.

A certain ingredient was not being supplied anymore on the market!

According to Shijie’s speculations, there was someone maliciously hoarding the ingredients. The use of this ingredient was extremely widespread. Many lingdan required it. One of his avenues of wealth now cut off, it was like a stick to Zuo Mo’s head!

Accordingly, his hatred of Pu Yao quickly rose! Sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi, it only bought a scripture that didn’t have any use, especially when he didn’t have much money in the first place!

He could not bear it!

Zuo Mo murderously went to find Pu Yao.

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