修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Ninety Six “A Cold Light”

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Chapter Ninety Six – A Cold Light

Zuo Mo made a very detailed plan.

First, he had to declare his intentions. This seemingly useless action was in reality very important. It could effectively stop the incident from running out of control. If the two sides really ended up having a major disagreement, the ones who would lose would definitely be Wu Kong Sword Sect who had less people.

The second effect was to not alert the elders of the sect. Originally, Zuo Mo had thought of making an even bigger spectacle so the chances they would all attack him together would be smaller. But if too many people watched, the face of Ling Ying Sect would be damaged, and the elders of the sect would quickly find his elders. The sect leader definitely wouldn’t forgive him. Even more, Zuo Mo had deliberately flattered them. What “disciples have always been magnanimous and the sect’s conduct is just.” It was all to push the other onto the rack to roast.

How could he make the other accept an one-on-one challenge? He needed to make sure they saw hope of victory. As long as the others felt they could win, they definitely wouldn’t retreat. Especially when they were being challenged. Due to their confidence, their face, they would accept it.

Consequently, Zuo Mo challenged to fight five people one after the other. In his words, he had emphasized “one by one” twice.

The one that was at a disadvantage in this plan was Zuo Mo.

His core idea was very simple. He would first place himself in a disadvantageous position. The disciples of Ling Ying Sect, no matter if it was confidence, or face, it wouldn’t be good for them to go over the line.

One person battling five in a row. If it was like this and Ling Ying Sect still lost, these people could only suck it up. Their elders would have nothing to say and wouldn’t have the face to go to Wu Kong Mountain to make trouble for Zuo Mo. They couldn’t afford the embarrassment.

Of course, one person fighting five in a row was extremely disadvantageous for Zuo Mo. He wasn’t so confident to the point he believed he could win over all five. But he didn’t need to win all the fights. He had come for the jingshi. Everything was fine as long as he made a profit.

In other words, if he could win three out of the five fights, he would make a profit! Of course, the prerequisite was that the talismans on the losers didn’t suck.

The level of difficulty in winning five fights was too high. Zuo Mo had never thought about it. Winning three battles, Zuo Mo felt that it might be risky but it was possible. In the last little while, his cultivation had increased greatly and the initial merging between Li Water sword essence and tidal sword essence had increased his confidence.

So after thinking it over, the large debts caused Zuo Mo to make a decision and come.

He had been very cunning with his virtuous words. When he saw the value of what this group of people was wearing, Zuo Mo’s desire for battle rose. Luxury was a crime! Each of them had at least a few talismans that were not lower in value than what Zuo Mo had taken.

He wouldn’t be making a loss today!

As to the one battle, one talisman, he had just made it up. In any case, no one would run to the sect leader to ask for proof.

“Great! This one admires Brother Zuo’s bravery very much! Brother Zuo is right, disciples have a responsibility to the reputation of their sect. Since Brother Zuo has made a challenge, we will naturally receive it. Count me in!” One person walked out of the crowd of Ling Ying Sect disciples.

This person was the Eldest Disciple of Ling Ying Sect, Lin Yuan. His face was proud as he looked at Zuo Mo with a raised chin. Lin Yuan was the Eldest Disciple in Ling Ying Sect. He had strong connections to Ling Ying Sect, his family was a famous merchant clan in Sky Moon Jie, and his wealth was the greatest among all of the disciples. Due to the fact that his family’s business provided great aid to Ling Ying sect, it caused his status in Ling Ying Sect to be very special.

Tao Zhu Er looked in sympathy at Eldest Shixiong, but tightly closed her mouth, not saying a word.

Eldest Shixiong usually was very conceited, and in Ling Ying Sect, where everyone competed on background and family, no one dared to go against him, gradually forming his conceited and arrogant temper.

Yan Ming Zi hid in the back, mockery in his eyes. Perhaps, out of all these people, he was the one who most accurately guessed Zuo Mo’s aim. For some reason, when he saw Zuo Mo, he would think of the other’s greedy expression when he was plundering.

Hu Shan and the others had tasted defeat at Zuo Mo’s hands and smirked in the shadows. There were many disciples in Ling Ying Sect, constantly fighting, and their relationships were very complicated. They naturally were willing to see others trip up. That way, no one would mock them about this incident again.

They had spread the name of the Scalping Zombie far and wide but the great majority of people hadn’t seen it for themselves. How could they believe it? Especially when it was the conceited and arrogant disciples of Ling Ying Sect. They only felt that Hu Shan and the others weren’t strong enough. They didn’t even pay attention when Wen Fei was defeated. Rather, they scorned Wen Fei.

So Wen Fei Shixiong who was the focus of the elders also had an inflated reputation! Even a guy from a little sect like Wu Kong Sword Sect whose main profession was making medicine could defeat him. If that wasn’t an inflated reputation, then what was?

Wen Fei kept on feeling that there was smugness hidden deep in Zuo Mo’s eyes. The two had fought before. He didn’t believe one bit the words that had come out of Zuo Mo’s mouth. When he saw Eldest Shixiong Lin Yuan step out, he instantly knew that it was bad. He was very clear what Eldest Shixiong’s true power was. Even he had been defeated, how would Eldest Shixiong even be a match?

At this time, the cheers of the disciples caused the shadow over his heart to darken.

“Eldest Shixiong is mighty!”

“As expected from Eldest Shixiong! This composure, take a look at it. What’s called being a role model, this is called a role model!”

“Eldest Shixiong, let him have a taste of how powerful our Ling Ying Sect is! What Scalping Zombie, when he comes here, he’s the only one getting scalped!”

The flattery flowed like a flood.

The light on Lin Yuan’s face as he stepped out was even brighter. The head was raised high, like an arrogant and smug rooster!

Such honor, would they let Eldest Shixiong take it all?

Some opponents of Lin Yuan who were in secret conflict with him couldn’t restrain themselves and stood out as well.

“Count me in!”

“I’ll come.”

“Dare to bully our Ling Yin Sect. Humph, this one will see just how good you are!”

Another three people came out, all of them heads of various factions in Ling Ying Sect. If they didn’t stand up now, it would be hard to maintain power in their factions! As expected, when the three came out, their faction members became excited and felt it was a great honor, calling out flattery.

Wen Fei grimaced inside. He glanced at Zuo Mo out of the corner of his eyes. He felt that under the expressionless visage, the other would definitely be laughing! The people who step out, if it was machinations and scheming, partisan politics, they were very good. But if it was the sword… …

He saw a few more people wanting to join in and could only push hard at the shixiong beside him and shout loudly.

“Chang Shixiong at the end!”

Chang Shixiong, who had been pushed out, looked with slight surprise at Wen Fei, and said, “I had assumed you would have another fight. Why push me out?”

“Please, Shixiong, help me take back my ring.” Wen Fei had a pleading expression.

A surprised expression made its way onto Chang Shixiong’s face. Wen Fei’s actions directly admitted that he wasn’t a match. He looked in interest at Zuo Mo. He turned his face to smile at Wen Fei, “Alright.”

After Wen Fei shouted, all the voices suddenly stopped. The people who had been tempted all shrunk back. The mood became slightly strange. The fiery atmosphere suddenly became silent, completely silent. The expressions of the three who had said they would fight became slightly unnatural. There wasn’t much change in Lin Yuan’s expression, but the uncontrollable wariness in his eyes made Zuo Mo pay special attention to this Chang Shixiong.

It seemed this person was strong!

Tao Zhu Er, and the others, after hearing Wen Fei yell “Chang Shixiong at the end”, they first paused and then became joyous.

“Ho, now that’s something to see!” Hu Shan said in a quiet voice, unable to suppress the excitement in his voice.

“That’s so true. After Chang Shixiong fought two years ago, until now, I’ve never seen Chang Shixiong fight again.” Yan Ming Zi was extremely excited.

“Chang Shixiong has been resting his body and mind… …” Hu Shan said.

“Che, only ghosts believe that!” Yan Ming Zi said disdainfully.

Tao Zhu Er suddenly turned around and added, “Even ghosts don’t believe it.”

Lin Yuan was dissatisfied with the present mood. This damned guy called Chang, nothing good happened whenever he came out! He spoke to break the suffocating silence, “Alright. However, we’ll say it first. If you lose, I can take a talisman from you.”

“Naturally.” There was still no expression on Zuo Mo’s zombie face. No one could see what he was thinking. He weakly added, “But if you want this Water Drop sword, you have to wait until after the five fights for me to give you. I don’t have a substitute flying sword.”

“No problem.” Lin Yuan generously said. He looked like he was already the victor.

Lin Yuan’s supporters became excited again. They widened their eyes, afraid of missing a detail. Thinking about the picture of Eldest Shixiong beating this horrid zombie up, it would be very interesting!

The Water Drop sword floated in front of Zuo Mo’s chest like a leaf floating in water.

Chang Shixiong’s eyes focused. His eyes were very experienced. The Water Drop sword looked like it was quietly floating but in reality, it was making extremely small movements. It was like a snake that had already found its target and was waiting for a chance!

This was an extremely tiny detail. However, he had to re-judge the strength of this weak-looking youth.

In comparison, Wen Fei’s response was much faster and his face much uglier. He had fought with Zuo Mo before and he had a direct understanding of the other’s strength. Right now, this opening move gave him great pressure, pressure that hadn’t appeared when they had fought last time!

There was only one explanation. In this interval of time, Zuo Mo had become stronger!

Zuo Mo’s legs were naturally spread out, his face slightly lowered, his eyes looking down like an old monk in meditation.

Lin Yuan smirked and took out his flying sword. This was a flying sword that was entirely gold, countless seals carved on it. Between the seals, golden light flashed like ripples of water.

“[Yang Emperor Sword], fourth-grade!” he said proudly.

Hiss, the xiuzhe in the surroundings inhaled sharply, their eyes hot as they looked at the sparkling gold sword. A fourth-grade flying sword was very rare in Sky Moon Jie.

Enjoying the envious and admiring glances of everyone else, Lin Yuan’s mood was very good. He postured, “You are a guest. This one will let you have three moves!”

Zuo Mo didn’t move. It was like he didn’t hear it.

Seeing the situation, Lin Yuan was dissatisfied with Zuo Mo’s lack of cooperation and snorted, “If you are looking for death, then don’t blame this one! Attack!”

The sound feel and Zuo Mo suddenly opened his eyes!

It was impossible to describe the cold light that flashed through Zuo Mo’s eyes. It was like an extremely sharp and vicious sword energy, and also like a poisonous snake that had been hiding in the shadows who suddenly bared its fangs!

The Water Drop sword that had been quietly floating in front of his chest disappeared.

It suddenly appeared at Lin Yuan’s neck, the sword point slightly spilling out a sword energy, just barely grazing Lin Yuan’s neck.

Lin Yuan’s expression was dumb as he stood, maintaining his posture. He was afraid to move. On his well-maintained and lily-white neck, a drop of blood was very bright.

The mountain gate of Ling Ying Sect was deathly silent!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo planned pretty far ahead. Everything to make a profit. For the people who were commented on the name, I forgot to add that one factor in scalping zombie was that scalpers seek a profit and that really fits Zuo Mo.

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