修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Ninety Eight “Zuo Mo’s Fury and Heartache”

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Chapter Ninety Eight – Zuo Mo’s Fury and Heartache

After a long while, Zuo Mo’s soul finally returned to his body.

Even though his own attire had improved dramatically over the past, but seeing the other armed to the teeth, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but lose his soul. Of course, this wasn’t due to shock at the other’s power, but shock at so many talismans, paper seals, and lingdan.

Damn it!

Zuo Mo’s eyes were bloody red. He looked as though he wanted to strip the other bare.

When ge is penniless, you … …

Zuo Mo, who had come to fight for thirty pieces of second-grade jingshi, felt a burst of anger leave his chest and rush upwards. He was completely infuriated.

“Come!” Wang Shixiong shouted confidently, and moved first!

He was extremely wary of the [Flowing Water] that Zuo Mo had sent out. Untraceable and fast, he didn’t have a grasp on whether he would be able to combat it. Learning a lesson from Lin Yuan’s fight, he decided to attack first so after he spoke, he attacked.

The [Multiple Ghost Shadows Seal] that had already been gripped on both his hands beforehand made a light bang. Everyone felt their eyes blur and then five Wang Shixiong suddenly appeared on the battlefield!

“As expected, it is still this unrivalled and wretched starting move!” Hu Shan sighed.

Second-grade [Multiple Ghost Shadows Seal]. It could make two fake illusions that were exactly the same as the user. Using two of them simultaneously, there were instantly four illusions. Adding on the real one, it was hard to detect the real Wang Shixiong. This [Multiple Ghost Shadows Seal] evidently had been made well. It was extremely detailed to confuse the fakes with the real one. Other than cultivating a spell like [Sky Eyes] [Ghost Eyes] or [Yinyang Eyes], it was basically impossible to tell.

Zuo Mo hadn’t practiced a spell like that. He also hadn’t thought that the other would use up two second-grade [Multiple Ghost Shadow Seal] at once. This expenditure, it was frightening! One second-grade [Multiple Ghost Shadow Seal] would require at least twenty pieces of third-grade jingshi. Two of them was forty pieces of third-grade jingshi!

Ge was aching to hit someone like you!

Zuo, a poor guy, Mo’s fighting spirit started to burn like a prairie fire, almost lighting up all the blood in his body.

Since there are five of you, then all of you can accept it!

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth, raising his hand for [Seven Whirlpools], and it completely surrounded all five figures. This move was an extremely wide-range attack, perfectly suited for dealing with [Multiple Ghost Shadow Seal]. The fake ones were, in the end, fake. When they were torn by the sword energies, they instantly broke.

It evidently was not the first time Wang Shixiong had encountered this situation. He wasn’t panicked, his two hands blurring, whoosh whoosh whoosh, three paper seals leapt from his hand.

[Turtle Seal], [Vajrapani Seal,] [Empty Explosion Seal]!

Two layers of protection were added to Wang Shixiong’s body. The inner green one was [Turtle Seal], the outer one was [Vajrapani Seal]. The moment the [Empty Explosion Seal] was thrown out, it exploded with a bang.

A large shock occurred on the battlefield, an invisible high speed air wave viciously spread out. The [Seven Whirlpools] that had just destroyed the fake illusions instantly were smashed to pieces by this explosive air wave. At the center of the explosion, Wang Shixiong was not afraid. He had just put on two defensive paper seals on his body. The effect was evident at this time. The [Empty Explosion Seal] was astoundingly powerful, but it still could not break through the two layers of protective armor. He was untouched.

The spectators jumped in fright. Such an unreasonable way of battle, this was the first time they had seen it.

The blood of the Ling Ying Sect disciples were all boiling. They all knew that once Wang Shixiong was at an advantage, just wait for the storm to arrive!

Zuo Mo was both sorrowful and furious.

Second-grade [Turtle Seal] fifteen pieces of third-grade jingshi, second-grade [Vajrapani Seal] fifteen pieces of third-grade jingshi, second-grade [Empty Explosion Seal] thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi.

This string of numbers flowed across Zuo Mo’s heart… …

Wang Shixiong’s practiced response allowed him to take the initiative. He unhesitatingly started his attack.

[Sharp-headed Prickle Snake Shuttle], [One Star Galaxy], and [Light Rain Double Sparrow] were like a pack of wolves that smelt blood, murderously howling as they leapt at Zuo Mo.

The howl of the [Sharp-headed Prickly Snake Shuttle] was able to shock a person’s soul. The three cun snake shuttle suddenly transformed in midair into a thin black snake. Like a streak of black lightning, it displayed its vicious and sharp fangs!

[One Star Galaxy] was seven dots of blue light, like a galaxy. It seemed extremely beautiful, without any killing intent.

When [Light Rain Double Sparrow] flew into the air, it turned into two blue fork-tailed sparrow. With simultaneous calls, they flew a strange shape and headed straight for Zuo Mo.

Wang Shixiong’s move this time was extremely beautiful. All of Zuo Mo’s retreats had been sealed shut. He had no place to escape.

These one-use talismans were much more expensive than paper seals! Thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi, forty pieces of third-grade jingshi, thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi, another string of numbers flew past Zuo Mo’s heart.

Every time a number flowed past, Zuo Mo’s heart felt pain. Up until now, he had successively felt pain eight times. Any person, who was in pain for eight times, if they still seemed normal, then they were very skilled. But clearly, Zuo Mo wasn’t! After his heart broke for the eighth time, the anger in his chest instantly reached a climax.

If fire was used to describe someone’s anger, than Zuo Mo was composed entirely of fire, blood-red flames streaming out of his body and into the sky!

If he could tolerate this, what else couldn’t he tolerate?

No one could tolerate this!

All the anger gathered and compressed at this instant. His eyes widened angrily, his hands moving as though he was throwing a large ball, crouching forward. The Water Drop sword gave a clear ring and flew into the sky.

The fifth move of [Li Water Sword Scripture] – [Banana Rain]!

Wang Shixiong felt the sky above him darken and reflexively raised his head. His pupils suddenly widened, his expression changing!

Not paying anymore attention to the talismans that had left his hand, he raised his hand and threw out two [Domineering Five Thunder Seal], and then whipped his hand to throw out a little red umbrella.

The little umbrella was extremely small, about half the size of a pen. When it was sent out, it started to grow, flying above his head and protecting him. This was a one-use second-grade talisman [Sleeve Umbrella]. Even though it was a one-use talisman, it was extremely expensive! Even Wang Shixiong, when it wasn’t a crucial time, didn’t bear to use it. However, the present situation was dangerous and he had no hesitations about using this card!

Once the two [Domineering Five Thunder Seals] left, it turned into two strings of five interconnected thunder exploding in the air.

The [Banana Rain] referred to the rain hitting the banana plant. Other than this, there was another meaning. It was rumored, in the ancient era, there was an eighth-grade talisman called the Banana Fan. A gentle wave of this fan would create endless flames. Many heroes had been killed with this little Banana Fan. It had then became one of the most famous five attributed talismans. The banana of [Banana Rain] had the meaning of fire.

The rain was a rain of fire, the fire was a snowy-white cold fire.

The area of Ling Ying Sect suddenly became cold. Even the completely jade mountain gate had a thin layer of frost. The fire had not arrived, but the coldness had explosively started to spread.

Having merged in the Tidal Sword essence composed of countless icicles, the li water sword essence had been completely changed. Originally, it had been a clear fire shape of water, right now, it seemed slightly similar to Zuo Mo’s icy Stalagmite fire.

The fire rain which was white and cold gave off the feeling that it was snowing instead.

However, no one was entranced by this beautiful scene. They were all shocked by the fatal murderous intent. In the white fire rain, sword essence criss-crossed, cold and icy, sharp, unable to be broken, endless!

The five interconnected thunder crackled and howled as it rushed towards the slowly descending rain of fire in the sky.

Many people silently praised the quickness of Wang Shixiong’s reaction. The two [Domineering Five Thunder Seal] were very powerful. If it could block for a while, the three one-use talismans he had put out earlier could successfully attack Zuo Mo.

The white fire rain that seemed to be slowly moving met the five thunder.

Crack crack crack!

Like the sound of electricity flashing in the water, the two strings of five interconnected thunder didn’t even last for a second before strangely vanishing.

Everyone who was watching all were shocked. In the middle of it all, deeply feeling the power in Zuo Mo’s move, Wang Shixiong wasn’t just shocked. This time, his face was slightly pale!

He was praying that the [Sleeve Umbrella] would be effective. As an afterthought, he quickly threw out the [Great Sun Moon Wheel] and [Sky Net]. Between protecting his life and killing the enemy, he chose to  protect his life.

Facing the three talismans that were gearing for him, Zuo Mo didn’t dodge. He activated the [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor]. A blue light suddenly erupted from the black armor. A circle of light that was like water waves suddenly appeared around Zuo Mo. To be secure, he also started [Vajra Profound Sutra]. A layer of dark gold quickly appeared on the arms, head, and other parts that were exposed to the outside.

Between protecting his life and killing the enemy, Zuo Mo chose to kill the enemy!

He was gambling. Gambling that the other would choose to protect himself! He had won his gamble. The three one-use talismans that didn’t have a person controlling them seemed powerful, when they hit the water-like blue light around Zuo Mo, the circle of light did shudder fiercely, and Zuo Mo’s insides were affected and took a few steps back.

However, these three one-use talismans had no lasting power, and turned to light, disappearing into the air.

Zuo Mo had blocked these three one-use talismans, that meant that his risky endeavor had been successful and had taken the initiative. Right now, he could easily control the [Banana Rain]. Anger boiling, Zuo Mo smirked coldly. This move had just begun!

The [Sleeve Umbrella] managed to stop the fire rain for a while. Even though the sword energies in the fire rain created cracks when they hit the umbrella, but this talisman that he had spent so much jingshi to buy now showed it was worth that many jingshi, managing to block off the fire rain.

However, he couldn’t be on the defense, that would mean defeat!

Wang Shixiong was an extremely experienced fighter. Looking at the seemingly untouched Zuo Mo nearby, he gritted his teeth. But when he saw the light coming off the other’s armor, his hate towards Lin Yuan was even greater! However, he didn’t become dumb due to anger. He knew, if he won this match, that was slapping Lin Yuan’s face in front of everyone. The acting that Lin Yuan had done beforehand would be completely wasted!

Only he could be the hero!

His hands reached for his waist.

Seeing the other take out a stack of red and green paper seals from his waist, Zuo Mo, anger burning up his body, seemed to see rows of numbers flying past his eyes, his heart also seeming to feel throbbing pain.

Wastrel! Shameless!

Zuo Mo bared his teeth, the furious anger that covered his body exploding, his anger reaching its maximum. He unhesitatingly sent out the killing move that he had been readying for a long time!

Translator Ramblings: The plant is 芭蕉 or Musa basjoo, commonly known as the Japanese banana. The author took the famous banana leaf fan of the Journey to the West and moved it into this world.

Without me noticing, we’ve crept past 10% of the chapters. 817 chapters to go!

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