修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred “Bloody Chang Heng”

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Chapter One Hundred – Bloody Chang Heng

The moment Zuo Mo stood up, Chang Shixiong opened his eyes and also stood.

“I am Chang Heng.” Chang Heng made a simple introduction. It looked as though he was talking of daily life with a friend.

“I am Zuo Mo,” Zuo Mo warily answered. For some reason, this Chang Heng that didn’t show any signs of power made him feel pressure. A kind of pressure that he had only felt from Wei Sheng Shixiong. Taking the chance, he closely examined the other. A short pale green and grey robe that had faded from washing. It was abnormally different among the magnificent brocades of the Ling Ying Sect disciples. A round face, short hair, the hair like wires, each strand sticking up.

“You surprised me,” Chang Heng continued,“I heard that your Shixiong Wei Sheng had comprehended sword essence but hadn’t thought that you also had comprehended sword essence.”

A rumble instantly sounded from the surroundings!

They might have inexperienced eyes and did not see Zuo Mo’s true power, but everyone knew what comprehending sword essence meant. The faces of Lin Yuan and the others relaxed. To say nothing of anything eyes, it wasn’t an embarrassment to lose to a genius who had comprehended sword essence. Even Wang Shixiong who was sitting on the ground couldn’t help but shake his head with a bitter smile. If he knew that Zuo Mo had comprehended sword essence, he definitely wouldn’t have stepped out to fight.

Everyone’s eyes as they looked at Zuo Mo were completely different, full of awe and respect. Of course, there was also some jealousy and envy among those.

Zuo Mo shook his head,“I can’t compare to Shixiong,” He was extremely shocked inside. Chang Heng could tell his power level with a look. His own cultivation definitely wasn’t weak.

“You do not have to be too modest.” Chang Heng carelessly waved his hand,“I will find Wei Sheng in the future.”

Seeing the other speak so carelessly of Wei Sheng Shixiong, Zuo Mo was very uncomfortable inside,and snorted,“Let’s compete first before saying so.”

Chang Heng shook his head,“You are not a match for me.”

“How would you know before we try?” Zuo Mo said, discontent.

“I’m on the verge of becoming ningmai.” Chang Heng’s light words made Zuo Mo speechless. Zuo Mo had to admit that Chang Heng was right. The cultivation between them differed too much. His cultivation had grown furiously but it was only the fourth level of zhuji right now. The other was on the verge of ningmai which was the tenth level of zhuji.

Even though he had once won against a zhuji xiuzhe when he was a lianqi, but he was very clear that half of the reason could be attributed to his opponent.

His opponent now was Chang Heng. Zuo Mo couldn’t help but glance at the other. The steadiness of the other’s attitude, and the oppressing pressure made him believe the other was very strong. Zuo Mo’s battle experience was now extremely rich. What people he could fight, what people he should avoid, Zuo Mo was very clear.

“I surrender! Which item do you want?” Zuo Mo blurted out very quickly.. He had come for wealth. Now that he had made so much, even if he surrendered this one, he had already won four. Such rich prizes, he was already content.

From a glance, it could be seen that he wasn’t on the same level as Chang Heng and definitely had no chance of victory. It would be better to admit defeat. If he was wounded by the other, then he would have a deficit. As a businessperson, a sense of when to retreat was essential. Zuo Mo comforted himself.

Chang Heng started at Zuo Mo for a beat and smiled,“You are a smart person.”

“I just know my limits,” Zuo Mo said as he raised his hands. He wanted to leave very badly. The longer he stayed, the more he felt this mediocre looking man was dangerous. “Chang Shixiong can pick whatever item you want. This little brother will present it with both hands.”

Chang Heng was not moved, his eyes looking in the distance, indifferently saying,“If you can survive one of my moves, then leave with the things. If you can’t receive it, then leave behind everything.”

Zuo Mo’s heart jumped. The easier Chang Heng talked, the more unsafe he felt,“Chang Shixiong, this little brother… …”

“The place I stand, you have to abide by my rules.” Chang Heng didn’t turn his eyes.

The surrounding crowd were silent. Even the air seemed to become dense and murderous. Everyone couldn’t help but stop breathing. They all knew that the most spectacular part of the day had arrived. All of the Ling Ying Sect disciples were excited .The dominance that Chang Heng Shixiong displayed totally conquered them. Even Tao Zhu Er’s large eyes didn’t want to leave Chang Heng Shixiong’s body for an instant.

Up until now, Chang Heng hadn’t displayed any power, and didn’t make any motions. However, he was like the owner of the land, extremely matter of fact, and unable to be doubted.

Zuo Mo took a deep breath. He realized that he could not avoid this fight.

The request the other gave was not outrageous. He only had to endure one of the other’s moves, and it would count as Zuo Mo’s victory. If he didn’t agree, then all the victories he had today would instantly turn to dust. The other had enough reason to surrounding him. The move that Chang Heng used was the one that Zuo Mo used before. He first put himself at a disadvantageous position, and then forced the other to walk the path he picked.

This feeling, it really was bad! Zuo Mo shook his head, and threw these distracting thoughts to the back of his head.

Today’s battle, it was all on this one move!

However… … even a ningmai cultivator, they shouldn’t be able to say they could get rid of him in one move. Since he could not avoid it, then come!

Thinking it through, Zuo Mo adjusted himself into position and said calmly,“As Shixiong wishes!”

“Not bad. I like you,” Chang Heng nodded in praise.

He then opened his clothes, revealing a bare upper half. In between his clavicles, there was a copper ring.

What was that for?

The xiuzhe in the surroundings were also puzzled. They began putting their heads together and discussing it. It was the complete opposite of the Ling Ying Sect disciples. Excitement was on all of their faces, each one arching their necks, staring tightly at Chang Shixiong as though some exciting thing was going to happen.

Zuo Mo was also slightly puzzled but he kept his guard up, not daring to slack off.

Chang Heng closed his eyes, his right hand touching the copper ring between his clavicles. Then he did a move that shocked everyone – he slowly pulled on the copper ring!


Connected below the copper ring was a blood red blade. It was slowly pulled out of the flesh of Chang Heng’s chest.

There wasn’t any pain on Chang Heng’s body. Quite the opposite, his expression was slightly warm and intoxicated.

Zuo Mo’s hairs stood as he looked at the weird and bloody picture in front of him. Not just Zuo Mo, but almost everyone in the surroundings had a terrified expression. Some that were less brave already had run to the side and started to heave.

“Too… … savage… …” Yan Ming Zi trembled, saying with excitement.

When this blood red sword was completely pulled out of Chang Heng’s body, the terror reached the bones of every single person. This was a very strange sword. The sword was not long, about one chi long, two fingers wide. The body was entirely blood red. There was no sword guard or grip. The blood red blade connected directly to the copper ring. The width of the ring was just enough to be worn on the fingers.

What was strange was that there was no wound on Chang Heng’s body, the spot between his clavicles was smooth and markless.

The scene was just a man holding a slightly strange red flying sword, but anyone who had seen what had preceded it definitely would not be able to forget it. Such a weird and bloody scene.

Chang Heng opened his eyes, his expression normal. His voice hadn’t changed at all compared to before. “This ring sword is called [Blood Spider].”

Zuo Mo felt his skin prickle. As though he was facing a great enemy, his hands as they held the sword couldn’t help but start sweating.

If the pressure that Chang Heng had given him before could be said to be faint but omnipresent. Then the  Chang Heng with [Blood Spider] on his hand gave him an ocean of pressure, without any place for him to escape! The sudden change in pressure could cause those who had weak minds to collapse in that instant. Zuo Mo had a feeling that everyone in front of his eyes gradually became dyed with a layer of blood red.

Zuo Mo reflexively tightened his grip on the Water Drop sword. The sword suddenly passed him a warm and serene water essence. Even though it was extremely faint, at this time, it dramatically decreased his nervousness.

No! If this kept on going, he would lose without even fighting!

Zuo Mo closed his eyes and stopped his breathing.  Then he started using [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. The ling power in his body started to move, and his consciousness started to become lively.

Gradually, the terror in Zuo Mo’s heart started to decrease. His fretful heart gradually became serene.

At some time, a blood line appeared in Chang Heng’s eyes. He gave a praising glance at Zuo Mo. In the eyes of other people, this look caused a coldness to spread from the bottom of their hearts, like a savage blood spider coldly focusing on his prey.

He lightly swung his finger. The [Bloody Spider Sword] on his finger spun rapidly, creating a bloody red circle of light.

As the [Blood Spider Sword] spun faster, it started to ring. Gradually, the ringing became an extremely icy hiss. An extremely domineering and savage presence, with Chang Heng at the center, appeared!

At this time, the spectators nearby had pale faces. They all wanted to turn and escape. However, they found that their legs were wobbly. Crash, crash, they all fell to the ground.

There was only someone wearing a black gauze hat standing at his original spot. His clothes flapped in the wind, but the gauze in front of face didn’t move at all. What could be barely made out through the gauze was a pair of narrow and knife-sharp eyes.

Zuo Mo felt that he was in a sea of blood. Enormous blood waves roiling and howling, smashing against each other, blocking out the sun. He was like a little boat, extremely small, floating uncertainly as though he would be swallowed by the gigantic waves at any instant.

Suddenly, a blood wave rose in front of him, transforming into an extremely ugly blood beast, opening his jaws and howled as it leapt at him.

Gripping the Water Drop sword, having stopped his breathing and closed his eyes, all of Zuo Mo’s ling power had all been sent into the Water Drop sword. The Water Drop sword was like a little river, waves rippling, changing constantly.

As the gigantic mouth was going to swallow him, he slowly raised the little river in his hand!

The little river that had been the Water Drop sword suddenly changed. Flames rose out of the water, spreading a shocking cold. The short little river moved and swayed like the tide. If Zuo Mo could see it, he would find that the present appearance of the Water Drop sword was the same as the sword river in his consciousness.

Blossoms of water-shaped flames, as they spat, they would also create countless icicle-like sword energies. The movement of the tide continuously became larger, the water-shaped flames burning fiercely, the icy energy rising!

It was as though Zuo Mo was holding a ball of flame in his hand. All the clothing on his body turned to pieces. With an angry shout, using all the energy in his body, from the bottom rising against the current up, he forcefully sliced!

The first time after he merged the sword essences – [Li Water Burning Heavens!]

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