修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and One “All In!”

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One zhang is 3.33 meters.

Chapter One Hundred And One – All In!

A handful of glowing water jumped like a fire, the fire turning from clear to a deep blue, a faint mist surrounded the flame, shooting upwards.

Chang Heng gently threw out the blood wheel that was rotating on his hand. The moment the blood wheel left, everyone felt their eyes darken. The blood wheel turned into a ball of blood mist, heading for Zuo Mo’s head. The blood mist that boiled restlessly was like a strange beast, occasionally giving a low howl, like there were countless ghosts shrieking and screaming, shaking the souls of listeners.

The blue fire carrying mist and the blood mist smashed together.


A crisp sound like that of an icicle rang out. Immediately after, countless howls and screams came out of the blood mist. The spectators felt their eardrums hurt. The people who were close had blood streaming out of their ears.

Pew pew pew! The blue flame continuously released countless tiny sword essences. Anytime the blood mist neared, it would be frozen by the icy and sharp sword essences into tiny red ice drops.

The sword energies of the blue flame seemed to be endless. Having been wounded, the restless blood mist was like a provoked beast, even more furiously boiling. The shrieks coming out of the blood mist even more piercing and furious.

The center of the blood mist seemed to suddenly collapse. The blood-colored mist started retreating at an astounding speed. In the blink of an eyes, the ten zhang wide blood mist had disappeared. On the empty ground, there was a blood-colored spider. The spider was slightly taller than Zuo Mo, and had numerous black patterns all over its body, which seemed like character seals. Big and small reverse hooks covered the spider’s legs, gleaming with a cold light. Anyone who saw them did not doubt that if they were caught, flesh would be easily ripped out. The eyes of the spider, each the size of two fists, stared emotionlessly at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s heart was shocked. The blood spider in front of him didn’t have the powerful presence of the blood mist before it, but it made him even more wary.

However, at this time, his heart was completely filled with sword essence. Even if he was facing a terrifying blood spider that he had never seen before, his mind had never wavered!

Seemingly feeling the resolve in Zuo Mo’s heart, the blue flame, carrying along its mist, turned into a stream of light, shooting at the blood spider.

The blood spider suddenly lifted its head, and opened its mouth.

A piercing and dissonant shriek flooded from its mouth. With it as the center, the air seemed to have been pulled, and rippled, visible to the naked eye.

The flame that had turned to a stream of light suddenly brightened. The mist that surrounded it became denser, speeding up even more. With the flame as the center, countless tiny sword essences criss-crossed, forming a shapeless sword essence net!

Zuo Mo’s body slightly wavered, shocked inside. The shout from the blood spider actually could harm his spirit! If his spirit wasn’t much more powerful than normal xiuzhe, he would have been greatly wounded by that.

The surrounding xiuzhe were much worse off. Most of the xiuzhe that had been lying on the ground paled. Their consciousness were greatly wounded. Only the xiuzhe that was wearing a hat was not moved, seemingly unaffected.

“Lucky we went back far enough!” The Ling Ying Sect disciple that had been objecting to Yang Ming Zi and the others was full of relief. Even though they were far enough away, but he still was affected. His chest seemed to be roiling and wanting to throw up. His eyes as they looked at Chang Shixiong instantly filled with awe.

No one paid attention to him.

Yan Ming Zi gaped. Pointing at Chang Heng, he suddenly turned his face to ask,“Who said Chang Shixiong was relaxing and cultivating his mind?”

Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er looked in shock at each other. Chang Shixiong’s power, compared to a few years ago, was even more terrifying.

The battle had reached the climax.

The blood spider didn’t dodge. Instead it raised its head and reached with its forelimbs to slice at the Water Drop sword!

The stream of blue flame that was the Water Drop sword accurately hit the blood spider’s forelimbs.

The moment the two impacted, a thick bloody light rose around the blood spider, sheltering it.

The blue flame’s sword essences hit the blood light around the blood spider, icy spraying but basically unable to break its defense.


The true body of the blue flame directly hit the blood light.

The blood light, which hadn’t moved at all before, suddenly started to shake. The bloody light moved relentlessly as though it could shatter at any time.

Argh! The blood spider gave a sky-shaking howl, it’s voice filled with fury!

The blood light around its body suddenly increase, the thick blood light seeming composed of countless amounts of fresh blood, so congealed it seemed real.

Zuo Mo instantly felt the pressure increase. The pressure in front of the Water Drop sword was so great that he had never felt it before. It was like murderous intent was hitting in from all directions. The Water Drop sword was like a fish caught in a net.

At this time, Zuo Mo didn’t have any other thoughts. Jingshi, talismans, they were all thrown out of his head. In his eyes, there was only the blood spider and the Water Drop sword!

The ling power furiously moved. He didn’t need any benefit or simulation. The blood spider gave Zuo Mo a pressure of death that he had never felt before, forcing him instinctively to use his full power!

He forgot this was a spar, forgot the agreement of one move.

All the ling power in his body was channeled into the Water Drop sword. The flood of battle spirit, and the terror of death at the bottom of his heart, entwined like twins, deeply provoked Zuo Mo. All of his calmness, all of his intelligence turned to dust at this time. What remained was the most basic instincts, the instinct to fight, the instinct to live!

At some unknown time, Zuo Mo suddenly floated into the sky.

The next scene struck everyone completely dumb.

“What… … what is that?” Yang Ming Zi stammered to ask.

Hu Shan’s face was full of shock, unconsciously muttering,“It isn’t possible… … this isn’t possible… …”

Tao Zhu Er’s face paled like paper. Wang Shixiong who had been sitting suddenly jumped up, looking in disbelief at Zuo Mo. The expression on Wen Fei, who had been watching attentively, suddenly changed. Lin Yuan, not far away, also stared in shock. The black gauze of the hat-wearing xiuzhe who had been standing steadily rippled fiercely, like a furious wind blew past.

Even Chang Heng who was coldly standing behind the blood spider showed shock.

The ling energy surrounding Zuo Mo as he floated in mid-air, headed for Zuo Mo at terrifying speeds. He was like a whirlpool, crazily absorbing the surrounding ling energy.

In reality, the ling energy at the gates of Ling Ying Sword Sect wasn’t dense. However, the suction inside Zuo Mo’s body was too powerful. After he sucked in the ling energies in the surroundings, he started to pull on ling energy from further away. This kind of rough suction of ling energy, no one had seen it before. Even more, this was sucking in ling energy as he fought.

This… … this was too fantastical!

Zuo Mo didn’t know the shock he gave others. Right now, he was like a beast at death’s edge, all of his attention on the blood spider in front of him. He put all the ideas he could think of into use.

Gambling everything!

He completely disregarded the tearing pain from his channels. Without calculating the consequences, he furiously took in the surrounding ling energy.

The blue flame became even brighter. As the impure ling energy was sent in, it didn’t burn quietly anymore, but with crackles and bangs! If the blue flame had previously been as quiet as a virgin, then the present flame was like an infuriated brawny man!

A sliver of fear came through the blood spider’s eyes but it quickly became even more furious. This average little boy in front of it dared to repeatedly challenge its dominance. It had even been, for one moment, afraid of him. He was completely infuriated!


The size of the blood spider exploded. In the blink of an eye, it had increased multiple times. Standing there, it was like a little mountain. The blood light on its body turned from light to dark. It was like there was a thick layer of congealed blood covering its entire body. Occasionally, dark red blood would drip to the ground, sending up wisps of green smoke, a burnt hole appearing on the ground.

Everyone knew that the battle had reached the most crucial time.

Suddenly, one red light and one blue light moved at the same time! They chose to use the most straightforward and brutal way, like two raging bulls, crashing together.


Everyone felt a blinding light and couldn’t not see anything else. The ground under their feet shook. Other than feeling fear, they hurried to steady themselves.

Before they could open their eyes, they heard Zuo Mo’s voice come out of the air.

“Chang Shixiong’s teachings, this little brother has managed to pass and will bid farewell now. See you in the future!”

When everyone opened their eyes, where could they find Zuo Mo’s figure? The last round just now had been too amazing. Almost everyone had lost focus, dumb where they stood. When they regained their minds, and looked towards the field, the blood spider seemed depressed. The several cun deep marks on the two forelimbs were alarming to see. There was nothing remaining of the bravado and fierceness just before.

Chang Heng Shixiong was standing, eyes closed, his legs buried in the rock floor up to his knees. He was motionless. No one dared to go closer.

A moment later, a sword light landed from the sky. It was an elder of Ling Ying Sect. He scanned the surroundings. Noticing the wounded and dejected blood spider, his face slightly changed and sternly shouted,“What just happened?”

The disciples murmured. Lin Yuan saw the eyes turn towards him and could only go forward to give a simple narration.

“Hmph, Wu Kong Sword Sect is too bold!” The light in this Ling Ying Sect elder’s eyes grew as he snorted coldly. When his eyes moved towards Chang Heng that was still motionless with closed eyes, joy suddenly came into his eyes.

Just at this time, Chang Heng opened his eyes, a flash of blood red flashing and disappearing from his eyes!

He raised his head and howled to the sky!

Wen Fei first paused and then had a gleeful expression.

Chang Heng was extremely refreshed. He had managed to smoothly break through the barrier that he had been stuck at for a long time. Today, he finally entered ningmai! After a while, he looked in the direction that Zuo Mo had disappeared in, an amused expression on his face.

The xiuzhe wearing the hat looked for a moment at Chang Heng and turned to leave.

On the grey-beaked goose, Zuo Mo’s face was grey. His clothes were covered with blood. He had been gravely wounded in the last round, and had spat blood multiple times. In order to leave earlier, he had forced his ling power out and relied on it to head straight towards the place he had put the grey-beaked goose. This was why his wounds had been worsened. He only had one thought in his head, to get back even quickly to the sect.

Heavily wounded, Zuo Mo felt his body was increasingly heavy. He motionlessly laid on the back of the grey-beaked goose and became unconscious.

The grey-beaked goose seemed to know that the situation was grave, powerfully waving the wings and furiously flying in the direction of Wu Kong Sword Sect.

Suddenly, a five-colored light lit up on Zuo Mo’s chest. Inside the five-colored light, lines of green colored energy came out and, following the channels in the body, spread into Zuo Mo’s limbs and organs.

In the consciousness, Pu Yao was looking in interest at this scene.

“So interesting, I really want to crack it open… …”

Translator Ramblings: So it’s a draw! Chang Heng got super lucky and broke through with this fight and Zuo Mo is heavily wounded again.

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