修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three “Battle Start”

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three Battle Start

Chao An was extremely furious.

In this period of time, the wagers on his and Zuo Mo’s match had become the hottest topic in Dong Fu. Based on what he saw, this was clearly mocking him. At what time was he ever mentioned on the same level as a zhuji greenhorn?

What waves could a zhuji xiuzhe make? He didn’t believe it.

However, he was not a rash person. That mysterious expert could take out a treasure as Dying Flowing Moon, then it definitely was not a joke. But when he made a search, he wanted to laugh and cry.

Zuo Mo actually was a xiuzhe whose main profession was dan-making.

Look at what Chao An had found out in relation to Zuo Mo, ling plant farmer, Golden Crow pill, processing… …

Such a zhuji person wanted to make it through ten moves by him, it really was a great joke! Thinking about it, Chao An unconsciously fisted his hands. If Zuo Mo really did block ten of his moves, then he would become this year’s Sword Test Conference, no, the entire Sky Moon Jie’s joke! He would become the target of mockery by countless people at a meal. When they mentioned him, they would never say that he was the most talented disciples of Fort Chao, but garbage that couldn’t even defeated a zhuji greenhorn!

He definitely couldn’t let himself become a joke!


Two balls of fire jumped in Chao An’s eyes.


“What?” Li Ying Feng stared dazedly at the jingshi that Zuo Mo shoved over, “You want to bet on you winning? Are you crazy?”

What Zuo Mo handed over was three hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi.

“Haha! Shidi has great daring!” A forthright laugh suddenly passed into the store from outside. Wei Sheng strode in and scanned Zuo Mo. He smiled and said, “It seems that Shidi is full of confidence for the fight! I’m not worried any more. I put all my money on you winning. If you lose, I won’t get anything back! Haha!”

Li Ying Feng looked at Zuo Mo and Eldest Shixiong like she was looking at insane people.

Were they crazy… …

Zuo Mo heard Shixiong’s words and his heart warmed. Everyone thought that he would lose, only Shixiong believed he would win! He suppressed the movement in his heart and smiled, “I’ve done a lot of work and will give Chao An a surprise.”

The eyes on that zombie face flashed with a strange light.

“Haha! Shidi will always give people surprises. I’m looking forward to it!” Wei Sheng roared with laughter.

They were really crazy… …

Li Ying Feng shook her head as she walked out the door. She’ll bet it. In any case, it wasn’t her jingshi.

The Dong Fu Sword Test Conference finally was going to start. Originally, no one had been interested in the first match, but the wagering had gotten so popular that the number of people that came to watch was astounding. This match were the strength was so unbalanced, the amount of jingshi that was connected to it reached a terrifying number. This had furthered everyone’s interest in the match.

Anyone that heard about the wagering on how many moves it would take couldn’t help but be curious how many moves Zuo Mo could go through.

How many moves?

Which one would it be?

The Sword Test Conference was called the Dong Fu Sword Test Conference. No one had thought that this competition would attract of more than half of the young experts of Sky Moon Jie. It could almost be called the Sky Moon Jie Sword Test Conference. There were some doubts about the sword test conference, and especially about the strength of the local xiuzhe. The non-local xiuzhe had used spectacular performances to prove their strength. But Dong Fu’s xiuzhe had not fought up until now. This was also why, in all the rankings, the Dong Fu xiuzhe didn’t rank high.

There was a quota of local xiuzhe who did not need to pass through the preliminary Sword Test Conference. Consequently, the zhuji xiuzhe that appeared in the true competition was a farce in the eyes of many people.

As a result, from the start of the competition, the arguments about the Sword Test Conference had not stopped. The unfairness between the local and non-local xiuzhe etc etc… …

But the host Tian Song Zi had used a very short sentence to shut everyone up, “This Sword Test Conference is Dong Fu Sword Test Conference.” The implicit meaning was that this was us holding a competition for ourselves. It’s generous of us to let you attend.

Non-local xiuzhe had nothing to say, but their rage hadn’t disappeared. Zuo Mo was the only zhuji xiuzhe in this Sword Test Conference and became infamous.

Many people wanted to see him get embarrassed. The wagering on how many moves it would take was primarily due to the machinations of those people.

“There’s a lot of people.” Zuo Mo looked at the dense crowds in the surroundings and asked heartlessly, “Shijie, did you bet the jingshi?”

Li Ying Feng wanted to turn and leave. Look what time it was, Shidi was still thinking about jingshi… …

She manage to suppress the impulse to explode and said irritably, “I bet it! According to your request, I spread it out.”

“Oh, then I’m not worried. Hee hee!” Zuo Mo gave an extremely perverse laugh with an expressionless face. It was extremely strange to see.

Heavens! Why did she come out with this weirdo? It was really embarrassing!

She was extremely regretful. Why hadn’t she just turned and left earlier?

“Brother Chao, really, your opponent is someone like that?” One of Chao An’s people said in an exaggerated voice.

Chao An’s expression was extremely angry, his hands cracking as they became fists.

The sect leaders and elders of the various large sects were sitting on a Lucky Cloud far away. Wu Kong Sword Sect’s Pei Yuan Ran was also one of them. The Lucky Cloud was extremely large, multiple mu in area. On it, chairs and tables were provided as well as ling fruits and tea. The disciples of each sect were standing heads down at the side.

“Your sect’s Zuo Mo is very interesting! As expected, truly a money-grubber. Are all your disciples like this?” Ling Yin Sect’s sect leader roared with laughter.

Their cultivations were all astonishing and they could easily catch what was happening below. Zuo Mo and Li Ying Feng’s conversation had entered their ears.

Shi Feng Rong’s eyelid flickered, anger barely hidden. Pei Yuan Ran’s expression was as usual. “Zuo Mo’s personality is straightforward and whimsical, extremely interesting. Money-grubber? Our sect, including me, the sect leader, are all money-grubbers. Your sect is very wealthy and do not know the troubles of us poor people. Ha ha!”

“That’s right, this one had heard something before. Do not talk about jingshi in front of Ling Ying Sect.” Someone couldn’t help but say sourly, “To us poor people, scrimping and saving is very normal.”

Ling Ying Sect was so rich it came out of their pores. Many people were jealous. Adding in that they were usually proud and domineering, they didn’t have many friendly relationships. Pei Yuan Ran’s light words threw Ling Ying Sect on the opposite side of everyone else.

The sect leader of Ling Ying Sect was not stupid. Seeing the unfriendly gazes of the people around him, he understood.

His expression did not change. He smiled, saying, “Each family has their own problems. The wagering has been pretty hot recently, how many moves it would take. Sect Leader Pei should be most familiar with your sect’s disciples. How many moves does Sect Leader Pei think Zuo Mo could go through? I had bet three!” He then twisted his mouth and said, “Could Sect Leader Pei give some insider information? Three moves shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Shi Feng Rong’s eyelids and eyebrows simultaneously went up. She was about to act when Xin Yan put out a hand to stop her.

Hearing this, Pei Yuan Ran pretended to be shocked and said, “Insider information? You don’t know? If I remember correctly, the last time Zuo Mo went to visit your sect, he had sparred with five of your disciples. Did your disciples not report that to you?”

“Oh, something like that had happened?” At the side, Tian Song Zi heard this, and couldn’t help but be interested, “What was the result?”

Pei Yuan Ran said regretfully, “Lost to Chang Heng.”

Ling Ying Sect’s leader’s face was horrifically black. He had wanted to take the chance to mock Pei Yuan Ran and the others. He hadn’t thought that Pei Yuan Ran would push a fire onto him.

No matter the time, there were always people willing to add insult to injury.

The leader of Chi Sword Sect said, deliberately pretending to be ignorant, “So that means four wins and one loss? Oh, Chang Heng had already broken through to ningmai, how can he fight with a zhuji?”

“Hearing you guys say this, I’m full of interest in Zuo Mo now.” Another sect leader opened.

“It was luck, just luck!” Pei Yuan Ran deflected.

The leader of Ling Ying Sect was regretful now. But he could not explain that Chang Heng hadn’t broken through to ningmai at that time. Such a inglourious matter, the more that was said, the more embarrassing it was. He could only swallow the bitterness.

Zuo Mo walked onto the battlefield. Chao An was waiting for him.

Chao An saw Zuo Mo sedately swing as he walked onto the field and his expression became even uglier. The longer this guy stood in front of him, the more he would be laughed at. He wanted the elder responsible for judging the match to announce the start of the fight, and he would hammer this damned guy into paste!

Since it was the first match, to show its importance, the judge responsible for the fight was a jindan.

His eyes coldly glanced across the two. In his eyes, there was no difference between ningmai and zhuji. The warning glance moved past the two people who couldn’t help but shudder. The anger in Chao An’s eyes disappeared, and Zuo Mo’s swaying body stopped.

“You can use any move other than ling beasts. If someone admits loss, you cannot attack. If someone is unconscious, it is instantly judged a loss, the other cannot continue to attack… …”

Chao An told himself. Be calm, I need to be calm.

But he kept on feeling the dense crowds of spectators were all looking at him with ridicule in their eyes like they were looking at a clown. Facing the judge, he didn’t dare to make any moves. He lowered his head, suppressing the anger that had accumulated in his chest.

The judge finally finished announcing the rules, both of his hands making a cut down, “Battle start!”

Chao An raised his head, his eyes filled with a stormy fury. He was like an infuriated lion, terrifying!

The Intense Fire Hammer in his hand turned with a boom into a ball of fire the size of a house and floated beside his body. The deep red flames spit and spat on the outside of the ball of fire. The heat that the fireball released could be clearly felt by spectators one hundred zhang away. Chao An seemed minuscule compared to the fireball beside him.

The light of the flickering fire reflected on Chao An’s face. His face was full of murderous intent!

Taking the chance, Zuo Mo’s hand flipped and threw out a jade disk.

Those with keen eyes instantly recognized it as a formation disk!

Once the formation disk was thrown out, it turned to several streams of light and disappeared into the air.

Many of the spectators either gave a disdainful expression or a disappointed one.

Just a second-grade Path Confusion Formation. What effect could it have on a ningmai xiuzhe?

Feeling the anger boiling in his chest, seeing the other’s poor performance, Chao An looked on with ridicule and disdain and deep anger!

Just this kind of person, he could make it through ten of his moves?

Translator Ramblings: Luckily for all you readers, you didn’t have to wait long for the battle to start. Dong Fu politics … … Shi Feng Rong probably has the shortest temper if it is about her disciples.


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