修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two “Healing Wounds”

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two Healing Wounds

As Zuo Mo stormed and raged and swore, Pu Yao was left completely struck dumb.

“They aren’t crap… …” Pu Yao dumbly wanted to explain.

“If they aren’t crap, then what are they?” Zuo Mo glared.

Realizing that he had been suppressed by Zuo Mo’s presence, Pu Yao instantly became irritated. His right eye narrowed, revealing an extremely long red blade. In a cold voice, he said, “Oh, what do you want to say?”

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but stop breathing. Meeting Pu Yao’s cold and strange gaze, he instantly shrunk back, “I… … I just meant… … you have to give me… … things that don’t have side effects… …”

“I am yao.” Pu Yao said faintly, “The road that I understand is different from you xiuzhe. It is normal to have side effects.”

Pu Yao’s meaning was extremely clear. He could not be blamed for the side effects. He was also stating that the things he would give in the future will also have side effects.

If Pu Yao decided to be unreasonable, Zuo Mo could do nothing about it. The two were vastly different in power and, naturally, their right to speak was not equal.

Zuo Mo could only choose to remain silently defiant.

Pu Yao’s gaze became even more unfriendly. Zuo Mo could only bear it. He knew that if he capitulated each time, his position in Pu Yao’s eyes would fall, and his outcome would become even worse. Power was something that had to be fought for. This could not be avoided, he had to take a certain degree of risk,.

Facing Zuo Mo’s stubborn silence, Pu Yao started to have a headache.

To get a horse to run, you had to feed the horse. Zuo Mo, this guy who only had jingshi in his eyes, and was becoming wiser. It was not possible to trick him like before.

But the time he had… …

Thinking about that, Pu Yao’s mood instantly became irritated. Looking at the person making trouble for him, he wanted to smash Zuo Mo into smithereens. But he suppressed the impulse in his heart. His temperament  was not good, but he was not dumb.

“The scriptures of yaomo, it is not strange that humans would have problems practicing it.” The viciousness in Pu Yao’s eyes gradually faded, and his tone resumed its habitual peace. “However, I do have some xiuzhe scriptures in my possession. In the future, the rewards will be for these scriptures. You cannot blame me if there are side-effects then.”

Zuo Mo was happy, but he still corrected, “It’s transactions!” Transactions and rewards were two completely different concepts. A transaction meant that he was owed something, but if it was a reward then the meaning was different.

“Up to you.” Pu Yao’s face was unconcerned. Inside, his head hurt even more. Zuo Mo was becoming harder to deal with.

“However, you need to be quicker!” Pu Yao’s tone became extremely dissatisfied, “The speed you make jingshi is too slow. I need more jingshi!”

“I am a zhuji cultivator.” Zuo Mo had to emphasize reality.

Pu Yao choked on Zuo Mo’s words. He knew that Zuo Mo had been bothered by the fact his cultivation was not increasing. What Zuo Mo said was the truth. In the ranks of zhuji xiuzhe, there would not be many that could make more jingshi than he did.

This guy that was so enthusiastic about making jingshi, but was also stubborn in his bones, Pu Yao didn’t know what to do. If he switched to another person, truthfully, Pu Yao felt that they wouldn’t be better than him. This guy was a natural at making jingshi. Pu Yao found that Zuo Mo was extremely sensitive to everything related to him. Zuo Mo knew when to fight for himself but not enrage the other party, he knew when to compromise. He was a smart individual.

Oh, even among the yao, there were not many as smart as him.

The potential that Zuo Mo had displayed was gradually changing Pu Yao’s opinion. He suddenly remembered that a certain person had selected Zuo Mo from the beginning and his mood dropped like he had eaten a mosquito.

Giving a cold snort, he disappeared.

Zuo Mo was not puzzled by Pu Yao’s sudden appearance and disappearance. Zuo Mo  sighed in relief. It was extremely dangerous to negotiate with Pu Yao. The majority of the time, Pu Yao was normal, but his temperament was fickle. If Zuo Mowas not careful, his outcome would be very bad.

Luckily, the result this time was pretty good. He was very satisfied.

However, he temporarily did not need to consider the problem of making jingshi, because he was penniless. And in front of him, there was still the last round of the Sword Test Conference.

He needed to get Kun Lun’s beginner formation jade scroll. Even though he had Su’s guarantee, but Zuo Mo still didn’t feel secure. There would  be one hundred competitors in the last round, and only ten would pass. It could be seen just how cruel the competition was going to be. Su’s power might be deep, and she would definitely have no problem protecting herself, but if she was protecting him as well, then it was hard to predict.

It was safer to rely on himself.

He had a general plan in his head. As he thought of this plan, he was full of excitement and expectancy!

However, right now, he had to suppress the excitement inside and throw the plan to one side. There was an immediate problem he faced, recovering from his wounds.

In the last match with Chao An, he had won even with a disadvantage, but he had received serious injuries. After his Master’s emergency healing, he had managed to recover greatly. Originally, Zuo Mo had planned to slowly recover, but who would have thought that the sect leader suddenly wanted him to attend the free for all round. Now with the jade scroll as an extra reason, he had to focus on the problem of healing.

His cultivation was far lower than the competition. If his body was not healed, even if Su was helping, he would not manage to make it to the end.

Of course, the most important part was healing didn’t need him to cost any jingshi… …




Fragrant Ginger Yard, Shi Feng Rong had a cold expression as she stood in front of the medicinal tub. Zuo Mo’s entire body was soaked in the medicinal fluid, only his head could be seen.

The black medicinal fluid exuded a noxious odour. Sitting in the tub Zuo Mo naturally received the brunt of it and became dizzy, “Master, what’s in here? Why does it smell so bad?”

“Don’t waste your words.” Shi Feng Rong said shortly, “Channel your ling power.” Whenever she saw Zuo Mo, her anger would well up and couldn’t be suppressed. He had such talent, but didn’t like cultivating the sword, and only concentrated on making jingshi! How did she end up taking such a degenerate and greedy disciple?

Zuo Mo heard the thick dissatisfaction in his Master’s voice and instantly became much more docile.

In reality, he could feel the power in the tub of medicinal fluid. The thick and lively medicinal power was like countless little worms burrowing into his body. However, this process was not pleasant. Zuo Mo felt as though he was being pricked by countless needles.

Hearing Master telling him to channel ling power, he slightly paused. Should he start [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] or [Vajra Profound Sutra]? The thought circled through his head and he decided on [Vajra Profound Sutra]. The origins of the [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] technique was unclear. It wouldn’t be good if his Master detected it. He was not afraid of using [Vajra Profound Sutra]. Xin Yan Shibo had given it to him. Even though the [Vajra Profound Sutra] he was practicing now was the gravestone version, the difference between the two was only the five phrases.

Once he started [Vajra Profound Sutra], Zuo Mo instantly felt it was different than usual.

The countless tiny medicinal powers seemed to have been attracted by a magnet, turning into several dozen streams as they moved through the large meridians on Zuo Mo’s body, and quickly entered the flow of ling power moving in the channels.

A short time later, Zuo Mo felt all the channels in his body were congested. He was frightened. He had never encountered a situation like this.


What medicinal fluid was this? It had such a strong power!

Zuo Mo couldn’t attend to anything else other than furiously using [Vajra Profound Sutra], doing his best to spread the remaining medicinal power into the rest of his body. As the medicinal power spread through the body, it continuously healed Zuo Mo’s wounds. It was like a large rainstorm, soaking the dry earth. His wounds  greedily absorbed the medicinal power.

Outside the tub, Shi Feng Rong had a concerned expression. Zuo Mo’s entire face was dark gold, as though he was painted in gold. At some unknown time, Pei Yuan Ran, Xin Yan and Yan Le had appeared next to her.

“This boy is really strong.” Yan Le said in shock, “His body cultivation is this strong? Isn’t this the Golden Flesh Clothing?”

Xin Yan snorted coldly, “He just doesn’t like cultivating the sword!”

The expression of the others had become instantly ugly.

If Zuo Mo’s cultivation talent was average, they wouldn’t feel this terrible, but he clearly was extremely talented at cultivation .Anything he practiced, he would progress at lightning speed. Even the [Vajra Profound Sutra] that had been given to him carelessly, he could silently cultivate it to the step of Golden Flesh Clothing. But he just had to be uninterested in cultivating the sect’s sword. The numerous powerful sword scriptures of the sect were all open to him, but this guy, after going to look once in the beginning, he hasn’t gone back.

How could Pei Yuan Ran and the others feel good?

“I’m insisting  in having him participate in the next round of the Sword Test Conference. This is to let him understand the true power of sword xiu.” Even though Pei Yuan Ran was experienced in keeping his composure, he was extremely infuriated by Zuo Mo, “I’ve already told Wei Sheng to do his best at the conference. Humph, Zuo Mo needs to see what a sword xiu is, and why sword xiu are the strongest xiuzhe in the world!”

“Yes! The sect’s disciple that is not interested in the sect’s scriptures. If this fact got out, even if our ancestral masters knew, we would lose face!” Yan Le, who usually had a smile on his face, had a face full of anger.

“This cannot be tolerated!” Xin Yan’s face was full of murderous intent.

Shi Feng Rong who had been concerned before said discontentedly, “This guy needs to be taught!”

Zuo Mo’s terrible conduct had caused the upper echelons  of Wu Kong Sword Sect to come to a consensus.

Being focused on channeling ling power, Zuo Mo paid attention to nothing else. He had no idea of what was being said in front of him. His entire consciousness, all the ling power, they were completely concentrated on controlling the medicinal power. He didn’t know what ling grass Master had added into the medicinal tub this time, but the medicinal power was domineering. He felt he was going to explode from the medicinal power flooding in!

The speed he tamed the medicinal power was far slower than the speed he was absorbing it.

He gritted his teeth. He knew if he could endure through this little while, he would receive great profit. He was very familiar with making medicine, he understood that the medicinal power contained in the ling medicine was limited. As long as he could make it through, he could slowly absorb the medicinal power inside his body. As the medicinal power burrowed into his body, it quickly turned to gold dots of light and entered his flesh. Right now, his tendons and flesh were all gleaming with gold light. The dots of gold light embedded in his flesh became even more populous.

But the rate that the gold light increased was far slower than the rate of increase in the medicinal power.

What Zuo Mo felt panicked about was that the medicinal power did not show any signs of slowing down, and was as still domineering as before!

The medicinal power was like a flood, furiously flowing into his body.

His channels were filled to the brim, but the medicinal power was still pouring into his body uncontrollably. His channels enlarged, the change obvious to the naked eye.

What Zuo Mo felt fear about was that he could not stop!

The flowing ling power and the medicinal power mixed together and was like a wild horse that went off its reins. It couldn’t be stopped!

Damn it!

Translator Ramblings: Pu Yao has his own things going on … … Zuo Mo is getting better at bargaining! Pu also realizes that Zuo Mo isn’t as bad as he could be… … and is a pretty good money-making machine.

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