修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Four “Before The Battle”

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Four – Before The Battle

After two rounds of competition, with the exception of Zuo Mo, all the remaining participants were crowd favorites and were highly ranked in the power rankings. The experts that everyone favored all easily defeated the competition. Those matches might have been good, but they didn’t excite the audience.

Everyone’s focus was on the last round of competition, the free for all round.

Of one hundred xiuzhe, only ten would win. There were no rules, or protocols. The Great Pine Pavilion would become a frenzied battlefield. Only ten would luckily survive.

The fierceness could be predicted, the powerful encounters could not be avoided, and there were many environmental factors that could be used… …

How could people not look forward to this competition?

A few days before the final round, Elder Tian Song Zi announced that he was going to set up a [Mirage Illusion Formation] around the Great Ping Pavilion. When it was time, all the battles inside the Great Pine Pavilion would be viewed in front of everyone like a mirage.

Once this was announced, all of Dong Fu shook.

A no-rules battle previously had only been the concern of the gamblers because many people couldn’t view it. The most spectacular battle was not interesting if people could not see it, but Tian Song Zi’s action quickly attracted every xiuzhe’s attention. The news was broadcast through the sound tablet, and the news quickly spread.

Dong Fu suddenly became the center of the entire Sky Moon Jie. Countless xiuzhe, regardless of cultivation level, travelled day and night, forming lines, as they gathered in Dong Fu.

This, was where the strongest youths of Sky Moon were fighting! This, was the gathering place of the greatest geniuses of Sky Moon Jie. This, would have Sky Moon Jie’s grandest spells! This, would show Sky Moon Jie’s most cruel and fierce combat!

Such a grand event, how could they miss it? It was such a rare chance to personally see it.

Dong Fu was busier and more prosperous than it ever had been before. All the large sects sent their disciples to spectate. They might not have the chance to enter the Sword Test Conference, but it was very beneficial to view the battles and observe how the best of their generation wielded spells. When xiuzhe faced their enemies, they usually hid everything. To be able to examine and see it in real-life, no one wanted to miss the opportunity.

The illusory jade scroll of Zuo Mo’s match with Chao An was now priced at one hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi. The market had sold out. Many people regretted that they hadn’t made some more illusory jade scrolls at the time. They would have gotten rich! The illusory jade scrolls of the match had mostly been bought by the larger sects. They were planning to give the jade scrolls to their disciples that were skilled in formations. It had to be said that the larger sects were much more sensible.

While the number of illusory scrolls of the following matches were more plentiful, the demand could not be compared to Zuo Mo’s match.

The little Dong Fu was filled with all kinds of xiuzhe. Many xiuzhe saw the opportunity and started to do business. Some put out the talismans and materials they did not need to exchange or sell. Some started a business of buying low and selling high. Dong Fu had over night, become the biggest and most prosperous market in Sky Moon Jie.




Wu Kong Hall, Wei Sheng and the sect leader sat across from each other.

“How is it?” The sect leader said with a small smile, “You didn’t meet a strong opponent for your first two matches, are you disappointed? You must be looking forward to the next round very much.”

“This disciple is looking forward to it.” Wei Sheng said honestly, he was unable to hide the excitement  in his eyes, “To be able to fight with so many experts, it really makes my blood boil!”

The sect leader nodded in praise. In the eyes of the elders of Wu Kong Sword Sect, Wei Sheng had almost all the good attributes that a sword xiu should have. His personality was steady and determined, he worked hard at his cultivation, and his mind and heart were pure. He was completely dedicated towards the sword. Almost no one could compare to his talent with the sword. Facing this battle, Wei Sheng was full of the desire for battle, not afraid in the least. He did not hide from anything, and did not panic at obstacles.

Thinking about talent, Pei Yuan Ran couldn’t help but think of Zuo Mo. In all the disciples of the sect, the only person that could match Wei Sheng in talent would probably only be Zuo Mo. But when he thought of this problematic youth, his brow unconsciously furrowed.

Detecting his Master’s vexation, Wei Sheng couldn’t help but ask in curiosity, “Has Master encountered something?” Even though in the elders of the sect, the one with the deepest cultivation had to be Xin Yan Shishu, but Master’s power was also incomprehensibly deep. Wei Sheng’s cultivation was far stronger than before. Whenever he felt the strong presence that Master occasionally exuded, he felt afraid.

Something that even Master found difficult, what could that be?

Noticing his loss of composure, Pei Yuan Ran waved his hand. “Nothing.” Afterwards, he deliberated and softly said, “That boy, Zuo Mo, he must be cursing me inside. I sent a death order demanding he enter the top ten.” He suddenly thought of something, and said teasingly, “I heard that there are many people in Dong Fu right now. Ying Feng hasn’t been able to rest at all. All the inventory in the shop has been sold out. If the boy knew that he missed such a good opportunity to make jingshi, he would probably spit blood.”

Hearing Master’s light teasing, Wei Sheng relaxed. When he thought about his shidi’s obsession with money, he laughed, “This disciple feels the latter is a heavier blow to Shidi.”

“Haha!” Thinking about the problem that Zuo Mo had given him recently, now that he got one over the boy, Pei Yuan Ran felt extremely good. “Your shidi, he might have good talent, but his personality is too lazy. If he landed in jingshi, he will not come out and he has no interest in cultivating the sword.”

Shidi will definitely understand the efforts of Master and the shishu.” Wei Sheng said. He was helpless against his shidi as well. He knew that Zuo Mo’s personality was so, and he could not force it.

“Your Xin Yan Shibo has prepared an entire regimen of punishment and is just waiting for the boy to come.” Thinking about it, Pei Yuan Ran couldn’t help but be slightly smug.

Based on cultivation, Zuo Mo could not enter the top ten no matter what he did. However, in this world, strength was not everything, and Wei Sheng knew very well that this shidi of his was cunning and would have many tricks up his sleeve. He understood Shidi better than his master and the others. Shidi might seem lazy on the surface, but he was abnormally stubborn in his bones, which bordered on insanity. The other people only saw Shidi’s talent, but only he suspected the amount of effort Shidi’s Little Art of Cloud and Rain had required to reach the fourth level.

The practice of any spell was not just possible with talent.

However, this was only his gut instinct. If he said so to Master, there was no proof and it would not be effective. He was also curious how his Shidi, when forced into the corner, would react? From the fact that Shidi had been in seclusion since Wei Sheng came back, he knew that Shidi was serious.

Shidi was like a slack and loose spring. The more he was compressed, the stronger the explosive power. A serious Shidi could not be underestimated.

Suddenly, he felt another kind of expectation towards the upcoming Sword Test Conference.

Noticing the anticipation in Wei Sheng’s eyes, Pei Yuan Ran mistakenly assumed Wei Sheng was thinking of the Sword Test Conference. Thinking about the things he and his shidi had done when young, he started to reminisce. He refocused, and asked gravely, “Who do you plan to find to be your opponent?”

Hearing this, light flashed through Wei Sheng’s eyes. He unconsciously sat straighter, heavily stating three words.

“Gu Rong Ping!”




The Little West Wind Yard.

Zuo Mo’s hair was a mess as he sat on the ground, his eyes bloodshot as they stared fixedly in front of him.

“Not right… …”

“Still not right… …”

… …

His mouth unconsciously muttered to himself. Materials were scattered as they laid before him, yet those materials seemed to have an unspeakable magnetism, attracting his gaze.

Under the tangle of hair, that pair of bloodshot eyes flashed with a nimble light.

“Hmm… …”

Suddenly, his eyes lit up!




Luo Li sat on the mountain peak, looking at the bright moon as his thoughts wandered.

Shidi, you are still angry at me?” Hao Min bit her lips and said pitifully.

Luo Li did not turn his head, saying lightly, “Shijie exaggerates. My heart only has the sword, no anger.”

Hao Min’s breathing stopped. She didn’t know what to say. After Luo Li had been wounded by Zuo Mo, she had not even visited once. But who could know that Luo Li had seemed to be reborn, fighting his way into the last round of the Sword Test Conference. The entire Wu Kong Sword Sect was looking at him again. Hao Min had been reminded of his good qualities from the past, and wanted to get together again, but Luo Li looked at her like he was looking at a stranger.

Shidi truly does not care about our past feelings?” Hao Min made a last effort.

“There had been no feelings before.” Luo Li’s answer was straightforward and crisp without any disguise, ‘It’s late. Shijie, please return.”

Hearing Hao Min cry as she left, under the moonlight, Luo Li started to practice the sword.

Under the moonlight, the sword light seemed to contain a faint sorrow.




Dong Fu Hall, Tian Song Zi looked at his beloved disciple, slight comfort and satisfaction in his eyes. He said warmly, “The rank is not important, it is intangible. What is most important is comprehension, of fighting with different people, of facing different spells, of ambushes, and of melee fighting. You will encounter them in the future, and also in this competition.”

“Yes.” Yu Bai respectfully answered with his head down.

“Do you have a potential opponent?” Tian Song Zi asked.

“This disciple wants to spar with Zong Ming Yan.”

Tian Song Zi suddenly furrowed his brows, and said irritably in a deep voice, “This is not a spar, it is a fight, it is a battle!”

He didn’t know why his Master was suddenly so angry. Yu Bai said slightly fearful, “Yes.”

Tian Song Zi waved his hand. “Go, prepare well. Zong Ming Yan could receive Zuo Mei Tian’s true teachings, he will not be weak.”

“Yes.” Yu Bai hesitated before leaving.

Looking at his most loved disciple, Tian Song Zi suddenly sighed silently, a deep worry floating up in his eyes.




Ling Ying Sect.


The sect leader looked at Chang Heng standing in front of him. He was slightly irritated. Chang Heng’s temper was rebellious. Looking at him carelessly standing, without any of the required respect, the dislike in the sect leader’s heart became stronger.

Chang Heng might be the most outstanding of the Ling Ying Sect disciples, but he was never liked by the elders.

“Humph, Chang Heng, if you meet Wu Kong Sword Sect’s Zuo Mo this time, do not let him go.” The sect leader said hatefully, “This boy has embarrassed the sect many times, you cannot release him!”

Chang Heng was not affected. His eyes were half-lidded. He actually was sleeping in the hall.

Seeing Chang Heng act like this, the sect leader was even angrier. He raised his volume, “Chang Heng! Have you heard me?”

Chang Heng slowly opened his eyes. He glanced at the sect leader, throwing down, “Nag! I’ll fight whoever I encounter, there’s no trouble.”

Finishing, he didn’t care about the petrified disciples and the exploding sect leader, freely leaving.

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