修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six “Heart Turn Sword Essence”

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six – Heart Turn Sword Essence

Zuo Mo felt his vision blur, a strong feeling of dizziness making him almost unable to keep upright.

A gust of cold wind blew into his face. He quickly refocused. Of course, he couldn’t help but complain inside that the comfort of Tian Song Zi’s transportation spell was lacking compared to Pu Yao’s transportation formation. He glanced at the surroundings. What entered his eyes were all old trees. Occasionally, the wind would blow past, and he could smell water.

There was a source of water nearby!

Zuo Mo’s mind became alert. The power of water was strong near water sources. It was extremely useful for him.

After Zuo Mo cast a hiding spell, he carefully walked in the direction of water. The spells in the jade scrolls of Elder Wei Nan proved to be useful. Like this spell that concealed his figure, it was very effective. If ningmai xiuzhe didn’t pay close attention, they would have a difficult time detecting him.

In all of the five element spells, Zuo Mo’s skill was the best with the [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] and he was most sensitive to the power of water. After walking about fifty paces, he found the source of water.

A water pond about half a mu large with weeds growing along the edges. The excrement of ling beasts could be seen everywhere.

Zuo Mo carefully inspected the surroundings. He was very satisfied. It seemed that his luck had been very good this time. But he still warily scanned the surroundings with his consciousness. He didn’t put out the paper crane immediately to report his location to Su.

“Strong Warrior Protect Master!”

The figure of a golden giant started to appear behind Zuo Mo. The golden shadow quickly became tangible. A gigantic soldier wearing golden armor stood proudly.

Only now did Zuo Mo release a breath.

With this seal soldier, his safety could be guaranteed to a certain degree. It was usually ningmai that used seal soldiers. Only those xiuzhe that were very wealthy, like the Wang Shixiong of Ling Ying Sect, would be able to use seal soldiers when they were only in the stage of zhuji. Actually, this seal soldier had been given to Wang Shixiong by his family to use when his life was in danger. It was just that he had been threatened by Zuo Mo and he had panicked, using this seal soldier. He had not won, and even paid up the seal soldier to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s eyes glowed as they looked at the dignified armored seal soldier. His heart was full of regret. It was a pity that after being used this time, this seal soldier would be useless. In Dong Fu, compared to those that made dan, or forged, the xiuzhe that understood seals were even more rare. There wasn’t even one person that had the power to create seals as powerful as this seal soldier. He didn’t know where Wang Shixiong’s elders had bought this seal soldier.

With the protection of the seal soldier, his confidence rose. However, he still did not release the paper crane in his possession.

He thought about the plan that he had spent so much effort on. On the wooden and frozen face, pride flashed through his eyes.

This last round was a free for all round. There were no rules. The last ten xiuzhe that were remaining in the Great Pine Pavilion were the last winners.

Zuo Mo decided to utilize this rule to the fullest!

It was a pity that his concealment spells were not outstanding. Otherwise, he could just find a place and conceal his presence. That way, his chances of winning would be greater. He could think of this, and other people also would. He suddenly thought about the [Fire Eyes] that Pu Yao mentioned today. If someone really knew [Fire Eyes], it was useless to hide.

Hue hue, all of you definitely don’t know what ge is planning.

Zuo Mo was full of motivation!




In the sky above Dong Fu, the gigantic mirage clearly showed every change inside the Great Ping Pavilion.

Seeing the competitors appear on the mirage, the spectators instantly became alert, and praised the wonders of the [Mirage Illusion Formation]!

Those that were watching in groups fixed their eyes on the mirage as they discussed.

“Who do you think will get first?” Yan Ming Zi asked.

Hu Shan shook his head. “I don’t know. Maybe Gu Rong Ping. He’s just too powerful!”

Tao Zhu Er suddenly pointed to the most prominent main peak in the mountain range depicted in the mirage, shouting, “Look!”

At the same time, many xiuzhe found two people on the main peak. The discussion was like the retreating tide, quickly disappearing.

Everyone’s eyes gathered onto the main peak.

There were fifteen great peaks that touched the clouds in the Great Pine Pavilion, and among them, the central main peak was the most prominent. It was extremely steep, like a gigantic sword cleaving the clouds.

On the main peak, two people were standing.

Gu Rong Ping and Wei Sheng!

The person who was predicted to win first in this Sword Test Conference, Gu Rong Ping!

The person who had an apparition when he entered zhuji, Wei Sheng!

No one had thought that those two people would appear at the same position. The competition had just started, and it had entered a peak, it was out of everyone’s expectations!

At the same time, many of the competitors inside the Great Pine Pavilion noticed the two people on the main peak. The two of them were like two swords, without any disguise or concealment as they stood proudly. Many people couldn’t help but release a breath. Those two were opponents none of them wanted to meet.




Through the black gauze, Su gazed at Gu Rong Ping standing on the peak. Her heart relaxed slightly. What she had been most worried about was that Shixiong would encounter Zuo Mo. Shixiong definitely wouldn’t give Zuo Mo a chance and show any mercy. Because she hadn’t begged him.

But that guy, why hadn’t he sent out the paper crane?

She suddenly turned her body.




On the main peak, the wind was very strong.

“Didn’t think that I would encounter Brother Wei so soon. It really is a surprise to me.” Gu Rong Ping said with a smile.

Wei Sheng’s expression was solemn. He did not speak, the desire for battle rising in his eyes. At some time, Splitting Rainbow sword had appeared in his hands. The air around his body seemed to have been pushed by an invisible hand, slowly spinning around him. A traceless yet pressuring presence, with him at the center, rippled out.

The smile on Gu Rong Ping’s face disappeared.

His eyes could see Wei Sheng in front of him, but in his spiritual perception, where Wei Sheng was standing, there was not a person!

It was an empty space, but there was sword essence!




The xiuzhe in Dong Fu conversed, their faces puzzled. What they were seeing was out of their comprehension, yet among the sect leaders and elders of the various sects, it exploded.

“Who told me Wu Kong Sword Sect is a small sect? Wei Sheng’s sword scripture definitely is above fifth-grade!”

“Heart Turn Sword Essence! The next step would be Metamorphosis! Heavens! What kind of monster is Wei Sheng? How old is he?”

“Wu Kong Sword Sect is going to rise. This boy’s future is limitless!”

“Impossible! Impossible! How is it possible… …”

“I heard when this boy was entering zhuji, an apparition of sword energy had appeared. I had thought it was just a rumor but seeing him now, it’s probably the truth!”

… …

The faces of Pei Yuan Ran and the other three were filled with pride and happiness. Ever since they discovered Wei Sheng’s talent, they had put large amounts of effort into him. Almost all the resources of the sect had been given to him. Xin Yan had taught him step by step. For the first time, the sword cave had been opened for a disciple. Even the ling food and lingdan that was put into the sword cave when Wei Sheng had been fighting in the sword cave had been made at the expense of countless expensive materials. Otherwise, no matter how outstanding Wei Sheng’s talent was, he couldn’t have broken through to ningmai so quickly.

Seeing the shock that Wei Sheng gave others, the four exchanged smiles. Their hearts were full of the feeling of accomplishment.

Wu Kong Sword Sect previously did not have any outstanding disciples. That had been a burden on all of their hearts. It was only when Wei Sheng had appeared that everything had changed.

If people knew how short of a time it took Wei Sheng to go from zhuji to ningmai, they would be frightened out of their wits. A slight hint of mirth floated on the corner of Pei Yuan Ran’s mouth. Sometimes, he would also be frightened by Wei Sheng’s cultivation speed.

Heart Turn Sword Essence, it was comprehending a deeper level of sword essence. Upon reaching this stage, the xiuzhe could control the sword essence according to his heart and wishes.

Controlling the sword scripture and controlling the sword essence were two completely different concepts.

The former could affect the power of the sword essence, the strength of the attack. It required delicate control of ling power, and the finer it was, the great the power of the sword scripture. But after one could control a sword scripture perfectly, if they wanted to progress further, they had to reach Heart Turn sword essence.

Each sword scripture, at the beginning, it was based on the “law” that xiuzhe that created it had. For those who came after and learned the scripture, these were different “laws”. Reaching Heart Turn Sword Essence, that meant that Wei Sheng had started to comprehend deeper levels of “law”. Only by comprehending his own “law”, could he break through the layers of restrictions in the sword scripture.

When one reached the Metamorphosis Sword Essence, it was creating one’s own “law”, a “law” that belonged to the individual.

This was why when the same sword scripture was practiced by different people to higher levels, it would differ so much. Normally, the people who could touch this level were xiuzhe entering jindan. Wei Sheng was a ningmai xiuzhe and had already started to comprehend “law”. Such talent, it was terrifying!

“Wei Sheng has progressed so fast, it really is the good fortune of the sect! So young and having reached the level of Heart Turn Sword Essence, even Second Shidi hadn’t done the same at that age.” Pei Yuan Ran praised. The four were tired of sitting and fighting with the other sect leaders so the four took the inner sect disciples to one side to watch the competition.

Li Ying Feng saw the agreement on Second Shibo’s face, and couldn’t help but jump in to say, “Master, so this means that Eldest Shixiong is going to win?”

Yan Le shook his head. “Not certain.”

“Isn’t Shixiong on a higher level?” Li Ying Feng was puzzled.

Yan Le explained, “Heart Turn Sword Essence is a transition level and a very unstable level. The old restrictions have not been completely broken, and the new sword scripture has not formed. The advantage provided in battle is not always evident. If the heart is uncertain, the power of the sword scripture would actually decrease.”

The disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect all had ugly expressions. Even Pei Yuan Ran and the others had left the joy of the previous moment, their expressions serious as they stared at the mirage.




Zuo Mo’s cultivation was a pitiful zhuji stage. His eyes naturally couldn’t compare to those ningmai xiuzhe, and was unable to notice Wei Sheng Shixiong’s battle.

Everything had been thrown far into the back of his mind. With the protection of the seal soldier, he could put all of his attention onto his plan.

He started to furiously take things out of the dimensional ring.

In the blink of an eye, a small mountain piled up in front of him. A small mountain completely made up of various materials!

Seeing this pile of materials bought with his pile of jingshi, Zuo Mo’s heart ached with pain.

“Hmm hmm, I’ll get all of you to taste the power of jingshi!”

It was a pity that everyone’s eyes at this time were gathered on Wei Sheng and Gu Rong Ping as they faced off on the main peak. No one noticed, beside a non-descript pond, a certain zombie was like a laboring ant, slowly moving a mountain made up of materials!

Translator Rambling: Wei Sheng’s luck is both good and bad. There’s a bit more world-building and theory on the sword. It’s important, it really is. Also, reaction chapter for Wei Sheng, our deuteragonist!

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