修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Forty Four “Strange”

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Chapter One Hundred and Forty Four – Strange

Zong Ming Yan quickly frowned.

Those rings of light had appeared extremely weak, like bubbles that popped upon contact, but there really were too many of them!

His sword essence had, without him detecting it, had much of its momentum lost and its strength had been worn down by half. However, the rings of light in the sky did not seem to decrease in number.

Even more… … he still had not found Zuo Mo!

His eyes looked in the surroundings and didn’t find any shadow of Zuo Mo. He knew that, in a formation, one should not believe what the eyes showed. His consciousness had also swept through the surroundings, but it would always encounter strange interference that prevented him from detecting Zuo Mo.

All of this indicated that the formation Zuo Mo had constructed was not normal.

Zong Ming Yan did not panic, however. Everyone always saw him brimming with murderous intent and assumed that he wanted to find Zuo Mo to immediately to defeat him. In reality, it was not so. He enjoyed battle and enjoyed the pleasure of being challenged. The stronger Zuo Mo was, the more his desire for battle rose.

He planned on destroying Zuo Mo’s entire formation!

What would be more pleasurable than destroying the other’s strongest defense from the ground up? This made Zong Ming Yan’s blood boil!

The noise when [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] had been activated had truly been scary. Not just the audience in Dong Fu, but even the other xiuzhe in the Great Pine Pavilion had been shocked by the sudden light!

Many xiuzhe were curious but they still didn’t dare to walk around freely, all staying in their original places. As for  the powerful xiuzhe, they did not have any hesitations about running towards the source of the light.


Su pushed her movement speed to the maximum. To stop other xiuzhe from ambushing her along the way, she released  the ling power in her body spread out without anything holding back. The Black Daze sword under her feet released a powerful magnetism. Different from the howling flight of other flying swords, the flight of the Black Daze sword was more like gliding. But due to its terrifying speed, it howled as it broke through the air. She did not conceal herself as she raced towards the source of the light.

That cowardly guy that ate soft rice actually did not send out the paper crane!

In flight, Su couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

She held extreme dislike for Zuo Mo’s conduct. He clearly knew his strength was not enough but still acted on his own, it was very easy for his companions to dislike him. Even though Su did not think of Zuo Mo as her companion, but she needed Zuo Mo’s help to forge her flying sword. This meant that she could not disregard Zuo Mo’s safety.

If Zuo Mo could not enter the top ten, then no matter how high of a rank she achieved, it would be useless.

She disliked people who increased the difficulty of things she had to do!

Only this once!

After this affair ended, she never wanted to see this dislikable guy again.

Suddenly, she thought of what Lin Qian Shixiong said to her, and her heart became even more irritated.


Chang Heng still casually strolled, but the light released by the [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] was peerlessly bright, far surpassing the light of any sword energy.

“That’s an interesting guy.” He said to himself, before leaping into the air. Carrying a patch of bloody light, he disappeared.


At a hill, a figure suddenly disappeared, and then suddenly appeared not far away, before disappearing, and then appearing even further away. Because of the speed of movement, before the afterimage at the previous place had vanished, he would appear at the next position.

Where he passed, he left behind a string of shadows, extremely strange.

Gui Feng was using his ghost movement to run. In the blink of an eye, he was far away, his speed not much slower than a flying sword.

But that direction… …

The xiuzhe along the way gaped as they stretched their necks to look in the direction that Gui Feng disappeared in.

—It was the place that was flashing with light!


Luo Li had thought of being a hunter waiting for his prey, but he was slightly shocked by the light that had suddenly rose on the horizon.

That scene… …

It definitely wasn’t something caused by a sword energy or something like it. Truthfully, a person that could create [Self Separation], there wouldn’t be any problems with his intelligence. He quickly knew what it was!

Formations! Only formations!

He instantly was speechless. Of all the xiuzhe that attended the last round of the Sword Test Conference, only one person would lose the face of sword xiu to make formations, there was only Zuo Mo.

“Such a person that does not endear himself to others.” Luo Li said helplessly to himself. Grabbing the flying sword, he stood up. He had spent the longest with the sect leader and the others, and knew their thoughts better.

Maybe he should go and kick the other out of the competition… … to spare him from further humiliation… …

He wasn’t certain about the sect leader, but he believed the other shifu definitely would not oppose it.

In reality, curiosity dominated Luo Li’s heart.

That fight with Zuo Mo had been the most important turning point in his life. At the beginning, he had been slightly angry and hateful, but gradually, as Luo Li reflected on himself, his hate towards Zuo Mo had disappeared without a trace. If not for Zuo Mo, he was afraid that he would still be living his days out muddle-headedly like before.

That would be terrible… …

But he definitely didn’t have any thoughts of thanking Zuo Mo.

He was naturally curious. When Zuo Mo had fought with him, the difference in cultivation between them had been great, but in the end, Zuo Mo had won. He had seen Zuo Mo’s fight in the Sword Test Conference. The difference in cultivation between Zuo Mo and his opponent had been even greater, but Zuo Mo had won again. All those dazzling tricks that Zuo Mo had showed had greatly expanded his vision but he couldn’t help but find it pitiful.

He really couldn’t understand, with Zuo Mo’s great talent in the sword, why would he not cultivate the sword, and rather learn all those middling things.

In the time that he had created [Self Separation], his comprehension of the sword was much deeper than before, and his eyes were naturally better. With one look, he had seen that while Zuo Mo had many tricks up his sleeve that made people gasp in awe, but it was a great obstacle for him in his future cultivation of the sword.

Heterogeneity was the greatest taboo of sword xiu.

But Luo Li was still curious! Even though he was shaking his head inside, but he was still curious what Zuo Mo would do. This guy was extremely cunning and slippery, with an endless bag of creative tricks. Adding on that he was an extremely treacherous person, and if he could ambush someone twice, he definitely wouldn’t do it only once.

This Sword Test Conference, there were many experts. The difference between Zuo Mo and them was even greater. He might not understand Zuo Mo very well, but he felt that Zuo Mo was not someone that would easily surrender. If he didn’t cause some trouble, he probably wouldn’t surrender.

Would not easily surrender, had many tricks, and some power… …

This kind of weirdo, how could people not have a little bit of anticipation?

“It would be good to see.” Luo Li spoke to himself as he stepped on the flying sword and left the mountain valley.

Chang Heng was the first person to appear outside the formation. Right after, Su and Gui Feng almost appeared at the same time.

The appearance of three experts caused the xiuzhe that had been hiding in the dark to feel as though his heart had jumped out of his chest. These three, none of them were easy to deal with them. Luo Li quickly appeared not far away. Facing the three experts, he was extremely calm. Without a word, he sat down cross legged on the ground, his flying sword floating in front of him.

“Hm.” Chang Heng turned with slight shock to look at Luo Li.

Su and Gui Feng turned their faces at the same time to look at Luo Li.

In their perception, the seatedLuo Li was disappearing bit by bit. But they could clearly see him sitting there, not having moved at all.

The three of them were slightly shocked. It seemed that every disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect had some skill.

“I’m not fighting!” Nan Men Yang bellowed, and then took a step back. No matter who it was, realizing that there were strong opponents in the surroundings, would not be willing to use up all their power.

Yu Bai did not say anything but backed up a step at the same time.

He didn’t want to fight either. With so many experts at the sidelines, if even one of them attempted an ambush, he wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

However, the attention of this group of people was not on them but on the formation.

The two exchanged a look and, at the same time, turned to look at the formation, waiting to see the spectacle.

Not long after, another person came to spectate. It was the yellow-face man that Chang Heng had encountered previously. Occasionally other xiuzhe would land outside the formation. Those that dared to come up to watch at this time were experts that had confidence in their power.

Up until now, other than Wei Sheng and Gu Rong Ping that were still fighting heatedly on the main peak, basically all the experts had gathered here.

Such a strange scene, not just the competitors but even the xiuzhe watching the mirage in Dong Fu were gaping.

What, what was this?

Everything in front of their eyes, no matter what direction they looked, carried a strange atmosphere.

A formation with a moon hanging over it, and a crowd of people outside.

All of them were experts… … almost all of the top ten from the rankings were present. It was like a gathering of experts. If they didn’t have the power, they would be too embarrassed to come over!

The battle between Wei Sheng and Gu Rong Ping which had been watched by the most people quickly was abandoned by everyone. Everyone’s turned to Zuo Mo’s position.


Too strange!

If these experts didn’t come from different sects, and different places, some with stronger backgrounds than Dong Fu Hall, they would definitely be suspicious that someone was manipulating the competition from the shadow. But right now, all of them were performing the same action, stretching their necks out, looking into the formation projected by the mirage.

It was like there was an astonishing beauty hiding in the formation, and she was completely naked!


Pei Yuan Ran and the others were also gaping. Behind them, the crowd of Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples were dumbstruck.

“What… … what are they doing?” Yan Le stammered out.

Pei Yuan Ran’s lips trembled, but he didn’t know what to say. He looked dumbly at the scene and couldn’t say anything. Xin Yan, who was usually stoic and wooden, had his mouth wide open, his eyes bulging. Shi Feng Rong was covering her mouth, her eyes widened greatly, not noticing how strange it was that she was maintaining this position.

“They… … want to watch?” Yan Le hesitantly stammered out, “To watch… … they aren’t fighting… …”

Pei Yuan Ran felt blood rise to his throat, his vision turning black and almost fainted. When he raised his head again, his face was bright red!

Heavens! Ancestral Masters! Forgive this disciple!

If before, he had only been regretting his action of making Zuo Mo attend the last round of the Sword Test Conference, right now, he wanted to smash his head against the wall and kill himself!

Yan Le’s words swirled in his head.

To watch… … they … … they wouldn’t fight… …

Translator Ramblings: Now everyone except Wei Sheng’s fight is gathered in one place. This was what Fang Xiang was doing in all those previous chapters. These people are important, some more than others.

Pei Yuan Ran finally regrets his decision. Wei Sheng and even Luo Li understands Zuo Mo better than the sect leader. I wonder if it’s the generational gap?

“Eating soft rice” is an idiom usually used for men who don’t work or rely on their wives to support the family. It’s different from being a boytoy which usually is described as a “little white face. ”

The next chapter is also one of my favorite chapters … …

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