修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Forty Five “Nan Men Yang! A Real Man!”

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Chapter One Hundred and Forty Five – Nan Men Yang! A Real Man!

Different from the outside, Chang Heng and the others could clearly see every move that Zong Ming Yan made inside the formation. However, Zuo Mo was still hidden away.

Zong Ming Yan’s [One Cut Plum] brightened many people’s eyes.

In reality, Zong Ming Yan did not feel well. It was like his punch had landed in soft cotton, his power undetectably being dissipated.

He couldn’t help but frown. It was not because he felt it was difficult, but out of dislike. He disliked this kind of soft attack very much. Most sword xiu did not like fighting with warm and soft enemies. If they did not kill off the other in one attack, then what awaited them was endless trouble!

Such enemies usually had great defenses. It was extremely hard to get them in one attack. As the battle progressed, it would become a labor of endurance. The endurance of most sword xiu definitely was not good.

He hadn’t thought that this Zuo Mo would also be this way!


Zong Ming Yan started to rub his forehead.

Zuo Mo had been frightened by Zong Ming Yan’s sword strike, his little hands shaking as they were setting up the formation, almost ruining it. Don’t think that he was familiar with [Skyring Moon Chime Formation], he was only familiar with the theory. The amount wasted by the enormous formation was astounding. Normally, he didn’t have that much jingshi to waste.

Luckily, the first sword energy had been blocked. The replenishing rings of light didn’t look as though they were damaged. Zuo Mo’s heart landed slightly.

He had just started studying [Skyring Moon Chime Formation]. How to set it up, what materials it needed, it was more than enough for him. As to the different variations, he was not familiar with them. There was no way around it, there was not enough time. From the time that the sect leader had notified him about attending the last round of the Sword Test Conference until now, he had used almost all his time on this, and had just barely understood how to set it up.

Even more so, what he was setting up this time was a seventy-two child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation]!

For that Kun Lun introductory formation jade scroll, he had gone all in.

Even though he was greatly rushed, but he still tried his best, his hands fleetingly fast.

The great pressure did not make him panic. Quite the opposite, it was like he was shot with chicken blood, his entire body was abnormally exuberant. His consciousness was completely spread out, his attention focused like it never had been before, the uncompleted formation and the components appeared so clear in front of his eyes.

Because he had practiced finger movements for so long, his ten fingers were extremely nimble. [Vajra Profound Sutra] had been in effect, and his physical strength far surpassed most sword xiu, and he could easily lift up the large pieces of material. His consciousness was even more terrifying, covering the entire formation. Any change would be unable to escape his consciousness.

He was a blurry shadow, furiously setting down formations!

Countless materials flowed like water from his hands, accurately thrown to the positions needed. His fingers were like fresh flowers blooming, after images flickering as ripple after ripple of ling force was sent from his constantly moving fingers into the formation.

With the aid of the formation’s power, Zuo Mo hid himself so no one else could see him.

No one knew where Zuo Mo was. Everyone had assumed that Zuo Mo was hiding in a certain place, waiting for an opportunity to give Zong Ming Yan a killing blow at the most dangerous time!

No one knew that the enormous formation in front of them was an incomplete formation!


Raising his head to look at the crescent moon in the sky, Zong Ming Yan’s fretful heart calmed. He was proud but he was not dumb. To be able to stand out from so many other disciples, who would be dumb?

Those rings of light definitely were not the crux to breaking the formation, he thought. He stood in his spot, the light rings in the air were like free fish, not attacking him.

Was it that crescent moon?

The bright moon over his head seemed far yet real, not appearing at all like something created by the formation. Truthfully, it wasn’t just the bright moon. Everything inside this formation was no different than really. But he knew that everything he saw were all created by the formation, they were all fake.

There was no formation in the world that could not be solved, just like there was no invincible sword xiu in this world. Any formation would have a “cover door”. The so-called “cover door” referred to the Achilles’ heel of the formation, and the crux to solving a formation.

Where was the cover door of this formation?

The light in Zong Ming Yan’s eyes flashed. He stood like that in his spot and started to think.


Yu Bai, who had just stopped fighting, felt someone come close and turn to look. He saw his previous opponent, Nan Men Yang, come over with his exaggerated sword. He couldn’t help but be on his guard.

“What’s he doing?” Nan Men Yang bellowed, a face full of curiosity. His voice was like thunder. Even though he had pushed it extremely low, everyone could hear him.

Yu Bai first stilled, but seeming that Nan Men Yang’s expression did not seem like he was joking, he suddenly remembered that Nan Meng Yan had no family or sect. Then he understood. Sword xiu with no family nor sect could not compete at understanding all of the fundamentals with seedlings, like Yu Bai, that had been nurtured from childhood.

Yu Bai noticed that other people’s eyes had wandered over to him.

Composure… … Master said, I need to be warm and respectful… …

Gently coughing, Yu Bai warmly explained, “Zong Ming Yan is thinking of a way to solve it… …”

“That needs thinking?” Nan Men Yang stared with his bell-sized eyes, unconsciously raising his voice as he examined Yu Bai, “Just chop him down! An says you guys, you are so womanishly fussy. If it was an … …”

Nan Men Yang’s usual voice was loud enough. This was like thunder roaring, so loud that Yu Bai’s ears rang.

The tendons in Yu Bai’s forehead jumped slightly. He hadn’t thought that this guy would be so chatty!

It was unknown who laughed first. The tendons in Yu Bai’s forehead started to pulse again.

Composure… …

He forced out a smile, “This formation is extremely difficult, it would be hard to solve… …”

Nan Meng Yang once again interrupted Yu Bai, looking at him in puzzlement, his eyes widening again, “What solve, just cut it down! But that guy’s body, tsk, more petite and supple than my lover, about the same as you. If it was an… …”

The more Nan Men Yang talked, the more excited he got. His right hand in a fist, he tore apart his clothing, furiously beating his masculine chest that was as hard as metal, breathing heavily through his nose like a gorilla.

Petite and supple… …

Yu Bai’s handsome face instantly twisted, the ling power in his body almost running out of control like a tsunami that could erupt at any time!

Composure… …

Nan Men Yang did not detect it. He was like a furious bull, staring at the formation, wanting to try it out, but his mouth did not stop for a second.

“Look at what swords you guys are using, they are thin like chopsticks, are they even usable? A man should use a sword like this!” He raised the door-sized sword in his hand, and waved it, and proudly said, “Don’t understand? I’m telling you this in confidence. An’s lover told an, need big! Need big! Need bigger! A real man uses a big sword!”

He suddenly closed his mouth, hesitating for a moment before lowering his voice to ask suspiciously, “Are you really a man?”

Flash, everyone’s eyes moved to Yu Bai.

Having reached the limits of his tolerance, Yu Bai finally could not bear it any longer. His face was as black as ink, his handsome features twisted, screw composure! The flying sword in his hand pointed straight at Nan Men Yang, angrily shouting, “Shut up! Let’s fight!”

Nan Men Yang paused and then furiously shook his large head. “I only fight with men!” Disregarding Yu Bai completely, he raised his large sword, pointed it at the formation and excitedly hollered, “An’s going to chop the formation! An has never chopped something like this! Ha ha, take a good look at an! Real Men, will chop the formation!”

Finishing, with his enormous sword held up high, in big strides, he charged at the formation like a bull!

Yu Bai was enraged, and completely lost his mind. He shrieked, “Stop! You’re mine!”

He turned into a white flash, chasing Nan Men Yang and headed into the big formation.

Su had been laughing on the inside hearing Nan Men Yang’s sinister words, but this sudden change shocked her so much she couldn’t stop them in time!

Damn it!

There were now three people in the formation. Zuo Mo definitely wouldn’t be able to deal with it. Thinking about this, she panicked, stomped her foot and charged into the [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] with the Black Daze Sword.

Gui Feng saw Su rush into the formation, a cold light flashed through his eyes before he also disappeared.

The heart of the yellow-faced man also moved, and he unhesitatingly charged into the formation.

Chang Heng said to himself, “Interesting.” Finishing, he headed to the formation, but compared to the others, he walked calmly.

Luo Li stood, and brushed off the non-existent dust on his clothes. He said helplessly, “Why am I in the same sect as this guy?”

As he spoke, he started walking towards the formation.

The other xiuzhe hesitated a while. Right after, there were people continuously charging into the formation.

The xiuzhe that charged in were all very excited, aching for battle! They were all xiuzhe that did not fear the competition!

Almost all the experts in the Sword Test Conference were now inside the formation. It was a rare chance to be able to compete with these experts. Such a great gathering, if they missed it, it would be the regret of a lifetime.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Figure after figure charged into the formation.

A formation brimming with blue-green mist under a crescent moon was like a gigantic whirlpool, continuously sucking the surrounding xiuzhe inside.


Everyone that was watching the competition in Dong Fu was dumbstruck!

Even though they could see clearly from the mirage, but the sounds were not passed on. The people on the outside didn’t know what happened. What was occurring in front of their eyes far surpassed their imagination.

The experienced Tian Song Zi was also gaping, “Why is Bai’er so excited? What happened?”

He had never seen Yu Bai so excited. In his memories, his beloved disciple was forever warm and elegant, respectful and polite. This… … what was this?

No one was able to tell him.

All those that charged into the formation were experts, the best and most exceptional disciples of the sects in Sky Moon Jie, the greatest among the younger generation. They all had great potential , they carried the hopes of each sect, what they learned were the best teachings in Sky Moon Jie, and what they used were the best talismans and flying sword… …

They… …

They seemed to be crazy at the moment, furious desire for battle on each person’s face. Their eyes, as they looked at the formation, were filled with yearning!

That formation, just how seductive was it… …

No matter if it was those floating in the air, or on the ground, time seemed to stop at this moment. The xiuzhe, regardless of their cultivation, they were gaping, their expressions dumb, limbs motionless, not making a sound as though they were statues.

At this moment, Dong Fu was so quiet that it was possible to hear a needle land on the ground.

Translator Ramblings: So “an” is a form of I. I’ve left it in because it really shows Nan Men Yang’s origins. “An” is most commonly used in the countryside, and is a more “rustic” form of “I.”

Chicken blood is a reference to a folk remedy (Wikipedia). Basically, someone is highly excited and motivated. You could say it is a shot of adrenaline.

The fight has officially started for Zuo Mo now that people have moved into his formation belt. Of course, this chapter is hilarious, but it is also my favorite because it’s the beginning of the payoff and climax in this arc.

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