修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Forty Seven “Born to Battle”

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Chapter One Hundred and Forty Seven – Born To Battle

A xiuzhe had just tried to use a flying sword to attack the crescent moon hanging in the sky.

Unexpectedly, this action seemed to enrage those harmless looking rings of light! First, a light ring surrounded his body, then contracted. No one had expected a light ring that seemed to break with a touch could contain such great power!

The sword xiu instantly howled under the noose, his eyes flipping over, and fainted.

Just as everyone was shocked, a black gold chain came down from the sky and accurately lassoed this unconscious xiuzhe.

“Unconscious, judged loss, elimination from the competition.”

A cold voice sounded in everyone’s ears and then it was quiet.

Everyone knew it was the judges hidden in the shadows that had acted and saved this xiuzhe. The judges that had been invited to the last round were all jindan, and clearly were not average. They, naturally, could enter and leave the formation with ease, while the competitors were  trapped by it.

Other than shock, they also felt inspired. In terms of cultivation stages, there was only one stage between ningmai and jindan, but there was an vast difference in the power!

For these ningmai xiuzhe, becoming jindan was their dream, but they knew how difficult it was. Ningmai could be considered the backbone of Sky Moon Jie, and only becoming jindan would mean you were considered an expert. Each year, countless people were blocked by this gate, but no one would retreat. If they passed this gate, that was really like carp jumping over the dragon gate, and soaring sky high. After that, there was also a long lifespan. Everyone wanted to live longer.

But right now, they could only admire and be envious. They were young. Even though they had exceptional talent, their cultivation was shallow. In this one hundred xiuzhe, there was only a few that had reached the middle levels of ningmai, and increases in cultivation were harder the further it went. Achieving jindan before the age of fifty was an extremely difficult accomplishment.

Zuo Mo also heard the words of the judges, but at this time, he didn’t have any thought of admiration. He almost started cursing! That judge had spoken without any warning, and frightened his hands into shaking, almost damaging the child formation he was setting up.

Luckily, he forced ling power in and managed to stabilize it.

Everything inside the formation was under the cover of his consciousness. He naturally was clear that the xiuzhe had been attacked.

Hee hee, this was just the beginning!

But he didn’t relax his hands, he could not spare any attention.

There were still six child formations before he could complete the seventy two [Skyring Moon Chime Formation]s !

Once he completed the seventy-two child formations, not only would the formation become more powerful, but the formation  would gain an additional ability, control. He had controlled formations before, but those were only simple formations. He had never controlled such a complex and large formation. The difference between a formation that was controlled by a person, and one that was not, was the distance between heaven and earth.

Most importantly, if he could control such a big formation, it would be an extremely exhilarating experience!


Inside the formation, those experts were not dumb, and had their own calculations.

Su bolstered her ling power, the magnetic force forming an extremely small magnetic shell around her to protect her. Lu Li continued to wait for prey. Even though his Void Realm was suppressed in the big formation to a smaller area, but he was still motionless as his mind quickly pondered how to increase the size of his Void Realm in this formation.

These two both were planning to defend and counterattack; one was in action, and the other was silent.

Su frantically moved through the formation. Where was the damned guy hiding?

And Chang Heng, he idly wandered through the formation in curiosity. The yellow-faced man behaved similarly to him.

Gui Feng’s movements were hard to follow, suddenly appearing and disappearing.

Only Nan Men Yang was still howling, each blow faster than the previous as he sliced at the rings of light. No one dared to come close to him. Seeing Nan Men Yang’s masculine and brutal demeanor combined with his fanatical expression, anyone that went near him would most likely get chopped down as well.

Yu Bai was like a gust of wind, face dark as he searched for Nan Men Yang’s figure in the formation.

It was strange. The formation was just a bit over ten mu, but the people in the formation seemed to be in a vast wilderness. They could occasionally encounter another person, but the majority of the time, they could not.

Compared to the ease of some of these xiuzhe, the fighting between the other xiuzhe in the formation was much more brutal.


In the air above the big formation, the two judges idly talked, occasionally glancing at the formation. One of the judges was wearing a green Taoist robe, a cloth over his head, his name was Wu Ling sanren. The other person was extremely imposing, wearing ling armor. His name was Wei Fei, and one of the well-known experts in Sky Moon Jie.

“This Zuo Mo is really to my taste. What he’s planning is the seventy-two child formation, oh, he’s pretty decisive.” Wu Ling Sanren said, “The setup of the formations might be very rough, but it still stuns me that he actually managed to finish this much, considering he’s in zhuji.”

“Haha!” Hearing this, Wei Fei teased, “A pity that Pei Yuan Ran and the others won’t give this disciple to you. It is a pity. If he can learn from you for a few years, there probably wouldn’t be anyone that could rival him in the younger generation in the field of formations.”

Wu Ling Sanren was one of those rare sword xiu that was skilled in formations, which was why Wei Fei said what he did.

Wu Ling Sanren shook his head, “Such a talented disciple, which sect would not treasure him?” Between his words, he was extremely depressed. He had long wanted a disciple suited to him, but never found one. The disciples he had now, they did work hard to cultivate the sword, but had no interest in formations. His skill in formations was Wu Ling Sanren’s proudest skill. Now that no one would inherit these skills from him, how could he not be bothered?

If Wu Kong Sword Sect allowed Zuo Mo to enter his sect, he was willing to spend anything. But he also knew that was impossible. Even a normal sect wouldn’t agree, much less Wu Kong Sword Sect that was aiming to recover its former glory!

Ice Dragon Sword’s reputation was not loud in the ears of normal xiuzhe of Sky Moon Jie, but to jindan like him, Ice Dragon Sword’s reputation was clear.

“Haha! Sanren is also troubled! This Zuo Mo will not enter another sect, but Wu Kong Sword Sect is definitely having a headache!” Wei Fei’s words were full of amusement.

Wei Fei’s words were accurate!


Pei Yuan Ran felt an extreme migraine. Now that the situation was like this, he wasn’t thinking about victory or defeat. In his perspective, victory did not matter, but how could he teach Zuo Mo?

Undoubtedly, after this competition, Zuo Mo’s fame in the field of formations would reach a new height.

In their eyes, Zuo Mo had originally been a problematic youth, extremely hard to deal with.

Now, this problematic youth had become famous, very famous! Thinking that the sect would have a famous, wealthy, and extremely talented but problematic youth, Pei Yuan Ran felt like he was a mouse pulling a turtle, not knowing how to act!

Right now, he did not know that Zuo Mo was penniless. Zuo Mo had won such a large sum of jingshi last time, even a sect leader like Pei Yuan Ran would never ever dream that Zuo Mo would be so crazy as to spend it all!


Zuo Mo’s heart jumped. The formation was under great pressure. He hadn’t thought that Nan Men Yang would be so crazy, one blow after another, each blow stronger than the previous.

Does ge have a disagreement with you?

Zuo Mo was extremely furious. If this kept on going, this [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] would really quickly break under the brute force of this barbarian!

He knew that he couldn’t just set up formations again. If the formation broke, there was no meaning to him setting them up.


Inside the [Skyring Moon Chime Formation], Nan Men Yang had really gotten into the swing of it! He had given seven or eight blows, but it did not look like there was any effect on the formation.

His thought was extremely simple, if he hadn’t broken this thing yet, then it was because he didn’t use enough power.

Nan Men Yang went completely crazy!

The golden light on his body brightened, under that thick golden light, even the large sword seemed to be covered with a tangible gold light. His hair standing on end, he looked like a furious golden lion.

His eyes turned golden, staring at the rings of light above the sky.

They seemed to have felt the danger from Nan Meng Yang. The rings of light that had been swimming freely started to gather around Nan Men Yang’s position.

The presence that Nan Men Yang emitted was truly too strong, like the sun in the dark of the night.

Yu Bai’s black face became even darker as he spotted the light, a cold light flashing through his eyes. He unhesitatingly twisted his body and started to fly in the direction of Nan Men Yang!

Feeling the battle intent and strong presence from Nan Men Yang, everyone understood his next attack would be extremely powerful!

“Oh, is the formation about to break?” Zong Ming Yan thought with slight boredom. He swung the plum branch in his hand. Maybe he should go find an opponent.

Who should he find? That Chang Heng seemed pretty strong… …

It wasn’t just Zong Ming Yan that thought so. Nan Men Yang’s presence was truly too astonishing that even a person as unconcerned as Chang Heng usually was couldn’t help but change expression.

Su’s expression changed dramatically!

It was over!

The next attack that Nan Men Yang would give, even she wouldn’t dare to meet it!

Any xiuzhe inside the formation wouldn’t dare to meet Nan Men Yang’s blow!

But if Zuo Mo lost, her flying sword… …

The formation was going to break… …

Her heart was filled with hopelessness!

Just at this time, a change suddenly occurred.


An angry howl that could rival Nan Men Yang suddenly sounded inside the formation. A gigantic golden person with blurred features came down from the sky and landed heavily in front of Nan Men Yang.

Seal soldier!

Nan Men Yang raised his golden eyes, and grinned! He was completely sunken into a berserker rage. Anyone that appeared in front of him would be immediately torn to pieces!


A roar like that of a lion, Nan Men Yang’s eyes glared angrily, the golden light on his body even brighter, as he swung his giant sword with both hands heavily at the seal soldier.

Feeling the threat and battle intent from Nan Men Yang, the seal soldier revealed a pair of eyes among the blurred features.

A pair of eyes filled with indifference and pressure!

Countless seals that covered the armor of the seal soldier like earthworms suddenly light up. Its thick left leg heavily stomped, causing the ground to shake. Its right leg soundlessly moved back, the right fist moving in front of its body. Its lower half positioned like a bow, while the right fist was like a readied arrow waiting to be launched. It faced the golden sword energy, and released its punch!

“Born to battle!”

An authoritative and deep voice sounded out like thunder rolling through the clouds.

A tangible golden light fist shot forth from its punch like a heavy hammer and thundered forth!

Golden sword energy vs golden light fist!

Translator Ramblings: The seal soldier is one of Zuo Mo’s emergency measures. I wouldn’t say that Nan Men Yang is stronger than everyone else inside the formation, just that he’s the one reckless enough, in his ignorance, to attempt something which is more foolish in other people’s eyes. On the other hand, he was right.

The story won’t drag on for the entire time. In fact, the biggest complaint people have after reading the whole thing was that Fang Xiang was in a serious hurry to finish the story. That would be about two years at this rate, so if I haven’t burned out by then, I’d love to read your comments after it ends It’s almost a habit that all of his novels don’t have perfect endings. Card Disciple was also very rushed.

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