修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Forty Eight “Seal Soldier”

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Chapter One Hundred and Forty Eight Seal Soldier


The deep reverberation of the collision seemed to beat on everyone’s hearts. There was no explosion like they had imagined, no light blazing in all directions, the two balls of golden light had been like two flames colliding with each other and extinguishing at the same time.

Nan Men Yang’s entire body shuddered, the anger inside his golden pupils increasing slightly. He shouted, “Go die!”

The golden light of the large sword in his hands was even brighter than before and it was like a shining sun. In the blink of an eye, even the crescent moon over the large formation seemed to have lost its sheen and become dull!

[Mountain Breaker Sword]!

The tip of the sword started to tilt downwards. The howl from the golden sword tip slicing past air started from a nearly non-existent sound and then suddenly, like a monster being torn apart, gave an extremely shrill shout!

The completed sword energy of the golden sword was like a golden crescent moon, howling as it flew towards the seal soldier!

The seals covering the body of the seal soldier became even brighter, like there were worms moving. On that blurred face, that pair of eyes became abnormally cold and distant, but its expression was indifferent as usual.

“Born to Battle!”

The words were heavily enunciated out from the mouth of the seal soldier slowly and clearly, his leg moving as he prepared to punch!

Another punch came!

The golden light in the shape of a fist left its hand, the booming it created was like the lava roiling in the deep of the earth. It charged forward forcefully like it could not be blocked!


It was another heavy and deep reverberation. The ground suddenly shook, also shaking people’s hearts!

Some xiuzhe that had been watching changed their expressions and started to fall back.

Nan Men Yang’s gigantic figure shuddered again. The hairs that stood up on his head seemed to be blown by the wind restlessly.

Both sword blows had been ineffective. The battle desire and the craziness in Nan Men Yang’s chest shot to its peak! The golden pupils started to burn as if they were  two golden balls of fire. The golden light over his body started to retreat inwards. On his body, a thin, almost tangible, and golden armor suddenly appeared. The thick golden energy that surrounded that gigantic sword in his hand spat and wavered like a flame!

As though it felt the final battle had arrived, the bright seals on the silent seal soldier seemed to have come alive, like bugs that moved along the soldier’s armor before quickly flowing towards the right fist it had beside its chest.

The authoritative eyes of the seal soldier became even deeper, almost until it was a void, empty of everything!

“Go die!” The angry roar was like a bolt of lightning. The blue-green mist around him suddenly exploded outward, with him at the center, clearing out one zhang of empty space. The power of one shout was extremely mighty!

He slowly moved, creating a blow! There was not one speck of sound!

But it was as though every muscle in Nan Men Yang’s body was following this sword. When the sword was just halfway through the air, a suffocating pressure pressed the ground into cracking!

“Born to battle!” The deep voice was not loud but it carried a different kind of power that directly pierced the heart. A resolute conviction was in these words, filling everyone’s hearts.

All the seals on the body flooded into its right fist. Its body became extremely dull. The entire body, other than the fist that was even brighter than before, the other parts started to blur like it was golden mist that could dissipate at any time.

Its action was the exact same as before!

Step and then punch!

A transparent fist exploded from its right fist, a fist that looked as though it was carved from clear crystal!

The fist didn’t hit Nan Men Yang. When it was halfway there, when Nan Men Yang’s sword was in the midst of falling down, it suddenly exploded!


This muffled sound was even deeper than the last two, but the xiuzhe who saw this fist and hand, and heard this muffled thunderous sound, couldn’t help but shake!

Bam bam bam! Nan Men Yang went back three steps. The golden armor over his body became golden light again, his expression slightly wilted.

Opposite him where the seal soldier had just been standing, there was nothing left!

“Good opponent!” Nan Men Yang might be slightly wilted but still couldn’t help but shout in admiration, his eyes slightly regretful as he looked at the spot the seal soldier had disappeared.

Just as this time, Yu Bai’s furious voice that was full of hatred passed into Nan Men Yang’s ears.

“Nan Men Yang! I’ll kill you!”


In the corner of the [Skyring Moon Chime Formation], Zuo Mo spat out a mouthful of blood, startling to the eye when the bright red blood landed on the ground. He had been controlling the seal soldier. Nan Men Yang’s last blow far surpassed the limits of his tolerance. He had just been controlling the seal soldier to face Nan Men Yang yet he had been wounded in one blow. He couldn’t help but feel deep awe at Nan Men Yang’s power!

He wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, expressionlessly baring his teeth.

Barbarian! Go play with Little White!

Forcibly controlling the turbulent ling power in his body, he gritted his teeth and continued to set up formations.


The xiuzhe inside the formation had been enchanted and deeply shocked by the three rounds between Nan Men Yang and the seal soldier. It was a straightforward competition of only brute power, there was no technique, no dodging!

Many people were awed. Nan Men Yang’s strength had been judged to be not bad, but due to the fact he was a grassroot cultivator, he was not judged very highly by other people. The great majority only believed that he would have a pretty good future. No one could have thought that he would have such terrifying power.

Thinking about Nan Men Yang looking like a god of war just moments ago, many people’s hearts became slightly cold.

But what was even more unexpected to them was another person, Zuo Mo!

Seal soldiers might be rare, but it couldn’t enter the eyes of these people. The absolute majority of sword xiu would snort at these kinds of seals. Of course, the crux of the matter was the power. In the seal soldiers they had seen before, not one had been so powerful!

Most importantly, the person controlling this seal soldier was a xiuzhe in the stages of zhuji!

This upturned many of the fixed ideas in their heads.

The difference between stages was not something that just a seal soldier could change. However, Zuo Mo accomplished it. Even though he had just been on par for three moves, but in the eyes of everyone else, it was already a miracle.

Up until now, the weakest competitor of the Sword Test Conference still hadn’t shown his face.

This undoubtedly implied another bit of information.

–––Zuo Mo still had tricks left!

The great formation still was unmoved. The rings of light that had gathered over Nan Men Yang’s head had all dissipated, moving around freely like they did before.

Zuo Mo’s surprising performance attracted the interest of many people. Like Chang Heng. He had only found the formation interesting which was why he entered, but Zuo Mo’s strong performance created great interest from him.

He was very curious, just how far could Zuo Mo go?

It wasn’t just him that had the thought.

In the air, Wu Ling Sanren sighed gently in surprise. “Not bad. To be able to meet Nan Men Yang head on three times, he used the seal soldier well.”

A strange light came into Wei Fei’s eyes. “His consciousness seems very large. That is rarely seen. Is Wu Kong Sword Sect also skilled in cultivating the spirit?”

“Without consciousness, he can’t afford to play with formations.” Wu Ling Sanren said, expression normal.

“That’s true.” Wei Fei nodded and said.


Behind the black gauze, Su’s little mouth almost couldn’t close. The shock that the three rounds had given her was too strong!

Different from other people, she had seen Wang Shixiong at Ling Ying Sect use the seal soldier when Zuo Mo had gone to challenge Ling Ying Sect. It looked as though it was the same seal soldier, but the difference in power was drastic. She suspected that this seal soldier could even defeat three of the seal soldiers she saw last time.

Maybe, he really did have some moves, and didn’t need her help … …

For the first time, she started to waver in her own thoughts.

She suddenly remembered the words that Lin Qian Shixiong had said to her. A copper coin appeared in the hand that was hidden in her sleeve. At the center of a coin, an eye had been carved. The eye on the copper coin started to glow slightly.

At the same time, the expression of the yellow-faced man slightly changed, his body became motionless. He seemed to have suddenly turned to a piece of rock, without any of the presence a person would have.

The copper coin in Su’s hand brightened and then extinguished.

The rock in Su’s heart landed. Everything about Lin Shixiong was good, but he was just slightly paranoid. Up until now, she still didn’t quite believe what Lin Shixiong had said. If it wasn’t that Lin Shixiong had taken out her sect’s token, she probably would have already attacked him.


“Just now, someone used [Fire Eye] again.” Pu Yao suddenly came out. Pu Yao suddenly came out.

Zuo Mo didn’t have the time to pay attention to him. “As long as you remain silent, no one can find you.”

“You seem to have encountered trouble.” Pu Yao asked in interest. In his eyes, Zuo Mo was afraid of death, and always put his own security at the most important position. He hadn’t ever saw Zuo Mo respond like so when he was discussing the problem of safety with Zuo Mo.

“This group of people is pouring salt onto the wound!” Zuo Mo gritted through his teeth, his hands not slowing.

“You want to give your all against them?” Pu Yao clearly was laughing at his misfortunes.

Zuo Mo was too lazy to pay attention to this perverse renyao who had nothing to do.

“You have the yao seed, why don’t you try to use the yao seed to manipulate the consciousness and control the formation?” Pu Yao kindly suggested.

Use the yao seed to manipulate the consciousness and control the formation? Zuo Mo reflexively shook his head. “The Skyring Moon Chime Formation needs all seventy-two child formations to be completed before it can be controlled.”

“You don’t just have the Skyring Moon Chime Formation.” Pu Yao said disapprovingly.

Right! Why hadn’t he thought of that!

Zuo Mo felt his vision light up. He had made a great misunderstanding. All of his mind had been thinking about completing the seventy-two child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] and completely forgot that he hadn’t just set up the formations for [Skyring Moon Chime Formation]!

This was an extremely large scale formation belt!

“Actually, other than increasing the rate your consciousness grows, the yao seed’s other use is splitting your mind!” Pu Yao was strangely good today. It was extremely rare that he would take the initiative and teach Zuo Mo without Zuo Mo needing to pay jingshi.

“Splitting my attention?” Zuo Mo irritably rolled his eyes, “At this time, you want me to split my attention?”

“The so-called splitting the mind is referring to splitting your consciousness into several parts, all of them working at the same time on their own matters.” Pu Yao said faintly. “The great majority of yao will split this consciousness, and some yao are born with this ability. Truly powerful yao are able to split their consciousness into thousands of portions, and are peerlessly strong!”

But at this time, Zuo Mo completely did not think about why Pu Yao was so strange today, he was shocked by Pu Yao’s words!

It was like a bolt of lightning hitting his mind.

Consciousness splitting!

If he split his consciousness and they all did their own things at once… …

Up until now, he had always thought of the consciousness as one whole entity, and had never thought about splitting the consciousness to do different things at once.

He suddenly thought of ling power. Ling power could break off and merge. Was the consciousness like ling power as well, able to be broken up and merged together?

If it really was possible … …

Zuo Mo’s hands which hadn’t stopped since the beginning, suddenly stopped in the air!

Translator Ramblings: Yu Bai’s “bai” is the character for white, which is why Zuo Mo called him Little White. Of course, Little White (Xiao Bai) in Chinese is also used for a very naive and/or dim-witted person … …




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