修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Five “Collision”

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Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Five Collision!

Lin Qian silently stood in the air, looking at the enormous mirage in the distance.

He could not see what was occurring inside the formation but he was very shocked at the appearance of the Five Colored Pagoda! Other people may not know the origins of the Five Colored Pagoda but he had seen Zuo Mo buying this talisman from the Hundred Treasures Flying Pavilion.

The Five Colored Pagoda had some clever abilities, but it was just an incomplete talisman. In his eyes, it was not a good talisman and wouldn’t have expected it to become a soul-tethered talisman.

But what the Five Colored Pagoda had just appeared was truly a soul-tethered talisman!

Something definitely changed in this period of time.

Just at this time, the mirage suddenly shook violently. The picture became indistinct, and nothing could be seen.

The audience which had been excited instantly gasped.

What had happened? Did the [Mirage Illusion Formation] malfunction?

Lin Qian was slightly surprised. The stability of the [Mirage Illusion Formation] that Tian Song Zi setup could not be doubted. Did something happen inside the Great Pine Pavilion?

He was not the only person surprised. The person who felt the greatest surprise was Tian Song Zi. To set up the [Mirage Illusion Formation], he had expended many resources. Seeing an unexpected occurrence happen, he couldn’t help but frown.

A sect leader was also puzzled. “Technically, there shouldn’t be a problem with the [Mirage Illusion Formation].”

“Yes, of course.” The other sect leaders opened in agreement.

[Mirage Illusion Formation] was an extremely mature and stable formation, having been used since a long time ago. Other than the size which was much larger than the average formation, there was nothing different about the formation that had been set up this time.

The corner of Tian Song Zi’s eye suddenly jumped.

Someone noticed his abnormality and asked, “Has Friend found something?’

Tian Song Zi’s expression was normal, and said with a smile, “A small accident.”

As expected, when he finished, the mirage quickly resumed. Everyone’s attention was quickly attracted by the mirage.

Shock slightly spilled out of Tian Song Zi’s eyes. The Great Pine Pavilion was a Secret Paradise talisman. It was always in the possession of each generation of Dong Fu Hall’s master. Just now, he had detected an extremely strong ling power ripple that had exploded suddenly in Great Pine Pavilion. It was that ling power ripple which had affected the [Mirage Illusion Formation] and caused its situation. This burst of ling power was like a meteor, and had flashed by and disappearing in a flash.

His eyes went towards the formation belt inside the mirage.

The location of the ling power explosion was there!

Who had caused the ling power explosion? Zuo Mo? Or someone else?

He wasn’t surprised that Yu Bai was eliminated and he wasn’t sad. There were many benefits to Yu Bai for having such an experience of real battle. As to everything else, he did not care. Maybe Yu Bai would care, but this was what Tian Song Zi hoped he could encounter.

Yu Bai might be respectful and warm usually, but in reality, he did not really know reality, and was overly proud. This proud aura was a trait of many young masters, it was the special aura that would appeared most easily on the core disciples of each sect .

Tian Song Zi’s eyes went towards the big formation.

He couldn’t help but admire Pei Yuan Ran. In Wu Kong Sword Sect’s disciples, other than Luo Li who had a faint attitude of a young master, Wei Sheng and Zuo Mo did not carry themselves this way.

These two young people were also the two with the most spectacular performance of this year’s Sword Test Conference.




[Moon Chime Sound Storm]!

Inside the formation, everything was pulverized to dust and thrown about. The dust and mist covered the entire formation, becoming even finer and smaller!

Amidst the sky of dust, Zuo Mo’s arms was open like a divine being, motionless, his eyes indifferent and empty without a hint of emotion. Within  a one zhang radius around Zuo Mo the dust and mist were blocked by an invisible wall.

The greatest killing move of the seventy-two child formation Skyring Moon Chime Formation shook the Great Pine Pavilion! Nothing could block the sounds that swept through the Great Pine Pavilion. Countless young beasts bled from their orifices and died.

As the sound storm approached all xiuzhe felt their energies shake, their ling power almost spinning out of control. All were shocked!

That was the case for the xiuzhe outside the formation. The pressure faced by the five people inside the formation was hundreds of times stronger!




Su’s fine brow was creased into a ball, showing a slightly pained expression.

She had underestimated the power of the great formation! In the sound storm, the ling power in her body had almost collapsed, and the magnetic shield had almost dissolved. She bit her teeth, not daring to keep anything back. All the ling power inside her body channeled and flowed towards the Black Daze Sword!

The magnetic force twisted space, covering her, and turning her into a mirage.




Luo Li’s situation wasn’t much better. Blood streamed out of the corner of his mouth. His cultivation was not as high as the other four. After the attack, he was wounded! But the corner of his mouth went up rather than down, the desire for battle in his eyes increasing instead, furious, hot!

Last time, I pushed you to such a sorry state, but you did not surrender, this time, you push me to such a sorry … …

How can I lose to you … …

His pupils suddenly expanded, the flying sword floating in front of his body hummed, its body shaking. Like a stream of light, it stabbed into the ground in front of his feet up to the hilt.

He knelt down on one knee in front of the sword, muttering in a low voice, “Self Separation!”

Self Separation … … Wo Li … … Self Separation … …

It echoed around his body. The figure floating in front of his figure which appeared like a female ghost suddenly became clear. A plainly dressed female with her hair up stood. Her eyes were angry. She lightly sighed and raised her graceful wrist.

A green and red light flew from her hand, blocking in front of the two of them.




Chang Heng expressionlessly stood. The ground under his feet shattered. Even when they shattered into even smaller pieces of dust, he was not moved. In front of him, the Blood Spider seemed to be enraged, howling as the black seals across its entire body brightened.

A bloody curtain of light, tinged slightly with black, blocked in front of the person and spider.

The yellow-faced man wore heavy armor, holding a copper dagger-axe and shouted.

A blinding light appeared at the tip of the copper dagger-axe. It clearly was piercing emptiness, but it was like it was encountering great resistance. It slowly pierced further, each bit extremely difficult. The light of the dagger-axe became even more bright, so bright one could not look at it!




The Little Ghost King in front of Gui Feng spoke baby talk as he waved his tender lotus root-like hands. An eerie green curtain of light appeared layer by layer as he moved. The thin green curtains were as fragile as eggshell, breaking as soon as they formed.

Gui Feng finally showed shock.

The Little Ghost King seemed to have been provoked, not “ah-ah”-ing anymore. A vicious and cruel expression appeared on the innocent and adorable face. His hands started to dance, the movements strange. Each movement was filled with a dark and terrifying presence, like a sorcerer dancing!

A eerie green belt of light appeared, quickly spinning around Gui Feng and the Little Ghost King. From the belt of light came sorrowful and angry sobs.





The air that surrounded Zuo Mo who was in a wondrous state suddenly rippled.

That pair of indifferent and empty eyes moved, and became a fraction livelier.

Zuo Mo felt his body become gold. The pleasurable feeling from floating in the consciousness flew away.

There was no grey, no starlight, no sea of consciousness … …

He moved his eyes. Above his head, a full moon hung, the moon strings plentiful as hair, the rings like wind chimes.

The first thought in Zuo Mo’s mind was “Not good!”

Why did he wake up at such a dangerous time … …

Before he could become irritated, he was bowled over by a large yao beast that was charging at full speed. Splat, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Like a sandbag, he was thrown into the air.

The strongest attack of the seventy-two child formation Skyring Moon Chime Formation, [Moon Chime Sound Storm] and the life-saving measures of Chang Heng and the other four crashed together without any technique!

The strongest encounter in the Sword Test Conference!

Boom boom boom!

The bright light was like the sun rising.

The earth cracked, the sky changed color.

The Skyring Moon Chime Formation could not endure the terrifying power from such an encounter and instantly crumbled!

The pitiful Zuo Mo. He had woken up at the most crucial time, his skill level dropping back to his normal level. How could he defend against the collision of these two forces? Luckily, the majority of the power was absorbed by the Skyring Moon Chime Formation, but Zuo Mo still couldn’t endure the rest. He instantly was seriously wounded.

The light around the Five Colored Pagoda dimmed, cracks appearing on the body of the tower. With a tragic hum, it turned to a stream of light and flew into Zuo Mo’s body.

Chang Heng and the others were not much better. The face-on collision of the two forces were far beyond their expectations. Before they were able to react, they were forcefully ejected from the formation several dozen zhang away.

All five were injured. Each person had wounds, their faces full of shock. Even Chang Heng was not an exception.




Through the mirage formation, the audience in Dong Fu was unable to see the situation inside the great formation. The sudden blurring of the formation also made many people speculate.

Just as everyone was puzzled, the mirage which had just recovered suddenly exploded with a blinding light.

Not ready for the blinding flash, many people found their vision a sea of white, unable to see anything. Dong Fu instantly turned to chaos. The panicked people instinctively protecting themselves. The enormous Dong Fu exploded in shouts.

The situation only calmed down after a while when everyone’s eyes had recovered.

The fearful people unconsciously looked towards the mirage that had just changed.


It was rare to see several ten thousands of people inhale in shock.

On the mirage, the position where Zuo Mo had originally set up the formation belt had completely transformed. The pond was gone, the woods were gone, the formation was gone. What they could see was an enormous great pit. The depth of the pit was far more than ten zhang, its width reaching an astonishing fifty zhang. Such a terrifying pit made everyone feel cold in their hearts as they swallowed.

Around the great hole, there were fifteen great cracks that were wider than five zhang which snaked their way away from the big hole. The longest crack was three li in length!

Even the shortest crack was one hundred zhang!

The black big hole was full of cracks, startling to the eye. It looked like an extremely ugly jellyfish.

But anyone who saw this “jellyfish” would only feel fear and tremble!

What kind of power could do this?

The audience in Dong Fu was left in shock.




The xiuzhe inside the Great Pine Pavilion were struck even more deeply.

The moment the light appeared, that power which seemed to destroy the world made everyone feel the terror of death’s approach!

No one had any interest in fighting.

Their hearts were filled with terror yet their legs seemed to be enchanted as they ran towards the location of the light of their own initiative.

When they saw the great hole, the last vestige of power seemed to leave them and they sat down beside the hole.




At the gathering place of the Dong Fu sect leaders, a voice full of anger and pain sounded.

“My, my Great Pine Pavilion … …”

Translator Ramblings: What sounds do evil ghost babies make? Zuo Mo get caught up in his own attack … … he’s seriously not very skilled at this offense part of fighting.

Next chapter is the reaction chapter. The author always does this, a pseudo-cliffhanger to end a fight, and then a little conclusion in the next chapter.

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