修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Four “Mantis and Oriole”

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Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Four – Mantis and Oriole

Without a word, Zuo Mo brought out the Wu Kong Flag.

The black metal mast carried a inky black flag, the words “Wu Kong” written with sword-like strokes that almost flew off the cloth!

As the Wu Kong Flag was revealed, sword essences rippled as though an invisible hand disturbed a still puddle of water. The air in the surroundings became dense and cold, with turbulence flowing under the surface.

Zuo Mo saw the xiuzhe come in even closer, and his hands started to rapidly cast all kinds of spells.

Light suddenly formed on the Wu Kong Flag above his head. Countless sword energies of all colours flew out from the flag, like fish of different colours. They swirled and circled around Zuo Mo.

With the sword energies as protection, Zuo Mo’s confidence increased.

Wu Kong Flag was the token of the sect, forged together by multiple jindan. What was sealed inside were sword energies from all types of jindan experts. Limited by his cultivation Zuo Mo could not use the full power of the Wu Kong Flag, but the sword energies of jindan experts were still incredibly dangerous to ningmai.

Luckily, there was no jindan expert in this group!

Zuo Mo stared at the group of xiuzhe that was coming closer. He couldn’t help but be slightly nervous. This was the first time he was facing so many people by himself. The other side clearly had ill intentions.

However, he might be nervous, the but there were not any stray thoughts in his head. His mind was abnormally clear. As soon as the other side made a move, he would not hesitate in unleashing a thundering attack!

The xiuzhe in the air stopped their flight, facing off from far away.




Zhang Hao’s face was hesitant as he stared at the black flag.

Zuo Han’s features were twisted, his one eye showing deep hatred, his hands fisting and cracking.

Wei Rong’s face was pale, his bamboo-like body shaking. When the other people saw the flag, it was like they had seen a ghost, deep terror on all of their faces and their bodies uncontrollably shrinking back.

In one moment, the procession of more than seventy people sank into a strange silence.

“Head, this little brother has followed you for ten years, you know my temper. This little brother doesn’t want to drag everyone down. This brother’s revenge, this brother will personally take it. Head, don’t stop me!” Zuo Han’s voice seemed to come from the Netherworld. Everyone’s expression changed upon hearing it. The cowardly Wei Rong was white.

Some time before, the reckless Black Wind Bandits had coincidentally encountered Wu Kong Sword Sect, and it had been the group led by Wei Sheng. They were instantly defeated and heavily wounded. Zuo Han’s eye and leg had been taken by Wei Sheng.

Wei Sheng’s Void Sword Scripture was somewhat complete now. His sword essence would permeate the body. Zuo Han had tried all the lingdan but could not heal it. His hatred of Wu Kong Sword Sect was deep to the bone. He had constantly thought of ways to seek revenge but the only realistic way was to encounter Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples that were alone and kill them to vent his frustrations.

He hadn’t thought he would really encounter Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples.

Staring at the big flag, Xhang Zhao did not speak. He could naturally see the extraordinary nature of the flag. This disciple was undoubtedly a core disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect. If he really killed this Wu Kong Sword Sect disciple today, Wu Kong Sword Sect would not rest.

Having almost been killed by Wu Kong Sword Sect, how could Zhang Hao not be angry? But he recognized the situation. With the strength of the Black Wind Bandits, going to seek revenge against Wu Kong Sword Sect was seeking their own death. In the eyes of Wu Kong Sword Sect, the Black Wind Bandits were nothing. As long as they didn’t go to challenge them, Wu Kong Sword Sect would not remember them.

But if he let Zuo Han go off to see revenge alone, what would the other brothers think? Zuo Han was one of the oldest and original members of the Black Wind bandits, and had followed him for ten years, making numerous and great contributions. If he was so frigid, it would cool the hearts of the other brothers.

If the hearts moved apart, then the Black Wind Bandits were over.

Also, a secret realm … …

The secret realm was like a heavy weight on his heart. The balance in Zhang Hao’s heart instantly tilted.

This was the jie river. If they killed this disciple, and travelled far from Sky Moon Jie, no matter how powerful Wu Kong Sword Sect was, they would not be able to do anything. As long as this band of brothers was together, they could live anywhere.

He never even thought that he could be defeated. It had been such a long time, and the only person who came out was a zhuji.

No matter how strong Wu Kong Flag was, if his group couldn’t kill one zhuji, then they could go back to drinking milk.

A pity about the flag … …

He knew the extraordinary nature of the Wu Kong Flag, but he didn’t dare to take it. Sect tokens like these would have their own special imprints in them. Holding it was akin to telling other people where they were. Wu Kong Sword Sect would only need to send one jindan to kill them all.

Zhang Hao inhaled deeply, viciousness flashing through his eyes. He said hatefully, “What are you saying? Our group, after all this time and struggles, we are one f***ing family! Wu Kong Sword Sect might be strong! We can’t kill them! But we can’t be weak! We were humiliated so badly last time, if we can’t even deal with a baby, can it be any more of a  f***ing embarrassment?”

Zhang Hao looked around. Shame was on the faces of many. Yes, Wu Kong Sword Sect was powerful, but if they had surrounded a disciple, it would be embarrassing if they escaped!

Zhang Hao’s tone relaxed slightly, “Where is this? This is the jie river! As long as we pass the jie river, it will be Little Mountain Jie! Wu Kong Sword Sect is strong? Can they go through Little Mountain Jie without any care? Ha ha, we can go hide. Can they find us?”

The other people nodded when they heard this.

Zhang Hao continued to pour oil on the fire, full of persuasion. “It is a secret realm! Brothers! Once we catch those three, we’re rich! With jingshi, where can’t we go? We’ll be  bosses wherever we go!”

With the work of a few words, the desires of the group had been stirred by by Zhang Hao. Viciousness shine in everyone’s eyes, killing intent brimming. They wanted to immediately level the Desolate Wood Reef!




Feeling the killing intent become increasingly heavy, Zuo Mo knew a big battle could not be avoided. He didn’t have any thoughts of avoidance. He didn’t know what the group of people was, but seeing they had no fear of the Wu Kong Flag, they were definitely not normal xiuzhe.

One against seventy, he knew how low his chance of victory was.

But there was no place to escape on this Endless Ocean. The shidi that he had taken along were all producers. If he abandoned them, they would only have one outcome.

He broke off all his thoughts. Staring at the xiuzhe brimming with killing intent in the sky, his courage rose.

Wasn’t it just a fight!

Ge will chip off all of your teeth until the blood flowed!

He felt his blood boiling, a desire for battle rising in his chest.

Just as he was going to activate the Skyring Moon Chime Formation, he suddenly made a sound of surprise.

Skyring Moon Chime Formation … …




The disciples of Wi Kong Sword Sect were gathered together, all of them with bloodless faces. The only one that was somewhat calm was Gongsun Cha. Even Chun Yu Xheng’s complexion was slightly pale.

“Where did this crowd come from? They dare to disregard our Wu Kong Sword Sect! Aren’t they afraid the sect will pursue them?” Chun Yu Cheng’s voice was trembling.

Gongsun Cha snorted, “This group is definitely wandering bandits. I just don’t know which bunch. Pursue? How do they pursue? If they run to Little Mountain Jie, the sect will have no way.”

“What should we do … … what should we do… …” Chun Yu Cheng was mindless.

Gongsun Cha shuffled and spread his white palms, “All up to Zuo Shixiong.”

“Zuo Shixiong is only one person … …”

“No way about it, submit to your fate.”




About ten miles from the Desolate Wood Reed, in the middle of a white cloud, a bunch of people were also staring at the Desolate Wood Reef.

“Ha, now here’s something to see. Who do you think will win?” the yellow-faced man said.

At his side was a black clothes xiuzhe. His body was withered like dry firewood, his eyes dark. It was Gui Feng from the Sword Test Conference. On the other side was an indifferent, short wiry haired, Chang Heng with a copper ring at his collarbones.

The other people present both feared and were in awe of these three, unconsciously keeping their distance.

Gui Feng’s eyes were eerily green, his cultivation much deeper than before. His voice was raspy. “He isn’t in ningmai.” The implication did not have to be said. He still didn’t know the origins of the yellow-faced man. He only knew that the yellow-faced man called himself Fu Feng.

He cultivated the [Little Ghost Sword] which was an extremely obscure sword scripture. Even though he had good talent, but the [Little Ghost Sword] scripture had been incomplete at the start. It was hard for him to keep progressing further. At the time, Fu Feng had given him a scripture called [Nine Ghost Nail Curse]. This scripture that he had never heard of before caused him to have no hesitations about joining.

But when he saw Chang Heng, he was slightly shocked. He speculated that Chang Zheng should be in a similar situation as him. However, he didn’t know what scripture Fu Feng had given Chang Heng.

He didn’t really care about this group of zhuji. Actually, he felt there was no use for them. With him and Chang Heng, this group of thirty six zhuji really had no use. The problems the three of them could not solve, what good would adding on these thirty six zhuji be? They still won’t be able to solve it, and would even drag down their speed.

However, it had been Fu Feng who had gathered these thirty six zhuji. Gui Feng wouldn’t make trouble for himself by broaching the topic.

“What do you think?” Fu Feng turned to ask Chang Heng.

Chang Heng said calmly, “Zuo Mo wins.”

“Hm, you have such confidence in him,” Fu Feng smiled with surprise. Fu Feng’s appearance was not attractive He was extremely normal but his composure and actions had a presence that could shake people’s hearts.

Hearing this, Gui Feng did not agree. This was not the Sword Test Conference, Zhang Hao and his group of Black Wind Bandits were all extremely nasty and terrible people. This was a battle to the death. A zhuji, managing to block them for a few hours was enough to be proud of, much less victory.

But he did not voice it. He was still very wary of Chang Heng, there was no reason to cause conflict for such an unimportant topic. His strength had grown over this period of time, Chang Heng’s growth most likely  had not grown any less than his.

Fu Feng did not linger on the topic. He looked at the two sides facing off in the distance, his voice serene. “No matter which side wins, we need to get the detailed information about the secret realm from Zhang Hao.”

The authority in his voice could not be resisted. Everyone’s hearts shook.

Translator Ramblings: I hope you guys haven’t forgotten the strange yellow-faced man that was searching for something during the Sword Test Conference.

If this was another fantasy novel, and Wei Sheng was the main character, Zuo Mo will be the epic side character that will bravely stand up to protect the territory of the sect, have a moment of enlightenment when motivated by his determination and feelings for the sect, but die a terrible death. Then Wei Sheng will power up due to his sorrow and embark on a journey of revenge for Zuo Mo.

Here is an explanation of the mantis and oriole. The main gist is the hunter (mantis) is focused on its prey (locust) to the point it cannot see another hunting it (the oriole) from behind.  Fang Xiang isn’t going to follow the idiom very well.

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