修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Five “The Power of the Golden Crow Fire!”

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Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Five – The Power of the Golden Crow Fire!

The two sides didn’t even exchange greetings.

Zuo Mo didn’t need to ask to feel the enmity from the other side. The Black Wind Bandits did not find it necessary.

He was just a zhuji, so did they need to waste such words?

Even though he knew that Zuo Han desperately wanted to get revenge, Zhang Hao still decided to send a few people to test out the waters. The abilities of the Wu Kong Flag would be known after an encounter. Zhang Hao had gone through countless battles and knew very well he could not be careless. The enemy was a core disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect. It would be normal for him to have one or two life-saving talismans.

These life-saving talismans were usually bestowed by the elders of the sect and were incredibly powerful. If they were not careful, they would stumble where they shouldn’t, a common occurrence. Since their own side had the advantage, there was no need to take unnecessary  risks. Zuo Han was a very good subordinate. He wouldn’t be able to bear it if Zuo Han was tricked.

There were seventy people in the Black Wind Bandits. Five of them had reached ningmai. These were the backbone of the Black Wind Bandits. Those under ningmai could easily be replaced, especially in such troubled times.

He called five zhuji subordinates forward. Even if the opponent had life-saving treasures, his cultivation was still limited. The other would be at a disadvantage with one against five.

“Battle quickly,” He said and then turned to comfort Zuo Han, “Old brother, don’t be impatient. After they catch him, if you want to skin him or suck out the marrow, you can do whatever you want!”

Zuo Han said gratefully, “Many thanks, Head!”

Zhang Hao roared with laughter, “Don’t be so courteous. Old Brother has made many contributions over these years. This is just a minor matter.”




The five people did not dare to be rash. Light was flashing on the flag above the other’s head, and suggested it wasn’t anything ordinary. If it was one on one, they knew that they were not a match for disciples of a large sect. But if it was five on one, so they had enough confidence. To be able to survive in the Black Wind Bandits, especially as a zhuji, they had to learn how to cooperate with their fellow bandits.

This was the reason that the Black Wind Bandits had been able to remain free all these years.

They cooperated very well among themselves. This showed up very clearly when several groups were fighting. Their best method of fighting was to use many to fight against the strong, and use many to fight against many.

The disciples of large sects focused on individual power; that meant that they didn’t have any advantages when they were fighting in groups.

The five xiuzhe came slowly, spreading out in specific positions that complimented each other.




Zuo Mo stared at the five people. He was not nervous. The sword energies around his body were flying in patterns.

Of the five xiuzhe, three were sword xiu, one person had a black banner, and one had a chain-sickle. The cultivation of the five were not much different compared to Zuo Mo, roughly in the higher stages of zhuji. The person holding the black banner waved it, and an inky black cloud headed towards Zuo Mo.

The three sword xiu also attacked. Three flying swords of different colors turned to three dashes of light, transforming in the air as they headed towards Zuo Mo.

A cold smile floated on the mouth of the xiuzhe holding the chain-sickle. The black sickle swung in his hands and rattled rhythmically. The chain was the thickness of a thumb, with a water-drop shaped spike at the end of the chain. Traces of blood could be seen on the black chain. It could be seen this weapon had drank a lot of blood and was a violent weapon!

Zuo Mo naturally would not slack off. The Wu Kong Flag above his head landed on his hand, and he waved it.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

Countless sword energies flew out of the body of the flag and headed towards the black cloud.

The sword energies easily passed through the black cloud. The black cloud rumbled and returned to normal in the blink of an eye.

Zuo Mo tightly stared at the black could. Of the five people, the black cloud and the person holding the chain-sickle felt most dangerous to him. The threat posed by the three sword xiu was actually the smallest. None of the sword xiu had comprehended sword essence. In Zuo Mo’s eyes, their sword energies were insubstantial.

The feeling this black cloud gave Zuo Mo was somewhat similar to the blood fiends in the sword cave, dark and gloomy.

His mind was clear, the three flying swords were aiming at his chest, Zuo Mo turned and dodged the three flying swords. He still stared at the black cloud, his mind thinking furiously about how to deal with it. The person wielding the banner was hiding behind everyone else. It wasn’t realistic to attack the other.

The xiuzhe holding the chain-sickle did not move. He was like an experienced hunter, patiently waiting for Zuo Mo to reveal a weakness.

The black cloud was not fast, but its scope was very vast and would not be easy to dodge. The sword energies that passed through it had not stopped it at all.

A difficult thing!

Zuo Mo’s head swelled.




Far away, the attitudes of those spectating such as Fu Feng were idle, but when Fu Feng saw the black banner, he had a startled expression, “Black Blood Banner? People still make those?” He looked closely and then realized, “So it is incomplete. No wonder. ”

“What is the Black Blood Banner?” Gui Feng suddenly asked. In the [Nine Ghost Nail Curse] that Fu Feng had given him, it had mentioned the Black Blood Banner but it was a general description.

“An obscure talisman. Made by collecting yin and dirty substances. It can corrode talismans and flying swords very effectively,” Fu Feng did not conceal anything, explaining honestly, “Most of the xiuzhe that use this kind of talisman cultivate ghosts and yin spirits, but it is not easy to forge one. What that banner used is Black Dog Blood. The grade is too low, the forging method is incomplete so the power is limited.”

Gui Feng listened carefully. He might cultivate a sword scripture, but it was also related to the area of ghosts and yin spirits. Most of the xiuzhe that practiced these arts were roaming xiu, but among the sword xiu it was not considered an honourable practice. He normally did not have anyone who could teach him.

Fu Feng glanced at him and said care freely, “However, if one doesn’t know how to deal with it, this is difficult to deal with.”




The other members of the Black Wind Bandits were at ease. In their minds, this battle was already decided.

Zhang Hao smiled at Zuo Han, “That guy’s Dark Yin Banner is really good! It is always effective when used. Pity that it is hard to forge. If we can get a few more, our strength will increase by much.”

Zuo Han’s mood had relaxed. His face also easing off. Hearing this, he smiled and said, “Head is too greedy. It is lucky that our troop had even one. Other than our troop, I’ve never heard of another in our profession that had one, and Head wants us to have multiple.”

“Ha ha!” Zhang Hao laughed, “That’s true. I’m too greedy.”

He was very proud inside. The Black Wind Bandits did not have many members but it did not lack for talent. They were some of the best of their profession in Sky Moon Jie.




Just as Zuo Mo was frantically moving, he suddenly heard Pu Yao snort coldly, “They take something as trashy as this out! So embarrassing!” He then said disdainfully to Zuo Mo, “You can’t even defeat trash like this, you truly embarrass me!”

Zuo Mo instantly didn’t feel good. Looking at the situation he swore, “Stop wasting words, and tell me how to deal with it?”

“The methods of the Dhyana xiu are very effective.”

“Dhyana xiu?” Seeing the black cloud fly closer, Zuo Mo was speechless. There was no time to deal with Pu Yao’s riddles … …

“Oh, I forgot you don’t understand.  You only have a half-assed [Vajra Profound Scripture]. It’s useless,” Pu Yao drawled.

It was deliberate, this guy definitely was doing it deliberately! Zuo Mo’s teeth itched in anger.

“Oh, I remember, this thing is afraid of fire.”

Zuo Mo’s mind jumped. Afraid of fire, that was too easy!

What he didn’t lack right now was fire!

A flip of the hand, and a mini box appeared in his hand.

Zuo Mo’s action attracted everyone’s eyes.

What was that?

Amidst everyone’s curiosity, Zuo Mo threw the jade box at the black cloud.




The xiuzhe holding the black banner snorted coldly, ling power flooding into the banner. The black cloud became even thicker and darker, like sticky black ink. A nauseating smell instantly spread.

His Dark Yin Banner had been forged using a secret method that he had found in the remnants of a scroll. It was always successful at corrupting talismans.

Seeing the other throw out a jade box, he smirked inside. What the Wu Kong Flag had sent out were all sword energies. His cloud was intangible, so they had not been affected it.

I’m not afraid you will use talismans, but I’m afraid that you won’t use talismans!

His eyes twinkled as his prey fell into his trap. .

The little jade box flipped through the air, attracting everyone’s eyes.

Zuo Mo had used a large amount of force. In the blink of an eye, the jade box flew into the black cloud.

The xiuzhe with the chain-sickle shook his head, slightly regretful that he wouldn’t get the chance to attack. He knew his fellow’s black banner very well. No matter what kind of talisman, if it was touched by the black cloud, they would become scrap. Many ningmai had been tripped up by this non-descript black cloud.

As the jade box entered the black cloud, it was quickly corroded. The surface of the box was raven black, and a white rotten pattern appeared.

The xiuzhe holding the banner gave a smug smile.

Suddenly, a sword energy entered the black cloud and accurately struck the jade box!

This was … …

The smile of the banner-holding xiuzhe suddenly froze.


The corroded jade box was incredibly fragile, and turned to dust when struck by the sword energy.

A pure golden flame fought its way out of the jade box.

Golden Crow Fire!

Hiss crack crack!

The black cloud was like a ball of oil that was suddenly lit up in a blaze, the little wisp of Golden Crow Fire grew dramatically. The fire spread with astounding speed from the centre of the cloud outwards.

Terror formed in the eyes of the banner-wielding xiuzhe.




Watching from far away, Fu Feng’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but gasp, “Golden Crow Fire! It’s actually Golden Crow Fire!”

Golden Crow Fire!

Chang Heng and Gui Feng’s hearts shook. They stared at the black cloud, not daring to move their eyes away. Their subordinates were all puzzled.




“Hm, what’s happening?” Zhang Hao stilled. He could make out golden light through the black cloud.

Was it that the talisman the little baby had thrown out not affected?

Zuo Han also couldn’t help but stare at the black cloud.

The two looked at each other and found their heated gaze. A talisman that was not affected by the black cloud was very rare. That was definitely a very good talisman!

The golden light inside the black cloud became increasingly brighter. All of the xiuzhe noticed the abnormality of the black cloud. However, their thoughts were the same as Zhang Hao and Zuo Han. No one noticed the deep hopelessness on the face of the banner-holding xiuzhe.

A wisp of golden fire finally burned through the black cloud.

In the blink of an eye, the thick tangible surface of the black cloud was covered in burning flames.

In the sky, an enormous golden ball of fire hung like the sun.

The golden fire was entirely pure, a domineering presence spreading out and sweeping like the wind!

“Ah!” The heart-wrenching wail caused everyone’s hearts go jump.

The banner-holding xiuzhe had become a person made from golden fire.

He only had the time to wail before both he and the black banner turned to dust.

Everyone was shocked!

Translator Ramblings: It’s a semi-cliff hanger today, still in the middle of a fight but at the end of a move.

Zuo Mo’s flag is attached to the pole by the side of the cloth. The banner is most likely attached to the pole by the top to a perpendicular bar. So these two cloth-type talismans look somewhat different.

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